Applied Sciences-Basel

(The median citation count of Applied Sciences-Basel is 5. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-03-01 to 2023-03-01.)
Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods for Intrusion Detection Systems: A Survey264
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles; Current Status and Future Prospect212
Blockchain Technology in Healthcare: A Comprehensive Review and Directions for Future Research194
Recent Advances and Applications of Semiconductor Photocatalytic Technology179
Application of Directed Energy Deposition-Based Additive Manufacturing in Repair167
Application of Nanofluids in Thermal Performance Enhancement of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector: State-of-the-Art165
The Potential of Additive Manufacturing in the Smart Factory Industrial 4.0: A Review164
MedChain: Efficient Healthcare Data Sharing via Blockchain159
The Role of Nanotechnology in the Fortification of Plant Nutrients and Improvement of Crop Production157
A Comparative Study of PSO-ANN, GA-ANN, ICA-ANN, and ABC-ANN in Estimating the Heating Load of Buildings’ Energy Efficiency for Smart City Planning155
Wavelet Transform Application for/in Non-Stationary Time-Series Analysis: A Review155
Current Biomedical Applications of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing145
Micro-LEDs, a Manufacturability Perspective144
A Review: Thermal Stability of Methylammonium Lead Halide Based Perovskite Solar Cells141
Assessing Blockchain Consensus and Security Mechanisms against the 51% Attack134
An Overview of Lidar Imaging Systems for Autonomous Vehicles131
Application of a Hybrid Artificial Neural Network-Particle Swarm Optimization (ANN-PSO) Model in Behavior Prediction of Channel Shear Connectors Embedded in Normal and High-Strength Concrete131
Bitumen and Bitumen Modification: A Review on Latest Advances130
Blockchain-Based Applications in Education: A Systematic Review127
Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model for Automated Diagnosis of Schizophrenia Using EEG Signals126
Supervised Machine Learning Techniques to the Prediction of Tunnel Boring Machine Penetration Rate120
Preparation and Modification of Biochar Materials and their Application in Soil Remediation115
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A Review on the Thermal Hazards of the Lithium-Ion Battery and the Corresponding Countermeasures114
Energy Management in Microgrids with Renewable Energy Sources: A Literature Review113
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The Role of Optical Wireless Communication Technologies in 5G/6G and IoT Solutions: Prospects, Directions, and Challenges106
A Metasurfaces Review: Definitions and Applications103
Spatial Prediction of Landslide Susceptibility Using GIS-Based Data Mining Techniques of ANFIS with Whale Optimization Algorithm (WOA) and Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO)103
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Assessing Dynamic Conditions of the Retaining Wall: Developing Two Hybrid Intelligent Models100
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IoT Implementation of Kalman Filter to Improve Accuracy of Air Quality Monitoring and Prediction39
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Energy Consumption and Financial Development in NAFTA Countries, 1971–201538
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Optimal Scheduling of Residential Home Appliances by Considering Energy Storage and Stochastically Modelled Photovoltaics in a Grid Exchange Environment Using Hybrid Grey Wolf Genetic Algorithm Optimi33
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An Optimal Fuzzy PID Controller Design Based on Conventional PID Control and Nonlinear Factors33
Extraction of Humic Acid from Lignite by KOH-Hydrothermal Method33
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Rapid-Detection Sensor for Rice Grain Moisture Based on NIR Spectroscopy33
Using Double Convolution Neural Network for Lung Cancer Stage Detection32
Progress in Phase Calibration for Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators32
Plasma and Aerosols: Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives32
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DNS-IdM: A Blockchain Identity Management System to Secure Personal Data Sharing in a Network32
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Automated Classification of the Tympanic Membrane Using a Convolutional Neural Network32
Modeling of CO Emissions from Traffic Vehicles Using Artificial Neural Networks32
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Gold Nanoparticles and Nanorods in Nuclear Medicine: A Mini Review32
Quantitative Occurrence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes among Bacterial Populations from Wastewater Treatment Plants Using Activated Sludge32
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Animal Protein Sources as a Substitute for Fishmeal in Aquaculture Diets: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis31
Data-Driven Model-Free Tracking Reinforcement Learning Control with VRFT-based Adaptive Actor-Critic31
New Insights into the Symbiotic Relationship between Orchids and Fungi31
Correlation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Metal Big Area Additive Manufacturing31
Electricity Evaluation and Emission Characteristics of Poultry Litter Co-Combustion Process31
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Mechanical and Durability Properties of Concrete with Coarse Recycled Aggregate Produced with Electric Arc Furnace Slag Concrete31
High-Power GaN-Based Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers with AlInN/GaN Distributed Bragg Reflectors31
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Performance Enhancement of Internal Combustion Engines through Vibration Control: State of the Art and Challenges31
Application of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Smartphone Sensors for Indoor Localization31
Charging Schedule for Load Peak Minimization on Large-Scale Electric Bus Depots31
Investigation of the Broadband Microwave Absorption of Citric Acid Coated Fe3O4/PVDF Composite Using Finite Element Method31
Optical Helicity and Chirality: Conservation and Sources31
Surface Defect Detection Methods for Industrial Products: A Review31
Discrete and Phase Field Methods for Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics: A Comparative Study and State-of-the-Art Review31
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Evaluation of Structural and Mechanical Properties of Porous Artificial Bone Scaffolds Fabricated via Advanced TBA-Based Freeze-Gel Casting Technique31
Towards a Smarter Energy Management System for Hybrid Vehicles: A Comprehensive Review of Control Strategies31
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Effective Adsorption of Methylene Blue dye onto Magnetic Nanocomposites. Modeling and Reuse Studies30
Brillouin Optical Correlation-Domain Technologies Based on Synthesis of Optical Coherence Function as Fiber Optic Nerve Systems for Structural Health Monitoring30
Regeneration of Activated Carbons Spent by Waste Water Treatment Using KOH Chemical Activation30
Why the Development of Internal Combustion Engines Is Still Necessary to Fight against Global Climate Change from the Perspective of Transportation30
Lipid and Carotenoid Production by Rhodotorula glutinis with a Combined Cultivation Mode of Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Aluminium Stress30
Fastest Thickness Measurements with a Terahertz Time-Domain System based on Electronically Controlled Optical Sampling30
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Modular Design and Decentralized Control of the Recupera Exoskeleton for Stroke Rehabilitation30
Emotion AI-Driven Sentiment Analysis: A Survey, Future Research Directions, and Open Issues30
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Robotics in Health Care: Perspectives of Robot-Aided Interventions in Clinical Practice for Rehabilitation of Upper Limbs30
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Image Super-Resolution Algorithm Based on Dual-Channel Convolutional Neural Networks29
Research Trends in Pavement Management during the First Years of the 21st Century: A Bibliometric Analysis during the 2000–2013 Period29
The Evolving Value of Photovoltaic Module Efficiency29
Deep LSTM with Reinforcement Learning Layer for Financial Trend Prediction in FX High Frequency Trading Systems29
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Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Var. Boulardii: Valuable Probiotic Starter for Craft Beer Production29
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Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Electrical Machines Using Multi-Label Classification29
Study of Heat and Mass Transfer in Electroosmotic Flow of Third Order Fluid through Peristaltic Microchannels29
Game-Theoretic Analysis to Examine How Government Subsidy Policies Affect a Closed-Loop Supply Chain Decision29
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Performance Test on Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) Modified Asphalt Based on the Different Evaluation Methods29
Stress Field Distribution and Deformation Law of Large Deformation Tunnel Excavation in Soft Rock Mass29
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Pick and Place Operations in Logistics Using a Mobile Manipulator Controlled with Deep Reinforcement Learning29
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Ensemble Discrete Wavelet Transform and Gray-Level Co-Occurrence Matrix for Microcalcification Cluster Classification in Digital Mammography29
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Prediction of Ultimate Axial Capacity of Square Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Short Columns Using a Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm29
Decellularized Scaffolds for Skin Repair and Regeneration28
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Perovskite Thin Film Materials Stabilized and Enhanced by Zinc(II) Doping28
Analysis of Life Cycle Environmental Impact of Recycled Aggregate28
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Characterization of Residual Biomasses and Its Application for the Removal of Lead Ions from Aqueous Solution28
A Compact Quad-Element UWB-MIMO Antenna System with Parasitic Decoupling Mechanism28
Rolling-Element Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Advanced Machine Learning-Based Observer28
Mixed Convective Flow of Micropolar Nanofluid across a Horizontal Cylinder in Saturated Porous Medium28
Spatio-Temporal Variability of Drought in Pakistan Using Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index28
Design, Manufacturing, and Flight Testing of an Experimental Flying Wing UAV28
Real-Time City-Scale Time-History Analysis and Its Application in Resilience-Oriented Earthquake Emergency Responses28
Prediction of Concrete Strength with P-, S-, R-Wave Velocities by Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN)28
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Generation of Orbital Angular Momentum Modes Using Fiber Systems28
Nascent Rice Husk as an Adsorbent for Removing Cationic Dyes from Textile Wastewater27
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Plant Disease Diagnosis for Smart Phone Applications with Extensible Set of Diseases27
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Absorption and Remission Characterization of Pure, Dielectric (Nano-)Powders Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy: An End-To-End Instruction27
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Vessel Trajectory Prediction Model Based on AIS Sensor Data and Adaptive Chaos Differential Evolution Support Vector Regression (ACDE-SVR)27
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High-Speed Photodetectors for Microwave Photonics26
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Food Neophobia or Distrust of Novelties? Exploring Consumers’ Attitudes toward GMOs, Insects and Cultured Meat26
Design, Deployment and Evolution of Heterogeneous Smart Public Lighting Systems26
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Direct Multistep Wind Speed Forecasting Using LSTM Neural Network Combining EEMD and Fuzzy Entropy26
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MM-Wave Phased Array Quasi-Yagi Antenna for the Upcoming 5G Cellular Communications26
Robust Real-Time Detection of Laparoscopic Instruments in Robot Surgery Using Convolutional Neural Networks with Motion Vector Prediction26
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Availability and Fade Margin Calculations for 5G Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Anyhaul Links25
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Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Composites for Microwave Absorbing Applications25
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Shear Capacity of Textile-Reinforced Concrete Slabs without Shear Reinforcement25
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Influence of Multiple Factors on the Wettability and Surface Free Energy of Leaf Surface25
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Numerical–Experimental Correlation of Impact-Induced Damages in CFRP Laminates25
Picture Fuzzy Petri Nets for Knowledge Representation and Acquisition in Considering Conflicting Opinions25
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Priming of Solanum melongena L. Seeds Enhances Germination, Alters Antioxidant Enzymes, Modulates ROS, and Improves Early Seedling Growth: Indicating Aqueous Garlic Extract as Seed-Priming Bio-Stimula24
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Use of Anionic Polysaccharides in the Development of 3D Bioprinting Technology24
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Pistacia Atlantica Desf., a Source of Healthy Vegetable Oil24
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Production and Processing of a Spherical Polybutylene Terephthalate Powder for Laser Sintering24
Making Shopping Easy for People with Visual Impairment Using Mobile Assistive Technologies24
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Predictive Maintenance on the Machining Process and Machine Tool24
Enhanced NOMA System Using Adaptive Coding and Modulation Based on LSTM Neural Network Channel Estimation24
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Graphene-Based Membranes for CO2/CH4 Separation: Key Challenges and Perspectives24
Cross-Method-Based Analysis and Classification of Malicious Behavior by API Calls Extraction24
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Pushing Digital Automation of Configure-to-Order Services in Small and Medium Enterprises of the Construction Equipment Industry: A Design Science Research Approach24
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Potato Peels as a Source of Novel Green Extracts Suitable as Antioxidant Additives for Fresh-Cut Fruits24
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Microencapsulation of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Pomace Ethanolic Extract by Spray Drying: Optimization of Process Conditions24
Plasma-Activation of Larger Liquid Volumes by an Inductively-Limited Discharge for Antimicrobial Purposes24
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Non-Touch Sign Word Recognition Based on Dynamic Hand Gesture Using Hybrid Segmentation and CNN Feature Fusion23
Adsorption of Ni2+ and Cd2+ from Water by Calcium Alginate/Spent Coffee Grounds Composite Beads23
Analytical Solutions of (2+Time Fractional Order) Dimensional Physical Models, Using Modified Decomposition Method23
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Numerical Simulation of 3D Condensation Nanofluid Film Flow with Carbon Nanotubes on an Inclined Rotating Disk23
Detection of Helminthosporium Leaf Blotch Disease Based on UAV Imagery23
Assessment of the Possibility of Using Hemp Biomass (Cannabis Sativa L.) for Energy Purposes: A Case Study23
Numerical Modeling of the Melting Process in a Shell and Coil Tube Ice Storage System for Air-Conditioning Application23
Transmission Matrix Measurement of Multimode Optical Fibers by Mode-Selective Excitation Using One Spatial Light Modulator23
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Ni3Se4@MoSe2 Composites for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction23
Advantage of Steerable Catheter and Haptic Feedback for a 5-DOF Vascular Intervention Robot System23
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Characteristics and Processing of Hydrogen-Treated Copper Powders for EB-PBF Additive Manufacturing23
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Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectra of Human Serum for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis23
Kinetic Modeling and Techno-economic Feasibility of Ethanol Production From Carob Extract Based Medium in Biofilm Reactor23
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Low Frequency Sound Absorption by Optimal Combination Structure of Porous Metal and Microperforated Panel23
Automatic Lip-Reading System Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Attention-Based Long Short-Term Memory23
A Back Propagation Neural Network Model Optimized by Mind Evolutionary Algorithm for Estimating Cd, Cr, and Pb Concentrations in Soils Using Vis-NIR Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy23
A 5G C-RAN Optical Fronthaul Architecture for Hotspot Areas Using OFDM-Based Analog IFoF Waveforms23
New Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimizing Hydropower Generation Considering Multireservoir Systems23
A Low-Cost Inkjet-Printed Paper-Based Potentiostat †23
Optimization of a Centrifugal Compressor Using the Design of Experiment Technique23
Shape Memory Polyurethane and its Composites for Various Applications23
Astrophotonic Spectrographs23
Spotted Hyena Optimizer and Ant Lion Optimization in Predicting the Shear Strength of Soil23
Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production from Glycerol Aqueous Solution Using Cu-Doped ZnO under Visible Light Irradiation23
An Ensemble Model for Multi-Level Speech Emotion Recognition23
Iron Recovery from Bauxite Tailings Red Mud by Thermal Reduction with Blast Furnace Sludge23
Identification and Analysis of Exosomes by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy23
Graphene Composites for Lead Ions Removal from Aqueous Solutions23
Evaluating Seismic Soil Liquefaction Potential Using Bayesian Belief Network and C4.5 Decision Tree Approaches23
Preparation and Characterization of Chitosan–Alginate Polyelectrolyte Complexes Loaded with Antibacterial Thyme Oil Nanoemulsions23
Optimization in Decision Making in Infrastructure Asset Management: A Review23
Modeling of Gas Permeation through Mixed-Matrix Membranes Using Novel Computer Application MOT22
Nanotechnology Development for Formulating Essential Oils in Wound Dressing Materials to Promote the Wound-Healing Process: A Review22
AE-CGAN Model based High Performance Network Intrusion Detection System22
False Positive RFID Detection Using Classification Models22
Carbon Spheres as CO2 Sorbents22
Control and Backbone Identification for the Resilient Recovery of a Supply Network Utilizing Outer Synchronization22
Cellular Spheroids of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Their Perspectives in Future Healthcare22
Research on a Mixed Gas Classification Algorithm Based on Extreme Random Tree22
Mycoremediation of PCBs by Pleurotus ostreatus: Possibilities and Prospects22
A Three-Class Classification of Cognitive Workload Based on EEG Spectral Data22
Wearable Accelerometer and sEMG-Based Upper Limb BSN for Tele-Rehabilitation22
Effect of Sowing Dates on Fatty Acids and Phytosterols Patterns of Carthamus tinctorius L.22
One-Dimensional Nanostructure Engineering of Conducting Polymers for Thermoelectric Applications22
Rapid Green Extractions of C-Phycocyanin from Arthrospira maxima for Functional Applications22
Energy Management of Virtual Power Plant Considering Distributed Generation Sizing and Pricing22
Feasibility Study of Native Ureolytic Bacteria for Biocementation Towards Coastal Erosion Protection by MICP Method22
Periodic Surface Defect Detection in Steel Plates Based on Deep Learning22
Thermomechanical Behavior of Textile Reinforced Cementitious Composites Subjected to Fire22
Improving Surface Roughness of Additively Manufactured Parts Using a Photopolymerization Model and Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization22
A Generic Automated Surface Defect Detection Based on a Bilinear Model22
Preparation and Characterization of Electrospun Pectin-Based Films and Their Application in Sustainable Aroma Barrier Multilayer Packaging22
Rotomolding of Thermoplastic Elastomers Based on Low-Density Polyethylene and Recycled Natural Rubber22
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Toward a State-of-the-Art of Fly-Rock Prediction Technology in Open-Pit Mines Using EANNs Model22
Investigation of a Promoted You Only Look Once Algorithm and Its Application in Traffic Flow Monitoring22
Predicting Compressive Strength of Cement-Stabilized Rammed Earth Based on SEM Images Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning22
Dual Stratified Nanofluid Flow Past a Permeable Shrinking/Stretching Sheet Using a Non-Fourier Energy Model22
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AR Displays: Next-Generation Technologies to Solve the Vergence–Accommodation Conflict22
Peptide Mediated Antimicrobial Dental Adhesive System22
A Computer-Vision Based Application for Student Behavior Monitoring in Classroom22
Leakage Detection of a Spherical Water Storage Tank in a Chemical Industry Using Acoustic Emissions22
Major Depressive Disorder and Oxidative Stress: In Silico Investigation of Fluoxetine Activity against ROS22
Preparation of Multicycle GO/TiO2 Composite Photocatalyst and Study on Degradation of Methylene Blue Synthetic Wastewater22
Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Combining Information Gain Ratio and Support Vector Machines: A Case Study from Wushan Segment in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China22
Personal Control of the Indoor Environment in Offices: Relations with Building Characteristics, Influence on Occupant Perception and Reported Symptoms Related to the Building—The Officair Project22
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Laboratory and Field Experiments on the Effect of Vinyl Acetate Polymer-Reinforced Soil22
Analysis of Effects of Rock Physical Properties Changes from Freeze-Thaw Weathering in Ny-Ålesund Region: Part 1—Experimental Study22
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Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids: A Review on Prediction Models, Controversies and Challenges21
Polysaccharides-Reinforced Bitumens: Specificities and Universality of Rheological Behavior21
A Novel Deep Learning Stack for APT Detection21
Graphene-Based TiO2 Nanocomposite for Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyes in Aqueous Solution under Solar-Like Radiation21
Condition Assessment of Power Transformers Based on Health Index Value21
A Spam Filtering Method Based on Multi-Modal Fusion21
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Grid Trading System Robot (GTSbot): A Novel Mathematical Algorithm for trading FX Market21
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On Video Analysis of Omnidirectional Bee Traffic: Counting Bee Motions with Motion Detection and Image Classification21
BIM-Based AR Maintenance System (BARMS) as an Intelligent Instruction Platform for Complex Plumbing Facilities21
Systematic Literature Review of Predictive Analysis Tools in Higher Education21
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Performance Evaluation of Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete Columns under Cyclic Loadings21
Pulsed Electric Fields for the Treatment of Olive Pastes in the Oil Extraction Process21
An Intelligent Event-Sentiment-Based Daily Foreign Exchange Rate Forecasting System21
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Short-Term Forecasting of Power Production in a Large-Scale Photovoltaic Plant Based on LSTM21
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Fermentation Characteristics of Lactobacillus Plantarum and Pediococcus Species Isolated from Sweet Sorghum Silage and Their Application as Silage Inoculants21
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Adaptive Backstepping Sliding Mode Control Based RBFNN for a Hydraulic Manipulator Including Actuator Dynamics21
Acoustic Design Criteria in Naturally Ventilated Residential Buildings: New Research Perspectives by Applying the Indoor Soundscape Approach21
Control Strategy of a Hybrid Renewable Energy System Based on Reinforcement Learning Approach for an Isolated Microgrid21
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Applications of Nanofluids for the Thermal Enhancement in Radiative and Dissipative Flow over a Wedge21
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The Effect of Tempering on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Novel 0.4C Press-Hardening Steel21
Genetic Optimized Location Aided Routing Protocol for VANET Based on Rectangular Estimation of Position21
Semi-Empirical Capacity Fading Model for SoH Estimation of Li-Ion Batteries21
TDLAS Monitoring of Carbon Dioxide with Temperature Compensation in Power Plant Exhausts21
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Expert Control Systems for Maximum Power Point Tracking in a Wind Turbine with PMSG: State of the Art21
A New Path Tracking Method Based on Multilayer Model Predictive Control21
Particle Number Measurements Directly from the Tailpipe for Type Approval of Heavy-Duty Engines21
Prediction Methods and Experimental Techniques for Chatter Avoidance in Turning Systems: A Review21
Stroke Gait Rehabilitation: A Comparison of End-Effector, Overground Exoskeleton, and Conventional Gait Training21
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Selection of Optimal Hyperspectral Wavebands for Detection of Discolored, Diseased Rice Seeds21
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Cockle Shell-Derived Calcium Carbonate (Aragonite) Nanoparticles: A Dynamite to Nanomedicine21
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Ag-Nanowire Bundles with Gap Hot Spots Synthesized in Track-Etched Membranes as Effective SERS-Substrates20
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Corpus Augmentation for Neural Machine Translation with Chinese-Japanese Parallel Corpora20
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Mechanical Properties of Desert Sand-Based Fiber Reinforced Concrete (DS-FRC)20
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Reflections on the Limited Pervasiveness of Augmented Reality in Industrial Sectors20
Dual-Functional Nanoscale Devices Using Phase-Change Materials: A Reconfigurable Perfect Absorber with Nonvolatile Resistance-Change Memory Characteristics20
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How to Extract Meaningful Insights from UGC: A Knowledge-Based Method Applied to Education20
Optimization of the Calcium Alginate Capsules for Self-Healing Asphalt20
Comparative Kinetic Analysis of CaCO3/CaO Reaction System for Energy Storage and Carbon Capture20
Enhanced Fouling Resistance and Antibacterial Properties of Novel Graphene Oxide-Arabic Gum Polyethersulfone Membranes20
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Methodologies of Learning Served by Virtual Reality: A Case Study in Urban Interventions20
Investigation of a Method for Strengthening Perforated Cold-Formed Steel Profiles under Compression Loads20
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Experimental Investigation of Freezing and Melting Characteristics of Graphene-Based Phase Change Nanocomposite for Cold Thermal Energy Storage Applications20
Fire-Induced Changes in Soil and Implications on Soil Sorption Capacity and Remediation Methods20
Selected Aspects of Biofuels Market and the Electromobility Development in Poland: Current Trends and Forecasting Changes20
A New Adaptive Fuzzy PID Controller Based on Riccati-Like Equation with Application to Vibration Control of Vehicle Seat Suspension20
Recent Developments in the Field of the Metal-Insulator Transition in Two Dimensions20
Automatic Identification of Bridge Vortex-Induced Vibration Using Random Decrement Method20
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Phase Balancing and Reactive Power Support Services for Microgrids20
Mini-Review: Modeling and Performance Analysis of Nanocarbon Interconnects20
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Dynamic Displacement Forecasting of Dashuitian Landslide in China Using Variational Mode Decomposition and Stack Long Short-Term Memory Network20
Structural Performance of a New Blind-Bolted Frame Modular Beam-Column Connection under Lateral Loading20
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Numerical Simulation of the Tip Leakage Vortex Characteristics in a Semi-Open Centrifugal Pump20
Low-Cost Activated Grape Seed-Derived Hydrochar through Hydrothermal Carbonization and Chemical Activation for Sulfamethoxazole Adsorption20
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Analytical Modeling of the Temperature Using Uniform Moving Heat Source in Planar Induction Heating Process20
A Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Reference Architecture for Attack Surface Analysis20
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Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis and Energy Dispersion X-ray Microanalysis to Evaluate the Effects of Decontamination Chemicals and Heat Sterilization on Implant Surgical Drills: Zirconia vs. Ste20
Modeling and Analysis on Energy Consumption of Hydraulic Quadruped Robot for Optimal Trot Motion Control20
Harnessing the Full Potential of Industrial Demand-Side Flexibility: An End-to-End Approach Connecting Machines with Markets through Service-Oriented IT Platforms20
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Analysis of the Additional Stress and Ground Settlement Induced by the Construction of Double-O-Tube Shield Tunnels in Sandy Soils20
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Simultaneous Application of Biosurfactant and Bioaugmentation with Rhamnolipid-Producing Shewanella for Enhanced Bioremediation of Oil-Polluted Soil20
A Deep-Learning-Based Vehicle Detection Approach for Insufficient and Nighttime Illumination Conditions20
Design and Kinematic Control of the Cable-Driven Hyper-Redundant Manipulator for Potential Underwater Applications20
TiO2/ZnO Nanofibers Prepared by Electrospinning and Their Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue Compared with TiO2 Nanofibers20
Adaptive Dual Extended Kalman Filter Based on Variational Bayesian Approximation for Joint Estimation of Lithium-Ion Battery State of Charge and Model Parameters20
Effect of Interlayer Cooling Time, Constraint and Tool Path Strategy on Deformation of Large Components Made by Laser Metal Deposition with Wire20
O-Band and C/L-Band III-V Quantum Dot Lasers Monolithically Grown on Ge and Si Substrate20
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Effects of Hooked-End Steel Fiber Geometry and Volume Fraction on the Flexural Behavior of Concrete Pedestrian Decks19
Supercapacitive Performance of N-Doped Graphene/Mn3O4/Fe3O4 as an Electrode Material19
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Dispersion-Engineered Step-Index Tellurite Fibers for Mid-Infrared Coherent Supercontinuum Generation from 1.5 to 4.5 μm with Sub-Nanojoule Femtosecond Pump Pulses19
Feature Interaction in Terms of Prediction Performance19
The Fate of MTBE and BTEX in Constructed Wetlands19
Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) of Metal Gates for CMOS19
Process Optimization and Modeling of Methylene Blue Adsorption Using Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles Synthesized from Sweet Lime Pulp19
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Automated Generation of Daily Evacuation Paths in 4D BIM19
Flexible Framework to Model Industry 4.0 Processes for Virtual Simulators19
Volume Holographic Optical Elements as Solar Concentrators: An Overview19
Wheat Bread with Dairy Products—Technology, Nutritional, and Sensory Properties19
Computer Vision Measurement of Pointer Meter Readings Based on Inverse Perspective Mapping19
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Data Analytics in Smart Healthcare: The Recent Developments and Beyond19
A Web-Based BIM–AR Quality Management System for Structural Elements19
Effect of Plasma Treatment of Titanium Surface on Biocompatibility19
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Structural Reliability Estimation with Participatory Sensing and Mobile Cyber-Physical Structural Health Monitoring Systems19
Geometric and Radiometric Consistency of Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Imagery for Precision Agriculture Applications19
Using ANN and SVM for the Detection of Acoustic Emission Signals Accompanying Epoxy Resin Electrical Treeing19
A Model Predictive Controller with Longitudinal Speed Compensation for Autonomous Vehicle Path Tracking19
Analysis of Guided Wave Propagation in a Multi-Layered Structure in View of Structural Health Monitoring19
Novel Nature-Inspired Hybrids of Neural Computing for Estimating Soil Shear Strength19
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Comparison of Diagnostic Accuracy of Physical Examination and MRI in the Most Common Knee Injuries19
Evolution of Transient Liquid-Phase Sintered Cu–Sn Skeleton Microstructure During Thermal Aging19
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Monitoring the Vegetation Dynamics in the Dongting Lake Wetland from 2000 to 2019 Using the BEAST Algorithm Based on Dense Landsat Time Series19
Smart Footwear Insole for Recognition of Foot Pronation and Supination Using Neural Networks19
Feature-Preserved Point Cloud Simplification Based on Natural Quadric Shape Models19
Effects of Red Mud Addition in the Microstructure, Durability and Mechanical Performance of Cement Mortars19
Carotenoids Overproduction in Dunaliella Sp.: Transcriptional Changes and New Insights through Lycopene β Cyclase Regulation19
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Combined Effect of Spirulina Platensis and Punica Granatum Peel Extacts: Phytochemical Content and Antiphytophatogenic Activity19
Fabric Defect Detection Using L0 Gradient Minimization and Fuzzy C-Means19
A Review of Early Injection Strategy in Premixed Combustion Engines19
The Importance of Assessing the Level of Service in Confined Infrastructures: Some Considerations of the Old Ottoman Pedestrian Bridge of Mostar19
Day-Ahead Electric Load Forecasting for the Residential Building with a Small-Size Dataset Based on a Self-Organizing Map and a Stacking Ensemble Learning Method19
The Possibility of Using Spent Coffee Grounds to Improve Wastewater Treatment Due to Respiration Activity of Microorganisms19
An IoT-Based Non-Invasive Glucose Level Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi19
Aluminum-Doped Zinc Oxide as Front Electrode for Rear Emitter Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells with High Efficiency19
Advances in Engineering and Application of Optogenetic Indicators for Neuroscience19
Synchronization Full-Order Terminal Sliding Mode Control for an Uncertain 3-DOF Planar Parallel Robotic Manipulator19
Adsorption and Desorption of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Soil Buffering Capacity Following Application of Chicken Litter Biochar to an Acid Soil19
Multicriteria Prediction and Simulation of Winter Wheat Yield Using Extended Qualitative and Quantitative Data Based on Artificial Neural Networks19
DERN: Deep Ensemble Learning Model for Short- and Long-Term Prediction of Baltic Dry Index19
Silicon Waveguide Optical Isolator with Directly Bonded Magneto-Optical Garnet19
Kinetics, Isotherms and Thermodynamic Modeling of Liquid Phase Adsorption of Crystal Violet Dye onto Shrimp-Waste in Its Raw, Pyrolyzed Material and Activated Charcoals19
Centrifugally Spun α-Fe2O3/TiO2/Carbon Composite Fibers as Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries19
Corrosion-Fatigue Evaluation of Uncoated Weathering Steel Bridges19
Power Quality Disturbance Classification Based on DWT and Multilayer Perceptron Extreme Learning Machine19
In Situ Assessment of 5G NR Massive MIMO Base Station Exposure in a Commercial Network in Bern, Switzerland19
Toward Development of a Vocal Fold Contact Pressure Probe: Sensor Characterization and Validation Using Synthetic Vocal Fold Models19
Characterization of Emission Factors Concerning Gasoline, LPG, and Diesel Vehicles via Transient Chassis-Dynamometer Tests19
An Improved Cyclic Modulation Spectral Analysis Based on the CWT and Its Application on Broken Rotor Bar Fault Diagnosis for Induction Motors19
A 3D Discrete-Continuum Coupling Approach for Investigating the Deformation and Failure Mechanism of Tunnels across an Active Fault: A Case Study of Xianglushan Tunnel19
Effect of Carbon Nanotubes on Chloride Penetration in Cement Mortars18
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Meso-Scale Simulation of Concrete Based on Fracture and Interaction Behavior18
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Condition Prediction of Existing Concrete Bridges as a Combination of Visual Inspection and Analytical Models of Deterioration18
An On-Line and Adaptive Method for Detecting Abnormal Events in Videos Using Spatio-Temporal ConvNet18
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Discrete Element Analysis of Indirect Tensile Fatigue Test of Asphalt Mixture18
Past, Present, and Future of Regeneration Therapy in Oral and Periodontal Tissue: A Review18
Efficient Weights Quantization of Convolutional Neural Networks Using Kernel Density Estimation based Non-uniform Quantizer18
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Evaluating Passenger Demand for Development of the Urban Transport System by an AHP Model with the Real-World Application of Amman18
Fiber Optic Sensing for Geomechanical Monitoring: (2)- Distributed Strain Measurements at a Pumping Test and Geomechanical Modeling of Deformation of Reservoir Rocks18
Immunohistochemical Expression of ABCB5 as a Potential Prognostic Factor in Uveal Melanoma18
TOSCA-Based and Federation-Aware Cloud Orchestration for Kubernetes Container Platform18
Composite Xenohybrid Bovine Bone-Derived Scaffold as Bone Substitute for the Treatment of Tibial Plateau Fractures18
Effect of Gradation Segregation on Mechanical Properties of an Asphalt Mixture18
Three-Dimensional (3D) Modeling of Cultural Heritage Site Using UAV Imagery: A Case Study of the Pagodas in Wat Maha That, Thailand18
Fixed Grid Numerical Models for Solidification and Melting of Phase Change Materials (PCMs)18
Multi Objective for PMU Placement in Compressed Distribution Network Considering Cost and Accuracy of State Estimation18
Albayzin 2018 Evaluation: The IberSpeech-RTVE Challenge on Speech Technologies for Spanish Broadcast Media18
