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Latest papers

The skill divide in post-unemployment job quality
Social Science Research 2019-05-21

Assessing the spatial scale of context effects: The example of neighbourhoods’ educational composition and its relevance for individual aspirations
Social Science Research 2019-05-15

The utility of a follow-up interview for respondents to a longitudinal survey with frequent measurement
Social Science Research 2019-05-07

Can non-cognitive skills compensate for background disadvantage? — the moderation of non-cognitive skills on family socioeconomic status and achievement during early childhood and early adolescence
Social Science Research 2019-05-02

Educational expansion and trends in intergenerational social mobility among Korean men
Social Science Research 2019-05-02

“Stepping up or stepping down?“: The earnings differences associated with Swedish temporary workers’ employment sequences
Social Science Research 2019-04-30

Intergenerational educational mobility and life course earnings in Israel
Social Science Research 2019-04-30

Time availability and housework: The effect of unemployment on couples’ hours of household labor
Social Science Research 2019-04-27

Open markets, closed societies: Examining the assimilation of seven immigrant groups in Western Europe
Social Science Research 2019-04-17

Divergent roads: A cross-national intercohort analysis of affluence and environmental concern
Social Science Research 2019-04-10

Racial/ethnic disparities in depression: Investigating how the sources of support and types of integration matter
Social Science Research 2019-04-10

Mothers’ employment and child care choices across the European Union
Social Science Research 2019-04-05

How is gentrification associated with changes in the academic performance of neighborhood schools?
Social Science Research 2019-04-05

The third shift: Multiple job holding and the incarceration of women's partners
Social Science Research 2019-04-05

Outrageous fortune or destiny? Family influences on status achievement in the early life course
Social Science Research 2019-04-05

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