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Literature of Interest0
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JNA’s Gemsworld 20230
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Reddish Orange Diamond Coloured by Hematite0
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Learning Opportunities0
GemIntro is now Taking Registrations0
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The Journal’s Cumulative Index and Bibliography Lists Updated0
Origin of the Colour and Dichroism in Laurentthomasite0
Gem-A Notices0
Art Nouveau Pendant with a Large Blister Pearl0
Basaltic Sapphire Heated with Pressure0
Liberation of Emeralds from Micaceous Host Rock Using Electric-Pulse Disaggregation Versus Conventional Processing0
Other Book Titles0
Global Diamond Industry Report 2021–20220
Spessartine from Tongbei, China0
An Unusual Tin Glass-filled Ruby0
WDC System of Warranties Guidelines Updated0
Gem-quality Variscite from Central Iran0
Star Augite from Vietnam0
Cobalt-bearing Blue Spinel from Lukande, near Mahenge, Tanzania0
Crocoite from Tasmania, Australia0
CIBJO Pearl Guide0
Geology and Mineralogy of Gemstones0
The Journal’s Cumulative Index and Bibliography Lists Updated0
Gem-A Notices0
Gem-A Conference is now Taking Registrations0
Gemmological Society of Japan 2023 Annual Meeting Abstracts0
A Review of—and Proposed Explanation for—the Aquamarine (Blue to Green) and Yellow Colouration in Iron-bearing Beryl0
Synthetic Ruby and Sapphire0
Dubai Diamond Conference Summary and Highlights0
The History of London’s Lapidaries (Part 2)0
The Journal’s Cumulative Index and Bibliographies Updated0
Gem-A Notices0
Tracing Coloured Stones from East Africa to Asia0
Blue Cat’s-eye Apatite from Brazil0
Gemmes French Online Journal0
Ancient Carved Ambers in the J. Paul Getty Museum0
IndiGo and IndiGo Fluo UVA-C Spectrometers0
Photochromism and Photochromic Gems: A Review and Some New Data (Part 2)0
Gem-A Notices0
Raman Spectroscopy of Zircon Inclusions in Unheated Pink Sapphires from Ilakaka, Madagascar: Opening New Perspectives0
Gemmological Society of Japan 2022 Annual Meeting Abstracts0
SmartPro Optimum 1 Diamond Tester0
Collectible Minerals Exhibit in Paris, France0
Big Sherlock Diamond Detector0
Spinel from the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan0
Spinel from Pamir0
Other Book Titles0
Colombian Emerald Oddities: Review and Formation Mechanisms0
2022 Annual General Meeting0
Apatite from Slovakia0
Copper Minerals in Chalcedony from Obi Island, Indonesia0
Gem Pursuit Podcasts0
Two Holy Water Stoups Made from ‘Lepidolite’0
Black Synthetic Moissanite Coloured by a Pleochroic Mechanism0
A New Occurrence of Rhodonite Associated with Nephrite Jade in Washington State, USA0
Gempedia: A Comprehensive Glossary for Gemstones and Gemmology0
CIBJO’s Responsible Sourcing Toolkit0
De Beers Group Sightholder Summit 2023 Presentations0
The Book of Hours of King Francis I of France: History and Gemmological Analysis0
Webinars and Other Online Content for Gemmological Education0
Blue Dravite (‘Indicolite’) from the Elahera Gem Field, Sri Lanka0
Advanced Instrumentation for Identifying Sugar-Acid-Treated Opal0
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Literature of Interest0
‘Star of David’ Pattern Produced by a Trapiche Emerald from Colombia0
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