Efficient and Deep Vehicle Re-Identification Using Multi-Level Feature Extraction18
Developing Project Managers’ Transversal Competences Using Building Information Modeling18
Establishment of a Numerical Model to Design an Electro-Stimulating System for a Porcine Mandibular Critical Size Defect18
Fuzzy Logic Controller Parameter Optimization Using Metaheuristic Cuckoo Search Algorithm for a Magnetic Levitation System18
Investigation on the Potential to Integrate Different Artificial Intelligence Models with Metaheuristic Algorithms for Improving River Suspended Sediment Predictions18
Stabilization of a Residual Soil Using Calcium and Magnesium Hydroxide Nanoparticles: A Quick Precipitation Method18
Integrated Optimum Layout of Conformal Cooling Channels and Optimal Injection Molding Process Parameters for Optical Lenses18
Retrofitting a Building’s Envelope: Sustainability Performance of ETICS with ICB or EPS18
OCR4all—An Open-Source Tool Providing a (Semi-)Automatic OCR Workflow for Historical Printings18
Classification of Liver Diseases Based on Ultrasound Image Texture Features18
Health Risk Assessment of Banned Veterinary Drugs and Quinolone Residues in Shrimp through Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry18
DC-Link Voltage Control of a Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic System for Fault Ride-Through Capability Enhancement18
An Ultrashort-Term Net Load Forecasting Model Based on Phase Space Reconstruction and Deep Neural Network18
Thermodynamic Performance Analyses and Optimization of Dual-Loop Organic Rankine Cycles for Internal Combustion Engine Waste Heat Recovery18
Segmentation of Multiple Tree Leaves Pictures with Natural Backgrounds using Deep Learning for Image-Based Agriculture Applications18
Projection-Based Augmented Reality Assistance for Manual Electronic Component Assembly Processes18
A Novel Artificial Intelligence Technique to Estimate the Gross Calorific Value of Coal Based on Meta-Heuristic and Support Vector Regression Algorithms18
Computation of Melting Dissipative Magnetohydrodynamic Nanofluid Bioconvection with Second-order Slip and Variable Thermophysical Properties18
The Effect of Accelerated Aging Conditions on the Properties of Rigid Polyurethane-Polyisocyanurate Foams Modified by Cinnamon Extract18
An Intelligent Hybrid Energy Management System for a Smart House Considering Bidirectional Power Flow and Various EV Charging Techniques18
Fault Diagnosis for Rolling Bearing Based on Semi-Supervised Clustering and Support Vector Data Description with Adaptive Parameter Optimization and Improved Decision Strategy18
A Novel Frequency Domain Visible Light Communication (VLC) Three-Dimensional Trilateration System for Localization in Underground Mining18
Application of Multi-Dimension Input Convolutional Neural Network in Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearings18
A Latent State-Based Multimodal Execution Monitor with Anomaly Detection and Classification for Robot Introspection18
Dynamic Response Analysis of a Simply Supported Double-Beam System under Successive Moving Loads18
Driverless Bus Path Tracking Based on Fuzzy Pure Pursuit Control with a Front Axle Reference18
Porosity Elimination in Modified Direct Laser Joining of Ti6Al4V and Thermoplastics Composites18
A Form Stable Composite Phase Change Material for Thermal Energy Storage Applications over 700 °C18
Fatigue Crack Growth in Maraging Steel Obtained by Selective Laser Melting18
Eco-Structured Biosorptive Removal of Basic Fuchsin Using Pistachio Nutshells: A Definitive Screening Design—Based Approach18
Multi-Agent Systems18
A Systematic Literature Review on Image Captioning18
Information Extraction of Cybersecurity Concepts: An LSTM Approach18
Beam Propagation Factor of a Cosh-Airy Beam18
Review of Acoustic Sources Alternatives to a Dodecahedron Speaker18
Soft Robotic Gripper with Chambered Fingers for Performing In-Hand Manipulation18
Hyperspectral Imaging Techniques for the Study, Conservation and Management of Rock Art18
Investigation on Roof Segmentation for 3D Building Reconstruction from Aerial LIDAR Point Clouds18
Climate Change: Impacts on Climatic Actions and Structural Reliability18
Measuring the Performance of Wastewater Treatment in China18
Quality and Defect Inspection of Green Coffee Beans Using a Computer Vision System18
Detection and Tracking of Moving Pedestrians with a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle18
Shear Rate-Dependent Rheological Properties of Mine Tailings: Determination of Dynamic and Static Yield Stresses18
Optimal Scheduling of Hydro–PV–Wind Hybrid System Considering CHP and BESS Coordination18
Design of a Novel Electric Diagnostic Technique for Fault Analysis of Centrifugal Pumps18
Particle Swarm Optimization and Cuckoo Search-Based Approaches for Quadrotor Control and Trajectory Tracking18
Improved Safety Analysis Integration in a Systems Engineering Approach18
Endophytic Colonization of Pepper (Capsicum annum) Controls Aphids (Myzus persicae Sulzer)18
Wearables, Biomechanical Feedback, and Human Motor-Skills’ Learning & Optimization18
Tensor Robust Principal Component Analysis via Non-Convex Low Rank Approximation18
Combined Model for IAQ Assessment: Part 1—Morphology of the Model and Selection of Substantial Air Quality Impact Sub-Models18
The Effects of Asphalt Migration on the Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt Mixture17
Atomic Force Spectroscopy on Ionic Liquids17
Review and Categorization of Digital Applications in the Energy Sector17
Optimization of Optical Networks Based on CDC-ROADM Technology17
Chemical and Enzymatic Treatment of Hemp Biomass for Bioethanol Production17
A Solution Approach for UAV Fleet Mission Planning in Changing Weather Conditions17
Deep Convolutional Neural Network for HEp-2 Fluorescence Intensity Classification17
Circular Economy and E-Waste: An Opportunity from RFID TAGs17
Chemical Composition and Biogas Formation potential of Sida hermaphrodita and Silphium perfoliatum17
Highly Sensitive and Selective H2S Chemical Sensor Based on ZnO Nanomaterial17
Hunger and Obesity as Symptoms of Non-Sustainable Food Systems and Malnutrition17
Metal-to-Insulator Transition in Ultrathin Manganite Heterostructures17
Effect of Sampling Conditions on the Sub-23 nm Nonvolatile Particle Emissions Measurements of a Moped17
UniChain: A Design of Blockchain-Based System for Electronic Academic Records Access and Permissions Management17
Influence of Approaching Excavation on Adjacent Segments for Twin Tunnels17
Entanglement and Phase-Mediated Correlations in Quantum Field Theory. Application to Brain-Mind States17
Development of Transmission Systems for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles17
Thermomechanical Performance of Bio-Inspired Corrugated-Core Sandwich Structure for a Thermal Protection System Panel17
Evolution of b-Value and Fractal Dimension of Acoustic Emission Events During Shear Rupture of an Immature Fault in Granite17
VPNFilter Malware Analysis on Cyber Threat in Smart Home Network17
Study of Annealing Temperature Effect on the Photovoltaic Performance of BiOI-Based Materials17
Light Transmission in Fog: The Influence of Wavelength on the Extinction Coefficient17
Crack Initiation and Propagation Fatigue Life of Ultra High-Strength Steel Butt Joints17
Detection and Characterization of Debonding Defects in Aeronautical Honeycomb Sandwich Composites Using Noncontact Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing Technique17
Therapeutic Potential of Polymer-Coated Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles17
MAG Welding Tests of Modern High Strength Steels with Minimum Yield Strength of 700 MPa17
Physiological Driver Monitoring Using Capacitively Coupled and Radar Sensors17
Effect of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on Mechanical Characteristics of Bitumens and Stone Mastic Asphalts17
Using Social Media to Identify Consumers’ Sentiments towards Attributes of Health Insurance during Enrollment Season17
Acoustic Classification of Singing Insects Based on MFCC/LFCC Fusion17
Improved Capacity Retention of SiO2-Coated LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 Cathode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries17
Loop Closure Detection Based on Multi-Scale Deep Feature Fusion17
Reducing Critical Hindrances to Building Information Modeling Implementation: The Case of the Singapore Construction Industry17
An Efficient Single-Anchor Localization Method Using Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Systems17
Advances in the Study of the Behavior of Full-Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Cement17
Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Soft Rock Tunnel and the Effect of Excavation on Supporting Structure17
Gender Classification Using Sentiment Analysis and Deep Learning in a Health Web Forum17
Low-Voltage Solid-State DC Breaker for Fault Protection Applications in Isolated DC Microgrid Cluster17
Sensitive Detection of E. coli in Artificial Seawater by Aptamer-Coated Magnetic Beads and Direct PCR17
Computational Analysis of Deep Visual Data for Quantifying Facial Expression Production17
FMnet: Iris Segmentation and Recognition by Using Fully and Multi-Scale CNN for Biometric Security17
Microtexture Performance of EAF Slags Used as Aggregate in Asphalt Mixes: A Comparative Study with Surface Properties of Natural Stones17
Comparative Study on the Effects of Laser Bleaching and Conventional Bleaching on the Physical Properties of Indigo Kapok/Cotton Denim Fabrics17
Multi-Scale Heterogeneous 3D CNN for False-Positive Reduction in Pulmonary Nodule Detection, Based on Chest CT Images17
Modeling of Temperature Time-Lag Effect for Concrete Box-Girder Bridges17
Modeling of Three-Way Catalyst Dynamics for a Compressed Natural Gas Engine during Lean–Rich Transitions17
Enhancement of Methane Production in Thermophilic Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Exhausted Sugar Beet Pulp and Pig Manure17
AR Graphic Representation of Musical Notes for Self-Learning on Guitar17
Helping the Visually Impaired See via Image Multi-labeling Based on SqueezeNet CNN17
Experimental Investigation on Semi-Active Control of Base Isolation System Using Magnetorheological Dampers for Concrete Frame Structure17
Influence of Waste Plastic Aggregate and Water-Repellent Additive on the Properties of Lightweight Magnesium Oxychloride Cement Composite17
Sentiment-Aware Word Embedding for Emotion Classification17
Comparison of Water Sampling between Environmental DNA Metabarcoding and Conventional Microscopic Identification: A Case Study in Gwangyang Bay, South Korea17
Effects of Pore Structures of Different Maceral Compositions on Methane Adsorption and Diffusion in Anthracite17
Quantitative Analysis of Benign and Malignant Tumors in Histopathology: Predicting Prostate Cancer Grading Using SVM17
Adsorption of Ammonium Nitrogen from Aqueous Solution on Chemically Activated Biochar Prepared from Sorghum Distillers Grain17
Chalcones and Flavanones Bearing Hydroxyl and/or Methoxyl Groups: Synthesis and Biological Assessments17
A Review of Femtosecond Laser-Induced Emission Techniques for Combustion and Flow Field Diagnostics17
In Situ Hyperspectral Raman Imaging: A New Method to Investigate Sintering Processes of Ceramic Material at High-temperature17
Development of an Electrochemical Biosensor for Rapid and Effective Detection of Pathogenic Escherichia coli in Licorice Extract17
Characterization and Water Content Estimation Method of Living Plant Leaves Using Terahertz Waves17
A Stratigraphic Prediction Method Based on Machine Learning17
Use of Machine Learning to Automate the Identification of Basketball Strategies Using Whole Team Player Tracking Data17
Species-Specific Antioxidant Power and Bioactive Properties of the Extracts Obtained from Wild Mediterranean Calendula Spp. (Asteraceae)17
Microstructural, Surface Topology and Nanomechanical Characterization of Electrodeposited Ni-P/SiC Nanocomposite Coatings17
Effect of Hydrophilicity of Activated Carbon Electrodes on Desalination Performance in Membrane Capacitive Deionization17
Polyurethane-Supported Graphene Oxide Foam Functionalized with Carbon Dots and TiO2 Particles for Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyes17
Deep Neural Network for Ore Production and Crusher Utilization Prediction of Truck Haulage System in Underground Mine17
Analysis of Bio-Based Fatty Esters PCM’s Thermal Properties and Investigation of Trends in Relation to Chemical Structures17
CT Conversion Workflow for Intraoperative Usage of Bony Models: From DICOM Data to 3D Printed Models17
Reflective Fiber Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor for High-Sensitive Mercury Ion Detection17
Light Harvesting and Optical-Electronic Properties of Two Quercitin and Rutin Natural Dyes17
Addition of Salt Ions before Spraying Improves Heat- and Cold-Induced Gel Properties of Soy Protein Isolate (SPI)17
Low-Input Crops as Lignocellulosic Feedstock for Second-Generation Biorefineries and the Potential of Chemometrics in Biomass Quality Control17
Assessment of Performance of Fiber Reinforced Geopolymer Composites by Experiment and Simulation Analysis17
Experimental Study on the Swelling Behavior of Expansive Soil at Different Depths under Unidirectional Seepage17
“Texting & Driving” Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks17
Laser Irradiation Effects at Different Wavelengths on Phenology and Yield Components of Pretreated Maize Seed17
On the Performance of Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Anti-Jamming Method Confronting Intelligent Jammer17
Mutual Information Input Selector and Probabilistic Machine Learning Utilisation for Air Pollution Proxies17
Effects of Aggregate Micro Fines (AMF), Aluminum Sulfate and Polypropylene Fiber (PPF) on Properties of Machine-Made Sand Concrete17
A Comprehensive and Automated Fusion Method: The Enhanced Flexible Spatiotemporal DAta Fusion Model for Monitoring Dynamic Changes of Land Surface17
Polyisobutylene-Based Thermoplastic Elastomers for Manufacturing Polymeric Heart Valve Leaflets: In Vitro and In Vivo Results17
Numerical Approach for Studying the Evolution of the Degrees of Coherence of Partially Coherent Beams Propagation through an ABCD Optical System17
Coherent Perfect Absorption Laser Points in One-Dimensional Anti-Parity–Time-Symmetric Photonic Crystals17
A Framework for Assessing Manufacturing SMEs Industry 4.0 Maturity16
Terahertz Inspection of Buildings and Architectural Art16
Evaluation of In-Package Atmospheric Dielectric Barrier Discharge Cold Plasma Treatment as an Intervention Technology for Decontaminating Bulk Ready-To-Eat Chicken Breast Cubes in Plastic Containers16
Obstacle Avoidance Drone by Deep Reinforcement Learning and Its Racing with Human Pilot16
Metamodelling for Design of Mechatronic and Cyber-Physical Systems16
Address Space Layout Randomization Next Generation16
Glucose Data Classification for Diabetic Patient Monitoring16
Smartphone-Based Photogrammetry for the 3D Modeling of a Geomorphological Structure16
An Optical Interference Suppression Scheme for TCSPC Flash LiDAR Imagers16
Energy Sector Development: System Dynamics Analysis16
Two-Dimensional Constellation Shaping in Fiber-Optic Communications16
Deep CNN for IIF Images Classification in Autoimmune Diagnostics16
A Novel Approach to Model a Gas Network16
A Hierarchical and Abstraction-Based Blockchain Model16
Contaminants of Emerging Concern Removal by High-Energy Oxidation-Reduction Processes: State of the Art16
Development of an Autonomous Underwater Helicopter with High Maneuverability16
A Systematic Review of the Discrepancies in Life Cycle Assessments of Green Concrete16
FFESSD: An Accurate and Efficient Single-Shot Detector for Target Detection16
An Evaluation of Orbital Angular Momentum Multiplexing Technology16
State-of-the-Art Model for Music Object Recognition with Deep Learning16
TrafficWave: Generative Deep Learning Architecture for Vehicular Traffic Flow Prediction16
Feasibility Study for Using Piezoelectric-Based Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) System on Public Roadway16
A New Model for Constant Fuel Utilization and Constant Fuel Flow in Fuel Cells16
Hybrid Micro-Grids Exploiting Renewables Sources, Battery Energy Storages, and Bi-Directional Converters16
A Reinforcement-Learning-Based Distributed Resource Selection Algorithm for Massive IoT16
SLA-Based Sharing Economy Service with Smart Contract for Resource Integrity in the Internet of Things16
Processing of Alnico Magnets by Additive Manufacturing16
Evaluation of Classical Machine Learning Techniques towards Urban Sound Recognitionon Embedded Systems16
Electrochemical Removal of Chromium (VI) from Wastewater16
Color Inverse Halftoning Method with the Correlation of Multi-Color Components Based on Extreme Learning Machine16
Zinc Adsorption by Activated Carbon Prepared from Lignocellulosic Waste Biomass16
Mutated Channelrhodopsins with Increased Sodium and Calcium Permeability16
Hydrodynamic Behavior of Submerged Floating Tunnels with Suspension Cables and Towers under Irregular Waves16
Risk-Constrained Optimal Chiller Loading Strategy Using Information Gap Decision Theory16
New Trajectory Tracking Approach for a Quadcopter Using Genetic Algorithm and Reference Model Methods16
Boosting Targeted Black-Box Attacks via Ensemble Substitute Training and Linear Augmentation16
Augmented Reality in Heritage Apps:Current Trends in Europe16
A Hybrid Geometric Morphometric Deep Learning Approach for Cut and Trampling Mark Classification16
An Improved Mixed AC/DC Power Flow Algorithm in Hybrid AC/DC Grids with MT-HVDC Systems16
European Strategies for Adaptation to Climate Change With the Mayors Adapt Initiative by Self-Organizing Maps16
Survey of Pharmacological Activity and Pharmacokinetics of Selected β-Adrenergic Blockers in Regard to Their Stereochemistry16
Payload-Based Traffic Classification Using Multi-Layer LSTM in Software Defined Networks16
Contracts, Business Models and Barriers to Investing in Low Temperature District Heating Projects16
Mechanical Characteristics and Water Absorption Properties of Blast-Furnace Slag Concretes with Fly Ashes or Microsilica Additions16
Real-Time Implementation of an Expert Model Predictive Controller in a Pilot-Scale Reverse Osmosis Plant for Brackish and Seawater Desalination16
Optimal Management of an Energy Storage Unit in a PV-Based Microgrid Integrating Uncertainty and Risk16
A Study on the Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete and Its Production Facilities16
Gradual Meso-Structural Response Behaviour of Characteristics of Asphalt Mixture Main Skeleton Subjected to Load16
A Dual-Step Integrated Machine Learning Model for 24h-Ahead Wind Energy Generation Prediction Based on Actual Measurement Data and Environmental Factors16
Experimental Study on Deformation Monitoring of Bored Pile Based on BOTDR16
High-Speed Railway Clearance Intrusion Detection with Improved SSD Network16
Biodegradation of Pyrethroids by a Hydrolyzing Carboxylesterase EstA from Bacillus cereus BCC0116
Information Extraction from Electronic Medical Records Using Multitask Recurrent Neural Network with Contextual Word Embedding16
Tracked Wall-Climbing Robot for Calibration of Large Vertical Metal Tanks16
Combined MvdXML and Semantic Technologies for Green Construction Code Checking16
Low-Frequency Noise and Its Main Effects on Human Health—A Review of the Literature between 2016 and 201916
Deterministic and Probabilistic Wind Power Forecasting Based on Bi-Level Convolutional Neural Network and Particle Swarm Optimization16
A Comprehensive Feature Comparison Study of Open-Source Container Orchestration Frameworks16
Comparing the Physicochemical Properties of Upgraded Biomass Fuel by Torrefaction and the Ashless Technique16
Novel Design and Lateral Stability Tracking Control of a Four-Wheeled Rollator16
Robust Device-Free Intrusion Detection Using Physical Layer Information of WiFi Signals16
Integrated Procedure for Monitoring and Assessment of Linear Infrastructures Safety (I-Pro MONALISA) Affected by Slope Instability16
Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Based on Commercially Available 1550 nm Fabry–Perot Laser Diode and ErAs:In(Al)GaAs Photoconductors16
Development of a CALPHAD Thermodynamic Database for Pu-U-Fe-Ga Alloys16
Information Fusion for Multi-Source Material Data: Progress and Challenges16
Modeling the Effect of Active Modified Atmosphere Packaging on the Microbial Stability and Shelf Life of Gutted Sea Bass16
SURAA: A Novel Method and Tool for Loadbalanced and Coalesced SpMV Computations on GPUs16
Effect of Height and Geometry of Stepped Spillway on Inception Point Location16
Pine Resin Derivatives as Sustainable Additives to Improve the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Injected Moulded Thermoplastic Starch16
Soft Rehabilitation and Nursing-Care Robots: A Review and Future Outlook16
New Insights from Multibody Dynamic Analyses of a Turnout System under Impact Loads16
Training of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to Identify Critical Liver Alterations in Histopathology Image Samples16
Exoskeleton for Gait Rehabilitation: Effects of Assistance, Mechanical Structure, and Walking Aids on Muscle Activations16
Multi-Objective Optimization of Massive MIMO 5G Wireless Networks towards Power Consumption, Uplink and Downlink Exposure16
Two-Dimensional Spatial Coherence for Ultrasonic DMAS Beamforming in Multi-Angle Plane-Wave Imaging16
Real-Time Musical Conducting Gesture Recognition Based on a Dynamic Time Warping Classifier Using a Single-Depth Camera16
Hepatic Steatosis Assessment Using Quantitative Ultrasound Parametric Imaging Based on Backscatter Envelope Statistics16
Quantification of Trans-Resveratrol-Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles by a Validated Reverse-Phase HPLC Photodiode Array16
Species of the Genus Salix L.: Biochemical Screening and Molecular Docking Approach to Potential Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors16
Analysis of a Customized Clutch Joint Designed for the Safety Management of an Ultrasound Robot16
Improving Handling Stability Performance of Four-Wheel Steering Vehicle Based on the H2/H∞ Robust Control16
Sorption of Pb(II) from Aqueous Solutions by Acid-Modified Clinoptilolite-Rich Tuffs with Different Si/Al Ratios16
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Repairing Effect of Polymer Grouting for Settlement of High-Speed Railway Unballasted Track16
Intelligent Path Recognition against Image Noises for Vision Guidance of Automated Guided Vehicles in a Complex Workspace16
Optimization of Replaced Grinding Wheel Diameter for Minimum Grinding Cost in Internal Grinding16
High Precision Indoor Visible Light Positioning Algorithm Based on Double LEDs Using CMOS Image Sensor16
The Design and Optimization of an Interior, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Applied in an Electric Traction Vehicle Requiring a Low Torque Ripple16
Implementation of Shape Memory Alloy Sponge as Energy Dissipating Material on Pounding Tuned Mass Damper: An Experimental Investigation16
Use of Fiber-Optic Sensors for the Detection of the Rail Vehicles and Monitoring of the Rock Mass Dynamic Response Due to Railway Rolling Stock for the Civil Engineering Needs16
Thermal Infrared Small Ship Detection in Sea Clutter Based on Morphological Reconstruction and Multi-Feature Analysis16
Assessing Relativistic Effects and Electron Correlation in the Actinide Metals Th to Pu15
Deep Neural Network Equalization for Optical Short Reach Communication15
Effect of Nylon Fiber Addition on the Performance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete15
Magnetic Nanomaterials for Magnetically-Aided Drug Delivery and Hyperthermia15
Lessons Learned on Geosynthetics Applications in Road Structures in Silesia Mining Region in Poland15
Periocular Recognition in the Wild: Implementation of RGB-OCLBCP Dual-Stream CNN15
Dynamical Manipulation of Surface Plasmon Polaritons15
IMU-Aided High-Frequency Lidar Odometry for Autonomous Driving15
Siliceous Concrete Materials Management for Sustainability Using Fuzzy-TOPSIS Approach15
Distributed Localization with Complemented RSS and AOA Measurements: Theory and Methods15
Degradation Prediction Model for Friction of Road Pavements with Natural Aggregates and Steel Slags15
Research on Combined Model Based on Multi-Objective Optimization and Application in Wind Speed Forecast15
Synthesis and Encapsulation of a New Zinc Phthalocyanine Photosensitizer into Polymeric Nanoparticles to Enhance Cell Uptake and Phototoxicity15
Determination of Influencing Factors on Interface Strength of Additively Manufactured Multi-Material Parts by Material Extrusion15
Effects of Ultrasonication on the Conformational, Microstructural, and Antioxidant Properties of Konjac Glucomannan15
Assessment of Deep Learning Methodology for Self-Organizing 5G Networks15
Multitask-Based Trajectory Planning for Redundant Space Robotics Using Improved Genetic Algorithm15
A State-Space Analysis of a Single Zone Building Considering Solar Radiation, Internal Radiation, and PCM Effects15
Non-Contact Dermatoscope with Ultra-Bright Light Source and Liquid Lens-Based Autofocus Function15
Ablation and Patterning of Carbon Nanotube Film by Femtosecond Laser Irradiation15
Experimental Investigation of 400 Gb/s Data Center Interconnect Using Unamplified High-Baud-Rate and High-Order QAM Single-Carrier Signal15
Glycerin-Grafted Starch as Corrosion Inhibitor of C-Mn Steel in 1 M HCl solution15
A Brief Review on the Recent Experimental Advances in Thermal Rectification at the Nanoscale15
Experimental Study and Optimization of the Organic Rankine Cycle with Pure NovecTM649 and Zeotropic Mixture NovecTM649/HFE7000 as Working Fluid15
Using Post-Harvest Waste to Improve Shearing Behaviour of Loess and Its Validation by Multiscale Direct Shear Tests15
Finger-Vein Verification Based on LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks15
Investigation on the Triaxial Mechanical Characteristics of Cement-Treated Subgrade Soil Admixed with Polypropylene Fiber15
Performance Test of MicroAeth® AE51 at Concentrations Lower than 2 μg/m3 in Indoor Laboratory15
Aerodynamic Design and Off-design Performance Analysis of a Multi-Stage S-CO2 Axial Turbine Based on Solar Power Generation System15
Predicting Students Success in Blended Learning—Evaluating Different Interactions Inside Learning Management Systems15
Porous Thin-Wall Hollow Co3O4 Spheres for Supercapacitors with High Rate Capability15
Aerial Grasping of an Object in the Strong Wind: Robust Control of an Aerial Manipulator15
Removal of Different Kinds of Heavy Metals by Novel PPG-nZVI Beads and Their Application in Simulated Stormwater Infiltration Facility15
Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Modified Cement Mortar15
VS-GRU: A Variable Sensitive Gated Recurrent Neural Network for Multivariate Time Series with Massive Missing Values15
Oxidative Degradation of Tannic Acid in Aqueous Solution by UV/S2O82− and UV/H2O2/Fe2+ Processes: A Comparative Study15
An Experimental Study on Mechanical and Thermal Insulation Properties of Rubberized Concrete Including Its Microstructure15
3D Behavior Recognition Based on Multi-Modal Deep Space-Time Learning15
Efficient Removal of Heavy Metal Ions in Wastewater by Using a Novel Alginate-EDTA Hybrid Aerogel15
Optimal Energy Routing Design in Energy Internet with Multiple Energy Routing Centers Using Artificial Neural Network-Based Reinforcement Learning Method15
Ballistic Head Protection in the Light of Injury Criteria in the Case of the Wz.93 Combat Helmet15
Automatic Generation of Locomotion Patterns for Soft Modular Reconfigurable Robots15
Experimental Research into the Evolution of Permeability in a Broken Coal Mass under Cyclic Loading and Unloading Conditions15
Optimal Day-Ahead Scheduling of a Smart Micro-Grid via a Probabilistic Model for Considering the Uncertainty of Electric Vehicles’ Load15
Theoretical Investigations on the Mechanical, Magneto-Electronic Properties and Half-Metallic Characteristics of ZrRhTiZ (Z = Al, Ga) Quaternary Heusler Compounds15
The Relationship between In-Cylinder Flow-Field near Spark Plug Areas, the Spark Behavior, and the Combustion Performance inside an Optical S.I. Engine15
Biomechanical Evaluation of a New Fixation Type in 3D-Printed Periacetabular Implants using a Finite Element Simulation15
Comparative Investigation of Cutting Devices on Bone Blocks: An SEM Morphological Analysis15
Real-Time GPU-Based Digital Image Correlation Sensor for Marker-Free Strain-Controlled Fatigue Testing15
Design and Simulation of a Capacity Management Model Using a Digital Twin Approach Based on the Viable System Model: Case Study of an Automotive Plant15
The Role of Synergies of MWCNTs and Carbon Black in the Enhancement of the Electrical and Mechanical Response of Modified Epoxy Resins15
Direct Treatment of Liquids Using Low-Current Arc in Ambient Air for Biomedical Applications15
Deep-cARe: Projection-Based Home Care Augmented Reality System with Deep Learning for Elderly15
Thermoeconomic Modelling and Parametric Study of a Simple ORC for the Recovery of Waste Heat in a 2 MW Gas Engine under Different Working Fluids15
Methodology for Performing Territorial Sea Baseline Measurements in Selected Waterbodies of Poland15
Multi-Objective Optimal Capacity Planning for 100% Renewable Energy-Based Microgrid Incorporating Cost of Demand-Side Flexibility Management15
Waste Bricks Applied as Removal Agent of Basic Blue 41 from Aqueous Solutions: Base Treatment and Their Regeneration Efficiency15
Expectation vs. Reality: Attitudes Towards a Socially Assistive Robot in Cardiac Rehabilitation15
Autonomous Path Planning of AUV in Large-Scale Complex Marine Environment Based on Swarm Hyper-Heuristic Algorithm15
Twisted Nematic Liquid-Crystal-Based Terahertz Phase Shifter using Pristine PEDOT: PSS Transparent Conducting Electrodes15
Ensuring the Reliability of Pneumatic Classification Process for Granular Material in a Rhomb-Shaped Apparatus15
Polydopamine Modified Graphene Oxide-TiO2 Nanofiller for Reinforcing Physical Properties and Anticorrosion Performance of Waterborne Epoxy Coatings15
A Low-Cost Soft Robotic Hand Exoskeleton for Use in Therapy of Limited Hand–Motor Function15
Effect of Functional Group Density of Anion Exchange Resins on Removal of p-Toluene Sulfonic Acid from Aqueous Solution15
Classifying Power Quality Disturbances Based on Phase Space Reconstruction and a Convolutional Neural Network15
Evaluation of Sensitivity and Calibration of the Chaboche Kinematic Hardening Model Parameters for Numerical Ratcheting Simulation15
Corrosion Behavior and Conductivity of TiNb and TiNbN Coated Steel for Metallic Bipolar Plates15
Bi-Objective Dispatch of Multi-Energy Virtual Power Plant: Deep-Learning-Based Prediction and Particle Swarm Optimization15
Fast Multi-Objective Antenna Optimization Based on RBF Neural Network Surrogate Model Optimized by Improved PSO Algorithm15
A Convolutional Neural Network Based Auto Features Extraction Method for Tea Classification with Electronic Tongue15
Air Purification Performance of Photocatalytic Concrete Paving Blocks after Seven Years of Service15
Novel Janus Fibrous Membranes with Enhanced Directional Water Vapor Transmission15
A Hybrid Nanoplatform of Graphene Oxide/Nanogold for Plasmonic Sensing and Cellular Applications at the Nanobiointerface15
Identification of Fusarium Head Blight in Winter Wheat Ears Based on Fisher’s Linear Discriminant Analysis and a Support Vector Machine15
The Antifungal Potential of Carvacrol against Penicillium Digitatum through 1H-NMR Based Metabolomics Approach15
Experimental Investigation on the Deformability, Ultrasonic Wave Propagation, and Acoustic Emission of Rock Salt Under Triaxial Compression15
Ensemble of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Classification of Early Barrett’s Neoplasia Using Volumetric Laser Endomicroscopy15
A Deep Similarity Metric Method Based on Incomplete Data for Traffic Anomaly Detection in IoT15
Psychophysiological Alteration After Virtual Reality Experiences Using Smartphone-Assisted Head Mount Displays: An EEG-Based Source Localization Study15
Rheological Characteristics Evaluation of Bitumen Composites Containing Rock Asphalt and Diatomite15
Cloud-Fog Architecture Based Energy Management and Decision-Making for Next-Generation Distribution Network with Prosumers and Internet of Things Devices15
Ultra-Low Interfacial Tension Foam System for Enhanced Oil Recovery15
A Hybrid Approach Using Fuzzy AHP-TOPSIS Assessing Environmental Conflicts in the Titan Mining Industry along Central Coast Vietnam15
Experimental Investigation of the Adsorption Characteristics of Mixed Coal and Variations of Specific Surface Areas before and after CH4 Adsorption15
High-Transmittance 2π Electrically Tunable Terahertz Phase Shifter with CMOS-Compatible Driving Voltage Enabled by Liquid Crystals15
Tyrosinase/Chitosan/Reduced Graphene Oxide Modified Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode for Sensitive and Interference-Free Detection of Dopamine15
Driving Mechanisms, Motion, and Mechanics of Screw Drive In-Pipe Robots: A Review15
A Review on Improving the Quality of Perovskite Films in Perovskite Solar Cells via the Weak Forces Induced by Additives15
Effects of an Acetic Acid and Acetone Mixture on the Characteristics and Scaffold–Cell Interaction of Electrospun Polycaprolactone Membranes15
An Efficient Anomaly Detection System for Crowded Scenes Using Variational Autoencoders15
Bayesian Proxy Modelling for Estimating Black Carbon Concentrations using White-Box and Black-Box Models15
State of Charge Estimation of a Lithium Ion Battery Based on Adaptive Kalman Filter Method for an Equivalent Circuit Model15
Investigation into the Water Jet Erosion Efficiency of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments Based on the Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Method15
Deep-Learning-Based Defective Bean Inspection with GAN-Structured Automated Labeled Data Augmentation in Coffee Industry15
Sewage Sludge Derived Materials for CO2 Adsorption15
Physiological and Biochemical Behaviors of Date Palm Vitroplants Treated with Microbial Consortia and Compost in Response to Salt Stress15
Phenological Model Intercomparison for Estimating Grapevine Budbreak Date (Vitis vinifera L.) in Europe15
Improving Applicability for Information Model of an IFC-Based Steel Bridge in the Design Phase Using Functional Meanings of Bridge Components15
Geotechnical Property Modeling and Construction Safety Zoning Based on GIS and BIM Integration15
A Simple Convolutional Neural Network with Rule Extraction15
Sentiment Analysis for Social Media15
Convolutional Models for the Detection of Firearms in Surveillance Videos15
Green Production and Biotechnological Applications of Cell Wall Lytic Enzymes15
Native Nanodiscs and the Convergence of Lipidomics, Metabolomics, Interactomics and Proteomics15
Comparison of Diverse Dust Control Products in Wind-Induced Dust Emission from Unpaved Roads15
Application of Three Metaheuristic Techniques in Simulation of Concrete Slump15
Digital Image Correlation Applications in Composite Automated Manufacturing, Inspection, and Testing15
An Extended Proxy-Based Sliding Mode Control of Pneumatic Muscle Actuators15
Indoor Localization for Augmented Reality Devices Using BIM, Point Clouds, and Template Matching15
Increasing Resolution in Live Cell Microscopy by Structured Illumination (SIM)15
Automatic Detection of a Standard Line for Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Deep Learning15
Discriminating Emotions in the Valence Dimension from Speech Using Timbre Features15
A Robot Learning Method with Physiological Interface for Teleoperation Systems15
Surface Plasmon Nanolaser: Principle, Structure, Characteristics and Applications15
Deep Learning Application to Ensemble Learning—The Simple, but Effective, Approach to Sentiment Classifying15
Experimental and Numerical Study of Engineered Cementitious Composite with Strain Recovery under Impact Loading15
Advanced NDT Methods and Data Processing on Industrial CFRP Components15
Energy and Exergy Analysis of Combined Organic Rankine Cycle-Single and Dual Evaporator Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle15
Free Vibration Analysis of Triclinic Nanobeams Based on the Differential Quadrature Method15
The Life-Cycle Environmental Impact of Recycling of Restaurant Food Waste in Lanzhou, China15
Automated Method of Road Extraction from Aerial Images Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network15
Recent Lipid Membrane-Based Biosensing Platforms15
The N-Grams Based Text Similarity Detection Approach Using Self-Organizing Maps and Similarity Measures15
Adaptation of Conformable Residual Power Series Scheme in Solving Nonlinear Fractional Quantum Mechanics Problems14
A Survey on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Biomedical Image Analysis in Skeleton-Based Forensic Human Identification14
Artificial Neural Network for Vertical Displacement Prediction of a Bridge from Strains (Part 1): Girder Bridge under Moving Vehicles14
Overtaking Collisions of Ion Acoustic N-Shocks in a Collisionless Plasma with Pair-Ion and (α,q) Distribution Function for Electrons14
Short Overview of Early Developments of the Hardy Cross Type Methods for Computation of Flow Distribution in Pipe Networks14
Usability Measures in Mobile-Based Augmented Reality Learning Applications: A Systematic Review14
Aqueous-Organic Phase Transfer of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles Using Thiol-Modified Oleic Acid14
Gas Sensors Based on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonances: Synthesis of Oxide Films with Embedded Metal Nanoparticles, Theory and Simulation, and Sensitivity Enhancement Strategies14
Understanding Electronic Structure and Chemical Reactivity: Quantum-Information Perspective14
Platinum Based Nanoparticles Produced by a Pulsed Spark Discharge as a Promising Material for Gas Sensors14
A Self-Consistent Quantum Field Theory for Random Lasing14
Separation of Cenospheres from Lignite Fly Ash Using Acetone–Water Mixture14
Prediction of Air Pollution Concentration Based on mRMR and Echo State Network14
Bag-of-Visual-Words for Cattle Identification from Muzzle Print Images14
OpenBIM: An Enabling Solution for Information Interoperability14
Hybrid Filter Based on Fuzzy Techniques for Mixed Noise Reduction in Color Images14
Self-Gated Respiratory Motion Rejection for Optoacoustic Tomography14
ZONE-Based Multi-Access Edge Computing Scheme for User Device Mobility Management14
Human Factors Analysis of Air Traffic Safety Based on HFACS-BN Model14
Enhanced Automatic Speech Recognition System Based on Enhancing Power-Normalized Cepstral Coefficients14
Contactless Monitoring of Microcirculation Reaction on Local Temperature Changes14
Investigating the Crucial Role of Optic Flow in Postural Control: Central vs. Peripheral Visual Field14
Analytical Model for Predicting the UCS from P-Wave Velocity, Density, and Porosity on Saturated Limestone14
