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Ag2CO3-halloysite nanotubes composite with enhanced removal efficiency for water soluble dyes23
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Synergistic interaction of a consortium of the brown-rot fungus Fomitopsis pinicola and the bacterium Ralstonia pickettii for DDT biodegradation23
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Systems-wide analysis unravels the new roles of CCM signal complex (CSC)21
Cyber security education is as essential as “the three R's”21
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The surface temperature of Europa20
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Plant growth promoting Streptomyces strains are selectively interacting with the wheat cultivars especially in saline conditions16
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Handling uncertainties inherited in life cycle inventory and life cycle impact assessment method for improved life cycle assessment of wastewater sludge treatment16
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Data driven methodology for model selection in flow pattern prediction16
Bianchi type-V dark energy cosmological model in general relativity in the presence of massive scalar field16
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Workplace bullies, not their victims, score high on the Dark Triad and Extraversion, and low on Agreeableness and Honesty-Humility16
Effect of the molar concentration of pyrrole monomer on the rate of polymerization, growth and hence the electrochemical behavior of highly pristine PPy flexible electrodes16