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Association: Nordic Sociological Association
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Category: Sociology

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Latest papers

The gender gap in job authority: Do social network resources matter?
Acta Sociologica 2019-06-13

Marriage migration and the economic trajectories of first- and second-generation immigrants in Norway
Acta Sociologica 2019-06-12

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Acta Sociologica 2019-06-10

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Acta Sociologica 2019-05-16

Book Review: Policy Design in the European Union – An Empire of Shopkeepers in the Making?
Acta Sociologica 2019-04-17

Intra-European student mobility and the different meanings of ‘Europe’
Acta Sociologica 2019-03-29

A collective sigh of relief: Local reactions to the establishment of new asylum centers in Norway
Acta Sociologica 2019-03-28

Drinking stories as a narrative genre: The five classic themes
Acta Sociologica 2019-03-19

School-level (dis)advantage and adolescents’ substance-use behaviours: the role of collective efficacy and norms
Acta Sociologica 2019-01-29

Social marginalization and chronic illness: A critical analysis of the role of labour-market exclusion
Acta Sociologica 2019-01-25

Letter from the incoming editors
Acta Sociologica 2019-01-24

Brothers and barbarians: Discursive constructions of ‘refugees’ in Russian media
Acta Sociologica 2019-01-09

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