Statistical Edge Detection and Circular Hough Transform for Optic Disk Localization14
Seismic Response of Aeolian Sand High Embankment Slopes in Shaking Table Tests14
Improving Accuracy of Contactless Respiratory Rate Estimation by Enhancing Thermal Sequences with Deep Neural Networks14
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Temperature and Phase Transformation During SAW Overlaying14
Diagnosis and Prediction of Large-For-Gestational-Age Fetus Using the Stacked GeneralizationMethod14
Path Planning under Force Control in Robotic Polishing of the Complex Curved Surfaces14
Comparative Analysis of Rainfall Prediction Models Using Machine Learning in Islands with Complex Orography: Tenerife Island14
Experimental Investigations on the Temperature Increase of Ultra-High Performance Concrete under Fatigue Loading14
Enhancement of the Localization Effect during Electrochemical Machining of Inconel 718 by Using an Alkaline Solution14
Variable Chromosome Genetic Algorithm for Structure Learning in Neural Networks to Imitate Human Brain14
Improving SBR Performance Alongside with Cost Reduction through Optimizing Biological Processes and Dissolved Oxygen Concentration Trajectory14
Devices and Protocols for Upper Limb Robot-Assisted Rehabilitation of Children with Neuromotor Disorders14
Dynamic Mechanical Behaviors of Desert Sand Concrete (DSC) after Different Temperatures14
Research on Optimized Energy Scheduling of Rural Microgrid14
Applying Selective Laser Melting to Join Al and Fe: An Investigation of Dissimilar Materials14
HMT-Controlled Synthesis of Mesoporous NiO Hierarchical Nanostructures and Their Catalytic Role towards the Thermal Decomposition of Ammonium Perchlorate14
Study of Implantation Defects in CVD Graphene by Optical and Electrical Methods14
Methods for Sampling Biogas and Biomethane on Adsorbent Tubes after Collection in Gas Bags14
Combined Use of MRI, fMRIand Cognitive Data for Alzheimer’s Disease: Preliminary Results14
Review of Dew Point Evaporative Cooling Technology for Air Conditioning Applications14
Performance Comparison of User Interface Devices for Controlling Mining Software in Virtual Reality Environments14
Data Driven Leakage Detection and Classification of a Boiler Tube14
Scale-Adaptive Simulation of Unsteady Cavitation Around a Naca66 Hydrofoil14
Accelerated Correction of Reflection Artifacts by Deep Neural Networks in Photo-Acoustic Tomography14
Simulation of Truck Haulage Operations in an Underground Mine Using Big Data from an ICT-Based Mine Safety Management System14
Artificial Intelligence in Intelligent Tutoring Robots: A Systematic Review and Design Guidelines14
Active Fault-Tolerant Control of a Quadcopter against Time-Varying Actuator Faults and Saturations Using Sliding Mode Backstepping Approach14
High Performance Asymmetric Coupled Line Balun at Sub-THz Frequency14
The Suitability of Short Rotation Coppice Crops for Phytoremediation of Urban Soils14
Outdoor Visible Light Communication in Intelligent Transportation Systems: Impact of Snow and Rain14
Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide with Metal Oxides in Packed Bed Reactors—A Review from a Modeling Perspective with Practical Implications14
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Query-Conditioned Video Summarization14
Dynamic Responses of Asphalt Concrete Waterproofing Layer in Ballastless Track14
Monitoring the Dynamic Response of a Buried Polyethylene Pipe to a Blast Wave: An Experimental Study14
Application of an Adaptive “Neuro-Fuzzy” Inference System in Modeling Cutting Temperature during Hard Turning14
Evaluation of the Potential Toxicity of Effluents from the Textile Industry before and after Treatment14
A Deep Belief Network Combined with Modified Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm for PM2.5 Concentration Prediction14
Analysis of the Correlation between Shielding Material Blending Characteristics and Porosity for Radiation Shielding Films14
The Development of a Soft Robot Hand with Pin-Array Structure14
Multi-Feature Fusion with Convolutional Neural Network for Ship Classification in Optical Images14
Effect of Plasma-Activated Water on the Microbial Decontamination and Food Quality of Thin Sheets of Bean Curd14
A Simplified Thermal Model and Online Temperature Estimation Method of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors14
A Novel Approach to Wearable Image Recognition Systems to Aid Visually Impaired People14
The Pseudolesions of the Oral Mucosa: Differential Diagnosis and Related Systemic Conditions14
A Modified Step-Up Converter with Small Signal Analysis-Based Controller for Renewable Resource Applications14
Engagement Evaluation in a Virtual Learning Environment via Facial Expression Recognition and Self-Reports: A Preliminary Approach14
Voltage/Frequency Deviations Control via Distributed Battery Energy Storage System Considering State of Charge14
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Striker Shape Influence on the Destruction Image in Multilayered Composite after Low Velocity Impact14
Fabrication and Analysis of a Ti6Al4V Implant for Cranial Restoration14
Effect of the Dynamic Cone Angle on the Atomization Performance of a Piezoceramic Vibrating Mesh Atomizer14
A Novel Genetic Algorithm for the Synthetical Sensor-Weapon-Target Assignment Problem14
Medinoid: Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Localization of Glaucoma Using Deep Learning †14
Idealisations of Dynamic Modelling for Railway Ballast in Flood Conditions14
Noise Reduction Mechanisms of an Airfoil with Trailing Edge Serrations at Low Mach Number14
A New Method of Low Amplitude Signal Detection and Its Application in Acoustic Emission14
Predictive Speed-Control Algorithm Based on a Novel Extended-State Observer for PMSM Drives14
Is Deployment of Charging Station the Barrier to Electric Vehicle Fleet Development in EU Urban Areas? An Analytical Assessment Model for Large-Scale Municipality-Level EV Charging Infrastructures14
In-Line Dimensional Inspection of Warm-Die Forged Revolution Workpieces Using 3D Mesh Reconstruction14
Cracking Behavior of RC Beams Strengthened with Different Amounts and Layouts of CFRP14
Review on Retrospective Procedures to Correct Retinal Motion Artefacts in OCT Imaging14
Vibration Control of an Aero Pipeline System with Active Constraint Layer Damping Treatment14
State-of-the-Art of Cellulose Nanocrystals and Optimal Method for their Dispersion for Construction-Related Applications14
Hybrid Grey Wolf Optimization Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Aircraft Engines Based on an Elastic BP Neural Network14
Welding Deformation Analysis, Using an Inherent Strain Method for Friction Stir Welded Electric Vehicle Aluminum Battery Housing, Considering Productivity14
Monitoring of Fatigue Crack Propagation by Damage Index of Ultrasonic Guided Waves Calculated by Various Acoustic Features14
A Super-Harmonic Feature Based Updating Method for Crack Identification in Rotors Using a Kriging Surrogate Model14
A Novel Deep Learning Approach for Machinery Prognostics Based on Time Windows14
Flocking of Multi-Agent System with Nonlinear Dynamics via Distributed Event-Triggered Control14
Nucleation Triggering of Highly Undercooled Xylitol Using an Air Lift Reactor for Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage14
Diagnosing Various Severity Levels of Congestive Heart Failure Based on Long-Term HRV Signal14
Numerical Investigation on Co-firing Characteristics of Semi-Coke and Lean Coal in a 600 MW Supercritical Wall-Fired Boiler14
Fiber-Optic System for Intraoperative Study of Abdominal Organs during Minimally Invasive Surgical Interventions14
Output-Only Parameters Identification of Earthquake-Excited Building Structures with Least Squares and Input Modification Process14
CO2 Emission of Electric and Gasoline Vehicles under Various Road Conditions for China, Japan, Europe and World Average—Prediction through Year 204014
Direct Delivery of Cas9-sgRNA Ribonucleoproteins into Cells Using a Nanoneedle Array14
Filtering of Irrelevant Clashes Detected by BIM Software Using a Hybrid Method of Rule-Based Reasoning and Supervised Machine Learning14
Robust Adaptive Path Following Control of an Unmanned Surface Vessel Subject to Input Saturation and Uncertainties14
Application of Virtual Reality for Learning the Material Properties of Shape Memory Alloys14
Improvement in EMI Shielding Properties of Silicone Rubber/POE Blends Containing ILs Modified with Carbon Black and MWCNTs14
Interfacial Characteristics of Boron Nitride Nanosheet/Epoxy Resin Nanocomposites: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation14
Detecting and Learning Unknown Fault States by Automatically Finding the Optimal Number of Clusters for Online Bearing Fault Diagnosis14
Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, Antidiabetic and Cytotoxic Activity of Crocus sativus L. Petals14
Subsidy and Pricing Model of Electric Vehicle Sharing Based on Two-Stage Stackelberg Game – A Case Study in China14
Assessment of Energy Saving Potential by Replacing Conventional Materials by Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)—A Case Study of Office Buildings in China14
Smart Obstacle Avoidance Using a Danger Index for a Dynamic Environment14
DC2Anet: Generating Lumbar Spine MR Images from CT Scan Data Based on Semi-Supervised Learning14
The Implicit Keller Box Scheme for Combined Heat and Mass Transfer of Brinkman-Type Micropolar Nanofluid with Brownian Motion and Thermophoretic Effect Over an Inclined Surface14
Hazard Analysis for Escalator Emergency Braking System via System Safety Analysis Method Based on STAMP14
Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Graded Loading Intact and Holey Rock Samples during the Damage and Failure Process14
Design of an Active and Passive Control System of Hand Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation14
Ion Channel Properties of a Cation Channelrhodopsin, Gt_CCR414
Graphene Nanoplatelets Impact on Concrete in Improving Freeze-Thaw Resistance14
Surface, Volumetric, and Wetting Properties of Oleic, Linoleic, and Linolenic Acids with Regards to Application of Canola Oil in Diesel Engines14
Composition and Morphology Characteristics of Magnetic Fractions of Coal Fly Ash Wastes Processed in High-Temperature Exposure in Thermal Power Plants14
The Design of an Automated System for the Analysis of the Activity and Emotional Patterns of Dogs with Wearable Sensors Using Machine Learning14
Instruction2vec: Efficient Preprocessor of Assembly Code to Detect Software Weakness with CNN14
The Influence of Laser Sintering Modes on the Conductivity and Microstructure of Silver Nanoparticle Arrays Formed by Dry Aerosol Printing14
Preparation of Amphiphilic Chitosan–Graphene Oxide–Cellulose Nanocrystalline Composite Hydrogels and Their Biocompatibility and Antibacterial Properties14
Improved Spatio-Temporal Residual Networks for Bus Traffic Flow Prediction14
Validation of a Numerical Bending Model for Sandwich Beams with Textile-Reinforced Cement Faces by Means of Digital Image Correlation14
Research on the Influence of Backlash on Mesh Stiffness and the Nonlinear Dynamics of Spur Gears14
Synthesis, Biological Evaluation and Docking Studies of Chalcone and Flavone Analogs as Antioxidants and Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors14
Investigation of the Fatigue Behaviour of a Ballastless Slab Track–Bridge Structural System under Train Load14
Phytoremediation of Aluminum and Iron from Industrial Wastewater Using Ipomoea aquatica and Centella asiatica14
Phytoremediation of TSS, NH3-N and COD from Sewage Wastewater by Lemna minor L., Salvinia minima, Ipomea aquatica and Centella asiatica14
Experimental Study on the Reinforcement of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes with External Prestressed Steel Strands14
High-Speed Holographic Shape and Full-Field Displacement Measurements of the Tympanic Membrane in Normal and Experimentally Simulated Pathological Ears14
Retrieving Performances of Vortex Beams with GS Algorithm after Transmitting in Different Types of Turbulences14
The Development of Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase 1 Inhibitors. Combination of Monoterpene and Adamantine Moieties via Amide or Thioamide Bridges14
Evolution of Access Network Sharing and Its Role in 5G Networks13
Learning-Based Anomaly Detection and Monitoring for Swarm Drone Flights13
Multi-Criteria Analysis of Potential Applications of Waste from Rock Minerals Mining13
Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Slab-Column Connections with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Laminates13
Spatial Analysis of Navigation in Virtual Geographic Environments13
Effects of BIM-Based Construction of Prefabricated Steel Framework from the Perspective of SMEs13
Predicting Student Achievement Based on Temporal Learning Behavior in MOOCs13
Salicornia ramosissima Bioactive Composition and Safety: Eco-Friendly Extractions Approach (Microwave-Assisted Extraction vs. Conventional Maceration)13
Evaluation of Self-Compacting Concrete Strength with Non-Destructive Tests for Concrete Structures13
Deep Learning System for Vehicular Re-Routing and Congestion Avoidance13
Reactive Black 5 Degradation on Manganese Oxides Supported on Sodium Hydroxide Modified Graphene Oxide13
Research on Optimal Landing Trajectory Planning Method between an UAV and a Moving Vessel13
Acellular Small-Diameter Tissue-Engineered Vascular Grafts13
Neural Computing Improvement Using Four Metaheuristic Optimizers in Bearing Capacity Analysis of Footings Settled on Two-Layer Soils13
Examination of Multi-Pulse Rectifiers of PES Systems Used on Airplanes Compliant with the Concept of Electrified Aircraft13
Toward Long-Term Implantable Glucose Biosensors for Clinical Use13
Iterative Learning Method for In-Flight Auto-Tuning of UAV Controllers Based on Basic Sensory Information13
Utilization of Molybdenum Tailings in Concrete Manufacturing: A Review13
An Automatic HEp-2 Specimen Analysis System Based on an Active Contours Model and an SVM Classification13
Encapsulation of Fatty Oils into Electrospun Nanofibers for Cosmetic Products with Antioxidant Activity13
Smart Meter Gateways: Options for a BSI-Compliant Integration of Energy Management Systems13
Pore Solution Chemistry of Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement and Its Effects on Steel Passivation13
A Theoretical Model for the Triple Phase Boundary of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrospun Electrodes13
Planning and Scheduling with Uncertainty in the Steel Sector: A Review13
Evaluating the Role of Aggregate Gradation on Cracking Performance of Asphalt Concrete for Thin Overlays13
Review of Substrate Integrated Waveguide Circuits for Beam-Forming Networks Working in X-Band13
A Vision Servo System for Automated Harvest of Sweet Pepper in Korean Greenhouse Environment13
Pedestrian Flow Tracking and Statistics of Monocular Camera Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Kalman Filter13
An Auto-Adaptive Multi-Objective Strategy for Multi-Robot Exploration of Constrained-Communication Environments13
Wind Loads on a Solar Panel at High Tilt Angles13
Slope Failure of Noncohesive Media Modelled with the Combined Finite–Discrete Element Method13
Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Scheduling Optimization in the Context of Industrie 4.013
Security Analysis of Discrete-Modulated Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution over Seawater Channel13
Analysis of Decision Support System Based on 2-Tuple Spherical Fuzzy Linguistic Aggregation Information13
Channel Modelling and Estimation for Shallow Underwater Acoustic OFDM Communication via Simulation Platform13
Technical Evaluation Method for Physical Property Changes due to Environmental Degradation of Grout-Injection Repair Materials for Water-Leakage Cracks13
High Speed 3D Shape Measurement with Temporal Fourier Transform Profilometry13
Coupled Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket Structures with Pile-Soil-Structure Interaction Using FAST v8 and X-SEA13
Multi-UAV Mission Allocation under Constraint13
Cycle-to-Cycle Variation of a Diesel Engine Fueled with Fischer–Tropsch Fuel Synthesized from Coal13
Image Shadow Removal Using End-to-End Deep Convolutional Neural Networks13
Changes in Ground Reaction Forces, Joint Mechanics, and Stiffness during Treadmill Running to Fatigue13
Quantum Correlations and Quantum Non-Locality: A Review and a Few New Ideas13
Use of Neural Networks to Identify Safety Prevention Priorities in Agro-Manufacturing Operations within Commercial Grain Elevators13
An Integrated Approach Supporting Remediation of an Aquifer Contaminated with Chlorinated Solvents by a Combination of Adsorption and Biodegradation13
Heuristic Techniques for the Design of Steel-Concrete Composite Pedestrian Bridges13
Numerical Modelling of the Fire Extinguishing Gas Retention in Small Compartments13
3D Numerical Simulation of Rock Cutting of an Innovative Non-Planar Face PDC Cutter and Experimental Verification13
Predictive Modeling of ICU Healthcare-Associated Infections from Imbalanced Data. Using Ensembles and a Clustering-Based Undersampling Approach13
Effects of Boron Content on Microstructure and Wear Properties of FeCoCrNiBx High-Entropy Alloy Coating by Laser Cladding13
Road Infrastructure Analysis with Reference to Traffic Stream Characteristics and Accidents: An Application of Benchmarking Based Safety Analysis and Sustainable Decision-Making13
Provision of Ancillary Services from an Aggregated Portfolio of Residential Heat Pumps on the Dutch Frequency Containment Reserve Market13
Structural and Physicochemical Characteristics of Rice Bran Dietary Fiber by Cellulase and High-Pressure Homogenization13
Large-Area Ultraviolet Photodetectors Based on p-Type Multilayer MoS2 Enabled by Plasma Doping13
NIRS-EMG for Clinical Applications: A Systematic Review13
Experimental and DEM Analysis on Secondary Crack Types of Rock-Like Material Containing Multiple Flaws Under Uniaxial Compression13
Towards the Real-World Deployment of a Smart Home EMS: A DP Implementation on the Raspberry Pi13
Advances and Challenges of Corrosion and Topology Detection of Grounding Grid13
Computational Study of Wet Steam Flow to Optimize Steam Ejector Efficiency for Potential Fire Suppression Application13
Identifying Key Sources of City Air Quality: A Hybrid MCDM Model and Improvement Strategies13
Analysis of a Supercapacitor/Battery Hybrid Power System for a Bulk Carrier13
Optimal Design of Hybrid PV-Battery System in Residential Buildings: End-User Economics, and PV Penetration13
Coordination of Power-System Stabilizers and Battery Energy-Storage System Controllers to Improve Probabilistic Small-Signal Stability Considering Integration of Renewable-Energy Resources13
A Novel Passive Method to Control the Swirling Flow with Vortex Rope from the Conical Diffuser of Hydraulic Turbines with Fixed Blades13
A Subjective Study on User Perception Aspects in Virtual Reality13
Research on Application of Uplift-Restricted Slip-Permitted (URSP) Connectors in Steel-Concrete Composite Frames13
Microfluidics-Driven Fabrication of a Low Cost and Ultrasensitive SERS-Based Paper Biosensor13
Expanded Douglas–Peucker Polygonal Approximation and Opposite Angle-Based Exact Cell Decomposition for Path Planning with Curvilinear Obstacles13
Enhanced Digital Image Correlation Analysis of Ruptures with Enforced Traction Continuity Conditions Across Interfaces13
Data Interpretation Technology of GPR Survey Based on Variational Mode Decomposition13
Simultaneous Optimisation of Cable Connection Schemes and Capacity for Offshore Wind Farms via a Modified Bat Algorithm13
A New Method of Angle Measurement Error Analysis of Rotary Encoders13
Evaluation of Quality of Eggs from Hens Kept in Caged and Free-Range Systems Using Traditional Methods and Ultra-Weak Luminescence13
Synergistic Mechanism of Rare-Earth Modification TiO2 and Photodegradation on Benzohydroxamic Acid13
A Novel Multi-Attribute Group Decision-Making Approach in the Framework of Proportional Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Sets13
A Study of a Standalone Renewable Energy System of the Chinese Zhongshan Station in Antarctica13
In-Situ Monitoring and Analysis of the Pitting Corrosion of Carbon Steel by Acoustic Emission13
An Ultrasonic Guided Wave Mode Selection and Excitation Method in Rail Defect Detection13
Graphene-Coated Elliptical Nanowires for Low Loss Subwavelength Terahertz Transmission13
Report on a Plus-Energy District with Low-Temperature DHC Network, Novel Agrothermal Heat Source, and Applied Demand Response13
MIGHT: Statistical Methodology for Missing-Data Imputation in Food Composition Databases13
A Neural Network Based Sliding Mode Control for Tracking Performance with Parameters Variation of a 3-DOF Manipulator13
A Novel Searching Method Using Reinforcement Learning Scheme for Multi-UAVs in Unknown Environments13
Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Short Columns Subjected to Freeze–Thaw Cycles13
A Comparative Study of the Fitness and Trueness of a Three-Unit Fixed Dental Prosthesis Fabricated Using Two Digital Workflows13
Viscoelastic Properties of Asphalt Mixtures with Different Modifiers at Different Temperatures Based on Static Creep Tests13
Experimental and Theoretical Determination of the Frost-Heave Cracking Law and the Crack Propagation Criterion of Slab Track with Water in the Crack13
PISIoT: A Machine Learning and IoT-Based Smart Health Platform for Overweight and Obesity Control13
Detection and Monitoring of Tunneling-Induced Riverbed Deformation Using GPS and BeiDou: A Case Study13
Tonic Cold Pain Detection Using Choi–Williams Time-Frequency Distribution Analysis of EEG Signals: A Feasibility Study13
THz Superradiance from a GaAs: ErAs Quantum Dot Array at Room Temperature13
Fully Differential Chopper-Stabilized Multipath Current-Feedback Instrumentation Amplifier with R-2R DAC Offset Adjustment for Resistive Bridge Sensors13
Multiscale Object Detection in Infrared Streetscape Images Based on Deep Learning and Instance Level Data Augmentation13
Analysis of Aerodynamic Noise Characteristics of High-Speed Train Pantograph with Different Installation Bases13
Data Augmentation for Speaker Identification under Stress Conditions to Combat Gender-Based Violence13
Design and Implementation of a New Wireless Carotid Neckband Doppler System with Wearable Ultrasound Sensors: Preliminary Results13
A Real-time BOD Estimation Method in Wastewater Treatment Process Based on an Optimized Extreme Learning Machine13
Hierarchically Authorized Transactions for Massive Internet-of-Things Data Sharing Based on Multilayer Blockchain13
A Blind Nonlinearity Compensator Using DBSCAN Clustering for Coherent Optical Transmission Systems13
Dynamic Behavior of PET FRP and Its Preliminary Application in Impact Strengthening of Concrete Columns13
Displacement Characteristics of Shallow-Buried Large-Section Loess Tunnel with Different Types of Pre-Supports: A Case Study of New Badaling Tunnel13
Effect of Spirulina platensis Biomass with High Polysaccharides Content on Quality Attributes of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) and Common Barbel (Barbus barbus) Fish Burgers13
An Empirical Study on the Impact Path of Urbanization to Carbon Emissions in the China Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration13
A Novel Hybrid Model of WRF and Clearness Index-Based Kalman Filter for Day-Ahead Solar Radiation Forecasting13
Study on the Stabilization Mechanisms of Clayey Slope Surfaces Treated by Spraying with a New Soil Additive13
Temperature Drift Compensation for High-G MEMS Accelerometer Based on RBF NN Improved Method13
The Therapeutic Potential of the Labdane Diterpenoid Forskolin13
Design and Experimental Verification of a PZT Pump with Streamlined Flow Tubes13
Leg Trajectory Planning for Quadruped Robots with High-Speed Trot Gait13
Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on the Surface Tension Properties of Binary Mixture (Acetone-Water) by Raman Spectroscopy13
3D Face Profilometry Based on Galvanometer Scanner with Infrared Fringe Projection in High Speed13
Application of Hybrid PCM Thermal Energy Storages with and without Al Foams in Solar Heating/Cooling and Ground Source Absorption Heat Pump Plant: An Energy and Economic Analysis13
A Contactless Measuring Method of Skin Temperature based on the Skin Sensitivity Index and Deep Learning13
Nano-Structured Demineralized Human Dentin Matrix to Enhance Bone and Dental Repair and Regeneration13
Study into the Improvement of Dynamic Stress Characteristics and Prototype Test of an Impeller Blade of an Axial-Flow Pump Based on Bidirectional Fluid–Structure Interaction13
Enhancing the Performance of Motive Power Lead-Acid Batteries by High Surface Area Carbon Black Additives13
Chemical Characteristics of Fine Particulate Matter in Poland in Relation with Data from Selected Rural and Urban Background Stations in Europe13
BIM-GIS-Based Integrated Framework for Underground Utility Management System for Earthwork Operations13
Modeling Soil Water Content and Reference Evapotranspiration from Climate Data Using Deep Learning Method13
Mass Collaboration and Learning: Opportunities, Challenges, and Influential Factors13
A Review on the Importance of Microbial Biopolymers Such as Xanthan Gum to Improve Soil Properties13
Analysis of Operations upon Entry into Intermodal Freight Terminals13
A Simple Estimation Method of Weibull Modulus and Verification with Strength Data13
Fusion Network for Change Detection of High-Resolution Panchromatic Imagery13
Machine-Learning-Based Classification Approaches toward Recognizing Slope Stability Failure13
Classification of Marine Vessels with Multi-Feature Structure Fusion13
Synthesis of Mesoporous MWCNT/HKUST-1 Composite for Wastewater Treatment13
Nonlinear Extended-state ARX-Laguerre PI Observer Fault Diagnosis of Bearings13
Impact of Particulate Size During Deep Loading on DPF Management13
Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring Using Current Shapelets13
Hierarchical Fusion of Machine Learning Algorithms in Indoor Positioning and Localization13
Application of Airborne Microorganism Indexes in Offices, Gyms, and Libraries13
Arabic Cursive Text Recognition from Natural Scene Images13
Joining Technology Innovations at the Macro, Micro, and Nano Levels13
Real-Time Automated Segmentation and Classification of Calcaneal Fractures in CT Images13
Classification of Cyber-Aggression Cases Applying Machine Learning13
A Critical Review of Spatial Predictive Modeling Process in Environmental Sciences with Reproducible Examples in R13
A Novel Localization Technique Using Luminous Flux13
GaN-based Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers Incorporating Dielectric Distributed Bragg Reflectors13
A Review of Low-Frequency Active Vibration Control of Seat suspension Systems13
Virtual Mechanical Product Disassembly Sequences Based on Disassembly Order Graphs and Time Measurement Units13
Characterization of Nutrient Disorders of Cannabis sativa13
An Empirical Approach for Extreme Behavior Identification through Tweets Using Machine Learning13
Transfer Convolutional Neural Network for Cross-Project Defect Prediction13
Algorithm Development for the Non-Destructive Testing of Structural Damage13
Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Fish-Like Robots Swarm13
An Innovative Green Process for the Stabilization and Valorization of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW): Optimization of the Curing Process II Part12
Visual Detection of Surface Defects Based on Self-Feature Comparison in Robot 3-D Printing12
Influence of Impeller Speed Patterns on Hemodynamic Characteristics and Hemolysis of the Blood Pump12
Numerical Modeling Approach on Mining-Induced Strata Structural Behavior by Considering the Fracture-Weakening Effect on Rock Mass12
Thermal Analysis and Stability of Boron/Potassium Nitrate Pyrotechnic Composition at 180 °C12
Trajectory Tracking Control of a Hydraulic System Using TSMCSPO based on Sliding Perturbation Observer12
Critical Review of Size Effects on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Solder Joints for Electronic Packaging12
Cooperative Optimization of Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Resources in a Regional Multi-Microgrid System12
Towards Reconfigurable Electronics: Silicidation of Top-Down Fabricated Silicon Nanowires12
Durability Evaluation Study for Crumb Rubber–Asphalt Pavement12
Development of a SnS Film Process for Energy Device Applications12
Investigation of Crack Propagation and Healing of Asphalt Concrete Using Digital Image Correlation12
Postural Control in Children with Cerebellar Ataxia12
Experimental Study on the Flexural Behavior of an Innovative Modular Steel Building Connection with Installed Bolts in the Columns12
A Novel Activity Recognition System for Alternative Control Strategies of a Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot12
A Novel Fabrication Method for Compliant Silicone Phantoms of Arterial Geometry for Use in Particle Image Velocimetry of Haemodynamics12
Modeling the Response of Magnetorheological Fluid Dampers under Seismic Conditions12
On Two Approaches to Slope Stability Reliability Assessments Using the Random Finite Element Method12
Structural Health Monitoring and Interface Damage Detection for Infill Reinforced Concrete Walls in Seismic Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Frames Using Piezoceramic-Based Transducers Under the Cyclic12
Laser-Scribed Lossy Microstrip Lines for Radio Frequency Applications12
Refined Study on Free Vibration of a Cable with an Inertial Mass Damper12
Evaluation of Clustering Methods in Compression of Topological Models and Visual Place Recognition Using Global Appearance Descriptors12
A Waste Heat-Driven Cooling System Based on Combined Organic Rankine and Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycles12
Forecasting Solar Power Using Hybrid Firefly and Particle Swarm Optimization (HFPSO) for Optimizing the Parameters in a Wavelet Transform-Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (WT-ANFIS)12
Change Detection and Impact of Climate Changes to Iraqi Southern Marshes Using Landsat 2 MSS, Landsat 8 OLI and Sentinel 2 MSI Data and GIS Applications12
A Fault Diagnosis Approach for Rolling Bearing Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Nuisance Attribute Projection under Various Speed Conditions12
Shaking Table Tests of Suspended Structures Equipped with Viscous Dampers12
Carbon Mass Balance in Arthrospira platensis Culture with Medium Recycle and High CO2 Supply12
Fatigue Cracking Resistance of Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) under Working Condition of Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks Pavement12
Atom Probe Tomography for Catalysis Applications: A Review12
Probability Analysis of Hypertension-Related Symptoms Based on XGBoost and Clustering Algorithm12
Effects of Temperature on the Relationship between Mode-I Fracture Toughness and Tensile Strength of Rock12
Fundamentals and Applications of Hybrid LWFA-PWFA12
Weak Fault Feature Extraction and Enhancement of Wind Turbine Bearing Based on OCYCBD and SVDD12
Antidiabetic Activity of Cactus Acid Fruit Extracts: Simulated Intestinal Conditions of the Inhibitory Effects on α-amylase and α-glucosidase12
Human-Touch-Inspired Material Recognition for Robotic Tactile Sensing12
Rock Dynamic Crack Propagation under Different Loading Rates Using Improved Single Cleavage Semi-Circle Specimen12
Nanosized Ni/SBA-15 Catalysts for CO2 Reforming of CH412
A Telepresence System for Therapist-in-the-Loop Training for Elbow Joint Rehabilitation12
High-Performance Ni-Co Sulfide Nanosheet-Nanotubes Grown on Ni Foam as a Binder Free Electrode for Supercapacitors12
Effect of Load Priority Modeling on the Size of Fuel Cell as an Emergency Power Unit in a More-Electric Aircraft12
A Geometric Error Measurement System for Linear Guideway Assembly and Calibration12
Estimating Maize-Leaf Coverage in Field Conditions by Applying a Machine Learning Algorithm to UAV Remote Sensing Images12
Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensors in a High-Scattering Optical Fiber Doped with MgO Nanoparticles for Polarization-Dependent Temperature Sensing12
3D Strain Mapping of Opaque Materials Using an Improved Digital Volumetric Speckle Photography Technique with X-Ray Microtomography12
Reflection Enhancement and Giant Lateral Shift in Defective Photonic Crystals with Graphene12
Monitoring of Thermal Aging of Aluminum Alloy via Nonlinear Propagation of Acoustic Pulses Generated and Detected by Lasers12
Numerical Analysis of Flow in Building Arrangement: Computational Domain Discretization12
Hydroxyapatite Particles—Directing the Cellular Activity in Bone Regeneration Processes: An Up-To-Date Review12
Study of the Hygrothermal Behavior of Wood Fiber Insulation Subjected to Non-Isothermal Loading12
A Hierarchical Feature-Based Methodology to Perform Cervical Cancer Classification12
Recognition of Handwritten Arabic and Hindi Numerals Using Convolutional Neural Networks12
Recent Developments on the Thermal Properties, Stability and Applications of Nanofluids in Machining, Solar Energy and Biomedicine12
Machine Learning and Feature Selection Methods for EGFR Mutation Status Prediction in Lung Cancer12
The Generalized Coefficients of Earth Pressure: A Unified Approach12
Modeling of the Accidentality Phenomenon in the Construction Industry12
Structural Health Monitoring of Large Structures Using Acoustic Emission–Case Histories12
Developing Innovative Crutch Using IDeS (Industrial Design Structure) Methodology12
Wind Turbine Power Curve Modeling with a Hybrid Machine Learning Technique12
Optimizing Service Placement for Microservice Architecture in Clouds12
An Analytical Design of Simplified Decoupling Smith Predictors for Multivariable Processes12
Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Efficient Phosphorus Removal by a Composite Fiber12
Augmenting GPS with Geolocated Fiducials to Improve Accuracy for Mobile Robot Applications12
Use of a Weighted ICP Algorithm to Precisely Determine USV Movement Parameters12
Image Classification for Automated Image Cross-Correlation Applications in the Geosciences12
Real-Time Prediction of Fuel Consumption Based on Digital Map API12
StreamflowVL: A Virtual Fieldwork Laboratory that Supports Traditional Hydraulics Engineering Learning12
Chromium (VI) Adsorption on Modified Activated Carbons12
Image Transmission through Scattering Media Using Ptychographic Iterative Engine12
A Low-Cost Approach to Crack Python CAPTCHAs Using AI-Based Chosen-Plaintext Attack12
Characteristic Analysis and Experiment of Adaptive Fiber Optic Current Sensor Technology12
Femtosecond Laser Processing of Thick Film Cathodes and Its Impact on Lithium-Ion Diffusion Kinetics12
The Evaluation Method of Particle Clustering Phenomena in RAP12
Image-To-Image Translation Using a Cross-Domain Auto-Encoder and Decoder12
Effect of Nanofluids on Boiling Heat Transfer Performance12
Occam’s Razor for Big Data? On Detecting Quality in Large Unstructured Datasets12
Dynamic Stability of Temperature-Dependent Graphene Sheet Embedded in an Elastomeric Medium12
Low-Cost Rapid Fabrication of Conformal Liquid-Metal Patterns12
Analysis, Evaluation and Simulation of Railway Diesel-Electric and Hybrid Units as Distributed Energy Resources12
An Elastic Interface Model for the Delamination of Bending-Extension Coupled Laminates12
A Modified Leakage Localization Method Using Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks in a Pressurized Gas Pipe12
Multi-Robot Exploration Based on Multi-Objective Grey Wolf Optimizer12
Optimal Charging of Plug-In Electric Vehicle: Considering Travel Behavior Uncertainties and Battery Degradation12
The Impact of Space-Based AIS Antenna Orientation on In-Orbit AIS Detection Performance12
Influence of Burner Nozzle Parameters Analysis on the Aluminium Melting Process12
Effect of Geraniol and Citronellol Essential Oils on the Biophysical Gating Properties of AMPA Receptors12
Investigation on Direct Shear and Energy Dissipation Characteristics of Iron Tailings Powder Reinforced by Polypropylene Fiber12
Computational Health Engineering Applied to Model Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance Spread12
Squat Lifting Imposes Higher Peak Joint and Muscle Loading Compared to Stoop Lifting12
Command-Filtered Backstepping Integral Sliding Mode Control with Prescribed Performance for Ship Roll Stabilization12
Speech Enhancement Using Generative Adversarial Network by Distilling Knowledge from Statistical Method12
Physical Properties of Dairy Manure Pre- and Post-Anaerobic Digestion12
Lock-In Thermography and Ultrasonic Testing of Impacted Basalt Fibers Reinforced Thermoplastic Matrix Composites12
Free Vibration of a Taut Cable with Two Discrete Inertial Mass Dampers12
An Overall Deformation Monitoring Method of Structure Based on Tracking Deformation Contour12
Investigation of Properties Alternation during Super-Critical CO2 Injection in Shale12
Game theory-based Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Comparative Survey12
Optimal Robust PID Control for First- and Second-Order Plus Dead-Time Processes12
Topic Predictions and Optimized Recommendation Mechanism Based on Integrated Topic Modeling and Deep Neural Networks in Crowdfunding Platforms12
The Effect of Compactness on Laser Cutting of Cathode for Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Continuous Fiber Laser12
Supercritical CO2 Mixtures for Advanced Brayton Power Cycles in Line-Focusing Solar Power Plants12
Learning Deep CNN Denoiser Priors for Depth Image Inpainting12
Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of a Beam with a Breathing Crack12
Consensus Algorithms Based Multi-Robot Formation Control under Noise and Time Delay Conditions12
Distribution of PM2.5 Air Pollution in Mexico City: Spatial Analysis with Land-Use Regression Model12
Simulation of Achievable Data Rates of Broadband Power Line Communication for Smart Metering12
Optimal Design of a Residential Photovoltaic Renewable System in South Korea12
Fault Diagnosis for a Bearing Rolling Element Using Improved VMD and HT12
Enhanced Radiative Recombination Rate by Local Potential Fluctuation in InGaN/AlGaN Near-Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes12
Hyperpolarised 1H–13C Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy12
Effect of Lateral End Plates on Flow Crossing a Yawed Circular Cylinder12
Analysis Regarding the Risk of Injuries of Soldiers Inside a Vehicle during Accidents Caused by Improvised Explosive Devices12
Ground-State and Thermodynamical Properties of Uranium Mononitride from Anharmonic First-Principles Theory12
Feedback and Feedforward Control of a Biotrickling Filter for H2S Desulfurization with Nitrite as Electron Acceptor12
Diffusion and Dopant Activation in Germanium: Insights from Recent Experimental and Theoretical Results12
Latency-Optimal Virtual Network Functions Resource Allocation for 5G Backhaul Transport Network Slicing12
Solvothermal Synthesis of Size-Controlled Monodispersed Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles12
