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Bifunctional Asymmetric Fabric with Tailored Thermal Conduction and Radiation for Personal Cooling and Warming8
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Comparative Study on Structural Redundancy of Cable-Stayed and Extradosed Bridges Through Safety Assessment of Their Stay Cables8
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A Laser Scanner–Stage Synchronized System Supporting the Large-Area Precision Polishing of Additive-Manufactured Metallic Surfaces8
Connected Vehicle-Based Traffic Signal Coordination8
Will Cryptocurrencies Break the Energy Bank?7
Gaze Estimation via a Differential Eyes’ Appearances Network with a Reference Grid7
Actor–Critic Reinforcement Learning and Application in Developing Computer-Vision-Based Interface Tracking7
Fabrication of a High-Performance and Reusable Planar Face Mask in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic7
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Making Sense of Hospital Project MisPerformance: Over Budget, Late, Time and Time Again—Why? And What Can Be Done About It?7
Tailoring Anti-Impact Properties of Ultra-High Performance Concrete by Incorporating Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes7
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An Interdisciplinary Perspective from the Earth Scientist’s Periodic Table: Similarity and Connection between Geochemistry and Metallurgy7
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A Multi-Stage Green Barrier Strategy for the Control of Global SARS-CoV-2 Transmission via Cold Chain Goods7
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Design of Microstructure Parameters on a Small Multi-Throttle Aerostatic Guideway in Photolithography7
From Terahertz Imaging to Terahertz Wireless Communications7
Functional Capsules Encapsulating Molecular-Recognizable Nanogels for Facile Removal of Organic Micro-Pollutants from Water7
Transformation of Fibrous Membranes from Opaque to Transparent under Mechanical Pressing7
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Hybrid Rice7
The Next Generation Air Transportation System of the United States: Vision, Accomplishments, and Future Directions7
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Digital Water Developments and Lessons Learned from Automation in the Car and Aircraft Industries7
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The First Stage of the Middle-Line South-to-North Water-Transfer Project7
What Will 5G Bring?7
State of Science: Why Does Rework Occur in Construction? What Are Its Consequences? And What Can be Done to Mitigate Its Occurrence?7
A Vaccine Based on the Receptor-Binding Domain of the Spike Protein Expressed in Glycoengineered Pichia pastoris Targeting SARS-CoV-2 Stimulates Neutralizing and Protective Antibody Responses7
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A Planar 4-Bit Reconfigurable Antenna Array Based on the Design Philosophy of Information Metasurfaces6
Insight from Japan’s Hydrogen Strategy and Activities6
Thermal and Mechanical Properties Optimization of ABO4 Type EuNbO4 By the B-Site Substitution of Ta6
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Recent Advances in Printed Thin-Film Batteries6
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MOF-5@Ni Derived ZnO@Ni3ZnC0.7/PMS System for Organic Matter Removal: A Thorough Understanding of the Adsorption–Degradation Process6
Fully Superhydrophilic, Self-Floatable, and Multi-Contamination-Resistant Solar Steam Generator Inspired by Seaweed6
Multimodal Identification by Transcriptomics and Multiscale Bioassays of Active Components in Xuanfeibaidu Formula to Suppress Macrophage-Mediated Immune Response6
Charger Collaborations Power Global Electric Vehicle Expansion6
Engineering Innovation and the Development of the BDS-3 Navigation Constellation6
Reconstruction and Dynamics of the Human Intestinal Microbiome Observed In Situ6
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Fuel Cell Heavy-Duty Trucks: Application and Prospect6
Global COVID-19 Pandemic Waves: Limited Lessons Learned Worldwide over the Past Year6
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Transactive Demand Response Operation at the Grid Edge using the IEEE 2030.5 Standard6
Optimal Antibody Purification Strategies Using Data-Driven Models6
1000× Faster Camera and Machine Vision with Ordinary Devices6
Space Tourism Moves Closer to Lift Off6
Better Battery Management Boosts Electric Vehicle Prospects6
Flexibility Prediction of Aggregated Electric Vehicles and Domestic Hot Water Systems in Smart Grids6
Wide-Angle Scanning Antennas for Millimeter-Wave 5G Applications6
Presence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of RE-cmeABC-Positive Campylobacter Isolated from Food-Producing Animals, 2014–20166
Cloud-Model-Based Feature Engineering to Analyze the Energy–Water Nexus of a Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plant6
COP26: Some Progress, But Nations Still Fiddling While World Warms6
Quantum Dot Nanobeads-Labelled Lateral Flow Immunoassay Strip for Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Salmonella Typhimurium Based on Strand Displacement Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification6
A Comparison of Incentive Policies for the Optimal Layout of CCUS Clusters in China’s Coal-Fired Power Plants Toward Carbon Neutrality6
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Industrial-Scale Polypropylene–Polyethylene Physical Alloying Toward Recycling6
Data Centric Design: A New Approach to Design of Microstructural Material Systems5
Real-Time Black Carbon Emissions from Light-Duty Passenger Vehicles Using a Portable Emissions Measurement System5
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Conversion Mechanism of Biomass to Nano Zero-Valent Iron Biochar: Iron Phase Transfer and in Situ Reduction5