Effects of Atmospheric Turbulence on OAM-POL-FDM Hybrid Multiplexing Communication System12
Influence of Phosphogypsum Dump on the Soil Ecosystem in the Sumy region (Ukraine)12
A 4K-Capable FPGA Implementation of Single Image Haze Removal Using Hazy Particle Maps12
Lactobacillus Plantarum CQPC05 Isolated from Pickled Vegetables Inhibits Constipation in Mice12
VirtFogSim: A Parallel Toolbox for Dynamic Energy-Delay Performance Testing and Optimization of 5G Mobile-Fog-Cloud Virtualized Platforms12
Predictive Capacity of the MADYMO Multibody Human Body Model Applied to Head Kinematics During Rugby Union Tackles12
Cloud-Based Collaborative 3D Modeling to Train Engineers for the Industry 4.012
Adsorption and Desorption Mechanisms of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) by Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) Modified with Chelating Agents12
Experimental Investigation on Chemical Grouting in a Permeated Fracture Replica with Different Roughness12
Experimental Study on Photocatalytic Effect of Nano TiO2 Epoxy Emulsified Asphalt Mixture12
Construction Hazard Investigation Leveraging Object Anatomization on an Augmented Photoreality Platform12
The Usability Testing of VR Interface for Tourism Apps12
Effects of Ultrasonic Impact Treatment on the Stress-Controlled Fatigue Performance of Additively Manufactured DMLS Ti-6Al-4V Alloy12
MgO Dispersed on Activated Carbon as Water Tolerant Catalyst for the Conversion of Ethanol into Butanol12
A Numerical Evaluation of SIFs of 2-D Functionally Graded Materials by Enriched Natural Element Method12
Pre-Configured Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Various Time-Frequency Representations for Biometrics from ECG Signals12
Palpreast—A New Wearable Device for Breast Self-Examination12
Introducing Technical Indicators to Electricity Price Forecasting: A Feature Engineering Study for Linear, Ensemble, and Deep Machine Learning Models12
Saturated Ground Vibration Analysis Based on a Three-Dimensional Coupled Train-Track-Soil Interaction Model12
Automatic Supervisory Controller for Deadlock Control in Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems with Dynamic Changes12
Hybrid Ionic Liquid–Silica Xerogels Applied in CO2 Capture12
Two-Level Attentions and Grouping Attention Convolutional Network for Fine-Grained Image Classification12
Tunable Optoelectronic Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Based on Machine Learning for Short-Reach Transmission12
Construction of Silver Quantum Dot Immobilized Zn-MOF-8 Composite for Electrochemical Sensing of 2,4-Dinitrotoluene12
Discrimination of Spatial Distribution of Aquatic Organisms in a Coastal Ecosystem Using eDNA12
Enforcing Behavioral Profiles through Software-Defined Networks in the Industrial Internet of Things12
Application of Quasi-Phase Matching Concept for Enhancement of High-Order Harmonics of Ultrashort Laser Pulses in Plasmas12
Semantic-Based Representation Binary Clone Detection for Cross-Architectures in the Internet of Things12
Prediction of Manufacturing Quality of Holes Based on a BP Neural Network12
Life Cycle Assessment for the Production Phase of Nano-Silica-Modified Asphalt Mixtures12
Time-Delayed Feedback Control of Piezoelectric Elastic Beams under Superharmonic and Subharmonic Excitations12
Resonance Instability of Photovoltaic E-Bike Charging Stations: Control Parameters Analysis, Modeling and Experiment12
Stochastic Model Predictive Control Based Scheduling Optimization of Multi-Energy System Considering Hybrid CHPs and EVs12
Dynamic Responses Measured by Optical Fiber Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring12
Comprehensive Study of Cross-Section Dependent Effective Masses for Silicon Based Gate-All-Around Transistors12
Theoretical Study on a Cable-Bracing Inerter System for Seismic Mitigation12
Exploration of Feature Extraction Methods and Dimension for sEMG Signal Classification12
Energy-Aware Scalable Reliable and Void-Hole Mitigation Routing for Sparsely Deployed Underwater Acoustic Networks12
A Review on Ultrasonic Neuromodulation of the Peripheral Nervous System: Enhanced or Suppressed Activities?12
Half-Metallicity and Magnetism of the Quaternary Heusler Compound TiZrCoIn1−xGex from the First-Principles Calculations12
Essential Oil Compositions and Antifungal Activity of Sunflower (Helianthus) Species Growing in North Alabama12
Towards a Clinically Applicable Computational Larynx Model12
LED Nonlinearity Estimation and Compensation in VLC Systems Using Probabilistic Bayesian Learning12
A New Method of Two-stage Planetary Gearbox Fault Detection Based on Multi-Sensor Information Fusion12
Identification and Characterization of Janthinobacterium svalbardensis F19, a Novel Low-C/N-Tolerant Denitrifying Bacterium12
VHCF Response up to 109 Cycles of SLM AlSi10Mg Specimens Built in a Vertical Direction12
Fused Deposition Modeling of Poly (Lactic Acid)/Walnut Shell Biocomposite Filaments—Surface Treatment and Properties12
A Field Study on the Freezing Characteristics of Freeze-Sealing Pipe Roof Used in Ultra-Shallow Buried Tunnel12
High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM): Looking Back on 13 Years of Successful Generation of Digital Volume Data of Organic Material for 3D Visualisation and 3D Display12
Upper Limb Robotics in Rehabilitation: An Approach to Select the Devices, Based on Rehabilitation Aims, and Their Evaluation in a Feasibility Study12
Gut Microbiota Imbalance is Related to Sporadic Colorectal Neoplasms. A Pilot Study12
Experimental Assessment of an Electrofilter and a Tandem Positive-Negative Corona Charger for the Measurement of Charged Nanoparticles formed in Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems12
Classification of Factors Affecting the Performance of Fully Grouted Rock Bolts with Empirical Classification Systems12
Interaction between Sound and Thermal Influences on Patient Comfort in the Hospitals of China’s Northern Heating Region12
Power Quality Disturbance Recognition Using VMD-Based Feature Extraction and Heuristic Feature Selection12
Development of a Hybrid Electric Motorcycle that Accords Energy Efficiency and Controllability via an Inverse Differential Gear and Power Mode Switching Control12
Chronic Disease Prediction Using Character-Recurrent Neural Network in The Presence of Missing Information12
Single Leg Gait Tracking of Lower Limb Exoskeleton Based on Adaptive Iterative Learning Control12
Experimental Study of High-Strength Concrete-Steel Plate Composite Shear Walls12
Development of UAV Tracing and Coordinate Detection Method Using a Dual-Axis Rotary Platform for an Anti-UAV System12
Green Synthesis of a Cu/SiO2 Catalyst for Efficient H2-SCR of NO12
Grouting Process Simulation Based on 3D Fracture Network Considering Fluid–Structure Interaction12
Multiple Convolutional Neural Networks Fusion Using Improved Fuzzy Integral for Facial Emotion Recognition12
A Deep Temporal Neural Music Recommendation Model Utilizing Music and User Metadata12
Prediction of the First Weighting from the Working Face Roof in a Coal Mine Based on a GA-BP Neural Network12
An Improved Study of Multilevel Semantic Network Visualization for Analyzing Sentiment Word of Movie Review Data12
Demonstration of an Ultraprecise Optical Bench for the Taiji Space Gravitational Wave Detection Pathfinder Mission12
Generating Airborne Ultrasonic Amplitude Patterns Using an Open Hardware Phased Array12
Learning, Generalization, and Obstacle Avoidance with Dynamic Movement Primitives and Dynamic Potential Fields12
Measuring the Behavioral Response to Spatial Audio within a Multi-Modal Virtual Reality Environment in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder12
Experimental Study on a Prediction Model of the Shrinkage and Creep of Recycled Aggregate Concrete11
Anomaly Detection of the Brake Operating Unit on Metro Vehicles Using a One-Class LSTM Autoencoder11
Attention-Based CNN and Bi-LSTM Model Based on TF-IDF and GloVe Word Embedding for Sentiment Analysis11
Industry-Friendly Hydroethanolic Extraction Protocols for Grateloupia turuturu UV-Shielding and Antioxidant Compounds11
Microbial Biosynthesis of Lactones: Gaps and Opportunities towards Sustainable Production11
Synthesis and Characterization of Spherical Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles Derived from Cockle Shells11
Off-Resonance Control and All-Optical Switching: Expanded Dimensions in Nonlinear Optics11
Synthesis and Properties of Novel Calcia-Stabilized Zirconia (Ca-SZ) with Nano Calcium Oxide Derived from Cockle Shells and Commercial Source for Dental Application11
Portable near Infrared Spectroscopy as a Tool for Fresh Tomato Quality Control Analysis in the Field11
Automated Bone Age Assessment with Image Registration Using Hand X-ray Images11
False Image Injection Prevention Using iChain11
Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Hybrid Simulation11
Chaos-Based Physical Unclonable Functions11
Experimental Study on the Influence of TiN/AlTiN PVD Layer on the Surface Characteristics of Hot Work Tool Steel11
Reinforced Concrete Slab Optimization with Simulated Annealing11
Testing Procedure of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Trajectory in Automatic Missions11
Landslide Prediction with Model Switching11
Tablet Scoring: Current Practice, Fundamentals, and Knowledge Gaps11
Application of Logistic Regression for Production Machinery Efficiency Evaluation11
Three Rapid Methods for Averaging GPS Segments11
Lateral Torsional Buckling of Steel Beams Elastically Restrained at the Support Nodes11
Object Detection with Low Capacity GPU Systems Using Improved Faster R-CNN11
Impact of Wind on the Movement of the Load Carried by Rotary Crane11
A State Validation System for Augmented Reality Based Maintenance Procedures11
Optical Interference Suppression Based on LCD-Filtering11
Numerical Study of the Blood Flow in a Deformable Human Aorta11
Anti-Congestion Route Planning Scheme Based on Dijkstra Algorithm for Automatic Valet Parking System11
Vibro-Acoustic Performance of a Sandwich Plate with Periodically Inserted Resonators11
Nanomaterials in Craniofacial Tissue Regeneration: A Review11
Buckling and Free Vibrations of Nanoplates – Comparison of Nonlocal Strain and Stress Approaches11
Failure Diagnosis of Demagnetization in Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Using Vibration Characteristics11
Moisture Buffering of Multilayer Internal Wall Assemblies at the Micro Scale: Experimental Study and Numerical Modelling11
Metallurgical Aspects in the Welding of Clad Pipelines—A Global Outlook11
Detection and Removal of Moving Object Shadows Using Geometry and Color Information for Indoor Video Streams11
Material Characterization for Sustainable Concrete Paving Blocks11
Machine Learning in Football Betting: Prediction of Match Results Based on Player Characteristics11
Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Predict the Mechanical Properties of Polyamide 2200 (PA12) in Additive Manufacturing11
The Anodic Behaviour of Bulk Copper in Ethaline and 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride11
Linear Method for Diagnosis of Inter-Turn Short Circuits in 3-Phase Induction Motors11
Propagation of Cosh-Airy and Cos-Airy Beams in Parabolic Potential11
Pressure Study on Pipe Transportation Associated with Cemented Coal Gangue Fly-Ash Backfill Slurry11
Microscopic Imaging Spray Diagnostics under High Temperature Conditions: Application to Urea–Water Sprays11
CO2 Transcritical Refrigeration Cycle with Dedicated Subcooling: Mechanical Compression vs. Absorption Chiller11
Passive Thermal Management of Tablet PCs Using Phase Change Materials: Intermittent Operation11
Orbit Determination of Resident Space Objects Using the P-Band Mono-Beam Receiver of the Sardinia Radio Telescope11
Life Cycle Assessment of an On-Road Dynamic Charging Infrastructure11
Sparse Representation and SVM Diagnosis Method Inter-Turn Short-Circuit Fault in PMSM11
Lithium Distribution in Structured Graphite Anodes Investigated by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy11
Framework for Fast Experimental Testing of Autonomous Navigation Algorithms11
Determination of Optimum Frequency for Electromagnetic-Assisted Nanofluid Core Flooding11
Substitution Effects on the Optoelectronic Properties of Coumarin Derivatives11
Cavitation Evolution around a NACA0015 Hydrofoil with Different Cavitation Models Based on Level Set Method11
Activity Recommendation Model Using Rank Correlation for Chronic Stress Management11
Direction for High-Performance Supercritical CO2 Centrifugal Compressor Design for Dry Cooled Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycle11
Natural Convection of Dusty Hybrid Nanofluids in an Enclosure Including Two Oriented Heated Fins11
Hierarchical Optimization Method for Energy Scheduling of Multiple Microgrids11
Anthropomorphic Prosthetic Hand with Combination of Light Weight and Diversiform Motions11
Hyperspectral Imaging and Hierarchical PLS-DA Applied to Asbestos Recognition in Construction and Demolition Waste11
Indoor Localization Based on Wi-Fi Received Signal Strength Indicators: Feature Extraction, Mobile Fingerprinting, and Trajectory Learning11
Grain Size Effects in Selective Laser Melted Fe-Co-2V11
Photoacoustic Tomography with a Ring Ultrasound Transducer: A Comparison of Different Illumination Strategies11
A Multi-Criteria Cataloging of the Immovable Items of Industrial Heritage of Andalusia11
Prediction of Viscosity Values of Nanofluids at Different pH Values by Alternating Decision Tree and Multilayer Perceptron Methods11
Application of Digital Techniques in Industrial Heritage Areas and Building Efficient Management Models: Some Case Studies in Spain11
Quantum Conditional Strategies and Automata for Prisoners’ Dilemmata under the EWL Scheme11
Locating Multiple Sources of Contagion in Complex Networks under the SIR Model11
iHealthcare: Predictive Model Analysis Concerning Big Data Applications for Interactive Healthcare Systems †11
Reinforcing Efficiency of Micro and Macro Continuous Polypropylene Fibers in Cementitious Composites11
Real-Time Control Strategy for CVT-Based Hybrid Electric Vehicles Considering Drivability Constraints11
Optimal Measurement Speed and Its Determination Method in the Transmission Precision Evaluation of Precision Reducers11
Predicting the Loose Zone of Roadway Surrounding Rock Using Wavelet Relevance Vector Machine11
Lightweight Research in Engineering: A Review11
A Field Investigation on Vortex-Induced Vibrations of Stay Cables in a Cable-Stayed Bridge11
Repair Process Analysis for Wind Turbines Equipped with Hydraulic Pitch Mechanism on the U.S. Market in Focus of Cost Optimization11
The Exoskeleton Balance Assistance Control Strategy Based on Single Step Balance Assessment11
Application of Heartbeat-Attention Mechanism for Detection of Myocardial Infarction Using 12-Lead ECG Records11
Computer-Aided Detection of Hyperacute Stroke Based on Relative Radiomic Patterns in Computed Tomography11
Joint User Pairing, Channel Assignment and Power Allocation in NOMA based CR Systems11
The Wettability and Numerical Model of Different Silicon Microstructural Surfaces11
Impact of Different Nose Lengths on Flow-Field Structure around a High-Speed Train11
A Study on Affective Dimensions to Engine Acceleration Sound Quality Using Acoustic Parameters11
Mechanical and Thermoelectric Properties of Bulk AlSb Synthesized by Controlled Melting, Pulverizing and Subsequent Vacuum Hot Pressing11
Boosted Transformer for Image Captioning11
Study of the Compression Behavior of Steel-Fiber Reinforced Concrete by Means of the Response Surface Methodology11
Effects of Acoustic Black Hole Parameters and Damping Layer on Sound Insulation Performance of ABH Circular Plate11
Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term and TOPSIS to Assess Lean Performance11
Preparation and the Effect of Surface-Functionalized Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles on Asphalt Binder11
Thermal Properties of New Insulating Juncus Maritimus Fibrous Mortar Composites/Experimental Results and Analytical Laws11
Pre-Composting and Vermicomposting of Pineapple (Ananas Comosus) and Vegetable Waste11
Estimating Eddy Dissipation Rate with QAR Flight Big Data11
Assessing Drivers’ Physiological Responses Using Consumer Grade Devices11
A Stochastic Bulk Damage Model Based on Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criterion for Dynamic Rock Fracture11
Improved Homotopy Perturbation Method for Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Space Trusses11
Development of UVB LED Lighting System Based on UV Dose Calculation Algorithm to Meet Individual Daily UV Dose11
Efficient Real-Time R and QRS Detection Method Using a Pair of Derivative Filters and Max Filter for Portable ECG Device11
Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Thermal Volumetric Sources from Surface Temperature Fields Measured by Infrared Thermography11
UAV-Based GNSS-R for Water Detection as a Support to Flood Monitoring Operations: A Feasibility Study11
Influence of Shield Attitude Change on Shield–Soil Interaction11
3-D Point Cloud Registration Using Convolutional Neural Networks11
Sustainable Removal of Cr(VI) by Lime Peel and Pineapple Core Wastes11
Mass Maldistribution Research of Different Internal Flowing Channels in the Cooling Plate Applied to Electric Vehicle Batteries11
A Novel Focal Length Measurement Method for Center-Obstructed Omni-Directional Reflective Optical Systems11
Development and Validation of Aerodynamic Measurement on a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine in the Field11
Bandwidth and BER Improvement Employing a Pre-Equalization Circuit with White LED Arrays in a MISO VLC System11
Analysis of the Effect of Vortex Generator Spacing on Boundary Layer Flow Separation Control11
Experimental Validation of Aero-Hydro-Servo-Elastic Models of a Scaled Floating Offshore Wind Turbine11
Efficient Caching for Data-Driven IoT Applications and Fast Content Delivery with Low Latency in ICN11
Synthesis of Novel Heteroatom-Doped Porous-Organic Polymers as Environmentally Efficient Media for Carbon Dioxide Storage11
Phase Extraction from Single Interferogram Including Closed-Fringe Using Deep Learning11
Unobtrusive Respiratory Flow Monitoring Using a Thermopile Array: A Feasibility Study11
Performance and Reinforcement Mechanism of Modified Asphalt Binders with Nano-Particles, Whiskers, and Fibers11
Energy Demand and Supply Simultaneous Optimization to Design a Nearly Zero-Energy House11
An Investigation of the Effects of Changes in the Indoor Ambient Temperature on Arousal Level, Thermal Comfort, and Physiological Indices11
Influences of Temperature and Substrate Particle Content on Granular Sludge Bed Anaerobic Digestion11
Experimental Measurements of the Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes of Rotating Disk-Blades-Disk Assemblies from the Stationary Frame11
N-Doped Carbon Aerogels Obtained from APMP Fiber Aerogels Saturated with Rhodamine Dye and Their Application as Supercapacitor Electrodes11
Spatiotemporal Modeling of the Smart City Residents’ Activity with Multi-Agent Systems11
Review of VSG Control-Enabled Universal Compatibility Architecture for Future Power Systems with High-Penetration Renewable Generation11
Effect of Doping Microcapsules on Typical Electrical Performances of Self-Healing Polyethylene Insulating Composite11
Flexural and Shear Performance of Prestressed Composite Slabs with Inverted Multi-Ribs11
Aerodynamic Performance of Quadrotor UAV with Non-Planar Rotors11
Numerical Analysis of the Mechanical Behaviors of Various Jointed Rocks under Uniaxial Tension Loading11
Luminescence Tuning of Fluorinated Bistolanes via Electronic or Aggregated-Structure Control11
Introducing Temperature as Variable Parameter into Kinetic Models for Anaerobic Fermentation of Coffee Husk, Pulp and Mucilage11
A Master-Slave Separate Parallel Intelligent Mobile Robot Used for Autonomous Pallet Transportation11
Raman Spectroscopic Study of Coal Samples during Heating11
Underwater Wireless Communications for Cooperative Robotics with UWSim-NET11
Experimental Study on the Damping Effect of Multi-Unit Particle Dampers Applied to Bracket Structure11
Trace CH4 Gas Detection Based on an Integrated Spherical Photoacoustic Cell11
Photoplethysmography-Based Continuous Systolic Blood Pressure Estimation Method for Low Processing Power Wearable Devices11
A Pattern Based Method for Simplifying a BPMN Process Model11
A Novel Combined Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimal Planning of Distributed Generators in Radial Distribution Systems11
Experimental Investigation of Thin PCM Packages and Thermal Spreader for Thermal Management of Portable Electronic Devices11
The Effect of Voltage Dataset Selection on the Accuracy of Entropy-Based Capacity Estimation Methods for Lithium-Ion Batteries11
Practical V2I Secure Communication Schemes for Heterogeneous VANETs11
Statistical Performances Evaluation of APSO and Improved APSO for Short Term Hydrothermal Scheduling Problem11
Combustion Characteristics of a Non-Premixed Oxy-Flame Applying a Hybrid Filtered Eulerian Stochastic Field/Flamelet Progress Variable Approach11
A Method for Calibrating a Digital Image Correlation System for Full-Field Strain Measurements during Large Deformations11
3D Facial Expression Recognition for Defining Users’ Inner Requirements—An Emotional Design Case Study11
Development of a Stationary 3D Photoacoustic Imaging System Using Sparse Single-Element Transducers: Phantom Study11
Performance of SIMO FSO Links over Mixture Composite Irradiance Channels11
Joining with Reactive Nano-Multilayers: Influence of Thermal Properties of Components on Joint Microstructure and Mechanical Performance11
CyberSPL: A Framework for the Verification of Cybersecurity Policy Compliance of System Configurations Using Software Product Lines11
Incorporating Virtual Reality into the Teaching and Training of Grid-Tie Photovoltaic Power Plants Design11
Multi-Resonant-Based Sliding Mode Control of DFIG-Based Wind System under Unbalanced and Harmonic Network Conditions11
Trajectory Tracking of Flexible-Joint Robots Actuated by PMSM via a Novel Smooth Switching Control Strategy11
Fatigue Behaviour of Textile Reinforced Cementitious Composites and Their Application in Sandwich Elements11
Applying Eye-Tracking Technology to Measure Interactive Experience Toward the Navigation Interface of Mobile Games Considering Different Visual Attention Mechanisms11
Bayesian Inference of Vocal Fold Material Properties from Glottal Area Waveforms Using a 2D Finite Element Model11
A Numerical Study on the Distribution and Evolution Characteristics of an Acoustic Field in the Time Domain of a Centrifugal Pump Based on Powell Vortex Sound Theory11
Gaussian Process-Integrated State Space Model for Continuous Joint Angle Prediction from EMG and Interactive Force in a Human-Exoskeleton System11
A Hybrid Crow Search Algorithm for Solving Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problems11
Measurement of Interlaminar Tensile Strength and Elastic Properties of Composites Using Open-Hole Compression Testing and Digital Image Correlation11
A Precise Prediction of Tunnel Deformation Caused by Circular Foundation Pit Excavation11
Phase Diagrams of Fatty Acids as Biosourced Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage11
A Single Point-Based Multilevel Features Fusion and Pyramid Neighborhood Optimization Method for ALS Point Cloud Classification11
Enhancing Wind Energy Harvesting Using Passive Turbulence Control Devices11
Minimizing the Energy Cost of Offshore Wind Farms by Simultaneously Optimizing Wind Turbines and Their Layout11
Measuring the Use of the Active and Assisted Living Prototype CARIMO for Home Care Service Users: Evaluation Framework and Results11
Automatic Steering Control Algorithm Based on Compound Fuzzy PID for Rice Transplanter11
Therapeutic Potential of Allicin-Rich Garlic Preparations: Emphasis on Clinical Evidence toward Upcoming Drugs Formulation11
Potential Applications of Clay-Based Therapy for the Reduction of Pesticide Exposures in Humans and Animals11
Repair Performance of Self-Healing Microcapsule/Epoxy Resin Insulating Composite to Physical Damage11
Effect of the Surface Roughness on the Shear Strength of Granular Materials in Ring Shear Tests11
Analysis of the LIF/Mie Ratio from Individual Droplets for Planar Droplet Sizing: Application to Gasoline Fuels and Their Mixtures with Ethanol11
Changes in CO2 Soil Degassing Style as a Possible Precursor to Volcanic Activity: The 2019 Case of Stromboli Paroxysmal Eruptions11
Effects of Laser Fluence and Pulse Overlap on Machining of Microchannels in Alumina Ceramics Using an Nd:YAG Laser11
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortar Containing Phase Change Materials11
A Bi-LSTM Based Ensemble Algorithm for Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure11
Microbial Ecology Evaluation of an Iberian Pig Processing Plant through Implementing SCH Sensors and the Influence of the Resident Microbiota on Listeria monocytogenes11
Design of Synchronized Large-Scale Chaos Random Number Generators and Its Application to Secure Communication11
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System Optimization Control Strategy Involving Fan Coil Unit Temperature Control11
Signal Strength Enhancement of Magnetostrictive Patch Transducers for Guided Wave Inspection by Magnetic Circuit Optimization11
Determining Symptomatic Factors of Nomophobia in Peruvian Students from the National University of Engineering11
A Texture Classification Approach Based on the Integrated Optimization for Parameters and Features of Gabor Filter via Hybrid Ant Lion Optimizer11
Global Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV Systems under Partial Shading Condition: A Transfer Reinforcement Learning Approach11
Vision-Assisted Interactive Human-in-the-Loop Distal Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot and its Clinical Usability Test11
Urban Layout Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithm for Microclimate Performance in the Cold Region of China11
SERS-Active Substrates Nanoengineering Based on e-Beam Evaporated Self-Assembled Silver Films11
Discrimination between Modal, Breathy and Pressed Voice for Single Vowels Using Neck-Surface Vibration Signals11
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle as a Power Plant: Techno-Economic Scenario Analysis of a Renewable Integrated Transportation and Energy System for Smart Cities in Two Climates11
Vertical-Type Ni/GaN UV Photodetectors Fabricated on Free-Standing GaN Substrates11
Prediction of Surface Roughness of 304 Stainless Steel and Multi-Objective Optimization of Cutting Parameters Based on GA-GBRT11
Soil-Gas Concentrations and Flux Monitoring at the Lacq-Rousse CO2-Geological Storage Pilot Site (French Pyrenean Foreland): From Pre-Injection to Post-Injection11
Non-Thermal Plasma Accelerates Astrocyte Regrowth and Neurite Regeneration Following Physical Trauma In Vitro11
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Guided Wave Propagation in a Multi-Wire Cable11
Combined Effect of Ferrous Ion and Biochar on Cadmium and Arsenic Accumulation in Rice11
A Neural Network Based Landing Method for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Soft Landing Gears11
A Real-Time Early Warning Seismic Event Detection Algorithm Using Smart Geo-Spatial Bi-Axial Inclinometer Nodes for Industry 4.0 Applications11
Large-Scale Whale-Call Classification by Transfer Learning on Multi-Scale Waveforms and Time-Frequency Features11
Effect of Bonding Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties during TLP Bonding of GH4169 Superalloy11
Mechanical Properties and Crack Classification of Basalt Fiber RPC Based on Acoustic Emission Parameters11
An Improved Perceptual Hash Algorithm Based on U-Net for the Authentication of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image11
Prevalence and Predictors of Osteoporosis Among the Chinese Population in Klang Valley, Malaysia11
Mini-Review: Recent Technologies of Electrode and System in the Enzymatic Biofuel Cell (EBFC)11
Multi-Robot Trajectory Planning and Position/Force Coordination Control in Complex Welding Tasks11
Graphene-Based Cylindrical Pillar Gratings for Polarization-Insensitive Optical Absorbers11
Toward Development of a Vocal Fold Contact Pressure Probe: Bench-Top Validation of a Dual-Sensor Probe Using Excised Human Larynx Models11
A High-Resolution Ultrasonic Ranging System Using Laser Sensing and a Cross-Correlation Method11
Estimating Vocal Fold Contact Pressure from Raw Laryngeal High-Speed Videoendoscopy Using a Hertz Contact Model11
Mechanistic Insight into SARS-CoV-2 Mpro Inhibition by Organoselenides: The Ebselen Case Study11
In Situ SEM Observation of Structured Si/C Anodes Reactions in an Ionic-Liquid-Based Lithium-Ion Battery11
Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy of Graphene Nanoflakes Embedded in Polymer Matrix11
Recent Advances in Laser-Induced Surface Damage of KH2PO4 Crystal10
Indoor Positioning Systems Can Revolutionise Digital Lean10
Towards Semi-Automatic Generation of a Steady State Digital Twin of a Brownfield Process Plant10
Model of Predictive Maintenance of Machines and Equipment10
Sonic and Impact Test for Structural Assessment of Historical Masonry10
Autonomous Driving—A Crash Explained in Detail10
Nanoplasmonic Sensor Based on Surface Plasmon-Coupled Emission: Review10
Lignocellulosic Composites from Acetylated Sunflower Stalks10
Tire Model with Temperature Effects for Formula SAE Vehicle10
Bond Fatigue of TRC with Epoxy Impregnated Carbon Textiles10
Healing Effects of Photobiomodulation on Diabetic Wounds10
The Design of a Metro Network Using a Genetic Algorithm10
1D Barcode Detection via Integrated Deep-Learning and Geometric Approach10
An Integrated Computational Approach for Seismic Risk Assessment of Individual Buildings10
Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Techniques Applied to an Offshore Wind Turbine System10
Design and Investigation of Capsule Networks for Sentence Classification10
Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion with Convolutional Neural Networks10
Laser Finishing of Ti6Al4V Additive Manufactured Parts by Electron Beam Melting10
Research and Development of Automatic Monitoring System for Livestock Farms10
Governance, Risk, and Compliance in Cloud Scenarios10
A Model for Evaluating the Performance of the Bearing Manufacturing Process10
Evaluating the Overall Accuracy of Additional Learning and Automatic Classification System for CT Images10
Situated Psychological Agents: A Methodology for Educational Games10
MISFP-Growth: Hadoop-Based Frequent Pattern Mining with Multiple Item Support10
Image Transmission over Cognitive Radio Networks for Smart Grid Applications10
Expert Finding Systems: A Systematic Review10
Equivalent Linearization Methods for a Control System with Clutching Inerter Damper10
Application of Technological Solutions in the Fight against Money Laundering—A Systematic Literature Review10
Disturbances Generated by Lighting Systems with LED Lamps and the Reduction in Their Impacts10
Metallurgical Effects of Niobium and Molybdenum on Heat-Affected Zone Toughness in Low-Carbon Steel10
Cyclic p-y Curves of Monopiles in Dense Dry Sand Using Centrifuge Model Tests10
How Soft Polymers Cope with Cracks and Notches10
PV Tracking Design Methodology Based on an Orientation Efficiency Chart10
Carbon Mineralization in a Soil Amended with Sewage Sludge-Derived Biochar10
An Enhanced Feature Pyramid Object Detection Network for Autonomous Driving10
Color–Texture Pattern Classification Using Global–Local Feature Extraction, an SVM Classifier, with Bagging Ensemble Post-Processing10
An Open-Loop Receiver Architecture for Monitoring of Ionospheric Scintillations by Means of GNSS Signals10
Development of Operator Theory in the Capacity Adjustment of Job Shop Manufacturing Systems10
A Novel Algorithm for Structural Reliability Analysis Based on Finite Step Length and Armijo Line Search10
Vibro-Acoustic Characterization of a Composite Structure Featuring an Innovative Phenolic Foam Core10
A Static-loop-current Attack Against the Kirchhoff-Law-Johnson-Noise (KLJN) Secure Key Exchange System10
Measurement of Elastic Properties of Brittle Materials by Ultrasonic and Indentation Methods10
Automatic Digital Modulation Classification Based on Curriculum Learning10
Steel Fiber Use as Shear Reinforcement on I-Shaped UHP-FRC Beams10
Real-Time Augmented Reality Physics Simulator for Education10
A Feasibility Study of the Drive-By Method for Damage Detection in Railway Bridges10
Welding Capabilities of Nanostructured Carbide-Free Bainite: Review of Welding Methods, Materials, Problems, and Perspectives10
Design of Wide Angle and Large Aperture Optical System with Inner Focus for Compact System Camera Applications10
Cellulose Nanofibril (CNF) Films and Xylan from Hot Water Extracted Birch Kraft Pulps10
A Quantitative Investigation on the Peripheral Nerve Response within the Small Strain Range10
Application of Polymer Curing Agent in Ecological Protection Engineering of Weak Rock Slopes10
A Method of Ultrasonic Finger Gesture Recognition Based on the Micro-Doppler Effect10
Hybrid Edge–Cloud-Based Smart System for Chatter Suppression in Train Wheel Repair10
Analysis of a Vibrating Motor Considering Electrical, Magnetic, and Mechanical Coupling Effect10
Nanopowder Fluidization Using the Combined Assisted Fluidization Techniques of Particle Mixing and Flow Pulsation10
Experimental and Numerical Study on Mechanical Analysis of Buried Corroded Concrete Pipes under Static Traffic Loads10
Kinematic Model and Real-Time Path Generator for a Wire-Driven Surgical Robot Arm with Articulated Joint Structure10
Method for Mid-Long-Term Prediction of Landslides Movements Based on Optimized Apriori Algorithm10
Recent Advances in DSP Techniques for Mode Division Multiplexing Optical Networks with MIMO Equalization: A Review10
Identification of Markers in Challenging Conditions for People with Visual Impairment Using Convolutional Neural Network10
A Short-Term Forecast Model of foF2 Based on Elman Neural Network10
Comparison of Tracking Techniques on 360-Degree Videos10
Automatic Detection and Staging of Lung Tumors using Locational Features and Double-Staged Classifications10
Fast Implicit Surface Reconstruction for the Radial Basis Functions Interpolant10
Detection of Emotion Using Multi-Block Deep Learning in a Self-Management Interview App10
Performance Assessment of Grid Forming Converters Using Different Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control (FCS-MPC) Algorithms10
A New Bloom Filter Architecture for FIB Lookup in Named Data Networking10
Review of Machining Equipment Reliability Analysis Methods based on Condition Monitoring Technology10
Antihypertensive Peptide Activity in Dutch-Type Cheese Models Prepared with Different Additional Strains of Lactobacillus Genus Bacteria10
Effects of Boundary Condition Models on the Seismic Responses of a Container Crane10
What Lies Beneath One’s Feet? Terrain Classification Using Inertial Data of Human Walk10
Mapless Collaborative Navigation for a Multi-Robot System Based on the Deep Reinforcement Learning10
A Study on Welding Deformation Prediction for Ship Blocks Using the Equivalent Strain Method Based on Inherent Strain10
Flame Front and Burned Gas Characteristics for Different Split Injection Ratios and Phasing in an Optical GDI Engine10
Reservoir Computing Based Echo State Networks for Ventricular Heart Beat Classification10
A Closed-Form Localization Algorithm and GDOP Analysis for Multiple TDOAs and Single TOA Based Hybrid Positioning10
Risk Quantification and Analysis of Coupled Factors Based on the DEMATEL Model and a Bayesian Network10
Food Salt Characterization in Terms of Radioactivity and Metals Contamination10
Application of Laser Profilometry to Evaluation of the Surface of the Workpiece Machined by Abrasive Waterjet Technology10
Improved Attribute-Based Encryption Using Chaos Synchronization and Its Application to MQTT Security10
Properties of the Surface Layer After Trochoidal Milling and Brushing: Experimental Study and Artificial Neural Network Simulation10
Seismic Damage Analysis of Box Metro Tunnels Accounting for Aspect Ratio and Shear Failure10
Development of a Data-Mining Technique for Regional-Scale Evaluation of Building Seismic Vulnerability10
Influence of Biomass Incineration Temperature on the Content of Selected Heavy Metals in the Ash Used for Fertilizing Purposes10
Mineralogical and Geochemical Constraints of the REE Accumulation in the Almásfüzitő Red Mud Depository in Northwest Hungary10
Efficient Control of a Non-Linear System Using a Modified Sliding Mode Control10
Experimental Study on Shear Strengthening of RC Beams with an FRP Grid-PCM Reinforcement Layer10
Application of Internet of Things in a Kitchen Fire Prevention System10
Analysis, Design, and Experimental Research of a Novel Wheelchair-Stretcher Assistive Robot10
Understanding the Fracture Behaviors of Metallic Glasses—An Overview10
Aerial Physical Interaction in Grabbing Conditions with Lightweight and Compliant Dual Arms10
The Study on the Cultivable Microbiome of the Aquatic Fern Azolla Filiculoides L. as New Source of Beneficial Microorganisms10
Use of Logistic Regression to Identify Factors Influencing the Post-Incident State of Occupational Injuries in Agribusiness Operations10
Undrained Behavior of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitated Sand with Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber10
Vibroacoustic Optimization Study for the Volute Casing of a Centrifugal Fan10
A Review of Geometry, Construction and Modelling for Carbon Nanotori10
Effect of Crack Orientation on Fatigue Life of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks10
Acoustic and Flow Aspects of Synthetic Jet Actuators with Chevron Orifices10
Bacterial Foraging-Based Algorithm for Optimizing the Power Generation of an Isolated Microgrid10
Gold Nanofilm-Coated Porous Silicon as Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrate10
A Low-Cost Terahertz Camera10
Influence of Ultraviolet Aging on Adhesion Performance of Warm Mix Asphalt Based on the Surface Free Energy Theory10
Design and Validation of a Low Cost Programmable Controlled Environment for Study and Production of Plants, Mushroom, and Insect Larvae10
Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging Evaluation in Physiotherapy: Piloting a Systematic Review10
Application of TRMM Precipitation Data to Evaluate Drought and Its Effects on Water Resources Instability10
The Role of Thermal Effects in Plasma Medical Applications: Biological and Calorimetric Analysis10
Self-Piercing Riveted Joint of Vibration-Damping Steel and Aluminum Alloy10
Design and Biomechanical Verification of Additive Manufactured Composite Spinal Cage Composed of Porous Titanium Cover and PEEK Body10
Real-Time Pre-Identification and Cascaded Detection for Tiny Faces10
A Novel Technology for Recovery and Separation of Vanadium and Chromium from Vanadium-Chromium Reducing Residue10
A New Approach to the Study of Multi-Pass Welds–Microstructure and Properties of Welded 20-mm-Thick Superduplex Stainless Steel10
Trajectory Planning and Optimization for a Par4 Parallel Robot Based on Energy Consumption10
Second-Harmonic Generation in Mie-Resonant GaAs Nanowires10
Serpens: A Highly Compliant Low-Cost ROS-Based Snake Robot with Series Elastic Actuators, Stereoscopic Vision and a Screw-Less Assembly Mechanism10
Development and Control of an Electro-Hydraulic Actuator System for an Exoskeleton Robot10
An Integrated Adaptive Kalman Filter for High-Speed UAVs10
Augmented Interaction Systems for Supporting Autistic Children. Evolution of a Multichannel Expressive Tool: The SEMI Project Feasibility Study10
Lateral Stability of a Mobile Robot Utilizing an Active Adjustable Suspension10
Adaptive Energy Balanced Routing Strategy for Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks10
Experimental Study to Determine the Most Preferred Additive for Improving Asphalt Performance Using Polypropylene, Crumb Rubber, and Tafpack Super in Medium and High-Temperature Range10
Enhanced Evolutionary Sizing Algorithms for Optimal Sizing of a Stand-Alone PV-WT-Battery Hybrid System10
Influence of Soil Pore System Properties on the Degradation Rates of Organic Substances during Soil Aquifer Treatment (SAT)10
Virtual Inertia and Mechanical Power-Based Control Strategy to Provide Stable Grid Operation under High Renewables Penetration10
Improvement of Electrical Performance in Heterostructure Junctionless TFET Based on Dual Material Gate10
Comparative Study on the Corrosion Inhibitive Effect of 2-Mecraptobenzothiazole and Na2HPO4 on Industrial Conveying API 5L X42 Pipeline Steel10
Dual-Band Light Absorption Enhancement in Hyperbolic Rectangular Array10
Maximization of Eigenfrequency Gaps in a Composite Cylindrical Shell Using Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks10
Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Spectral and Spatial Information Using Multi-Scale ResNet10
Slag as an Inventory Material for Heat Storage in a Concentrated Solar Tower Power Plant: Design Studies and Systematic Comparative Assessment10
Plain and Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Subjected to Cyclic Compressive Loading: Study of the Mechanical Response and Correlations with Microstructure Using CT Scanning10
Simulation of a Solar-Assisted Air-Conditioning System Applied to a Remote School10
Automatic Assessment of Prosodic Quality in Down Syndrome: Analysis of the Impact of Speaker Heterogeneity10
Prediction Model of Compressive Strength Development in Concrete Containing Four Kinds of Gelled Materials with the Artificial Intelligence Method10
Texture Segmentation: An Objective Comparison between Five Traditional Algorithms and a Deep-Learning U-Net Architecture10
Enhanced Device Performance of GaInN-Based Green Light-Emitting Diode with Sputtered AlN Buffer Layer10
Effect of Cement Content on the Deformation Properties of Cemented Sand and Gravel Material10
Revealing Development Trends and Key 5G Photonic Technologies Using Patent Analysis10
Deep Learning Model Comparison for Vision-Based Classification of Full/Empty-Load Trucks in Earthmoving Operations10
High-Gain Extended State Observer Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Path Following Control for An Underactuated Vessel Sailing in Restricted Waters10
Research on a Rail Defect Location Method Based on a Single Mode Extraction Algorithm10
Feature Engineering for ICU Mortality Prediction Based on Hourly to Bi-Hourly Measurements10
Determination of Residual Welding Stresses in a Steel Bridge Component by Finite Element Modeling of the Incremental Hole-Drilling Method10
Dimensional Stability of SBR-Modified Cementitious Mixtures for Use in 3D Additive Construction10
Exploring Manufacturing Process and Degradation Products of Gilt and Painted Leather10
Fatigue Reliability Analysis of Rib-To-Deck Joints Using Test Data and In-Situ Measurements10
Bionic Morse Coding Mimicking Humpback Whale Song for Covert Underwater Communication10
Raman Spectroscopy Analysis of Free Fatty Acid in Olive Oil10
Virtual Scene Construction for Seismic Damage of Building Ceilings and Furniture10
Effect of Stress–Strength Ratio on Creep Property of Sodium Silicate–Based Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete10
Characterization and Determination of the Toxicological Risk of Biochar Using Invertebrate Toxicity Tests in the State of Aguascalientes, México10
Environmental Pollutants Impair Transcriptional Regulation of the Vitellogenin Gene in the Burrowing Mud Crab (Macrophthalmus Japonicus)10
Knowledge-Grounded Chatbot Based on Dual Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks with Effective Attention Mechanisms10
Fault Feature Extraction and Enhancement of Rolling Element Bearings Based on Maximum Correlated Kurtosis Deconvolution and Improved Empirical Wavelet Transform10
Ultraprecision Diameter Measurement of Small Holes with Large Depth-To-Diameter Ratios Based on Spherical Scattering Electrical-Field Probing10
Green Gas for a Grid as An Eco-Friendly Alternative Insulation Gas to SF6: From the Perspective of Partial Discharge Under AC10
In Vitro Antioxidant Activity and In Vivo Topical Efficacy of Lipid Nanoparticles Co-Loading Idebenone and Tocopheryl Acetate10
The Influence of Thermo-Mechanical Activation of Bentonite on the Mechanical and Durability Performance of Concrete10
Microcystis aeruginosa and M. wesenbergii Were the Primary Planktonic Microcystin Producers in Several Bulgarian Waterbodies (August 2019)10
Multi-Turn Chatbot Based on Query-Context Attentions and Dual Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks10
Coevolution Pigeon-Inspired Optimization with Cooperation-Competition Mechanism for Multi-UAV Cooperative Region Search10
Personality or Value: A Comparative Study of Psychographic Segmentation Based on an Online Review Enhanced Recommender System10
Pore Structure of Coals by Mercury Intrusion, N2 Adsorption and NMR: A Comparative Study10
Increased Anti-Inflammatory Effects on LPS-Induced Microglia Cells by Spirulina maxima Extract from Ultrasonic Process10
Dual Zero-Watermarking Scheme for Two-Dimensional Vector Map Based on Delaunay Triangle Mesh and Singular Value Decomposition10
An Analytical Framework for the Investigation of Tropical Cyclone Wind Characteristics over Different Measurement Conditions10
Synthesis of Poly(methyl methacrylate) Grafted Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes via a Combination of RAFT and Alkyne-Azide Click Reaction10
Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate (EGCG), An Active Constituent of Green Tea: Implications in the Prevention of Liver Injury Induced by Diethylnitrosamine (DEN) in Rats10
Prediction of Blood Pressure after Induction of Anesthesia Using Deep Learning: A Feasibility Study10
Patellofemoral Joint Loads during Running Immediately Changed by Shoes with Different Minimalist Indices: A Cross-sectional Study10
Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing Based on Multiscale Intrinsic Mode Function Permutation Entropy and a Stacked Sparse Denoising Autoencoder10
Current View on Green Tea Catechins Formulations, Their Interactions with Selected Drugs, and Prospective Applications for Various Health Conditions10
Extracting Crop Spatial Distribution from Gaofen 2 Imagery Using a Convolutional Neural Network10
A Novel Neural Network-Based Method for Decoding and Detecting of the DS8-PSK Scheme in an OCC System10
Algorithm for Surfaces Profiles and Thickness Variation Measurement of a Transparent Plate Using a Fizeau Interferometer with Wavelength Tuning10
Transverse Vibration of Clamped-Pinned-Free Beam with Mass at Free End10
A New Approach of Hybrid Bee Colony Optimized Neural Computing to Estimate the Soil Compression Coefficient for a Housing Construction Project10
Design and Implementation of a Multi-Function Gripper for Grasping General Objects10
Bacterial and Biodeterioration Analysis of the Waterlogged Wooden Lacquer Plates from the Nanhai No. 1 Shipwreck10
Scaffolds with a High Surface Area-to-Volume Ratio and Cultured Under Fast Flow Perfusion Result in Optimal O2 Delivery to the Cells in Artificial Bone Tissues10
Operational Optimisation of a Non-Recuperative 1-kWe Organic Rankine Cycle Engine Prototype10
Microwave Photonic Signal Processing and Sensing Based on Optical Filtering10
Performance Evaluation of Pilot-scale Hybrid Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (HABR) to Process Dyeing Wastewater Based on Grey Relational Analysis10
Influence of Eddy-Generation Mechanism on the Characteristic of On-Source Fire Whirl10
In Vitro Effect of Gallium-Doped Bioactive Glass on Enamel Anti-Demineralization and Bond Strength of Orthodontic Resins10
Vibration Compensation of the Frequency-Scanning-Interferometry-Based Absolute Ranging System10
Using the Importance–Satisfaction Model and Service Quality Performance Matrix to Improve Long-Term Care Service Quality in Taiwan10
Effect of PVA/SiO2 NPs Additive on the Structural, Durability, and Fire Resistance Properties of Geopolymers10
Human–Robot Cooperative Control Based on Virtual Fixture in Robot-Assisted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery10
Cutting Insert and Parameter Optimization for Turning Based on Artificial Neural Networks and a Genetic Algorithm10
Flood Mitigation Using an Innovative Flood Control Scheme in a Large Lake: Dongting Lake, China10
Local, Story, and Global Ductility Evaluation for Complex 2D Steel Buildings: Pushover and Dynamic Analysis10
Iron-Based Electrocatalysts for Energy Conversion: Effect of Ball Milling on Oxygen Reduction Activity10
Effect of Functionally-Graded Calcium Titanate Film, Prepared by Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition, on Titanium Implant10
DFT Characteristics of Charge Transport in DBTP-Based Hole Transport Materials10
Shear Strength Prediction Equations and Experimental Study of High Strength Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beams with Different Shear Span-to-Depth Ratios10
Displacement-Dependent Damping Inerter System for Seismic Response Control10
Bin2Vec: A Better Wafer Bin Map Coloring Scheme for Comprehensible Visualization and Effective Bad Wafer Classification10
Impact of Interactions between Ferulic and Chlorogenic Acids on Enzymatic and Non-Enzymatic Lipids Oxidation: An Example of Bread Enriched with Green Coffee Flour10
Confidence Interval Based Fuzzy Evaluation Model for an Integrated-Circuit Packaging Molding Process10
Acoustic Emission Characteristics During Rock Fragmentation Processes Induced by Disc Cutter under Different Water Content Conditions10
Workpiece Pose Optimization for Milling with Flexible-Joint Robots to Improve Quasi-Static Performance10
Ghost Imaging with a Partially Coherent Beam Carrying Twist Phase in a Turbulent Ocean: A Numerical Approach10
Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearings Based on Improved Kurtogram in Varying Speed Conditions10
3D Strain and Elasticity Measurement of Layered Biomaterials by Optical Coherence Elastography based on Digital Volume Correlation and Virtual Fields Method10
A Full Coupled Thermal–Hydraulic–Chemical Model for Heterogeneity Rock Damage and Its Application in Predicting Water Inrush10
Automated Indirect Transportation of Biological Cells with Optical Tweezers and a 3D Printed Microtool10
Tunable Beam Steering, Focusing and Generating of Orbital Angular Momentum Vortex Beams Using High-Order Patch Array10
An Improved Skewness Balancing Filtering Algorithm Based on Thin Plate Spline Interpolation10
High-Efficiency Dual-Frequency Reflective Linear Polarization Converter Based on Metasurface for Microwave Bands10
High Temperature (Up to 950 °C) Sensor Based on Micro Taper In-Line Fiber Mach–Zehnder Interferometer10
Holographic Three-Dimensional Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Display Based on 4K-Spatial Light Modulators10
Analysis of Seaweeds from South West England as a Biorefinery Feedstock10
Remote Plasma Atomic Layer Deposition of SiNx Using Cyclosilazane and H2/N2 Plasma10
Vibration Propagation on the Skin of the Arm10
Quartz-Enhanced Photothermal-Acoustic Spectroscopy for Trace Gas Analysis10
A Method of Ontology Integration for Designing Intelligent Problem Solvers10
Current Knowledge on the Fungal Degradation Abilities Profiled through Biodeteriorative Plate Essays10
Accelerated System-Level Seismic Risk Assessment of Bridge Transportation Networks through Artificial Neural Network-Based Surrogate Model10
Revisiting Problem-Solution Co-Evolution in the Context of Team Conceptual Design Activity10
Identifying Groundwater Fluoride Source in a Weathered Basement Aquifer in Central Malawi: Human Health and Policy Implications10
Usage of IoT Framework in Water Supply Management for Smart City in Nepal10
Yttria Ceria Co-Stabilized Zirconia Reinforced with Alumina and Strontium Hexaaluminate9
Effective Crack Damage Detection Using Multilayer Sparse Feature Representation and Incremental Extreme Learning Machine9
Solids Content of Black Liquor Measured by Online Time-Domain NMR9
Erythrocytes and Nanoparticles: New Therapeutic Systems9
Investigation of Uncertain Factors on Measuring Residual Stress with Critically Refracted Longitudinal Waves9
Study on Optical Properties and Internal Quantum Efficiency Measurement of GaN-based Green LEDs9
Analytical Study of Reinforced Concrete Beams Tested under Quasi-Static and Impact Loadings9
From Symmetry Breaking via Charge Migration to Symmetry Restoration in Electronic Ground and Excited States: Quantum Control on the Attosecond Time Scale9
Editorial on the Current Role of Ultrasound9
Real-Time RGB-D Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Guided by Terrestrial LiDAR Point Cloud for Indoor 3-D Reconstruction and Camera Pose Estimation9
Application of Fuzzy Logic for Problems of Evaluating States of a Computing System9
Electrical Stimulation through Conductive Substrate to Enhance Osteo-Differentiation of Human Dental Pulp-Derived Stem Cells9
Helicopter Rotor Thickness Noise Control Using Unsteady Force Excitation9
Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality as a Tool to Improve Cognitive and Social Abilities in Preschool Children9
Low-Temperature Plasma Nitriding of Mini-/Micro-Tools and Parts by Table-Top System9
Towards a Physiological Scale of Vocal Fold Agent-Based Models of Surgical Injury and Repair: Sensitivity Analysis, Calibration and Verification9
Improving GNSS Landslide Monitoring with the Use of Low-Cost MEMS Accelerometers9
Electrochemical Determination of Lead Using A Composite Sensor Obtained from Low-Cost Green Materials:Graphite/Cork9
Skin Aging Estimation Scheme Based on Lifestyle and Dermoscopy Image Analysis9
Non-Stationary Turbulent Wind Field Simulation of Long-Span Bridges Using the Updated Non-Negative Matrix Factorization-Based Spectral Representation Method9
Substructuring of a Petrol Engine: Dynamic Characterization and Experimental Validation9
Thermal and Physical Properties of Crude Palm Oil with Higher Oleic Content9
Probing Attosecond Electron Coherence in Molecular Charge Migration by Ultrafast X-Ray Photoelectron Imaging9
Spin-ARPES EUV Beamline for Ultrafast Materials Research and Development9
New Insights in Potato Leaf Freezing by Infrared Thermography9
Scene Description for Visually Impaired People with Multi-Label Convolutional SVM Networks9
Advanced Constraints Management Strategy for Real-Time Optimization of Gas Turbine Engine Transient Performance9
Theoretical Study on Geometries of Electrodes in Laboratory Electrical Resistivity Measurement9
The Influence of Waste Composition on Landfill Gas Generation in a Pilot-Scale Lysimeter9
Individuals Identification Based on Palm Vein Matching under a Parallel Environment9
Fabrication of a Silicon Nanowire Solar Cell on a Silicon-on-Insulator Substrate9
Layer-Level Knowledge Distillation for Deep Neural Network Learning9
Cache Misses and the Recovery of the Full AES 256 Key9
A Novel Approach for the Definition of an Integrated Visual Quality Index for Residential Buildings9
Chemical Defence of a Seagrass against Microfoulers and Its Seasonal Dynamics9
Poly(phenylene methylene)-Based Coatings for Corrosion Protection: Replacement of Additives by Use of Copolymers9
A 28 GHz 5G Phased Array Antenna with Air-Hole Slots for Beam Width Enhancement9
The Size Effect on Flexural Fracture of Polyolefin Fibre-Reinforced Concrete9
Currency Crises Prediction Using Deep Neural Decision Trees9
Automatic Defect Detection for Web Offset Printing Based on Machine Vision9
Wind Load Characteristics of Wind Barriers Induced by High-Speed Trains Based on Field Measurements9
Decolorization of Orange-G Aqueous Solutions over C60/MCM-41 Photocatalysts9
A Promising Technological Approach to Improve Indoor Air Quality9
A Survey of Feature Set Reduction Approaches for Predictive Analytics Models in the Connected Manufacturing Enterprise9
Stacked Ensemble of Recurrent Neural Networks for Predicting Turbocharger Remaining Useful Life9
Subsurface Detection of Shallow Targets by Undersampled Multifrequency Data and a Non-Cooperative Source9
Experimental and Numerical Energy Assessment of a Monolithic Aerogel Glazing Unit for Building Applications9
Besinc Pseudo-Schell Model Sources with Circular Coherence9
Cooperative Path Planning for Multiple Mobile Robots via HAFSA and an Expansion Logic Strategy9
Enhancing Recommendation Accuracy of Item-Based Collaborative Filtering via Item-Variance Weighting9
Hemodynamic Interference of Serial Stenoses and Its Impact on FFR and iFR Measurements9
Gradient-Guided Convolutional Neural Network for MRI Image Super-Resolution9
Value Stream Analysis in Military Logistics: The Improvement in Order Processing Procedure9
The Recycling Torque of a Single-Plate Helical Pile for Offshore Wind Turbines in Dense Sand9
Assessment of Daily Personal PM2.5 Exposure Level According to Four Major Activities among Children9
Parallel Image Completion with Edge and Color Map9
Incorporating Concentrating Solar Power into High Renewables Penetrated Power System: A Chance-Constrained Stochastic Unit Commitment Analysis9
High-Speed VCSEL-Based Transceiver for 200 GbE Short-Reach Intra-Datacenter Optical Interconnects9
Fault Detection in Multi-Core C&I Cable via Machine Learning Based Time-Frequency Domain Reflectometry9
Towards Online Personalized-Monitoring of Human Thermal Sensation Using Machine Learning Approach9
Application of Thermal Image Data to Detect Rebar Corrosion in Concrete Structures9
Lattice Resonances in Transdimensional WS2 Nanoantenna Arrays9
Secure and Efficient Authentication Scheme in IoT Environments9
Filament Extrusion and Its 3D Printing of Poly(Lactic Acid)/Poly(Styrene-co-Methyl Methacrylate) Blends9
Potential for Developing Biocarbon Briquettes for Foundry Industry9
Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Fatigue Crack Growth in Mooring Chains9
An Algorithm for Scene Text Detection Using Multibox and Semantic Segmentation9
A Multi-Agent Based Intelligent Training System for Unmanned Surface Vehicles9
Small-Signal Modeling and Analysis for a Wirelessly Distributed and Enabled Battery Energy Storage System of Electric Vehicles9
Study of Passive Adjustment Performance of Tubular Space in Subway Station Building Complexes9
An Improved SPEA2 Algorithm with Local Search for Multi-Objective Investment Decision-Making9
Fault Parameter Estimation Using Adaptive Fuzzy Fading Kalman Filter9
Effect of Curing Conditions on Microstructure and Pore-Structure of Brown Coal Fly Ash Geopolymers9
Modelling of Acoustic Emission Signals Due to Fiber Break in a Model Composite Carbon/Epoxy: Experimental Validation and Parametric Study9
Impact of Particle Size Distribution of Colloidal Particles on Contaminant Transport in Porous Media9
Analytical Solution for Heat Transfer in Electroosmotic Flow of a Carreau Fluid in a Wavy Microchannel9
Locating the Source of Diffusion in Complex Networks via Gaussian-Based Localization and Deduction9
Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control Based on Operation Characteristic Estimation and Trajectory Prediction9
Analysis of a Collision-Energy-Based Method for the Prediction of Ice Loading on Ships9
Efficient Characterization of Macroscopic Composite Cement Mortars with Various Contents of Phase Change Material9
Effect of Mixture Design Parameters of Stone Mastic Asphalt Pavement on Its Skid Resistance9
Graphene Oxide Adsorption Enhanced by Attapulgite to Remove Pb (II) from Aqueous Solution9
Body Area Networks in Healthcare: A Brief State of the Art9
A Photon Blockade in a Coupled Cavity System Mediated by an Atom9
Reinforcement Learning-Based Anti-Jamming in Networked UAV Radar Systems9
Numerical Analysis on Flexural Behavior of Steel Fiber-Reinforced LWAC Beams Reinforced with GFRP Bars9
Solution-Based Synthesis and Processing of Metal Chalcogenides for Thermoelectric Applications9
Improving Hybrid CTC/Attention Architecture with Time-Restricted Self-Attention CTC for End-to-End Speech Recognition9
The Influence of the Damage of Mortise-Tenon Joint on the Cyclic Performance of the Traditional Chinese Timber Frame9
Architecture and Viability of the Biofilms Formed by Nine Listeria Strains on Various Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Materials9
Numerical Analysis and Dynamic Response of Optimized Composite Cross Elliptical Pressure Hull Subject to Non-Contact Underwater Blast Loading9
Comparative Fatigue Life Assessment of Wind Turbine Blades Operating with Different Regulation Schemes9
Intelligent Glioma Grading Based on Deep Transfer Learning of MRI Radiomic Features9
Smart Appliances for Efficient Integration of Solar Energy: A Dutch Case Study of a Residential Smart Grid Pilot9
Optimal Operational Scheduling of Distribution Network with Microgrid via Bi-Level Optimization Model with Energy Band9
Addressing Complete New Item Cold-Start Recommendation: A Niche Item-Based Collaborative Filtering via Interrelationship Mining9
Quantification of the PEGylated Gold Nanoparticles Protein Corona. Influence on Nanoparticle Size and Surface Chemistry9
Automated Enemy Avoidance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on Reinforcement Learning9
SPICE Model Identification Technique of a Cheap Thermoelectric Cell Applied to DC/DC Design with MPPT Algorithm for Low-Cost, Low-Power Energy Harvesting9
Sustainable Agri-Food Supply Chain Performance Measurement Model for GMO and Non-GMO Using Data Envelopment Analysis Method9
Hydrochemical Processes and Isotopic Study of Geothermal Springs within Soutpansberg, Limpopo Province, South Africa9
Improvement in Classification Performance Based on Target Vector Modification for All-Transfer Deep Learning9
Definition of the Layout for a New Facility to Test the Static and Dynamic Stability of Agricultural Vehicles Operating on Sloping Grounds9
Fault Diagnosis of Railway Point Machines Using the Locally Connected Autoencoder9
Academic Proposal for Heritage Intervention in a BIM Environment for a 19th Century Flour Factory9
Pattern-Based and Visual Analytics for Visitor Analysis on Websites9
Adaptability of Buildings: A Critical Review on the Concept Evolution9
Anticancer Efficacy of Long-Term Stored Plasma-Activated Medium9
Geometric Error Identification and Analysis of Rotary Axes on Five-Axis Machine Tool Based on Precision Balls9
Development of Navigator Behavior Models for the Evaluation of Collision Avoidance Behavior in the Collision-Prone Navigation Environment9
Regularized Urdu Speech Recognition with Semi-Supervised Deep Learning9
Phase Stability and Magnetic Properties of Mn3Z (Z = Al, Ga, In, Tl, Ge, Sn, Pb) Heusler Alloys9
Cryptanalysis of Permutation–Diffusion-Based Lightweight Chaotic Image Encryption Scheme Using CPA9
Preparation and Characterization of Hybrid Nanocomposites for Dental Applications9
Polysorbate-Based Drug Formulations for Brain-Targeted Drug Delivery and Anticancer Therapy9
Respiration Monitoring for Premature Neonates in NICU9
Tuning ANN Hyperparameters for Forecasting Drinking Water Demand9
Comparative Performance of Catalytic Fenton Oxidation with Zero-Valent Iron (Fe(0)) in Comparison with Ferrous Sulphate for the Removal of Micropollutants9
Video-Based Contactless Heart-Rate Detection and Counting via Joint Blind Source Separation with Adaptive Noise Canceller9
Prediction Model for the Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity of a 2.5-D Braided Ceramic Matrix Composite with Thin-Wall Structure9
Assessment of Thermal Stresses in Asphalt Mixtures at Low Temperatures Using the Tensile Creep Test and the Bending Beam Creep Test9
Polarization-Insensitive Phase Modulators Based on an Embedded Silicon-Graphene-Silicon Waveguide9
Late Fuel Post-Injection Influence on the Dynamics and Efficiency of Wall-Flow Particulate Filters Regeneration9
Efficient Management of Road Intersections for Automated Vehicles—The FRFP System Applied to the Various Types of Intersections and Roundabouts9
Prediction of Friction Resistance for Slurry Pipe Jacking9
Experimental Study of the Behavior of Rectangular Excavations Supported by a Pipe Roof9
Lavandula Luisieri and Lavandula Viridis Essential Oils as Upcoming Anti-Protozoal Agents: A Key Focus on Leishmaniasis9
Investigations into the Potential Abrasive Release of Nanomaterials due to Material Stress Conditions-Part A: Carbon Black Nano-Particulates in Plastic and Rubber Composites9
A Novel Method Based on Neural Networks for Designing Internal Coverings in Buildings: Energy Saving and Thermal Comfort9
Adsorption Transformation of Heat: The Applicability in Various Climatic Zones of the Russian Federation9
Mathematical Model and Numerical Simulation for Tissue Growth on Bioscaffolds9
Third-Body and Dissipation Energy in Green Tribology Film9
A Novel X-Ray Radiation Sensor Based on Networked SnO2 Nanowires9
Proposal of Laser-Induced Ultrasonic Guided Wave for Corrosion Detection of Reinforced Concrete Structures in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Site9
Quantitative Analysis of Soil Displacement Induced by Ground Loss and Shield Machine Mechanical Effect in Metro Tunnel Construction9
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Fiber Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloy with Beam Oscillation9
Microwave Photonic Devices Based on Liquid Crystal on Silicon Technology9
Recommendation Agent Adoption: How Recommendation Presentation Influences Employees’ Perceptions, Behaviors, and Decision Quality9
The Influence of Application Protocol of Simplified and Universal Adhesives on the Dentin Bonding Performance9
Relationship between External and Internal Workloads in Elite Soccer Players: Comparison between Rate of Perceived Exertion and Training Load9
External Robotic Arm vs. Upper Limb Exoskeleton: What Do Potential Users Need?9
A New Multi-Scale Convolutional Model Based on Multiple Attention for Image Classification9
Analytical Modeling of Acoustic Emission Signals in Thin-Walled Objects9
A Two-Stage Building Information Modeling Based Building Design Method to Improve Lighting Environment and Increase Energy Efficiency9
A Method for Determination and Compensation of a Cant Influence in a Track Centerline Identification Using GNSS Methods and Inertial Measurement9
A Motion Control of Soft Gait Assistive Suit by Gait Phase Detection Using Pressure Information9
Influence of Inflow Turbulence on the Flow Characteristics around a Circular Cylinder9
Pneumatic Soft Actuator with Anisotropic Soft and Rigid Restraints for Pure in-Plane Bending Motion9
Multi-Media and Multi-Band Based Adaptation Layer Techniques for Underwater Sensor Networks9
MLW-gcForest: A Multi-Weighted gcForest Model for Cancer Subtype Classification by Methylation Data9
Integrating a Path Planner and an Adaptive Motion Controller for Navigation in Dynamic Environments9
An Automatic Modulation Recognition Method with Low Parameter Estimation Dependence Based on Spatial Transformer Networks9
A Method of Path Planning on Safe Depth for Unmanned Surface Vehicles Based on Hydrodynamic Analysis9
A Macroscopic Traffic Model based on Driver Reaction and Traffic Stimuli9
Health Monitoring on the Spacecraft Bearings in High-Speed Rotating Systems by Using the Clustering Fusion of Normal Acoustic Parameters9
Collapse Responses of Concrete Frames Reinforced with BFRP Bars in Middle Column Removal Scenario9
Improving the Performance of EDM through Relief-Angled Tool Designs9
The August 2018 Geomagnetic Storm Observed by the High-Energy Particle Detector on Board the CSES-01 Satellite9
Distributed Dynamic Cluster-Head Selection and Clustering for Massive IoT Access in 5G Networks9
Study on Damage Evolution and Resistivity Variation Regularities of Coal Mass Under Multi-Stage Loading9
De-electroadhesion of Flexible and Lightweight Materials: An Experimental Study9
An Approach to Supporting the Selection of Maintenance Experts in the Context of Industry 4.09
Short-Term Effects of Tillage Intensity and Fertilization on Sunflower Yield, Achene Quality, and Soil Physicochemical Properties under Semi-Arid Conditions9
Real-Time Vision through Haze Based on Polarization Imaging9
An Agile Approach to Improve the Usability of a Physical Telerehabilitation Platform9
Medical Augmented-Reality Visualizer for Surgical Training and Education in Medicine9
Center of Pressure Feedback Modulates the Entrainment of Voluntary Sway to the Motion of a Visual Target9
Wide Electrocaloric Temperature Range Induced by Ferroelectric to Antiferroelectric Phase Transition9
Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties, Failure Behavior and Energy Evolution of Different Coal-Rock Combined Specimens9
Geosynthetic Reinforced Steep Slopes: Current Technology in the United States9
Tele-Operated Bilateral Control of Hydraulic Manipulator Using a Robust Controller Based on the Sensorless Estimated Reaction Force9
Evaluation of Some Rhodes Grass (Chloris gayana) Genotypes for Their Salt Tolerance, Biomass Yield and Nutrient Composition9
Numerical Study on the Critical Frequency Response of Jet Engine Rotors for Blade-Off Conditions against Bird Strike9
Roadway Backfill Mining with Super-High-Water Material to Protect Surface Buildings: A Case Study9
A Joint Training Model for Face Sketch Synthesis9
Mechanical Properties of Sandstone Cement-Stabilized Macadam9
Potential on Energy Performance Upgrade of National Stadiums: A Case Study for the Pancretan Stadium, Crete, Greece9
Real-Time Voltage Stability Assessment Method for the Korean Power System Based on Estimation of Thévenin Equivalent Impedance9
Design of a Solar-Powered Portable ECG Device with Optimal Power Consumption and High Accuracy Measurement9
Classification of Corn Stalk Lodging Resistance Using Equivalent Forces Combined with SVD Algorithm9
Compensating Uncertainties in Force Sensing for Robotic-Assisted Palpation9
Automatically Generating a MEP Logic Chain from Building Information Models with Identification Rules9
Time-Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Monitoring at a Lab Scale of Aerobic Biological Processes in a Soil Contaminated by Diesel Oil9
Development of a Low-Cost Multi-Waveband LED Illumination Imaging Technique for Rapid Evaluation of Fresh Meat Quality9
Thermodynamic Simulations for Determining the Recycling Path of a Spent Lead-Acid Battery Electrolyte Sample with Ca(OH)29
Solving the Time-Varying Inverse Kinematics Problem for the Da Vinci Surgical Robot9
Optimizing C-RAN Backhaul Topologies: A Resilience-Oriented Approach Using Graph Invariants9
The Growth Methods and Field Emission Studies of Low-Dimensional Boron-Based Nanostructures9
Dispersion of the Retardation of a Photoelastic Modulator9
A 60-GHz Ultra-Thin and Flexible Metasurface for Frequency-Selective Wireless Applications9
Improvement Effect of Green Lubricants on the Tribological and Mechanical Performance of 4140 Steel9
Tempcore Process Simulator to Analyze Microstructural Evolution of Quenched and Tempered Rebar9
Effects of Laser Beam Parameters on Bendability and Microstructure of Stainless Steel in Three-Dimensional Laser Forming9
A Study on the Removal of Copper (II) from Aqueous Solution Using Lime Sand Bricks9
Probabilistic Characteristics of Moment Capacity and Rotational Stiffness of Wedge Joints Used in Support Systems Reflecting Reused Members9
Light Stimulation Parameters Determine Neuron Dynamic Characteristics9
Analysis of a Feasibility Study of a Precision Grinding Process for Industrial Blades Used in the Cutting of Soft Tissues by a Prototype 5-Axis CNC Grinding Machine9
High-Performance White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Using Distributed Bragg Reflector by Atomic Layer Deposition9
Evaluation of Dynamic Soil-Pile-Structure Interactive Behavior in Dry Sand by 3D Numerical Simulation9
New Implant Macrogeometry to Improve and Accelerate the Osseointegration: An In Vivo Experimental Study9
Photophysicochemical Properties and In Vitro Phototherapeutic Effects of Iodoquinoline- and Benzothiazole-Derived Unsymmetrical Squaraine Cyanine Dyes9
A Tweak-Cube Color Image Encryption Scheme Jointly Manipulated by Chaos and Hyper-Chaos9
Review of Solvents Based on Biomass for Mitigation of Wax Paraffin in Indonesian Oilfield9
A Simplified Method for Assessing the Response of RC Frame Structures to Sudden Column Removal9
Fresh Frozen Allogeneic Bone Block in Maxillary Sinus Floor Elevation: Histomorphometric Analysis of a Bone Specimen Retrieved 15 Years after Grafting Procedure9
Changes of Photovoltaic Performance as a Function of Positioning Relative to the Focus Points of a Concentrator PV Module: Case Study9
Characteristics of Partially Coherent Circular Flattened Gaussian Vortex Beams in Turbulent Biological Tissues9
A New “Turn-On” Fluorescence Probe for Al3+ Detection and Application Exploring in Living Cell and Real Samples9
Maintenance Process Simulation Based Maintainability Evaluation by Using Stochastic Colored Petri Net9
Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearings in Rail Train Based on Exponential Smoothing Predictive Segmentation and Improved Ensemble Learning Algorithm9
Research on Collaborative Optimization of Green Manufacturing in Semiconductor Wafer Distributed Heterogeneous Factory9
Defects Detection and Localization in Underwater Plates Using Laser Laterally Generated Pure Non-Dispersive S0 Mode9
Further Thermal Reduction of Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogel with Excellent Rate Performance for Supercapacitors9
Experimental Evaluation of Screw Pullout Force and Adjacent Bone Damage According to Pedicle Screw Design Parameters in Normal and Osteoporotic Bones9
Contrast Experiments in Dielectrophoresis Polishing (DEPP)/Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) of Sapphire Substrate9
Combination of Robust Algorithm and Head-Tracking for a Feedforward Active Headrest9
Electrowetting on Dielectric (EWOD) Device with Dimple Structures for Highly Accurate Droplet Manipulation9
Active Control of Low-Frequency Noise through a Single Top-Hung Window in a Full-Sized Room9
Study on Shear Mechanism of Bolted Jointed Rocks: Experiments and CZM-Based FEM Simulations9
Screen-Based Sports Simulation Using Acoustic Source Localization9
Effect of Different Acoustic Parameters on NOx Emissions of Partially Premixed Flame9
Intelligent Evaluation of Strabismus in Videos Based on an Automated Cover Test9
Evaluating Information-Retrieval Models and Machine-Learning Classifiers for Measuring the Social Perception towards Infectious Diseases9
Development of Biomass Gasification Technology with Fluidized-Bed Reactors for Enhancing Hydrogen Generation: Part I, Hydrodynamic Characterization of Dual Fluidized-Bed Gasifiers9
An Orthogonal Model to Study the Effect of Electrospraying Parameters on the Morphology of poly (d,l)-lactide-co-glycolide (PLGA) Particles9
Mechanical Response and Fracture Behavior of Brittle Rocks Containing Two Inverted U-Shaped Holes under Uniaxial Loading9
Wind Characteristics Investigation on The Roofs of Three Adjacent High-Rise Buildings in a Coastal Area during Typhoon Meranti9
Ten Years of Gabor-Domain Optical Coherence Microscopy9
MFCSNet: Multi-Scale Deep Features Fusion and Cost-Sensitive Loss Function Based Segmentation Network for Remote Sensing Images9
Spatial Skills and Perceptions of Space: Representing 2D Drawings as 3D Drawings inside Immersive Virtual Reality9
Citywide Metro-to-Bus Transfer Behavior Identification Based on Combined Data from Smart Cards and GPS9
Sort and Deep-SORT Based Multi-Object Tracking for Mobile Robotics: Evaluation with New Data Association Metrics9
A Serious Gaming Approach for Crowdsensing in Urban Water Infrastructure with Blockchain Support9
Chemical Composition of Lipophilic Bark Extracts from Pinus pinaster and Pinus pinea Cultivated in Portugal9
A Novel Calibration Algorithm for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with Application to Rehabilitation9
New Procedure for Compacting Prismatic Specimens of Cement-Treated Base Materials9
Surrogate Models for Estimating Failure in Brittle and Quasi-Brittle Materials9
Enhancing Interpretation of Ambiguous Voice Instructions based on the Environment and the User’s Intention for Improved Human-Friendly Robot Navigation9
Coded Excitation for Crosstalk Suppression in Multi-line Transmit Beamforming: Simulation Study and Experimental Validation9
Method for Quantitative Broadband Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy of Tumor-Like Inclusions9
Super-Multi-Junction Solar Cells—Device Configuration with the Potential for More Than 50% Annual Energy Conversion Efficiency (Non-Concentration)9
Research Progress on Synergistic Technologies of Agricultural Multi-Robots9
Application of Integrated Optical Electric-Field Sensor on the Measurements of Transient Voltages in AC High-Voltage Power Grids9
Dynamic Response Evaluation of Long-Span Reinforced Arch Bridges Subjected to Near- and Far-Field Ground Motions9
Virtual Reality Simulation and Augmented Reality-Guided Surgery for Total Maxillectomy: A Case Report9
Overview and Perspectives for Vehicle-Integrated Photovoltaics9
Control Reference Parameter for Stance Assistance Using a Passive Controlled Ankle Foot Orthosis—A Preliminary Study9
Influence of Conventional, CAD-CAM, and 3D Printing Fabrication Techniques on the Marginal Integrity and Surface Roughness and Wear of Interim Crowns9
CHARMIE: A Collaborative Healthcare and Home Service and Assistant Robot for Elderly Care9
Phishing Webpage Classification via Deep Learning-Based Algorithms: An Empirical Study9
Wet Snow Flashover Characteristics of 500-kV AC Insulator Strings with Different Arrangements9
Ginger: Panacea or Consumer’s Hype?9
Implementation of Lean Manufacturing to Reduce the Delivery Time of a Replacement Part to Dealers: A Case Study9
Ternion: An Autonomous Model for Fake News Detection9
Probabilistic Forecasting of Short-Term Electric Load Demand: An Integration Scheme Based on Correlation Analysis and Improved Weighted Extreme Learning Machine9
Machine Learning Approach to Real-Time 3D Path Planning for Autonomous Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle9
Broadband Time Domain Diffuse Optical Reflectance Spectroscopy: A Review of Systems, Methods, and Applications9