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High-Speed Parallel Plasmonic Direct-Writing Nanolithography Using Metasurface-Based Plasmonic Lens5
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Networking Automation and Intelligence: A New Era of Network Innovation5
Hydrogen Power Focus Shifts from Cars to Heavy Vehicles5
How to Interpret Machine Knowledge5
Joint Modulations of Electromagnetic Waves and Digital Signals on a Single Metasurface Platform to Reach Programmable Wireless Communications5
Fabrication and Applications of Multi-Fluidic Electrospinning Multi-Structure Hollow and Core–Shell Nanofibers5
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A Future Perspective on In-Sensor Computing5
Runoff Modeling in Ungauged Catchments Using Machine Learning Algorithm-Based Model Parameters Regionalization Methodology5
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Prospects of Huygens’ Metasurfaces for Antenna Applications5
AI-Driven Robotic Laboratories Show Promise5
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Multi-View Point-Based Registration for Native Knee Kinematics Measurement with Feature Transfer Learning5
State-of-the-Art Review of High-Throughput Statistical Spatial-Mapping Characterization Technology and Its Applications5
3D Printing Advances on Multiple Fronts5
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Factors Predicting Progression to Severe COVID-19: A Competing Risk Survival Analysis of 1753 Patients in Community Isolation in Wuhan, China5
A Predictive Instrument for Sensitive and Expedited Measurement of Ultra-Barrier Permeation5
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The East–West Divide in Response to COVID-195
Electric Car Market Poised to Accelerate5
Ecological Barrier Deterioration Driven by Human Activities Poses Fatal Threats to Public Health due to Emerging Infectious Diseases5
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Data Mining for Mesoscopic Simulation of Electron Beam Selective Melting5
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Three-Dimensional Mesoscopic Investigation on the Impact of Specimen Geometry and Bearing Strip Size on the Splitting-Tensile Properties of Coral Aggregate Concrete5
Multi-Peptide Adsorption on Uncharged Solid Surfaces: A Coarse-Grained Simulation Study5
A Rigid Nanoplatform for Precise and Responsive Treatment of Intracellular Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria5
MiR-516a-3p is a Novel Mediator of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Oncogenic Activity and Cellular Metabolism5
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Key Technologies of Forest Resource Examination System Development in China5
Food Safety Risks and Contributing Factors of Cronobacter spp.4
An Intelligent IEQ Monitoring and Feedback System: Development and Applications4
Russian Anti-Satellite Test Spotlights Space Debris Danger4
Pandemic Scrambles the Semiconductor Supply Chain4
Climate Change: Losing Ground?4
A CO2/N2-Responsive Pickering Emulsion Stabilized by Novel Switchable Surface-Active Alumina Nanoparticles4
Deciphering the Origins of P1-Induced Power Losses in Cu(In Ga1–)Se2 (CIGS) Modules Through Hyperspectral Luminescence4
A Vision of Materials Genome Engineering in China4
Controlling the Reconstruction of Ni/CeO2 Catalyst during Reduction for Enhanced CO Methanation4
Direct Air Carbon Capture Takes Baby Steps—Giant Strides Are Needed4
A Scenario-Based Evaluation of COVID-19-Related Essential Clinical Resource Demands in China4
Tunable In-Plane Anisotropy in Amorphous Sm–Co Films Grown on (011)-Oriented Single-Crystal Substrates4
Toward Carbon-Neutral Water Systems: Insights from Global Cities4
Responses of Soil Bacterial Diversity to Fertilization are Driven by Local Environmental Context Across China4
Toward Human-in-the-Loop AI: Enhancing Deep Reinforcement Learning via Real-Time Human Guidance for Autonomous Driving4
Niche Differentiation of Phenol-Degrading Microorganisms in UASB Granular Sludge as Revealed by Fluorescence in situ Hybridization4
Three New Missions Head for Mars4
The Establishment of a New Air Health Index Integrating the Mortality Risks Due to Ambient Air Pollution and Non-Optimum Temperature4
Digital-Twin-Enhanced Quality Prediction for the Composite Materials4
Fluorescence Nanoscopy in Neuroscience4
Ethical Reflection on the Emergency Engineering Management of COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control4
Progress of Brain Network Studies on Anesthesia and Consciousness: Framework and Clinical Applications4
Foundations and applications of information systems dynamics4
CRISPR Use in Humans Shows Promise While Experts Weigh Ethical Concerns4
A One-Health Sampling Strategy to Explore the Dissemination and Relationship Between Colistin Resistance in Human, Animal, and Environmental Sectors in Laos4
Temporal Change in Treatment Patterns of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer and Its Association with Patient Survival: A Retrospective Cohort Study Based on an Intelligent Big-Data Platform4
Population-Based and Personalized Design of Total Knee Replacement Prosthesis for Additive Manufacturing Based on Chinese Anthropometric Data4
Cyberspace Endogenous Safety and Security4
Precise Three-Dimensional Deformation Retrieval in Large and Complex Deformation Areas via Integration of Offset-Based Unwrapping and Improved Multiple-Aperture SAR Interferometry: Application to the 4
A Storm over Potential 5G Interference4
Stochastic Earned Duration Analysis for Project Schedule Management4
Giant Turbines Poised to Claim Offshore Wind4
China’s Rural Transformation and Policies: Past Experience and Future Directions4
Cannabis, Cannabidiol, Cannabinoids, and Multigenerational Policy4
The Global Positioning System (GPS): Creating Satellite Beacons in Space, Engineers Transformed Daily Life on Earth4
On the Trends of Autonomous Unmanned Systems Research4