α-Mangostin Hydrogel Film Based Chitosan–Alginate for Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis9
CoVSCode: A Novel Real-Time Collaborative Programming Environment for Lightweight IDE9
Plasmonic Tweezers towards Biomolecular and Biomedical Applications9
Ecotoxicological Effect of Single and Combined Exposure of Carbamazepine and Cadmium on Female Danio rerio: A Multibiomarker Study9
Experimental Study of Steel Reinforced Concrete (SRC) Joints9
Potential of Novel Bacterial Cellulose Dressings Chemisorbed with Antiseptics for the Treatment of Oral Biofilm Infections9
Energy Management for Smart Homes—State of the Art9
Ultrathin and Electrically Tunable Metamaterial with Nearly Perfect Absorption in Mid-Infrared9
Mobile AR: User Evaluation in a Cultural Heritage Context9
Bayesian Estimation of Residual Life for Weibull-Distributed Components of On-Orbit Satellites Based on Multi-Source Information Fusion9
An Octahedric Regression Model of Energy Efficiency on Residential Buildings9
Actively Tunable Metalens Array Based on Patterned Phase Change Materials9
Modeling the Full Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Flanged Beams under Torsion9
Towards Bimodal Optical Monitoring of Photodynamic Therapy with Targeted Nanoconstructs: A Phantom Study9
Truth and Myths about 2D Tensegrity Trusses9
Autologous Tooth Graft after Endodontical Treated Used for Socket Preservation: A Multicenter Clinical Study9
Structural Methodologies for Distributed Fault Detection and Isolation9
Durability of Functionalized Carbon Structures with Optical Fiber Sensors in a Highly Alkaline Concrete Environment9
Formation Control and Distributed Goal Assignment for Multi-Agent Non-Holonomic Systems9
Virtual Reality Training Application for the Condition-Based Maintenance of Induction Motors9
Analyzing the Impact of Variability and Uncertainty on Power System Flexibility9
A Novel in Situ Stress Monitoring Technique for Fracture Rock Mass and Its Application in Deep Coal Mines9
STN-Homography: Direct Estimation of Homography Parameters for Image Pairs9
AR Pointer: Advanced Ray-Casting Interface Using Laser Pointer Metaphor for Object Manipulation in 3D Augmented Reality Environment9
A Prototype of a Portable Gas Analyzer for Exhaled Acetone Detection9
GaN/Ga2O3 Core/Shell Nanowires Growth: Towards High Response Gas Sensors9
Retrieval of Chemical Oxygen Demand through Modified Capsule Network Based on Hyperspectral Data9
Synergy Effects in Electromagnetic Properties of Phosphate Ceramics with Silicon Carbide Whiskers and Carbon Nanotubes9
Network Traffic Type-Based Quality of Experience (QoE) Assessment for Universal Services9
Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Confined High-Strength Concrete under Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) Impact Compression9
Artificial-Hand Technology—Current State of Knowledge in Designing and Forecasting Changes9
A Review of Tunable Orbital Angular Momentum Modes in Fiber: Principle and Generation9
Chalcogenide–Tellurite Composite Photonic Crystal Fiber: Extreme Non-Linearity Meets Large Birefringence9
Evaluation of Smart Chromatic Technology for a Single-Shade Dental Polymer Resin: An In Vitro Study9
Predicting Student Grades Based on Their Usage of LMS Moodle Using Petri Nets9
Valorization of Rice Straw into Cellulose Microfibers for the Reinforcement of Thermoplastic Corn Starch Films9
Data-Driven Calibration Estimation for Robust Remote Pulse-Oximetry9
Recent Advances in Wearable Devices for Non-Invasive Sensing9
An Efficient Encoding Algorithm Using Local Path on Huffman Encoding Algorithm for Compression9
Estimating Human Body Dimensions Using RBF Artificial Neural Networks Technology and Its Application in Activewear Pattern Making9
Unscented Transformation-Based Multi-Robot Collaborative Self-Localization and Distributed Target Tracking9
Resilient Modulus—Physical Parameters Relationship of Improved Red Clay by Dynamic Tri-Axial Test9
Advances in Computational Fluid Mechanics in Cellular Flow Manipulation: A Review9
Application of Multiple Unipolar Axial Eddy Current Brakes for Lightweight Electric Vehicle Braking9
An Indoor Room Classification System for Social Robots via Integration of CNN and ECOC9
Monitoring Electrochemical Reactions in Situ with Low Field NMR: A Mini-Review9
Determination of Clamping Force Using Bolt Vibration Responses during the Tightening Process9
A Novel Hydraulic Mode to Promote Gas Extraction: Pressure Relief Technologies for Tectonic Regions and Fracturing Technologies for Nontectonic Regions9
Crossover Effect in Cement-Based Materials: A Review9
Study of the Relationship between Urban Expansion and PM10 Concentration Using Multi-Temporal Spatial Datasets and the Machine Learning Technique: Case Study for Daegu, South Korea9
In-Situ Continuous Monitoring of the Viscosity of Surfactant-Stabilized and Nanoparticles-Stabilized Pickering Emulsions9
Optimization Algorithms of Neural Networks for Traditional Time-Domain Equalizer in Optical Communications9
Experimental Investigation of Structural Response of Corrugated Steel Sheet Subjected to Repeated Impact Loading: Performance of LNG Cargo Containment System8
A Review of Recent Results on Simultaneous Interrogation of Multiple Fiber Bragg Grating-Based Sensors Using Microwave Photonics8
Feasibility of a Quasi-Static Approach in Assessing Side-Wind Hazards for Running Vehicles8
Experimental Assessment of the Effect of Vertical Earthquake Motion on Underground Metro Station8
Raman Spectroscopy and 2DCOS Analysis of Unsaturated Fatty Acid in Edible Vegetable Oils8
Comparison of Raman and Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy for Real-Time Monitoring of Yeast Fermentations: A Proof-of-Concept for Multi-Channel Photometric Sensors8
Electrochemical Impedance Characterization of Cell Growth on Reduced Graphene Oxide–Gold Nanoparticles Electrodeposited on Indium Tin Oxide Electrodes8
CVD Synthesis of Solid, Hollow, and Nitrogen-Doped Hollow Carbon Spheres from Polypropylene Waste Materials8
CT Radiomics in Colorectal Cancer: Detection of KRAS Mutation Using Texture Analysis and Machine Learning8
Numerical Investigation on Ultimate Compressive Strength of Welded Stiffened Plates Built by Steel Grades of S235–S3908
The Effect of Grain Size on the Hydrodynamics of Mudflow Surge from a Tailings Dam-Break8
An Accuracy-Efficiency-Power Consumption Hybrid Optimization Method for CNC Milling Process8
A Simultaneous Conversion and Extraction of Furfural from Pentose in Dilute Acid Hydrolysate of Quercus mongolica Using an Aqueous Biphasic System8
Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Systematic Review on the Substances of Greatest Concern Responsible for the Development of Antimicrobial Resistance8
Facies Heterogeneity and Lobe Facies Multiscale Analysis of Deep-Marine Sand-Shale Complexity in the West Crocker Formation of Sabah Basin, NW Borneo8
Numerical Investigation of Jet Angle Effect on Airfoil Stall Control8
Effects of Flexural Stiffness on Deformation Behaviour of Steel and FRP Stress-Ribbon Bridges8
Parameter Optimization for Composite Structures of Microperforated Panel and Porous Metal for Optimal Sound Absorption Performance8
Classification of Chaotic Signals of the Recurrence Matrix Using a Convolutional Neural Network and Verification through the Lyapunov Exponent8
Relationship between Continuity of Care in the Multidisciplinary Treatment of Patients with Diabetes and Their Clinical Results8
The Effect of Azimuth and Tilt Angle Changes on the Energy Balance of Photovoltaic System Installed in the Southern Slovakia Region8
Expulsion Identification in Resistance Spot Welding by Electrode Force Sensing Based on Wavelet Decomposition with Multi-Indexes and BP Neural Networks8
Actions and Therapeutic Potential of Madecassoside and Other Major Constituents of Centella asiatica: A Review8
A Versatile Setup for Time-Resolved Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy Based on Fast-Gated Single-Photon Avalanche Diode and on Four-Wave Mixing Laser8
Human Behavior Analysis: A Survey on Action Recognition8
Research on the Blow-Off Impulse Effect of a Composite Reinforced Panel Subjected to Lightning Strike8
FTIR Microspectroscopy for the Assessment of Mycoplasmas in HepG2 Cell Culture8
Long-Term Effects of a Soft Robotic Suit on Gait Characteristics in Healthy Elderly Persons8
Paleo-Geohydrology of Lake Chilwa, Malawi is the Source of Localised Groundwater Salinity and Rural Water Supply Challenges8
Intelligent Microarray Data Analysis through Non-negative Matrix Factorization to Study Human Multiple Myeloma Cell Lines8
Decision Support Application for Energy Consumption Forecasting8
Comparative Study of Vortex-Induced Vibration of FRP Composite Risers with Large Length to Diameter Ratio Under Different Environmental Situations8
Direct Yaw Moment Control for Enhancing Handling Quality of Lightweight Electric Vehicles with Large Load-To-Curb Weight Ratio8
Supplementation of Non-Dairy Creamer-Enriched High-Fat Diet with D-Allulose Ameliorated Blood Glucose and Body Fat Accumulation in C57BL/6J Mice8
Temporal Variations in Soil Enzyme Activities and Responses to Land-Use Change in the Loess Plateau, China8
Width Dependent Two-Photon Absorption in Monolayer Black Phosphorus Nanoribbons8
In-Target Proton–Boron Nuclear Fusion Using a PW-Class Laser8
Impact Location on a Fan-Ring Shaped High-Stiffened Panel Using Adaptive Energy Compensation Threshold Filtering Method8
Solution Processed Polymer-ABX4 Perovskite-Like Microcavities8
A New Method for Positional Accuracy Control for Non-Normal Errors Applied to Airborne Laser Scanner Data8
Evaluation of Multi-Sensor Fusion Methods for Ultrasonic Indoor Positioning8
Future Industrial Networks in Process Automation: Goals, Challenges, and Future Directions8
New Evolutionary-Based Techniques for Image Registration8
Screening Mechanism and Properties of a Cantilevered Vibrating Sieve for Particles Processing8
Estimating Road Segments Using Kernelized Averaging of GPS Trajectories8
Transport Infrastructure SHM Using Integrated SAR Data and On-Site Vibrational Acquisitions: “Ponte Della Musica–Armando Trovajoli” Case Study8
Key Technologies and Development Trends of 5G Optical Networks8
Micro Particle Sizing Using Hilbert Transform Time Domain Signal Analysis Method in Self-Mixing Interferometry8
Key Roles of Plasmonics in Wireless THz Nanocommunications—A Survey8
Adaptive-Uniform-Experimental-Design-Based Fractional-Order Particle Swarm Optimizer with Non-Linear Time-Varying Evolution8
Thermal Time Constant of PV Roof Tiles Working under Different Conditions8
Review of Professionally Applied Fluorides for Preventing Dental Caries in Children and Adolescents8
Scale-Free Features in Collective Robot Foraging8
Validation of a Discrete Element Method (DEM) Model of the Grinding Media Dynamics within an Attritor Mill Using Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT) Measurements8
Automatic Spatial Audio Scene Classification in Binaural Recordings of Music8
Histogram Based Clustering for Nonlinear Compensation in Long Reach Coherent Passive Optical Networks8
A Sequential Approach to Numerical Simulations of Solidification with Domain and Time Decomposition8
Effect of TiO2 Addition on Mortars: Characterization and Photoactivity8
Deformations of FRP–Concrete Composite Beam: Experiment and Numerical Analysis8
Fault Data Detection of Traffic Detector Based on Wavelet Packet in the Residual Subspace Associated with PCA8
Control Method for Signalized Intersection with Integrated Waiting Area8
Dynamic Responses of Liquid Storage Tanks Caused by Wind and Earthquake in Special Environment8
A Feature Selection Method for Multi-Label Text Based on Feature Importance8
Dynamics of a Partially Confined, Vertical Upward-Fluid-Conveying, Slender Cantilever Pipe with Reverse External Flow8
Heuristics for Spreading Alarm throughout a Network8
Numerical Analysis of a Catenary Mooring System Attached by Clump Masses for Improving the Wave-Resistance Ability of a Spar Buoy-Type Floating Offshore Wind Turbine8
Bootstrap Analysis of the Production Processes Capability Assessment8
Implications on Livelihoods and the Environment of Uptake of Gasifier Cook Stoves among Kenya’s Rural Households8
Electrically Small Water-Based Hemispherical Dielectric Resonator Antenna8
Non-Invasive Morphological Characterization of Rice Leaf Bulliform and Aerenchyma Cellular Regions Using Low Coherence Interferometry8
Elastica of Non-Prismatic and Nonlinear Elastic Cantilever Beams under Combined Loading8
Design and Analysis of Cloud Upper Limb Rehabilitation System Based on Motion Tracking for Post-Stroke Patients8
A Study of Colormaps in Network Visualization8
Efficient Driving Plan and Validation of Aircraft NLG Emergency Extension System via Mixture of Reliability Models and Test Bench8
A Novel Coding Based Dimming Scheme with Constant Transmission Efficiency in VLC Systems8
Improvement of Electro-Optical Properties of PSLC Devices by Silver Nanowire Doping8
Potential of Advanced Consolidants for the Application on Sandstone8
The Conundrum of Relaxation Volumes in First-Principles Calculations of Charged Defects in UO28
A Text-Generated Method to Joint Extraction of Entities and Relations8
Electronic, Optical, Mechanical and Lattice Dynamical Properties of MgBi2O6: A First-Principles Study8
Treatment of Organic Matter and Tetracycline in Water by Using Constructed Wetlands and Photocatalysis8
CFD-Based Comparison Study of a New Flow Diverting Stent and Commercially-Available Ones for the Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms8
Performance of Retro-Reflective Building Envelope Materials with Fixed Glass Beads8
The Detection and Recognition of RGB-LED-ID Based on Visible Light Communication using Convolutional Neural Network8
Experimental Investigation of Acoustic Propagation Characteristics in a Fluid-Filled Polyethylene Pipeline8
Simplified Regional Prediction Model of Long-Term Trend for Critical Frequency of Ionospheric F2 Region over East Asia8
Multilayer Perceptron-Based Phenological and Radiometric Normalization for High-Resolution Satellite Imagery8
Hydrothermal Conversion of Red Mud into Magnetic Adsorbent for Effective Adsorption of Zn(II) in Water8
Bödewadt Flow Over a Permeable Disk with Homogeneous-Heterogeneous Reactions: A Numerical Study8
Determination of the Material Parameters in the Holzapfel-Gasser-Ogden Constitutive Model for Simulation of Age-Dependent Material Nonlinear Behavior for Aortic Wall Tissue under Uniaxial Tension8
Human-machine Interaction: Adapted Safety Assistance in Mentality Using Hidden Markov Chain and Petri Net8
Spatial Interpolation of GNSS Troposphere Wet Delay by a Newly Designed Artificial Neural Network Model8
Photon Enhanced Interaction and Entanglement in Semiconductor Position-Based Qubits8
Numerical Investigations of Micro-Scale Diffusion Combustion: A Brief Review8
Which Local Search Operator Works Best for the Open-Loop TSP?8
Dynamic Rating of Three-Core XLPE Submarine Cables for Offshore Wind Farms8
Cutting Performance and Wear/Damage Characteristics of PCBN Tool in Hard Milling8
Virtual Synchronous Generator Based on Hybrid Energy Storage System for PV Power Fluctuation Mitigation8
Majority Voting Based Multi-Task Clustering of Air Quality Monitoring Network in Turkey8
Embedded Based Real-Time Monitoring in the High-Pressure Resin Transfer Molding Process for CFRP8
Minimum Frequency and Voltage Stability Constrained Unit Commitment for AC/DC Transmission Systems8
Influence of Fuel Injection, Turbocharging and EGR Systems Control on Combustion Parameters in an Automotive Diesel Engine8
The Telocytes in the Subepicardial Niche8
Experimental Study on Dynamics of Wooden House Wall Panels with Different Thermal Isolation8
Residual Power Series Technique for Simulating Fractional Bagley–Torvik Problems Emerging in Applied Physics8
System Configurations and Operational Concepts for Highly Efficient Utilization of Power-to-Heat in A-CAES8
A Layer-Wise Strategy for Indoor As-Built Modeling Using Point Clouds8
Model of a Coil-Reinforced Cylindrical Soft Actuator8
Numerical Study on Scale Effect of Repetitive Plate-Loading Test8
Feasibility Assessment of a Bioethanol Plant in the Northern Netherlands8
Applications of Continuous Wave Free Precession Sequences in Low-Field, Time-Domain NMR8
Standards for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems—Two Case Studies from Sensor Technology8
Environmental Effects on HV Dielectric Materials and Related Sensing Technologies8
Introduction of Building Information Modeling in Industrial Engineering Education: Students’ Perception8
Life-Cycle Assessment of the Substitution of Sand with Coal Bottom Ash in Concrete: Two Concrete Design Methods8
On the Determination of Meshed Distribution Networks Operational Points after Reinforcement8
Energy Consumption Model for Drilling Processes Based on Cutting Force8
Perspective Morphometric Criteria for Facial Beauty and Proportion Assessment8
Plasmonic Jackiw-Rebbi Modes in Graphene Waveguide Arrays8
Nonlinear Blind Source Separation and Fault Feature Extraction Method for Mining Machine Diagnosis8
Enhancing Interaction with Augmented Reality through Mid-Air Haptic Feedback: Architecture Design and User Feedback8
Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator with Optimized Phase Modulation Ranges to Display Multiorder Diffractive Elements8
Development of a Vibroacoustic Stochastic Finite Element Prediction Tool for a CLT Floor8
3D and Boundary Effects on 2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography8
An Auto-Scaling Framework for Analyzing Big Data in the Cloud Environment8
A Feasibility Study of Privacy Ensuring Emergency Vehicle Approaching Warning System8
Furfural Hydrogenation on Modified Niobia8
A Speed Tracking Method for Autonomous Driving via ADRC with Extended State Observer8
Seismic Response Analysis of Multi-Story Steel Frames Using BRB and SCB Hybrid Bracing System8
Infrared Stripe Correction Algorithm Based on Wavelet Analysis and Gradient Equalization8
Numerical Investigation of Impeller-Vaned Diffuser Interaction in a Centrifugal Compressor8
Design of the Refurbishment of Historic Buildings with a Cost-Optimal Methodology: A Case Study8
Fatigue Assessment of Prestressed Concrete Slab-Between-Girder Bridges8
Dye Adsorbent Materials Based on Porous Ceramics from Glass Fiber-Reinforced Plastic and Clay8
Bulletproof Performance of Composite Plate Fabricated Using Shear Thickening Fluid and Natural Fiber Paper8
Discrete-Time First-Order Plus Dead-Time Model-Reference Trade-off PID Control Design8
Improved Probability Prediction Method Research for Photovoltaic Power Output8
Video Monitoring of Shoreline Positions in Hujeong Beach, Korea8
Moving Object Detection from Moving Camera Image Sequences Using an Inertial Measurement Unit Sensor8
Distributed Optimal Coordinated Operation for Distribution System with the Integration of Residential Microgrids8
Temperature Distribution Characteristics of Concrete during Fire Occurrence in a Tunnel8
System Reliability Assessment with Imprecise Probabilities8
Design of State-Feedback Controllers for Linear Parameter Varying Systems Subject to Time-Varying Input Saturation8
Blockchain-Based Badge Award with Existence Proof8
Seismic Vulnerability Analysis of Structure Subjected to Uneven Foundation Settlement8
Unit Commitment Accommodating Large Scale Green Power8
Wind Loads on a PV Array8
Investigating the Behaviour of Machine Learning Techniques to Segment Brain Metastases in Radiation Therapy Planning8
Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Periciliary Liquid Layer: Ciliary Abnormalities in Respiratory Diseases8
Variability of Intrinsic Groundwater Vulnerability to Pollution in River Valley due to Groundwater Depth and Recharge Changes8
Morphology and Structure of Ni/Zr0.84Sc0.16O1.92 Electrode Material Synthesized via Glycine-Nitrate Combustion Method for Solid Oxide Electrochemical Cell8
Finite Memory Structure Filtering and Smoothing for Target Tracking in Wireless Network Environments8
A Model to Predict Acoustic Resonant Frequencies of Distributed Helmholtz Resonators on Gas Turbine Engines8
Preparation of Medicated Polylactide Micropieces by Means of Ultrasonic Technology8
Effectiveness of Automatic and Manual Calibration of an Office Building Energy Model8
Research on the Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Fixed-Wing UAVs Based on Maneuver Coordination and Planned Trajectories Prediction8
The Role of Electron Trajectories in XUV-Initiated High-Harmonic Generation8
Development and Evaluation of Crack Band Model Implemented Progressive Failure Analysis Method for Notched Composite Laminate8
Performance and Loss Analysis of Squirrel Cage Induction Machine Based Flywheel Energy Storage System8
Space Charge Accumulation and Decay in Dielectric Materials with Dual Discrete Traps8
WiFi-Based Gesture Recognition for Vehicular Infotainment System—An Integrated Approach8
Time Coding OTDM MIMO System Based on Singular Value Decomposition for 5G Applications8
Fault Diagnosis Method for Engine Control System Based on Probabilistic Neural Network and Support Vector Machine8
Integer-and Fractional-Order Integral and Derivative Two-Port Summations: Practical Design Considerations8
Identifying Foreign Tourists’ Nationality from Mobility Traces via LSTM Neural Network and Location Embeddings8
Technologies for the Production of Fertilizable Mammalian Oocytes8
Effects of Water-Soaking Height on the Deformation and Failure of Coal in Uniaxial Compression8
Centrosymmetric Optical Vortex8
Impact of Wind Veer and the Coriolis Force for an Idealized Farm to Farm Interaction Case8
Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Obstacles of the Multi-Functionality of Land Use in Xiangxi, China8
Redundancy Removed Dual-Tree Discrete Wavelet Transform to Construct Compact Representations for Automated Seizure Detection8
Bionic Stiffener Layout Optimization with a Flexible Plate in Solar-Powered UAV Surface Structure Design8
Preparation of an Asymmetric Membrane from Sugarcane Bagasse Using DMSO as Green Solvent8
Effect of Chromatographic Conditions on Supercoiled Plasmid DNA Stability and Bioactivity8
Gait Classification Using Mahalanobis–Taguchi System for Health Monitoring Systems Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction8
The Impact of Catchment Characteristics and Weather Conditions on Heavy Metal Concentrations in Stormwater—Data Mining Approach8
A Multi-Physics Modeling-Based Vibration Prediction Method for Switched Reluctance Motors8
The Potential of Iron Ore Tailings as Secondary Deposits of Rare Earths8
UAV-Based Air Pollutant Source Localization Using Combined Metaheuristic and Probabilistic Methods8
Reinforcement Mechanism and Optimisation of Reinforcement Approach of a High and Steep Slope Using Prestressed Anchor Cables8
Stability and Heat Input Controllability of Two Different Modulations for Double-Pulse MIG Welding8
The Construction of Equivalent Particle Element Models for Conditioned Sandy Pebble8
Dynamic Phase Measuring Profilometry Based on Tricolor Binary Fringe Encoding Combined Time-Division Multiplexing8
Scaling of Three-Dimensional Computer-Generated Holograms with Layer-Based Shifted Fresnel Diffraction8
Surface Tracking of MgO/Epoxy Nanocomposites: Effect of Surface Hydrophobicity8
Application of a Design and Construction Method Based on a Study of User Needs in the Prevention of Accidents Involving Operators of Demolition Robots8
Hysteretic Behavior of Steel Reinforced Concrete Columns Based on Damage Analysis8
Accuracy of Five Intraoral Scanners and Two Laboratory Scanners for a Complete Arch: A Comparative In Vitro Study8
Performance and Control Strategy of Real-Time Simulation of a Three-Phase Solid-State Transformer8
Discrete-Time Fractional Order Integral Sliding Mode Control of an Antagonistic Actuator Driven by Pneumatic Artificial Muscles8
Stressing State Analysis of CFST Arch Supports in Deep Roadway Based on NSF Method8
RBF Neural Network Based Backstepping Control for an Electrohydraulic Elastic Manipulator8
Towards Deep Integration of Electronics and Photonics8
Cleaning Efficacy of the XP-Endo® Finisher Instrument Compared to Other Irrigation Activation Procedures: A Systematic Review8
Cellulases Production by a Trichoderma sp. Using Food Manufacturing Wastes8
A Hierarchical Mission Planning Method for Simultaneous Arrival of Multi-UAV Coalition8
Helmholtz Resonance Frequency of the Synthetic Jet Actuator8
Rolling Bearings Fault Diagnosis Based on Tree Heuristic Feature Selection and the Dependent Feature Vector Combined with Rough Sets8
Damage Detection in Beam Bridges Using Quasi-static Displacement Influence Lines8
Ankle Joint Dynamic Stiffness in Long-Distance Runners: Effect of Foot Strike and Shoes Features8
Detection and Treatment Methods for Perfluorinated Compounds in Wastewater Treatment Plants8
The Correlation between Users’ Cognitive Characteristics and Visualization Literacy8
Practical Design of a High-Voltage Pulsed Power Supply Implementing SiC Technology for Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Reactors8
Effect of Biochar Application Depth on Crop Productivity Under Tropical Rainfed Conditions8
Fertility Detection of Hatching Eggs Based on a Convolutional Neural Network8
Evaluation of Waste Express Bag as a Novel Bitumen Modifier8
A Comparison of Different District Integration for a Distributed Generation System for Heating and Cooling in an Urban Area8
Cross-Layer and SDN Based Routing Scheme for P2P Communication in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks8
Geographically Modeling and Understanding Factors Influencing Transit Ridership: An Empirical Study of Shenzhen Metro8
Full-scale Studies of Improving Energy Performance by Renovating Historic Swedish Timber Buildings with Hemp-lime8
Biochar as a Stimulator for Germination Capacity in Seeds of Virginia Mallow (Sida hermaphrodita (L.) Rusby)8
Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide Emissions amongst Alternative Slab Systems during the Construction Phase in a Building Project8
Off-Line Camera-Based Calibration for Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Displays8
Damage Analyses of Replaceable Links in Eccentrically Braced Frame (EBF) Subject to Cyclic Loading8
Deep Learning for Facial Recognition on Single Sample per Person Scenarios with Varied Capturing Conditions8
IVUS Image Segmentation Using Superpixel-Wise Fuzzy Clustering and Level Set Evolution8
Self-Compacting Concrete Reinforced with Twisted-Bundle Macro-Synthetic Fiber8
Simultaneous Determination of Pyrethroid, Organophosphate and Carbamate Metabolites in Human Urine by Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GCMS)8
A Novel Remote Sensing Index for Extracting Impervious Surface Distribution from Landsat 8 OLI Imagery8
Channel and Bit Adaptive Power Control Strategy for Uplink NOMA VLC Systems8
A Fast Computer-Generated Holographic Method for VR and AR Near-Eye 3D Display8
Photonic-Assisted Scanning Receivers for Microwave Frequency Measurement8
An Experimental Study on the Reduction Behavior of Dust Generated from Electric Arc Furnace8
The Role of Powered Surgical Instruments in Ear Surgery: An Acoustical Blessing or a Curse?8
The Extended SLM Combined Autoencoder of the PAPR Reduction Scheme in DCO-OFDM Systems8
Low Threshold Optical Bistability in Aperiodic PT-Symmetric Lattices Composited with Fibonacci Sequence Dielectrics and Graphene8
A Simplified Approach to Design Jet-Grouted Bottom Sealing Barriers for Deep Excavations in Deep Aquifers8
Assembly Tolerance Design Based on Skin Model Shapes Considering Processing Feature Degradation8
Bitcoin and Cybersecurity: Temporal Dissection of Blockchain Data to Unveil Changes in Entity Behavioral Patterns8
Effects of Mixing Conditions on Floc Properties in Magnesium Hydroxide Continuous Coagulation Process8
Multi-Level Analysis of On-Chip Optical Wireless Links8
Comprehensive Evaluation of Power Quality Based on an Improved TOPSIS Method Considering the Correlation between Indices8
A Radiological Approach to Evaluate Bone Graft Integration in Reconstructive Surgeries8
Power Assist Control Based on Human Motion Estimation Using Motion Sensors for Powered Exoskeleton without Binding Legs8
Compression of Biomass Substances—A Study on Springback Effects and Color Formation in Pellet Manufacture8
Neural Approximation Enhanced Predictive Tracking Control of a Novel Designed Four-Wheeled Rollator8
Contamination of Coupling Glass and Performance Evaluation of Protective System in Vacuum Laser Beam Welding8
Comparative Study of the Trueness of the Inner Surface of Crowns Fabricated from Three Types of Lithium Disilicate Blocks8
Double-Diffracted Spatially Separated Heterodyne Grating Interferometer and Analysis on its Alignment Tolerance8
The Rediscovery of Honey for Skin Repair: Recent Advances in Mechanisms for Honey-Mediated Wound Healing and Scaffolded Application Techniques8
Immunohistochemical Expression of Wilms’ Tumor 1 Protein in Human Tissues: From Ontogenesis to Neoplastic Tissues8
A Tabu List-Based Algorithm for Capacitated Multilevel Lot-Sizing with Alternate Bills of Materials and Co-Production Environments8
Comparison of Mechanical and Electrical Characteristics of Various Polymers Blended with Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) and Applications8
Feasibility Investigation of SIW Cavity-Backed Patch Antenna Array for Ku Band Applications8
Effect of Soil Reinforcement on Tunnel Deformation as a Result of Stress Relief8
Investigation of Hydrodynamic Forces for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines on Spar Buoys and Tension Leg Platforms with the Mooring Systems in Waves8
Direct-Mapping-Based MIMO-FBMC Underwater Acoustic Communication Architecture for Multimedia Signals8
NewApproach to Predict the Motion Characteristics of Single Bubbles in Still Water8
Development of Deep Learning Based Human-Centered Threat Assessment for Application to Automated Driving Vehicle8
A Quantitative Index to Evaluate the Commutation Failure Probability of LCC-HVDC with a Synchronous Condenser8
Investigation of Pellet Properties Produced from a Mix of Straw and Paper Sludge8
A 3D Simulation of Single-Channel High-Temperature Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Performances8
Full-Scale Label-Free Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Analysis of Mouse Brain Using a Black Phosphorus-Based Two-Dimensional Nanoprobe8
Quality Monitoring and Analysis of Xinjiang ‘Korla’ Fragrant Pear in Cold Chain Logistics and Home Storage with Multi-Sensor Technology8
Experimental Study and Thermodynamic Analysis of Hydrogen Production through a Two-Step Chemical Regenerative Coal Gasification8
Model Issues Regarding Modification of Fuel Injector Components to Improve the Injection Parameters of a Modern Compression Ignition Engine Powered by Biofuel8
Predicting Burnout Factors among Healthcare Providers at Private Hospitals in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates: A Cross-Sectional Study8
SOC Estimation with an Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter Based on Model Parameter Optimization8
High-Precision Light Spot Position Detection in Low SNR Condition Based on Quadrant Detector8
Effects of Solid Die Types in Complex and Large-Scale Aluminum Profile Extrusion8
A Non-Contact Photoplethysmography Technique for the Estimation of Heart Rate via Smartphone8
An Underwater Vector Propulsion Device Based on the RS+2PRS Parallel Mechanism and Its Attitude Control Algorithm8
On Transparency and Accountability of Smart Assistants in Smart Cities8
Impact of Nonlinear Chemical Reaction and Melting Heat Transfer on an MHD Nanofluid Flow over a Thin Needle in Porous Media8
Numerical Investigation of Mineral Grain Shape Effects on Strength and Fracture Behaviors of Rock Material8
Compensation of Reactive Power and Unbalanced Power in Three-Phase Three-Wire Systems Connected to an Infinite Power Network8
Experimental Study on Flexural Behavior of TRM-Strengthened RC Beam: Various Types of Textile-Reinforced Mortar with Non-Impregnated Textile8
Quadrupedal Robots Whole-Body Motion Control Based on Centroidal Momentum Dynamics8
Optimization of Vibration Characteristics of Fused Deposition Modeling Color 3D Printer Based on Modal and Power Spectrum Method8
The Impact of Demand Response Programs on Reducing the Emissions and Cost of A Neighborhood Home Microgrid8
State-of-the-Art of Colloidal Silica-Based Soil Liquefaction Mitigation: An Emerging Technique for Ground Improvement8
Optimal Unit Commitment by Considering High Penetration of Renewable Energy and Ramp Rate of Thermal Units-A case study in Taiwan8
Study of 2,4-D Spectral Characteristics and Its Detection in Zizania Latifolia Using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy8
Understanding Camellia sinensis using Omics Technologies along with Endophytic Bacteria and Environmental Roles on Metabolism: A Review8
Biological Effects of High-Voltage Electric Field Treatment of Naked Oat Seeds8
Extraction Efficiency of a Commercial Espresso Machine Compared to a Stainless-Steel Column Pressurized Hot Water Extraction (PHWE) System for the Determination of 23 Pharmaceuticals, Antibiotics and 8
Thermal Evaluation of a Hybrid Dryer with Solar and Geothermal Energy for Agroindustry Application8
High Voltage Graphene Nanowall Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Diode Characterization for High Temperature Applications8
Improved Application of Hyperspectral Analysis to Rock Art Panels from El Castillo Cave (Spain)8
On-the-Fly Machine Learning for Improving Image Resolution in Tomography8
A Systematic Performance History Analysis of a Chlor-Alkali Membrane Electrolyser under Industrial Operating Conditions8
Quantum-Key-Distribution (QKD) Networks Enabled by Software-Defined Networks (SDN)8
Generation and Propagation of a Hermite-Gaussian Correlated Schell-Model LG0l Beam8
Fabrication and Luminescent Properties of Zn–Cu–In–S/ZnS Quantum Dot Films under UV Excitation8
Investigation of Cavitation Noise in Cavitating Flows around an NACA0015 Hydrofoil8
Methane Detection Based on Improved Chicken Algorithm Optimization Support Vector Machine8
Application of 3D Digital Image Correlation for Development and Validation of FEM Model of Self-Supporting Arch Structures8
Improving the Reliability of Photovoltaic and Wind Power Storage Systems Using Least Squares Support Vector Machine Optimized by Improved Chicken Swarm Algorithm8
Independent Analysis of Decelerations and Resting Periods through CEEMDAN and Spectral-Based Feature Extraction Improves Cardiotocographic Assessment8
Near-Field IR Orientational Spectroscopy of Silk8
Clutter Elimination and Harmonic Suppression of Non-Stationary Life Signs for Long-Range and Through-Wall Human Subject Detection Using Spectral Kurtosis Analysis (SKA)-Based Windowed Fourier Transfor8
A Method for Expansion of Z-Directional Measurement Range in a Mode-Locked Femtosecond Laser Chromatic Confocal Probe8
Effects of Toe-Out and Toe-In Gaits on Lower-Extremity Kinematics, Dynamics, and Electromyography8
A Tightly Coupled GIS and Spatiotemporal Modeling for Methane Emission Simulation in the Underground Coal Mine System8
Study on Femtosecond Laser Processing Characteristics of Nano-Crystalline CVD Diamond Coating8
A Modeling Framework to Investigate the Influence of Fouling on the Dynamic Characteristics of PID-Controlled Heat Exchangers and Their Networks7
Pipe Crack Recognition Based on Eddy Current NDT and 2D Impedance Characteristics7
Performance Evaluation and Optimization of a Building-Integrated Photovoltaic/Thermal Solar Water Heating System for Exterior Shading: A Case Study in South China7
Filler Metal Mixing Behaviour of 10 mm Thick Stainless Steel Butt-Joint Welds Produced with Laser-Arc Hybrid and Laser Cold-Wire Processes7
Laser Sintering of TiO2 Films for Flexible Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells7
Performance Assessment of a Three-Dimensional Printed Porous Media Produced by Selective Laser Melting Technology for the Optimization of Loop Heat Pipe Wicks7
Differential Efficacy of Two Dental Implant Decontamination Techniques in Reducing Microbial Biofilm and Re-Growth onto Titanium Disks In Vitro7
A Real Distribution Network Voltage Regulation Incorporating Auto-Tap-Changer Pole Transformer Multiobjective Optimization7
Wing Load and Angle of Attack Identification by Integrating Optical Fiber Sensing and Neural Network Approach in Wind Tunnel Test7
Thermal Fatigue Life Prediction of Thermal Barrier Coat on Nozzle Guide Vane via Master–Slave Model7
Influence of Laboratory Compaction Method on Compaction and Strength Characteristics of Unbound and Cement-Bound Mixtures7
Assessing Spatial Distribution of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities Associated with Surrounding Land Cover and Water Quality7
Lossless WDM PON Photonic Integrated Receivers Including SOAs7
A Novel Method of Hyperspectral Data Classification Based on Transfer Learning and Deep Belief Network7
Implementation of R&D Results and Industry 4.0 Influenced by Selected Macroeconomic Indicators7
Micro-Mechanism of Spherical Gypsum Particle Breakage under Ball–Plane Contact Condition7
Effect of Thermo-Oxidative Ageing on Nano-Morphology of Bitumen7
Experimental Studies of Ethyl Acetate Saponification Using Different Reactor Systems: The Effect of Volume Flow Rate on Reactor Performance and Pressure Drop7
Rice Straw and Flax Fiber Particleboards as a Product of Agricultural Waste: An Evaluation of Technical Properties7
Obtaining Various Shapes of Machined Surface Using a Tool with a Multi-Insert Cutting Edge7
Potential Activity of Recycled Clay Brick in Cement Stabilized Subbase7
A Gesture-Based Teleoperation System for Compliant Robot Motion7
Spring Failure Analysis of Mining Vibrating Screens: Numerical and Experimental Studies7
Comparative Study of Wind Turbine Placement Methods for Flat Wind Farm Layout Optimization with Irregular Boundary7
Human Balance in Response to Continuous, Predictable Translations of the Support Base: Integration of Sensory Information, Adaptation to Perturbations, and the Effect of Age, Neuropathy and Parkinson’7
Deep Forest-Based Monocular Visual Sign Language Recognition7
Research on Scene Classification Method of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on RFPNet7
Mechanical Characterisation and Shrinkage of Thermoactivated Recycled Cement Concrete7
An Efficient Resource Allocation Algorithm for Device-To-Device Communications7
Analytical Electromechanical Modeling of Nanoscale Flexoelectric Energy Harvesting7
Strain-Specific Effects of Biochar and Its Water-Soluble Compounds on Bacterial Growth7
Sol-Gel Glass-Ceramic Materials Containing CaF2:Eu3+ Fluoride Nanocrystals for Reddish-Orange Photoluminescence Applications7
Longitudinal Displacement Behavior and Girder End Reliability of a Jointless Steel-Truss Arch Railway Bridge during Operation7
A Computer-Aided Detection System for the Detection of Lung Nodules Based on 3D-ResNet7
Comprehensive Evaluation of AC/DC Hybrid Microgrid Planning Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Entropy Weight Method7
Design of Interactions for Handheld Augmented Reality Devices Using Wearable Smart Textiles: Findings from a User Elicitation Study7
Detecting the Void behind the Tunnel Lining by Impact-Echo Methods with Different Signal Analysis Approaches7
Inter-Sentence Segmentation of YouTube Subtitles Using Long-Short Term Memory (LSTM)7
Enhanced Fault Current-Limiting Circuit Design for a DC Fault in a Modular Multilevel Converter-Based High-Voltage Direct Current System7
The Development of Magnesium-Based Resorbable and Iron-Based Biocorrodible Metal Scaffold Technology and Biomedical Applications in Coronary Artery Disease Patients7
Analysis of Coastal Zone Data of Northern Yantai Collected by Remote Sensing from 1990 to 20187
Triaxial Loading and Unloading Tests on Dry and Saturated Sandstone Specimens7
Identification of Coal Geographical Origin Using Near Infrared Sensor Based on Broad Learning7
Sparse Envelope Spectra for Feature Extraction of Bearing Faults Based on NMF7
Enhancing Design for Additive Manufacturing Workflow: Optimization, Design and Simulation Tools7
An Investigation on the Forced Convection of Al2O3-water Nanofluid Laminar Flow in a Microchannel Under Interval Uncertainties7
Piezoelectric Composite Vibrator with a Bilaminated Structure for Bending Vibration7
Fabrication of Self-Healable Magnetic Nanocomposites via Diels−Alder Click Chemistry7
Fungal Community Analyses of a Pirogue from the Tang Dynasty in the National Maritime Museum of China7
Shipborne Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing Experimental Verifications Towards Satellite-to-Sea Laser Communication7
Parallel Hierarchical Genetic Algorithm for Scattered Data Fitting through B-Splines7
Holographic Mixed Reality System for Air Traffic Control and Management7
Robust Planning of Energy and Environment Systems through Introducing Traffic Sector with Cost Minimization and Emissions Abatement under Multiple Uncertainties7
Complex-Eigenfrequency Band Structure of Viscoelastic Phononic Crystals7
The Prevention and Control Mechanism of Rockburst Hazards and Its Application in the Construction of a Deeply Buried Tunnel7
Quantum Structure for Modelling Emotion Space of Robots7
Can Phosphorus from Recycled Fertilisers Replace Conventional Sources? An Agronomic Evaluation in Field-Scale Experiments on Temperate Luvisols7
Correlation Analysis between UBD and LST in Hefei, China, Using Luojia1-01 Night-Time Light Imagery7
A 5-Years (2015–2019) Control Activity of an EU Laboratory: Contamination of Histamine in Fish Products and Exposure Assessment7
Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) Using STS 316L7
pH Measurement of Cement-Based Materials: The Effect of Particle Size7
Variable Step Block Hybrid Method for Stiff Chemical Kinetics Problems7
Design and Investigation of a Dual Material Gate Arsenic Alloy Heterostructure Junctionless TFET with a Lightly Doped Source7
Tangible VR Book: Exploring the Design Space of Marker-Based Tangible Interfaces for Virtual Reality7
Tuning the Resonant Frequency of a Surface Plasmon by Double-Metallic Ag/Au Nanoparticles for High-Efficiency Green Light-Emitting Diodes7
A Robotic Deburring Methodology for Tool Path Planning and Process Parameter Control of a Five-Degree-of-Freedom Robot Manipulator7
Dynamic Parameter Identification of a Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Using RLS-PSO7
An Interacting Multiple Model Approach for Target Intent Estimation at Urban Intersection for Application to Automated Driving Vehicle7
A Simple Joint Modulation Format Identification and OSNR Monitoring Scheme for IMDD OOFDM Transceivers Using K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm7
Evaluation of the Occurrence of Phthalates in Plastic Materials Used in Food Packaging7
A Block Iteration with Parallelization Method for the Greedy Selection in Radial Basis Functions Based Mesh Deformation7
Analysis of La4Ni3O10±δ-BaCe0.9Y0.1O3-δ Composite Cathodes for Proton Ceramic Fuel Cells7
Microstructure, Durability and Mechanical Properties of Mortars Prepared Using Ternary Binders with Addition of Slag, Fly Ash and Limestone7
Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Vocal Fold Approximation in Healthy and Simulated Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis7
Feasibility of Transcervical Robotic-Assisted Esophagectomy (TC-RAMIE) in a Cadaver Study—A Future Outlook for an Extrapleural Approach7
Acoustic Improvements of Aircraft Headrests Based on Electrospun Mats Evaluated Through Boundary Element Method7
Optical, Electrical, and Surface Properties of Cu/Plasma Polymer Fluorocarbon Nanocomposite Thin Film Fabricated Using Metal/Polymer Composite Target7
FMFN: Fine-Grained Multimodal Fusion Networks for Fake News Detection7
Denoising of the Fiber Bragg Grating Deformation Spectrum Signal Using Variational Mode Decomposition Combined with Wavelet Thresholding7
Mixed Integer Linear Programming Models to Solve a Real-Life Vehicle Routing Problem with Pickup and Delivery7
15N Natural Abundance, Nitrogen and Carbon Pools in Soil-Sorghum System Amended with Natural and NH4+-Enriched Zeolitites7
Testing of Natural Sorbents for the Assessment of Heavy Metal Ions’ Adsorption7
Exoproduction and Molecular Characterization of Peroxidase from Ensifer adhaerens7
Digital 3D Technologies for Humanities Research and Education: An Overview7
Determination Method of Reasonable Reinforcement Parameters for Subsea Tunnels Considering Ground Reinforcement and Seepage Effect7
Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells from Glioblastoma Patients by Direct Immunomagnetic Targeting7
Reviews on Corrugated Diaphragms in Miniature Fiber-Optic Pressure Sensors7
Linear Response in Topological Materials7
Effect of Mix Proportion Parameters on Behaviors of Basalt Fiber RPC Based on Box-Behnken Model7
Novel Hand Gesture Alert System7
Test-Retest Reliability of Kinematic Parameters of Timed Up and Go in People with Type 2 Diabetes7
Optimal Strokes of Low Reynolds Number Linked-Sphere Swimmers7
Experimental Study on a Prefabricated Lightweight Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Framework Composite Slab Structure Subjected to Reversed Cyclic Loading7
Accurate Constant Phase Elements Dedicated for Audio Signal Processing7
Injectable Vaginal Hydrogels as a Multi-Drug Carrier for Contraception7
In Situ Analysis of Plaster Detachment by Impact Tests7
Improving the Accuracy of Fault Frequency by Means of Local Mean Decomposition and Ratio Correction Method for Rolling Bearing Failure7
Zero Energy in the Built Environment: A Holistic Understanding7
A Deep Learning Based Method for the Non-Destructive Measuring of Rock Strength through Hammering Sound7
Fully Symmetric Convolutional Network for Effective Image Denoising7
Water-in-Water Emulsion as a New Approach to Produce Mesalamine-Loaded Xylan-Based Microparticles7
Ultra-Thin Metamaterial Beam Splitters7
Active Fault-Tolerant Control Based on Multiple Input Multiple Output-Model Free Adaptive Control for Four Wheel Independently Driven Electric Vehicle Drive System7
Cold Boot Attacks on LUOV7
Phthalates Exposure and Occupational Symptoms among Slovakian Hairdressing Apprentices7
On Sharing an FIB Table in Named Data Networking7
How Do You Speak about Immigrants? Taxonomy and StereoImmigrants Dataset for Identifying Stereotypes about Immigrants7
Multi-Task Learning for Multi-Dimensional Regression: Application to Luminescence Sensing7
Anomaly Detection and Identification in Satellite Telemetry Data Based on Pseudo-Period7
Control-Flow Integrity: Attacks and Protections7
In Vivo Rat Brain Imaging through Full-Field Optical Coherence Microscopy Using an Ultrathin Short Multimode Fiber Probe7
Compensation of Limited Bandwidth and Nonlinearity for Coherent Transponder7
Development of a Convolution-Based Multi-Directional and Parallel Ant Colony Algorithm Considering a Network with Dynamic Topology Changes7
Marketing Innovations in Industry 4.0 and Their Impacts on Current Enterprises7
An Innovative Green Process for the Stabilization and Valorization of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste7
Crushing Performance of Ultra-Lightweight Foam Concrete with Fine Particle Inclusions7
A Novel Way for Whey: Cheese Whey Fermentation Produces an Effective and Environmentally-Safe Alternative to Chlorine7
Analysis of Dynamic Parameters of a Railway Bridge7
The Use of High-Alloyed EAF Slag for the Neutralization of On-Site Produced Acidic Wastewater: The First Step Towards a Zero-Waste Stainless-Steel Production Process7
Feature Extraction and Evaluation for Driver Drowsiness Detection Based on Thermoregulation7
Sustainable Silicon Waste Material Utilization for Road Construction: An Application of Modified Binder for Marshall Stability Analysis7
Robot-Assisted Surgery in Urology: The Show Must Go On7
Enhanced Application of Principal Component Analysis in Machine Learning for Imputation of Missing Traffic Data7
Immunoexpression of Macroh2a in Uveal Melanoma7
Fine Exploration and Control of Subway Crossing Karst Area7
Combining Fuzzy C-Means Clustering with Fuzzy Rough Feature Selection7
The Influence of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on the Mechanical Properties and Parameters of the Duncan-Chang Constitutive Model of Remolded Saline Soil in Nong’an County, Jilin Province, Northeastern China7
Reception of OAM Radio Waves Using Pseudo-Doppler Interpolation Techniques: A Frequency-Domain Approach7
Taking Advantage of Collective Intelligence and BIM-Based Virtual Reality in Fire Safety Inspection for Commercial and Public Buildings7
Integrated Thermal and Dynamic Analysis of Dry Automotive Clutch Linings7
Multi-Objective Instance Weighting-Based Deep Transfer Learning Network for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis7
Damage Detection Using Modal Rotational Mode Shapes Obtained with a Uniform Rate CSLDV Measurement7
Simulation of the Cooling Effect of Porous Asphalt Pavement with Different Air Voids7
MPC for Optimized Energy Exchange between Two Renewable-Energy Prosumers7
Active Control of Sound Transmission through Orthogonally Rib Stiffened Double-Panel Structure: Mechanism Analysis7
Adaptive Polling Medium Access Control Protocol for Optic Wireless Networks7
Experimental and Numerical Study on the Strain Behavior of Buried Pipelines Subjected to an Impact Load7
Relay Selection Schemes for FSO Communications over Turbulent Channels7
Effect of Glycerol Concentration and Light Intensity on Growth and Biochemical Composition of Arthrospira (Spirulina) Platensis: A Study in Semi-Continuous Mode with Non-Aseptic Conditions7
Quadratic Electro-Optic Effect in Metal Nanoparticles in a Transparent Dielectric Medium7
Damage Evaluation of Porcelain Insulators with 154 kV Transmission Lines by Various Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Ensemble Methods Using Frequency Response Data7
Evaluating Methods for the Identification of Off-Chain Transactions in the Lightning Network7
Carbonate-Based Lanthanum Strontium Cobalt Ferrite (LSCF)–Samarium-Doped Ceria (SDC) Composite Cathode for Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells7
Analysis of Early Performance of Cement Paste by Low Field NMR7
Numerical Analysis of Urine Flow with Multiple Sizes of Double-J Stents7
Dynamic Performance Optimization of Circular Sawing Machine Gearbox7
Tracking the Movements of Juvenile Chinook Salmon using an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle under Payload Control7
NMR Relaxometry and IR Thermography to Study Ancient Cotton Paper Bookbinding7
What Is the Main Difference between Medium-Depth Geothermal Heat Pump Systems and Conventional Shallow-Depth Geothermal Heat Pump Systems? Field Tests and Comparative Study7
Combined Fusion Rules in Cognitive Radio Networks Using Different Threshold Strategies7
Comparative Study of ZnO Thin Films Grown on Quartz Glass and Sapphire (001) Substrates by Means of Magnetron Sputtering and High-Temperature Annealing7
RSS-Fingerprint Dimensionality Reduction for Multiple Service Set Identifier-Based Indoor Positioning Systems7
Novel Application Method for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Utilizing Its Attractant-Responsive Accumulation Property7
Color Visual Secret Sharing for QR Code with Perfect Module Reconstruction7
Effect of Microalgae Incorporation on Quality Characteristics and Functional and Antioxidant Capacities of Ready-to-Eat Fish Burgers Made from Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)7
Adaptation of the SBTool for Sustainability Assessment of High School Buildings in Portugal—SAHSBPT7
Lexicon-Enhanced Attention Network Based on Text Representation for Sentiment Classification7
Design and Analysis of a Chinese Medicine Based Humanoid Robotic Arm Massage System7
Machinability of Stone—Plastic Materials During Diamond Planing7
The Impact of Node Location Imperfections on the Reliability of Single-Layer Steel Domes7
Sensitive and Selective Detection of New Red Colorant Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Using Molecularly Imprinted Hydrogels7
Ground-Borne Vibration Due to Construction Works with Respect to Brownfield Areas7
Time Frequency Representation Enhancement via Frequency Matching Linear Transform for Bearing Condition Monitoring under Variable Speeds7
Automatic Identification of Sedimentary Facies Based on a Support Vector Machine in the Aryskum Graben, Kazakhstan7
Ultrahigh Resolution Polarization Sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography of the Human Cornea with Conical Scanning Pattern and Variable Dispersion Compensation7
A Novel Real-Time Match-Moving Method with HoloLens7
Simultaneous Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Heather (Calluna vulgaris L.) and Marigold (Calendula officinalis L.) and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of the Extracts7
Water Quality Changes in Cement-Lined Water Pipe Networks7
Dome Roof Fall Geohazards of Full-Seam Chamber with Ultra-Large Section in Coal Mine7
Special Issue on Machine Learning Techniques Applied to Geoscience Information System and Remote Sensing7
A New Method of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Mobile Robots Using Acoustic Landmarks7
Cartesian Aerial Manipulator with Compliant Arm7
Design and Control of a 1-DOF Robotic Lower-Limb System Driven by Novel Single Pneumatic Artificial Muscle7
An Improved Method for Predicting the Greenfield Stratum Movements Caused by Shield Tunnel Construction7
A Sparse Neural Network Based Control Structure Optimization Game under DoS Attacks for DES Frequency Regulation of Power Grid7
Green Production of Glycerol Ketals with a Clay-Based Heterogeneous Acid Catalyst7
Optimization of Processing Parameters for Water-Jet-Assisted Laser Etching of Polycrystalline Silicon7
Cooling of a Mechanical Oscillator and Normal Mode Splitting in Optomechanical Systems with Coherent Feedback7
Novel Designated Ownership Transfer with Grouping Proof7
Synthesis, Structure and Photoluminescence Properties of 2D Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Perovskites7
Toward Bridging Future Irrigation Deficits Utilizing the Shark Algorithm Integrated with a Climate Change Model7
Removal of Volatile Solids from Greywater Using Sand Filters7
Novel Motion Sickness Minimization Control via Fuzzy-PID Controller for Autonomous Vehicle7
Voltage-Controlled Synthetic Inductors for Resonant Piezoelectric Shunt Damping: A Comparative Analysis7
Genome-Centered Metagenomics Analysis Reveals the Microbial Interactions of a Syntrophic Consortium during Methane Generation in a Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System7
Predicting the Aqueductal Cerebrospinal Fluid Pulse: A Statistical Approach7
Corrosion of α-Brass in Solutions Containing Chloride Ions and 3-Mercaptoalkyl-5-amino-1H-1,2,4-triazoles7
Adaptive Backstepping Fractional Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control of Active Power Filter7
Timely and Durable Polymer Modified Patching Materials for Pothole Repairs in Low Temperature and Wet Conditions7
Simulation of Surface Topography Considering Cut-in Impact and Tool Flank Wear7
Active Vibration Control of Rib Stiffened Plate by Using Decentralized Velocity Feedback Controllers with Inertial Actuators7
Analysis of Trends in Korean BIM Research and Technologies Using Text Mining7
Using the Characteristics of Pulse Waveform to Enhance the Accuracy of Blood Pressure Measurement by a Multi-Dimension Regression Model7
Experimental Verification of Yam (Dioscorea rotundata) Drying with Solar Adsorption Drying7
3DOF Adaptive Line-Of-Sight Based Proportional Guidance Law for Path Following of AUV in the Presence of Ocean Currents7
Optical Hyperspectral Image Cryptosystem Based on Affine Transform and Fractional Fourier Transform7
A Mining Technology Collaboration Platform Theory and Its Product Development and Application to Support China’s Digital Mine Construction7
Integrated Inundation Modeling of Flooded Water in Coastal Cities7
Enhancement of PV Panel Power Production by Passive Cooling Using Heat Sinks with Perforated Fins7
Chemical Bonding and Physical Properties in Quasicrystals and Their Related Approximant Phases: Known Facts and Current Perspectives7
Visible/near Infrared Reflection Spectrometer and Electronic Nose Data Fusion as an Accuracy Improvement Method for Portable Total Soluble Solid Content Detection of Orange7
Automatic Method for Bone Segmentation in Cone Beam Computed Tomography Data Set7
Nondestructive Determination and Visualization of Quality Attributes in Fresh and Dry Chrysanthemum morifolium Using Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging7
Quantum Calibration of Photon-Number-Resolving Detectors Based on Multi-pixel Photon Counters7
Numerical Study of a Proposed Semi-Submersible Floating Platform with Different Numbers of Offset Columns Based on the DeepCwind Prototype for Improving the Wave-Resistance Ability7
Urban Transportation Network Design for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Using GIS–The Case of Bangkok7
A Mechatronics-Embedded Pneumatic Soft Modular Robot Powered via Single Air Tube7
Elevator Fault Detection Using Profile Extraction and Deep Autoencoder Feature Extraction for Acceleration and Magnetic Signals7
Hybrid External Cavity Laser with an Amorphous Silicon-Based Photonic Crystal Cavity Mirror7
The Influence of Capacitance and Inductance Changes on Frequency Response of Transformer Windings7
A Feasibility Study on the Use of an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) for the Harvesting of Fresh Water in a Semi-Arid Region Affected by Mining Pollution7
Design Criteria for Planning the Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting Systems: A Review7
Effects of Precursor Concentration in Solvent and Nanomaterials Room Temperature Aging on the Growth Morphology and Surface Characteristics of Ni–NiO Nanocatalysts Produced by Dendrites Combustion dur7
Effect of Slag Particle Size on Fracture Toughness of Concrete7
Ground Subsidence Investigation in Fuoshan, China, Based on SBAS-InSAR Technology with TerraSAR-X Images7
Performance Enhancement and Capacity Enlargement for a DWDM-PON System Utilizing an Optimized Cross Seeding Rayleigh Backscattering Design7
Presence of Known and Emerging Honey Bee Pathogens in Apiaries of Veneto Region (Northeast of Italy) during Spring 2020 and 20217
Segmentation of Severe Occupational Incidents in Agribusiness Industries Using Latent Class Clustering7
Quantitative Characterization of the Aqua-Dispersing Nano-Binder Effects on the Slip Resistance of Borrowed Soil of a Rock Slope7
Development of Zirconium-Based Alloys with Low Elastic Modulus for Dental Implant Materials7
Deep Fusion Feature Based Object Detection Method for High Resolution Optical Remote Sensing Images7
Fault Diagnosis of a Helical Gearbox Based on an Adaptive Empirical Wavelet Transform in Combination with a Spectral Subtraction Method7
Experimental Study on Rock-Like Specimens with Single Flaw under Hydro-Mechanical Coupling7
From Nanostructural Characterization of Nanoparticles to Performance Assessment of Low Clinker Fiber–Cement Nanohybrids7
Holographic Element-Based Effective Perspective Image Segmentation and Mosaicking Holographic Stereogram Printing7
Development of an ANN-Based Lumped Plasticity Model of RC Columns Using Historical Pseudo-Static Cyclic Test Data7
Measurement System of Metal Magnetic Memory Method Signals around Rectangular Defects of a Ferromagnetic Pipe7
Integrative Neuromuscular Training in Young Athletes, Injury Prevention, and Performance Optimization: A Systematic Review7
Characteristics of Deformation and Damping of Cement Treated and Expanded Polystyrene Mixed Lightweight Subgrade Fill under Cyclic Load7
Modeling of Fatigue-Strength Development in Cold-Emulsion Asphalt Mixtures Using Maturity Method7
Phytochemical Profile, Antioxidant and Wound Healing Potential of Three Artemisia Species: In Vitro and In Ovo Evaluation7
Microstructure of Joint between Stranded Wire and Substrate Welded by Ultrasonic Welding7
Fatigue Assessment on Suspenders under Stochastic Wind and Traffic Loads Based on In-Situ Monitoring Data7
Data Analytics and Its Advantages for Addressing the Complexity of Healthcare: A Simulated Zika Case Study Example7
NO Removal by Plasma-Enhanced NH3-SCR Using Methane as an Assistant Reduction Agent at Low Temperature7
Malicious PDF Detection Model against Adversarial Attack Built from Benign PDF Containing JavaScript7
Laser Induced Nano and Micro Structures of Molybdenum Surface Applied in Multistage Depressed Collector for Secondary Electron Suppression7
A Feature Analysis Based Identifying Scheme Using GBDT for DDoS with Multiple Attack Vectors7
Progress in the Utilization Efficiency Improvement of Hot Carriers in Plasmon-Mediated Heterostructure Photocatalysis7
MSWI Bottom Ash Application to Resist Sulfate Attack on Concrete7
PROMISE CLIP Project: A Retrospective, Multicenter Study for Prostate Cancer that Integrates Clinical, Imaging and Pathology Data7
Influence of the Thermal Insulation Type and Thickness on the Structure Mechanical Response Under Fire Conditions7
Using a GPU to Accelerate a Longwave Radiative Transfer Model with Efficient CUDA-Based Methods7
Broadband Right-Angle Rectangular Waveguide to Substrate Integrated Waveguide Transition with Distributed Impedance Matching Network7
Two-Dimensional Modeling of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Oxygen Generation with Radial-Flow Adsorber7
Tailored Chip Breaker Development for Polycrystalline Diamond Inserts: FEM-based Design and Validation7
An Algorithm and a Tool for the Automatic Grading of MOOC Learners from Their Contributions in the Discussion Forum7
Theoretical Investigation of a Simple Design of Triple-Band Terahertz Metamaterial Absorber for High-Q Sensing7
Micro-Raman Spectroscopy, a Powerful Technique Allowing Sure Identification and Complete Characterization of Asbestiform Minerals7
A Comparative Evaluation of Cement and By-Product Petrit T in Soil Stabilization7
Real-Time Inverse Estimation of Ocean Wave Spectra from Vessel-Motion Sensors Using Adaptive Kalman Filter7
Identifying Brain Abnormalities with Schizophrenia Based on a Hybrid Feature Selection Technology7
Extraction, Processing and Visualization of Peer Assessment Data in Moodle7
Feasibility Study of the Installation of Wave Energy Converters in Existing Breakwaters in the North of Spain7
SC-M*: A Multi-Agent Path Planning Algorithm with Soft-Collision Constraint on Allocation of Common Resources7
Composite Films of Polydimethylsiloxane and Micro-Graphite with Tunable Optical Transmittance7
Effect of Shear Connector Layout on the Behavior of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams with Interface Slip7
An Adaptive Biomedical Data Managing Scheme Based on the Blockchain Technique7
Paint Removal with Pulsed Laser: Theory Simulation and Mechanism Analysis7
Assessment of Residual Elastic Properties of a Damaged Composite Plate with Combined Damage Index and Finite Element Methods7
Key Issues on the Design of an Offshore Wind Farm Layout and Its Equivalent Model7
Cascaded Nonlinear-Optical Loop Mirror-Based All-Optical PAM Regenerator7
Adamantane-Modified Graphene Oxide for Cyanate Ester Resin Composites with Improved Properties7
Autonomous Operation Method of Multi-DOF Robotic Arm Based on Binocular Vision7
Dynamic Behavior of an Embedded Foundation under Horizontal Vibration in a Poroelastic Half-Space7
A Study on the Application of Rock Asphalt from Sichuan China Based on Anti-Rutting Performance7
Supervector Extraction for Encoding Speaker and Phrase Information with Neural Networks for Text-Dependent Speaker Verification7
Highly Controlled Integration of Graphene Oxide into PAN Nanofiber Membranes7
Application of a New Enhanced Deconvolution Method in Gearbox Fault Diagnosis7
Bio-Inspired Structure and Behavior of Self-Recovery Quadruped Robot with a Limited Number of Functional Legs7
A Flutter-Based Electromagnetic Wind Energy Harvester: Theory and Experiments7
Model Test Research on the Propagation of Tsunamis and Their Interaction with Navigating Ships7
Vibration-Induced Pressures on a Cylindrical Structure Surface in Compressible Fluid7
The Use of Underwater Gliders as Acoustic Sensing Platforms7
Rates of High-Temperature Evaporation of Promising Fire-Extinguishing Liquid Droplets7
Data Reduction in the String Space for Efficient kNN Classification Through Space Partitioning7
Analysis of the Weights of Service Quality Indicators for Drone Filming and Photography by the Fuzzy Analytic Network Process7
Deep Learning-Based Template Matching Spike Classification for Extracellular Recordings7
Remediation of Organically Contaminated Soil Through the Combination of Assisted Phytoremediation and Bioaugmentation7
Deformation Behavior of Transient Liquid-Phase Sintered Cu-Solder-Resin Microstructure for Die-Attach7
Design of Terminal Sliding Mode Controllers for Disturbed Non-Linear Systems Described by Matrix Differential Equations of the Second and First Orders7
Novel Liquid Transfer Active Balancing System for Hollow Rotors of High-Speed Rotating Machinery7
Predicting Melting Points of Biofriendly Choline-Based Ionic Liquids with Molecular Dynamics7
Classic Discrete Control Technique and 3D-SVPWM Applied to a Dual Unified Power Quality Conditioner7
Thematic Accuracy Quality Control by Means of a Set of Multinomials7
Ionization and Attachment Coefficients in C4F7N Gas Measured by the Steady-State Townsend Method7
Deep Multiphysics and Particle–Neuron Duality: A Computational Framework Coupling (Discrete) Multiphysics and Deep Learning7
Correlation between the Morphology of ZnO Layers and the Electroluminescence of Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes7
Mixed Hardwood and Sugarcane Bagasse Biochar as Potting Mix Components for Container Tomato and Basil Seedling Production7
Multi-Objective Optimization for Plug-In 4WD Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain7
Generating Transparency in the Worldwide Use of the Terminology Industry 4.07
Ground Improvement Using Dynamic Compaction in Sabkha Deposit7
Three-Dimensional Physical and Numerical Modelling of Fracturing and Deformation Behaviour of Mining-Induced Rock Slopes7
Transmission Characteristics of Adaptive Compensation for Joint Atmospheric Turbulence Effects on the OAM-Based Wireless Communication System7
Effects of Cooling Conditions on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Butt Joints of Different Aluminum Alloys7
Competitive Influence Maximization within Time and Budget Constraints in Online Social Networks: An Algorithmic Approach7
BICOS—An Algorithm for Fast Real-Time Correspondence Search for Statistical Pattern Projection-Based Active Stereo Sensors7
Gradient Descent-Based Optimization Method of a Four-Bar Mechanism Using Fully Cartesian Coordinates7
Initial Field Testing Results from Building-Integrated Solar Energy Harvesting Windows Installation in Perth, Australia7
Inversion of Thermal Conductivity in Two-Dimensional Unsteady-State Heat Transfer System Based on Finite Difference Method and Artificial Bee Colony7
Impact of Virtual Reality on Student Motivation in a High School Science Course7
A Typical Distributed Generation Scenario Reduction Method Based on an Improved Clustering Algorithm7
Microscopic Multiple Fatigue Crack Simulation and Macroscopic Damage Evolution of Concrete Beam7
Classification Method of Plug Seedlings Based on Transfer Learning7
Study on Preparation of Aluminum Ash Coating Based on Plasma Spray7
Transient Liquid Phase Bonding of Copper Using Sn Coated Cu MWCNT Composite Powders for Power Electronics7
Investigations into the Potential Abrasive Release of Nanomaterials due to Material Stress Conditions—Part B: Silver, Titanium Nitride, and Laponite Nanoparticles in Plastic Composites7
Machine Learning-Based Dimension Optimization for Two-Stage Precoder in Massive MIMO Systems with Limited Feedback7
Electronic Tabletop Holographic Display: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation7
Determination of the Optimal State of Dough Fermentation in Bread Production by Using Optical Sensors and Deep Learning7
Wrist Rehabilitation System Using Augmented Reality for Hemiplegic Stroke Patient Rehabilitation: A Feasibility Study7
Recent Advances in Ultrafast Structural Techniques7
The Effects of Textural Parameters of Zeolite and Silica Materials on the Protective and Functional Properties of Polymeric Nonwoven Composites7
Study of a Miniaturizable System for Optical Sensing Application to Human Cells7
Increasing Gas–Solids Mass Transfer in Fluidized Beds by Application of Confined Fluidization—A Feasibility Study7
Evolution of Burned Area in Forest Fires under Climate Change Conditions in Southern Spain Using ANN7
Effects of Short Fibers on the Long-Term Behavior of RC/FRC Beams Aged under Service Loading7
Attention-Based LSTM Algorithm for Audio Replay Detection in Noisy Environments7
An Innovative Detection Method of High-Speed Railway Track Slab Supporting Block Plane Based on Point Cloud Data from 3D Scanning Technology7
A YOLOv2 Convolutional Neural Network-Based Human–Machine Interface for the Control of Assistive Robotic Manipulators7
Application of a Real-Time Visualization Method of AUVs in Underwater Visual Localization7
A Structure for Accurately Determining the Mass and Center of Gravity of Rigid Bodies7
Rockfall Investigation and Hazard Assessment from Nang County to Jiacha County in Tibet7
Toward Operations in a Surgical Scenario: Characterization of a Microgripper via Light Microscopy Approach7
An Improved Autoencoder and Partial Least Squares Regression-Based Extreme Learning Machine Model for Pump Turbine Characteristics7
Application and Evaluation of Energy Conservation Technologies in Wastewater Treatment Plants7
Mode Separation for Multimodal Ultrasonic Lamb Waves Using Dispersion Compensation and Independent Component Analysis of Forth-Order Cumulant7
Tribological Capabilities of Graphene and Titanium Dioxide Nano Additives in Solid and Liquid Base Lubricants7
Impedance Measurement and Detection Frequency Bandwidth, a Valid Island Detection Proposal for Voltage Controlled Inverters7
The Effects of TiO2 Diffuser-Loaded Encapsulation on Corrected Color Temperature Uniformity of Remote Phosphor White LEDs7
Risk Management for the Reliability of Robotic Assisted Treatment of Non-resectable Liver Tumors7
End-of-Life Liquid Crystal Display Recovery: Toward a Zero-Waste Approach7
Experimental Study on Axial Compression Behavior and Bearing Capacity Analysis of High Titanium Slag CFST Columns7
Semantic Data Management for a Virtual Factory Collaborative Environment7
Packing Characteristics of Aggregate with Consideration of Particle size and Morphology7
An Eight-Zonal Piezoelectric Tube-Type Threaded Ultrasonic Motor Based on Second-Order Bending Mode7
Directed Evolution of Cellobiose Dehydrogenase on the Surface of Yeast Cells Using Resazurin-Based Fluorescent Assay7
Estimating Non-Sustainable Soil Erosion Rates in the Tierra de Barros Vineyards (Extremadura, Spain) Using an ISUM Update7
Fully Coupled Multi-Scale Model for Gas Extraction from Coal Seam Stimulated by Directional Hydraulic Fracturing7
Pull-Based Distributed Event-Triggered Circle Formation Control for Multi-Agent Systems with Directed Topologies7
Singular Value Decomposition Channel Estimation in STBC MIMO-OFDM System7
Pitting Corrosion in AISI 304 Rolled Stainless Steel Welding at Different Deformation Levels7
The Effect of Pharmaceutical Excipients for Applying to Spray-Dried Omega-3 Powder7
A Comparison of Households’ Energy Balance in Residential Smart Grid Pilots in the Netherlands7
A Virtual Impedance Control Strategy for Improving the Stability and Dynamic Performance of VSC–HVDC Operation in Bidirectional Power Flow Mode7
Obtaining Human Experience for Intelligent Dredger Control: A Reinforcement Learning Approach7
Retrieval of Nearshore Bathymetry around Ganquan Island from LiDAR Waveform and QuickBird Image7
Study on Seismic Performance and Damage Analysis of Steel Plate Shear Wall with Partially Encased Composite (PEC) Columns7
Seismic Performance of a New Structural Design Solution for First-Story Isolated RC Buildings with Coupled Beam-Column Connections7
Dual-View Integral Imaging 3D Display Based on Multiplexed Lens-Array Holographic Optical Element7
Automatic Error Compensation for Free-Form Surfaces by Using On-Machine Measurement Data7
Analysis of Six Active Power Control Strategies of Interconnected Grids with VSC-HVDC7
A Static Balancing Method for Variable Payloads by Combination of a Counterweight and Spring and Its Application as a Surgical Platform7
Estimation of Source-Based Aerosol Optical Properties for Polydisperse Aerosols from Receptor Models7
Shock Reduction through Opposing Jets—Aerodynamic Performance and Flight Stability Perspectives6
Reconfigurable Fault-Tolerant Control for Spacecraft Formation Flying Based on Iterative Learning Algorithms6
Tunable Silver Nanoparticle Arrays by Hot Embossing and Sputter Deposition for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering6
A Study on Technology Competition of Graphene Biomedical Technology Based on Patent Analysis6
Effects of Cement–Mineral Filler on Asphalt Mixture Performance under Different Aging Procedures6
Research on Snow Load Characteristics on a Complex Long-Span Roof Based on Snow–Wind Tunnel Tests6
Parametrical Non-Complex Tests to Evaluate Partial Decentralized Linear-Output Feedback Control Stabilization Conditions from Their Centralized Stabilization Counterparts6
Effect of Cell-Free Supernatant from Aeromonas sobria on the Spoilage of Shewanella putrefaciens in Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) with the Influence of Temperature Fluctuation6
Expert System Based on Integrated Fuzzy AHP for Automatic Cutting Tool Selection6
Experimental Study on the Coal Damage Characteristics of Adsorption-Instantaneous Pressure Relief in Coal Containing Gases with Different Adsorption Characteristics6
Quality Index of Supervised Data for Convolutional Neural Network-Based Localization6
Effects of Nozzle Exit Angle on the Pressure Characteristics of SRWJs Used for Deep-Hole Drilling6
Walking Turn Prediction from Upper Body Kinematics: A Systematic Review with Implications for Human-Robot Interaction6
Experimental Investigation of the Flow Mechanisms and the Performance Change of a Highly Loaded Axial Compressor Stage with/without Stator Hub Clearance6
The Application of Frequency-Temperature Superposition Principle for Back-Calculation of Falling Weight Deflectometer6
Evaluation of Rheological Behavior, Resistance to Permanent Deformation, and Resistance to Fatigue of Asphalt Mixtures Modified with Nanoclay and SBS Polymer6
In-Situ Approaches for the Preparation of Polythiophene-Derivative Cellulose Composites with High Flexibility and Conductivity6
The Stabilization of Liquid Smoke through Hydrodeoxygenation Over Nickel Catalyst Loaded on Sarulla Natural Zeolite6
Joint Spatial-Spectral Smoothing in a Minimum-Volume Simplex for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution6
An Integrated Wildlife Recognition Model Based on Multi-Branch Aggregation and Squeeze-And-Excitation Network6
Experimental Research on Bond Behavior Between GFRP Bars and Stirrups-Confined Concrete6
Impacts of Internal Carotid Artery Revascularization on Flow in Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysm: A Preliminary Multiscale Numerical Investigation6
Adsorption and Sensing Behaviors of Pd-Doped InN Monolayer upon CO and NO Molecules: A First-Principles Study6
Comparison of Feature Vector Compositions to Enhance the Performance of NIRS-BCI-Triggered Robotic Hand Orthosis for Post-Stroke Motor Recovery6
Narrow Absorption in ITO-Free Perovskite Solar Cells for Sensing Applications Analyzed through Electromagnetic Simulation6
Exciton-Photon Interactions in Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Radiative Transitions, Non-Radiative Processes and Environment Effects6
Underwater Moving Target Classification Using Multilayer Processing of Active Sonar System6
Development of Defect Detection AI Model for Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing Using High Dynamic Range Images6
Aroma Release of Olfactory Displays Based on Audio-Visual Content6
Effects of Hepatic Steatosis on Non-Invasive Liver Fibrosis Measurements Between Hepatitis B and Other Etiologies6
Analysis of Photodiode Monitoring in Laser Cutting6
A Case Study: Simulation Traffic Model as a Tool to Assess One-Way vs. Two-Way Traffic on Urban Roads around the City Center6
Estimation of the Induction Motor Stator and Rotor Resistance Using Active and Reactive Power Based Model Reference Adaptive System Estimator6
Highly Efficient, Flexible, and Recyclable Air Filters Using Polyimide Films with Patterned Thru-Holes Fabricated by Ion Milling6
The Effect of Carbon Nanofibers Surface Properties in Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation Reactions6
Comparison of Lipid and Water Contents by Time-domain Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy and Dual-energy Computed Tomography in Breast Cancer Patients6
A Novel Optimization Design Method of Form Grinding Wheel for Screw Rotor6
The Photovoltaic Output Prediction Based on Variational Mode Decomposition and Maximum Relevance Minimum Redundancy6
Effect of Uncertainty in Localized Imperfection on the Ultimate Compressive Strength of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Hollow Sections6
Seismic Control of SDOF Systems with Nonlinear Eddy Current Dampers6
Identifying Areas Sensitive to Wind Erosion—A Case Study of the AP Vojvodina (Serbia)6
Experimental and Numerical Study on the Effect of the Temperature-Control Curtain in Thermal Stratified Reservoirs6
A Comparative Study of Regression Model and the Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Conjecture Systems for Predicting Energy Consumption for Jaw Crusher6
An Anti-Jamming Hierarchical Optimization Approach in Relay Communication System via Stackelberg Game6
Adaptive Super-Twisting Control for Mobile Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Systems6
Measurement of Off-Flavoring Volatile Compounds and Microbial Load as a Probable Marker for Keeping Quality of Pasteurized Milk6
Implementation of Atomically Thick Graphene and Its Derivatives in Electromagnetic Absorbers6
A Steam Ejector Refrigeration System Powered by Engine Combustion Waste Heat: Part 2. Understanding the Nature of the Shock Wave Structure6
Components of the Fracture Response of Alkali-Activated Slag Composites with Steel Microfibers6
Congestion Evaluation of Pedestrians in Metro Stations Based on Normal-Cloud Theory6
Mitigation of Nonlinear Impairments by Using Support Vector Machine and Nonlinear Volterra Equalizer6
The Implementation Factors of Information and Communication Technology in the Life Cycle Costs of Buildings6
The Transition to Renewable Energy Technologies—Impact on Economic Performance of North Rhine-Westphalia6
Whole-Body Motion Planning for a Six-Legged Robot Walking on Rugged Terrain6
Emergency Service Provision Using a Novel Hybrid SOM-Spiral STC Model for Group Decision Support under Dynamic Uncertainty6
Characterization of Volume Gratings Based on Distributed Dielectric Constant Model Using Mueller Matrix Ellipsometry6
Dependency Model-Based Multiple Fault Diagnosis Using Knowledge of Test Result and Fault Prior Probability6
In Vitro Targeting and Imaging of Neurogenic Differentiation in Mouse Bone-Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles6
Bias Analysis of Parameter Estimator Based on Gauss-Newton Method Applied to Ultra-Wideband Positioning6
Muon Radiography Method for Non-Invasive Probing an Archaeological Site in the Naryn-Kala Citadel6
Contactless Ultrasonic Wavefield Imaging to Visualize Near-Surface Damage in Concrete Elements6
Near-Infrared Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Sensor for H2S Detection in Biogas6
Evaluating the Effect of Financing Costs on PV Grid Parity by Applying a Probabilistic Methodology6
Theoretical Study and Application of the Reinforcement of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes with External Prestressed Steel Strands6
Combined Vertical-Horizontal Flow Biochar Filter for Onsite Wastewater Treatment—Removal of Organic Matter, Nitrogen and Pathogens6
An Improved Optical Flow Algorithm Based on Mask-R-CNN and K-Means for Velocity Calculation6
Concrete Crack Identification and Image Mosaic Based on Image Processing6
Study on Low-Speed Steering Resistance Torque of Vehicles Considering Friction between Tire and Pavement6
Directional Force Feedback: Mechanical Force Concentration for Immersive Experience in Virtual Reality6
The Root Microbiome of Salicornia ramosissima as a Seedbank for Plant-Growth Promoting Halotolerant Bacteria6
A Product Development Approach in The Field of Micro-Assembly with Emphasis on Conceptual Design6
The Latest Progress and Development Trend in the Research of Ballistocardiography (BCG) and Seismocardiogram (SCG) in the Field of Health Care6
Dynamic Coordinated Active–Reactive Power Optimization for Active Distribution Network with Energy Storage Systems6
A Study on the Design Method for the Material Composition of Small Particle-Size Asphalt Mixture for Controlling Cracks in Asphalt Pavement6
Impedance Modeling Based Method for Sub/Supsynchronous Oscillation Analysis of D-PMSG Wind Farm6
Superhydrophobic/Flame Retardant/EMI Shielding Fabrics: Manufacturing Techniques and Property Evaluations6
Effect of Intercritical Quenching Temperature of Cu-Containing Low Alloy Steel of Long Part Forging for Offshore Applications6
Unidirectional Invisibility Induced by Complex Anti-Parity–Time Symmetric Periodic Lattices6
Traffic Light Cycle Configuration of Single Intersection Based on Modified Q-Learning6
Photodynamic Opening of the Blood–Brain Barrier Using Different Photosensitizers in Mice6
An MFF-SLIC Hybrid Superpixel Segmentation Method with Multi-Source RS Data for Rock Surface Extraction6
Multi-Time-Scale Coordinated Operation of a Combined System with Wind-Solar-Thermal-Hydro Power and Battery Units6
Merging Observed and Self-Reported Behaviour in Agent-Based Simulation: A Case Study on Photovoltaic Adoption6
A BMI Based on Motor Imagery and Attention for Commanding a Lower-Limb Robotic Exoskeleton: A Case Study6
Transporting and Storing High-Level Nuclear Waste in the U.S.—Insights from a Mathematical Model6
The Influence of Automated Machining Strategy on Geometric Deviations of Machined Surfaces6
Gridded Visibility Products over Marine Environments Based on Artificial Neural Network Analysis6
Potential of Fluorescence Index Derived from the Slope Characteristics of Laser-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Spectrum for Rice Leaf Nitrogen Concentration Estimation6
An Anomaly Diagnosis Method for Redundant Inertial Measurement Unit and Its Application with Micro-Electro-Mechanical System Sensors6
Skew Quadrupole Effect of Laser Plasma Electron Beam Transport6
Vectored-Bloom Filter for IP Address Lookup: Algorithm and Hardware Architectures6
Unveiling Biological Activities of Marine Fungi: The Effect of Sea Salt6
Sensorless Air Flow Control in an HVAC System through Deep Learning6
Pump-Probe Time-Resolved Serial Femtosecond Crystallography at SACLA: Current Status and Data Collection Strategies6
A Fuzzy-Based Holistic Approach for Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Aggregation Considering Risk Interdependencies6
Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Exercises on Parameters Related to the Sleep Quality in Metabolic Syndrome Individuals: A Clinical Trial Study6
Smart Cities Big Data Algorithms for Sensors Location6
Technical Performance of an Inflatable Solar Dryer for Drying Amaranth Leaves in Kenya6
Fatigue Crack Growth under Non-Proportional Mixed Mode Loading in Rail and Wheel Steel Part 1: Sequential Mode I and Mode II Loading6
Femtosecond Beam Transformation Effects in Water, Enabling Increased Throughput Micromachining in Transparent Materials6
Sustainability Evaluation of Product Packaging System with a Three-Stage Network Data Envelopment Analysis Methodology6
GA Optimization Method for a Multi-Vector Energy System Incorporating Wind, Hydrogen, and Fuel Cells for Rural Village Applications6
A Numerical Solution for Broadband PLC Splitter with Variable Splitting Ratio Based on Asymmetric Three Waveguide Structures6
Bonding Evaluation of Asphalt Emulsions used as Tack Coats through Shear Testing6
Active Control of Broadband Noise Inside a Car Using a Causal Optimal Controller6
The Complex Dynamic Locomotive Control and Experimental Research of a Quadruped-Robot Based on the Robot Trunk6
Measuring Method of Node Importance of Urban Rail Network Based on H Index6
Modeling of Atmospheric Pollution in Urban and Rural Sites Using a Probabilistic and Objective Approach6
Diverse Decoding for Abstractive Document Summarization6
An Ultra-Wideband Microwave Photonic Channelized Receiver with Zero-IF Architecture6
Combustion Process of Canola Oil and n-Hexane Mixtures in Dynamic Diesel Engine Operating Conditions6
Service Innovation Model of the Automobile Service Industry6
Study on the Self-Monitoring of Bending Fatigue Cumulative Damage for Carbon Nanofiber Polyurethane Cement6
Simultaneous OTDR Dynamic Range and Spatial Resolution Enhancement by Digital LFM Pulse and Short-Time FrFT6
Investigation of Electrodeposition External Conditions on Morphology and Texture of Ni/SiCw Composite Coatings6
Biologically-Inspired Learning and Adaptation of Self-Evolving Control for Networked Mobile Robots6
Review of Coal-Fired Electrification and Magnetic Separation Desulfurization Technology6
A Numerical Model to Estimate the Soil Thermal Conductivity Using Field Experimental Data6
Screening Contract Excitation Models Involving Closed-Loop Supply Chains Under Asymmetric Information Games: A Case Study with New Energy Vehicle Power Battery6
Evaluation of in Vitro Bio-Activities Effects of WST (Wushanshencha)6
The Effect of Retinal Eccentricity on Visually Induced Motion Sickness and Postural Control6
A Study of the Dynamic Response of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy (CFRE) Prepregs for Musical Instrument Manufacturing6
Contamination Improvement of Touch Panel and Color Filter Production Processes of Lean Six Sigma6
Asynchronous Flipped Grant-Free SCMA for Satellite-Based Internet of Things Communication Networks6
Experimental Investigation on Contaminated Friction of Hydraulic Spool Valve6
Quintic Pythagorean-Hodograph Curves Based Trajectory Planning for Delta Robot with a Prescribed Geometrical Constraint6
Stochastic Natural Frequency Analysis of Composite Structures Based on Micro-Scale and Meso-Scale Uncertainty6
Categorization of the Condition of Railway Embankments Using a Multi-Attribute Utility Theory6
Coupling and Trapping of Light in Thin-Film Solar Cells Using Modulated Interface Textures6
A Theoretical Solution for Pile-Supported Embankment with a Conical Pile-Head6
Simultaneous In-Cylinder Flow Measurement and Flame Imaging in a Realistic Operating Engine Environment Using High-Speed PIV6
Mechanical Properties of Tonalite Subjected to Combined Effects of Chemical Corrosion and Freeze-Thaw Cycles6
Evolution of Residual Stress Based on Curvature Coupling in Multi-Roll Levelling6
System Reliability Evaluation of Prefabricated RC Hollow Slab Bridges Considering Hinge Joint Damage Based on Modified AHP6
Treatment of Wastewater Solutions from Anodizing Industry by Membrane Distillation and Membrane Crystallization6
Supervised Machine-Learning Predictive Analytics for National Quality of Life Scoring6
JIT Production Strategy and Maintenance for Quality Deteriorating Systems6
Relative Stability of Small Silver, Platinum, and Palladium Doped Gold Cluster Cations6
Modal-Energy-Based Neuro-Controller for Seismic Response Reduction of a Nonlinear Building Structure6
Predicting of the Unit Grouting Quantity in Karst Curtain Grouting by the Water Permeability of Rock Strata6
Quantitative Evaluation of Subsurface Damage by Improved Total Internal Reflection Microscopy6
Genome Size Unaffected by Variation in Morphological Traits, Temperature, and Precipitation in Turnip6
Learning Low-Dimensional Embeddings of Audio Shingles for Cross-Version Retrieval of Classical Music6
Visual Saliency Detection Using a Rule-Based Aggregation Approach6
In Vitro Propagation Protocols and Variable Cost Comparison in Commercial Production for Paulownia tomentosa × Paulownia fortunei Hybrid as a Renewable Energy Source6
Optical Birefringence Growth Driven by Magnetic Field in Liquids: The Case of Dibutyl Phosphate/Propylamine System6
Feature Adaptive and Cyclic Dynamic Learning Based on Infinite Term Memory Extreme Learning Machine6
Short CFD Simulation Activities in the Context of Fluid-Mechanical Learning in a Multidisciplinary Student Body6
Influence of Time Delay in Signal Transmission on Synchronization between Two Coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo Neurons6
Machine Vision System for Counting Small Metal Parts in Electro-Deposition Industry6
Bilinear CNN Model for Fine-Grained Classification Based on Subcategory-Similarity Measurement6
Soft Gripper with EGaIn Soft Sensor for Detecting Grasp Status6
Spatial Resolutions of On-Axis and Off-Axis Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction Methods6
One For All: A Mutual Enhancement Method for Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation6
The Effect of Elevated Temperatures on the TRM-to-Masonry Bond: Comparison of Normal Weight and Lightweight Matrices6
Development of Two Novel Hybrid Prediction Models Estimating Ultimate Bearing Capacity of the Shallow Circular Footing6
Simulation Research on the Time-Varying Meshing Stiffness and Vibration Response of Micro-Cracks in Gears under Variable Tooth Shape Parameters6
Study on Air Bubble Defect Evolution in Wind Turbine Blade by Infrared Imaging with Rheological Theory6
Hydration of Calcium Sulfoaluminate-Based Binder Incorporating Red Mud and Silica Fume6
Study on the Thermal Properties and Enzymatic Degradability of Chiral Polyamide-Imides Films Based on Amino Acids6
Self-Supervised Transfer Learning from Natural Images for Sound Classification6
Numerical Analysis of Building Envelope with Movable Phase Change Materials for Heating Applications6
Vibration Analysis of a Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Atomizer to Control Atomization Rate6
Application of the Non-Contact Video Gauge on the Mechanical Properties Test for Steel Cable at Elevated Temperature6
Modeling and Simulation of Collision-Causing Derailment to Design the Derailment Containment Provision Using a Simplified Vehicle Model6
An Effective Wide-Bandwidth Channel Access in Next-Generation WLAN-Based V2X Communications6
Influence of Implant Dimensions and Position on Implant Stability: A Prospective Clinical Study in Maxilla Using Resonance Frequency Analysis6
Performance Analysis and Experimental Research of Electromagnetic-Ring Active Balancing Actuator for Hollow Rotors of Machine Tool Spindles6
On the n-Dimensional Phase Portraits6
Personal Information Classification on Aggregated Android Application’s Permissions6
High-Resolution Displacement Sensor Based on a Chirped Fabry–Pérot Interferometer Inscribed on a Tapered Microfiber6
Investigation on Smoke Flow in Stairwells induced by an Adjacent Compartment Fire in High Rise Buildings6
Investigating Quantum Coherence by Negative Excursions of the Wigner Quasi-Distribution6
Mini-MES: A Microservices-Based Apps System for Data Interconnecting and Production Controlling in Decentralized Manufacturing6
Performance Improvement for Mixed RF–FSO Communication System by Adopting Hybrid Subcarrier Intensity Modulation6
Predicting the Extreme Loads in Power Production of Large Wind Turbines Using an Improved PSO Algorithm6
An Improved Shuffled Frog-Leaping Algorithm for Solving the Dynamic and Continuous Berth Allocation Problem (DCBAP)6
Fatigue Life of RC Bridge Decks Affected by Non-Uniformly Dispersed Stagnant Water6
Influence of Multiple-Support Excitation on Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges6
Working State of ECC Link Slabs Used in Continuous Bridge Decks6
Optimizing the Preparation of Semi-Crystalline Paraffin/Poly(Urea-Formaldehyde) Microcapsules for Thermal Energy Storage6
A Route Planner Using a Delegate Multi-Agent System for a Modular Manufacturing Line: Proof of Concept6
Spatial-Temporal Self-Focusing of Partially Coherent Pulsed Beams in Dispersive Medium6
A Distributed Energy Resources Aggregation Model Based on Multi-Scenario and Multi-Objective Methodology6
A Study on Development of the Camera-Based Blind Spot Detection System Using the Deep Learning Methodology6
Keeping Doors Closed as One Reason for Fatigue in Teenagers—A Case Study6
Evaluating Collapse Fragility Curves for Existing Buildings Retrofitted Using Seismic Isolation6
Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks for Linear Sum Assignment Problems6
Distributed Kernel Extreme Learning Machines for Aircraft Engine Failure Diagnostics6
The Identification and Assessment of Rail Corrugation Based on Computer Vision6
Calibration for Sample-And-Hold Mismatches in M-Channel TIADCs Based on Statistics6
Characteristics of Ordinary Portland Cement Using the New Colloidal Nano-Silica Mixing Method6
Research on Control of Intelligent Vehicle Human-Simulated Steering System Based on HSIC6
Active Structural Acoustic Control of an Active Casing Placed in a Corner6
Low Kinetic Energy Oxygen Ion Irradiation of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes6
Miniaturized Optical Encoder with Micro Structured Encoder Disc6
Optimization of Physical Activity Recognition for Real-Time Wearable Systems: Effect of Window Length, Sampling Frequency and Number of Features6
Deep Learning-Based Context-Aware Recommender System Considering Contextual Features6
Joining of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic to Aluminum Alloy by Reactive Multilayer Films and Low Power Semiconductor Laser Heating6
The Performance Assessment of a Precast, Panel-Segmented Arch Bridge with Outriggers6
Experimental Investigation of the Natural Bonding Strength between Stay-In-Place Form and Concrete in FRP-Concrete Decks/Beams6
Effect of Selected Cations and B Vitamins on the Biosynthesis of Carotenoids by Rhodotorula mucilaginosa Yeast in the Media with Agro-Industrial Wastes6
Metronidazole-Loaded Porous Matrices for Local Periodontitis Treatment: In Vitro Evaluation and In Vivo Pilot Study6
Use of Reservoir Sediments to Improve Engineering Properties of Dune Sand in Oman6
Rolling Bearing Incipient Fault Detection Based on a Multi-Resolution Singular Value Decomposition6
Life Cycle Assessment of Different Waste Lubrication Oil Management Options in Serbia6
Cooking/Window Opening and Associated Increases of Indoor PM2.5 and NO2 Concentrations of Children’s Houses in Kaohsiung, Taiwan6
Application of Response Surface Methodology for Optimisation of Simultaneous UHPLC-PDA Determination of Oleanolic and Ursolic Acids and Standardisation of Ericaceae Medicinal Plants6
The Characterisation and Quantification of Immobilised Concanavalin A on Quartz Surfaces Based on The Competitive Binding to Glucose and Fluorescent Labelled Dextran6
Paraben Compounds—Part II: An Overview of Advanced Oxidation Processes for Their Degradation6
Research on an Output Power Model of a Doubly-Fed Variable-Speed Pumped Storage Unit with Switching Process6
Evaluation of Multivariate Biomarker Indexes Application in Ecotoxicity Tests with Marine Diatoms Exposed to Emerging Contaminants6
Thermal Behavior of Tunnel Segment Joints Exposed to Fire and Strengthening of Fire-damaged Joints with Concrete-filled Steel Tubes6
The Efficiency of Large Hole Boring (MSP) Method in the Reduction of Blast-Induced Vibration6
Environmental Impact of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria, Their Role in Intestinal Bowel Diseases, and Possible Control by Bacteriophages6
Seismic Data Interpretation and Petrophysical Analysis of Kabirwala Area Tola (01) Well, Central Indus Basin, Pakistan6
Toolpath Strategies for 5DOF and 6DOF Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing6
A Cylinder-Type Multimodal Traveling Wave Piezoelectric Actuator6
Modeling and Discrete-Time Terminal Sliding Mode Control of a DEAP Actuator with Rate-Dependent Hysteresis Nonlinearity6
Comparative Analysis of Human Operators and Advanced Technologies in the Visual Inspection of Aero Engine Blades6
Vocal Pitch Discrimination in Children with and without Vocal Fold Nodules6
Aluminium, Iron and Silicon Subcellular Redistribution in Wheat Induced by Manganese Toxicity6
Investigation of Guidewire Deformation in Blood Vessels Based on an SQP Algorithm6
Collagen-Based Bioactive Bromelain Hydrolysate from Salt-Cured Cod Skin6
3D Device for Forces in Swimming Starts and Turns6
The Effect of Oxygen Admixture with Argon Discharges on the Impact Parameters of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Characteristics6
Influence of Gravity on Molten Pool Behavior and Analysis of Microstructure on Various Welding Positions in Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding6
Automated Structural Damage Identification Using Data Normalization and 1-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network6
Concrete–Concrete Bond in Mode-I: A study on the Synergistic Effect of Surface Roughness and Fiber Reinforcement6
Influencing Factors Analysis and Simulation Calibration of Restitution Coefficient of Rice Grain6
Retrofitted Existing Residential Building Design in Energy and Economic Aspect According to Thailand Building Energy Code6
A Holistic Quality Assurance Approach for Machine Learning Applications in Cyber-Physical Production Systems6
A New Online Operational Modal Analysis Method for Vibration Control for Linear Time-Varying Structure6
Folate Functionalized PLGA Nanoparticles Loaded with Plasmid pVAX1-NH36: Mathematical Analysis of Release6
Synthetic Jet Actuators with the Same Cross-Sectional Area Orifices-Flow and Acoustic Aspects6
Real-Time Egress Model for Multiplex Buildings under Fire Based on Artificial Neural Network6
Secretory Laccase from Pestalotiopsis Species CDBT-F-G1 Fungal Strain Isolated from High Altitude: Optimization of Its Production and Characterization6
Terahertz Rotational Spectroscopy of Greenhouse Gases Using Long Interaction Path-Lengths6
Computer Aided Design to Produce High-Detail Models through Low Cost Digital Fabrication for the Conservation of Aerospace Heritage6
Characterization of Copper–Graphite Composites Fabricated via Electrochemical Deposition and Spark Plasma Sintering6
An Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based on a Multi-Objective Framework for Supplier Integration6
Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes6
Influence of Lithium Carbonate and Sodium Carbonate on Physical and Elastic Properties and on Carbonation Resistance of Calcium Sulphoaluminate-Based Mortars6
Editorial: Special Issue “Swarm Robotics”6
Impact of Aeration on the Removal of Organic Matter and Nitrogen Compounds in Constructed Wetlands Treating the Liquid Fraction of Piggery Manure6
Genome Mining Associated with Analysis of Structure, Antioxidant Activity Reveals the Potential Production of Levan-Rich Exopolysaccharides by Food-Derived Bacillus velezensis VTX206
Predictions of Ship Extreme Hydroelastic Load Responses in Harsh Irregular Waves and Hull Girder Ultimate Strength Assessment6
Gradient Correlation Functions in Digital Image Correlation6
Channel Estimation Based on IOTA Filter in OFDM/OQPSK and OFDM/OQAM Systems6
Multiuser Equalizer for Hybrid Massive MIMO mmWave CE-OFDM Systems6
The Role of Reverberation and Magnitude Spectra of Direct Parts in Contralateral and Ipsilateral Ear Signals on Perceived Externalization6
Experimental Investigations into Earthquake Resistance of Steel Frame Retrofitted by Low-Yield-Point Steel Energy Absorbers6
Wind Farm Power Production Assessment: Introduction of a New Actuator Disc Method and Comparison with Existing Models in the Context of a Case Study6
Texture Construction Edge Detection Algorithm6
A Cloud-Based Framework for Large-Scale Log Mining through Apache Spark and Elasticsearch6
Clean Energy and Fuel Storage6
Influence of Horseback Riding and Horse Simulator Riding on Heart Rate Variability: Are There Differences?6
Interaction-Based Behavioral Analysis of Twitter Social Network Accounts6
Investigation and Improvement of Thermal Stability of a Chromatic Confocal Probe with a Mode-Locked Femtosecond Laser Source6
Application of OCT in the Gastrointestinal Tract6
Adaptive Leader-Follower Formation Control of Under-actuated Surface Vessels with Model Uncertainties and Input Constraints6
Modeling Implicit Trust in Matrix Factorization-Based Collaborative Filtering6
A Graphical Analysis Method of Guided Wave Modes in Rails6
Intelligent Monitoring of Data Center Physical Infrastructure6
Engine Speed Control System for Improving the Fuel Efficiency of Agricultural Tractors for Plowing Operations6
Seismological and Engineering Demand Misfits for Evaluating Simulated Ground Motion Records6
Development and Characterization of Tailored Polyurethane Foams for Shock Absorption6
Electrochemical Diagnostics of Sprayed Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Corrosion6
Functional Effects of Permeability on Oldroyd-B Fluid under Magnetization: A Comparison of Slipping and Non-Slipping Solutions6
Multispecies Swarm Electrification for Rural Areas of the Developing World6
Clustering and Auction-Based Power Allocation Algorithm for Energy Efficiency Maximization in Multi-Cell Multi-Carrier NOMA Networks6
Congestion-Free Ant Traffic: Jam Absorption Mechanism in Multiple Platoons6
Design and Experiment of a Large-Aperture Hollow Traveling Wave Ultrasonic Motor with Low Speed and High Torque6
Carbon Footprint of the Agricultural Sector in Qinghai Province, China6
Biodegradation of Sulfamethoxazole in Milkfish (Chanos chanos) Pond Sediments6
Seismic Retrofit of Steel Truss Bridge Using Buckling Restrained Damper6
Nonlinear Metasurface for Structured Light with Tunable Orbital Angular Momentum6
Theoretical Description of Carbon Felt Electrical Properties Affected by Compression6
Compound Faults Feature Extraction for Rolling Bearings Based on Parallel Dual-Q-Factors and the Improved Maximum Correlated Kurtosis Deconvolution6
Evaluation of Sustainable Development in European Union Countries6
The Effects of Differences in Individual Characteristics and Regional Living Environments on the Motivation to Immigrate to Hometowns: A Decision Tree Analysis6
Chinese Character Boxes: Single Shot Detector Network for Chinese Character Detection6
Comparison of Water Pretreatment Devices for the Measurement of Polar Odorous Compounds6
Continuum Modeling and Simulation in Bone Tissue Engineering6
Prediction and Sound Quality Analysis of Tire Pattern Noise Based on System Identification by Utilizing an Optimal Adaptive Filter6
A Worm-Inspired Robot Flexibly Steering on Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces6
Economic Optimization of the Energy Supply for a Logistics Center Considering Variable-Rate Energy Tariffs and Integration of Photovoltaics6
Anti-Slip Gait Planning for a Humanoid Robot in Fast Walking6
Mechanism of Combustion Noise Influenced by Pilot Injection in PPCI Diesel Engines6
Compact and Broadband Microstrip Band-Stop Filters with Single Rectangular Stubs6
Multi-Angle Economic Analysis of Coal-Fired Units with Plasma Ignition and Oil Injection during Deep Peak Shaving in China6
Computer Adaptive Testing Using Upper-Confidence Bound Algorithm for Formative Assessment6
Simulation and Experimental Analyses of Microscopic Traffic Characteristics under a Contraflow Strategy6
Clamping Resonators for Low-Frequency S0 Lamb Wave Reflection6
Intelligent Human–UAV Interaction System with Joint Cross-Validation over Action–Gesture Recognition and Scene Understanding6
Frequency Response Analysis of Perforated Shells with Uncertain Materials and Damage6
Self-Disclosure to an IoT Conversational Agent: Effects of Space and User Context on Users’ Willingness to Self-Disclose Personal Information6
Real Time Shadow Mapping for Augmented Reality Photorealistic Rendering6
Non-Intrusive Load Disaggregation by Linear Classifier Group Considering Multi-Feature Integration6
Improving Accuracy and Reliability of Bluetooth Low-Energy-Based Localization Systems Using Proximity Sensors6
Validation of All-Sky Imager Technology and Solar Irradiance Forecasting at Three Locations: NREL, San Antonio, Texas, and the Canary Islands, Spain6
Product Service System Availability Improvement through Field Repair Kit Optimization: A Case Study6
A Reflective Augmented Reality Integral Imaging 3D Display by Using a Mirror-Based Pinhole Array6
Parts Semantic Segmentation Aware Representation Learning for Person Re-Identification6
Analysis of the Learning Process through Eye Tracking Technology and Feature Selection Techniques6
Around View Monitoring-Based Vacant Parking Space Detection and Analysis6
MT–HVdc Systems Fault Classification and Location Methods Based on Traveling and Non-Traveling Waves—A Comprehensive Review6
Study of Orientation Error on Robot End Effector and Volumetric Error of Articulated Robot6
Attitude Control in Ascent Phase of Missile Considering Actuator Non-Linearity and Wind Disturbance6
Flexible-Link Multibody System Eigenvalue Analysis Parameterized with Respect to Rigid-Body Motion6
Older Adults’ Usability and Emotional Reactions toward Text, Diagram, Image, and Animation Interfaces for Displaying Health Information6
Siamese Tracking with Adaptive Template-Updating Strategy6
An Agent-Based Model Driven Decision Support System for Reactive Aggregate Production Scheduling in the Green Coffee Supply Chain6
Parametric PSpice Circuit of Energy Saving Lamp Emulating Current Waveform6
Sound Source Localization Fusion Algorithm and Performance Analysis of a Three-Plane Five-Element Microphone Array6
Numerical Study of Mixed Convection in a Channel Filled with a Porous Medium6
Deep Learning Object-Impulse Detection for Enhancing Leakage Detection of a Boiler Tube Using Acoustic Emission Signal6
Calibration of a Rotating or Revolving Platform with a LiDAR Sensor6
Duration of the Symptoms and Brain Aging in Women with Fibromyalgia: A Cross-Sectional Study6
Analysis of Basic Failure Scenarios of a Truss Tower in a Probabilistic Approach6
Preparation and Properties of Poly(imide-siloxane) Copolymer Composite Films with Micro-Al2O3 Particles6
Navigating a Service Robot for Indoor Complex Environments6
Field Research on the Wind-Induced Response of a Super High-Rise Building under Typhoon6
Detecting Grounding Grid Orientation: Transient Electromagnetic Approach6
Evaluation of Loading Bay Restrictions for the Installation of Offshore Wind Farms Using a Combination of Mixed-Integer Linear Programming and Model Predictive Control6
Hierarchical Feature Aggregation from Body Parts for Misalignment Robust Person Re-Identification6
Lifetime Prognosis of Lithium-Ion Batteries Through Novel Accelerated Degradation Measurements and a Combined Gamma Process and Monte Carlo Method6
Wedge-Splitting Test on Carbon-Containing Refractories at High Temperatures6
Effect of Steel Casing on Vertical Bearing Characteristics of Steel Tube-Reinforced Concrete Piles in Loess Area6
Designing a Waterless Toilet Prototype for Reusable Energy Using a User-Centered Approach and Interviews6
Compact Model for L-Shaped Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor Including the 2D Region6
Real-Time Model Predictive Control of Human Bodyweight Based on Energy Intake6
Microchannel Fabrication in Fused Quartz by Backside Laser-Induced Plasma Ablation Using 248 nm KrF Excimer Laser6
Recent Advances in Spectroscopy Technology for Trace Analysis of Persistent Organic Pollutants6
Landmark Generation in Visual Place Recognition Using Multi-Scale Sliding Window for Robotics6
Pediatric Endoscopy, Update 20206
Non-Destructive Testing of Moisture and Nitrogen Content in Pinus Massoniana Seedling Leaves with NIRS Based on MS-SC-CNN6
Joint Pedestrian and Body Part Detection via Semantic Relationship Learning6
Cutting Force and Cutting Quality during Tapered Milling of Glass Magnesium Board6
An Inverter Topology for Wireless Power Transfer System with Multiple Transmitter Coils6
Application of Extension Neural Network with Discrete Wavelet Transform and Parseval’s Theorem for Power Quality Analysis6
The Impact of Temperature on the Removal of Inorganic Contaminants Typical of Urban Stormwater6
The Hay Inclined Plane in Coalbrookdale (Shropshire, England): Analysis through Computer-Aided Engineering6
Contribution of Smart Cities to the Energy Sustainability of the Binomial between City and Country6
A Real-Time Numerical Decoupling Method for Multi-DoF Magnetic Levitation Rotary Table6
A Dedicated Design Strategy for Active Boring Bar6
Improving Energy Recovery Rate of the Regenerative Braking System by Optimization of Influencing Factors6
Ultra-Small Fiber Bragg Grating Accelerometer6
Vibration Control of an Unbalanced Single-Side Cantilevered Rotor System with a Novel Integral Squeeze Film Bearing Damper6
Vector Map Random Encryption Algorithm Based on Multi-Scale Simplification and Gaussian Distribution6
Nitrogen Oxide Removal by Coal-Based Activated Carbon for a Marine Diesel Engine6
Thermoeconomic Optimization of a Hybrid Photovoltaic-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System for Decentralized Application6
Supplier Selection and Performance Evaluation for High-Voltage Power Film Capacitors in a Fuzzy Environment6
Inundation Risk Assessment of Underground Space Using Consequence-Probability Matrix6
Coupling Effect of Space-Arrangement and Wall Thermal Resistance on Indoor Thermal Environment of Passive Solar Single-Family Building in Tibet6
A Business Process Analysis Methodology Based on Process Mining for Complaint Handling Service Processes6
Effects of CNT Dosages in Cement Composites on the Mechanical Properties and Hydration Reaction with Low Water-to-Binder Ratio6
Photonic Systems and Devices for Linear Cell Radar6
Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Brain Electrical Activity in Mice6
Influence of Climate Conditions on Deficiencies of Building Roofs6
Cryoprotective Effects of Protein Hydrolysates Prepared from By-Products of Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys Molitrix) on Freeze-Thawed Surimi6
Comparison of Various Factors Affected TID Tolerance in FinFET and Nanowire FET6
The Potential Benefits of Therapeutic Treatment Using Gaseous Terpenes at Ambient Low Levels6
An Improved Probabilistic Neural Network Model for Directional Prediction of a Stock Market Index6
Optimization Study on a Novel High-Speed Oil-Free Centrifugal Water Pump with Hydrodynamic Bearings6
Design of Warship Simulation Using Variable-Chromosome Genetic Algorithm6
Effects of Using Mine Tailings from La Unión (Spain) in Hot Bituminous Mixes Design6
Multi-Objective Service Placement Scheme Based on Fuzzy-AHP System for Distributed Cloud Computing6
A 3D Object Detection Based on Multi-Modality Sensors of USV6
Study of the Dynamic Behaviour of Circular Membranes with Low Tension6
Modelling and Simulation of Pseudo-Noise Sequence-Based Underwater Acoustic OSDM Communication System6
Impact of Bilateral Contracts on Wholesale Electricity Markets: In a Case Where a Market Participant Has Dominant Position6
Damage Detection and Localization on Real Structures Subjected to Strong Motion Earthquakes Using the Curvature Evolution Method: The Navelli (Italy) Case Study6
Complex Human–Object Interactions Analyzer Using a DCNN and SVM Hybrid Approach6
Optimization of the Orifice Shape of Cooling Fan Units for High Flow Rate and Low-Level Noise in Outdoor Air Conditioning Units6
A Feasibility Study of a Novel Piezo MEMS Tweezer for Soft Materials Characterization6
The Technological Design of Geometrically Complex Ti-6Al-4V Parts by Metal Injection Molding6
Optimization of Shape Design of Grommet through Analysis of Physical Properties of EPDM Materials6
Low-Cost CuIn1−xGaxSe2 Ultra-Thin Hole-Transporting Material Layer for Perovskite/CIGSe Heterojunction Solar Cells6
Locating the Epidemic Source in Complex Networks with Sparse Observers6
Blast-Resistant Performance of Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (HFRC) Panels Subjected to Contact Detonation6
P-Fuzz: A Parallel Grey-Box Fuzzing Framework6
Effect of Paper Sludge and Dendromass on Properties of Phytomass Pellets6
Beyond Stochastic Gradient Descent for Matrix Completion Based Indoor Localization6
Experimental Study on Storage and Maintenance Method of Ni-MH Battery Modules for Hybrid Electric Vehicles6
Performance Analysis of Cooperative Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in Visible Light Communication6
Surface Alterations Induced on Endodontic Instruments by Sterilization Processes, Analyzed with Atomic Force Microscopy: A Systematic Review6
Autonomous Robotics for Identification and Management of Invasive Aquatic Plant Species6
Mode-Selective Photonic Lanterns for Orbital Angular Momentum Mode Division Multiplexing6
Investigation of an Explosion at a Styrene Plant with Alkylation Reactor Feed Furnace6
A Comparative Study on Interactions of Antimicrobial Peptides L- and D-phenylseptin with 1,2-dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine6
Establishment of a Standard Method for Boundary Slip Measurement on Smooth Surfaces Based on AFM6
Effects of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate on Transcriptional Expression of Cellular Protection-Related HSP60 and HSP67B2 Genes in the Mud Crab Macrophthalmus japonicus6
Optimal Power Dispatch of an Offshore Wind Farm under Generator Fault6
Preparation and Characterization of High Thermal Conductivity and Low CTE Polyimide Composite Reinforced with Diamond Nanoparticles/SiC Whiskers for 3D IC Interposer RDL Dielectric6
LeSSA: A Unified Framework based on Lexicons and Semi-Supervised Learning Approaches for Textual Sentiment Classification6
Research on Control Parameters for Voltage Source Inverter Output Controllers of Micro-Grids Based on the Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm6
Effect of Different Bonding Materials on Flip-Chip LED Filament Properties6
A New Method of GPS Water Vapor Tomography for Maximizing the Use of Signal Rays6
Overview on the Evolution of Laser Welding of Vascular and Nervous Tissues6
Design and Motion Planning of a Biped Climbing Robot with Redundant Manipulator6
An Accurate Probabilistic Model for TVWS Identification6
Comparative Analysis of Digital Models of Objects of Cultural Heritage Obtained by the “3D SLS” and “SfM” Methods6
An AC/DC Distribution Network DG Planning Problem: A Genetic-Ant Colony Hybrid Algorithm Approach6
Evaluating the Effect of Wheel Polygons on Dynamic Track Performance in High-Speed Railway Systems Using Co-Simulation Analysis6
Comprehensive Evaluation of Fatigue Performance of Modified Asphalt Mixtures in Different Fatigue Tests6
Determination of Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Activity of Combined LVX and AMP Impregnated in p(HEMA) Hydrogel6
Evaluation of Selected Metasurfaces’ Sensitivity to Planar Geometry Distortions6
Smart Fault-Tolerant Control System Based on Chaos Theory and Extension Theory for Locating Faults in a Three-Level T-Type Inverter6
Image-to-Image Translation Using Identical-Pair Adversarial Networks6
A Theoretical Model with the Effect of Cracks in the Local Spalling of Full Ceramic Ball Bearings6
Effect of In-Shoe Foot Orthosis Contours on Heel Pain Due to Calcaneal Spurs5
The Protection Role of Cysteine for Cu-5Zn-5Al-1Sn Alloy Corrosion in 3.5 wt.% NaCl Solution5
Cluster Control for EVs Participating in Grid Frequency Regulation by Using Virtual Synchronous Machine with Optimized Parameters5
Gamifying Massive Online Courses: Effects on the Social Networks and Course Completion Rates5
Attenuation Zones of Two-Dimensional Periodic Foundations Including the Effect of Vertical Loads5
Development of an Electrostatic Beat Module for Various Tactile Sensations in Touch Screen Devices5
A Compact Four-Port Coplanar Antenna Based on an Excitation Switching Reconfigurable Mechanism for Cognitive Radio Applications5
An Effective Framework Using Spatial Correlation and Extreme Learning Machine for Moving Cast Shadow Detection5
High-Harmonic and Terahertz Spectroscopy (HATS): Methods and Applications5
High-Precision 13CO2/12CO2 Isotopic Ratio Measurement Using Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy at 4.3 μm for Deep-Sea Natural Gas Hydrate Exploration5
Biochar from Microwave Pyrolysis of Artemisia Slengensis: Characterization and Methylene Blue Adsorption Capacity5
Light-Activated Zirconium(IV) Phthalocyanine Derivatives Linked to Graphite Oxide Flakes and Discussion on Their Antibacterial Activity5
Design of All-Solid Dual-Concentric-Core Microstructure Fiber for Ultra-Broadband Dispersion Compensation5
Retina-like Imaging and Its Applications: A Brief Review5
Mechanical Analysis of Grouted Sleeve Lapping Connector5
Partial Daylight Autonomy (DAp): A New Lighting Dynamic Metric to Optimize the Design of Windows for Seasonal Use Spaces5
Characterization of Slag Cement Mortar Containing Nonthermally Treated Dried Red Mud5
Novel Aryl-Imidazolium Ionic Liquids with Dual Brønsted/Lewis Acidity as Both Solvents and Catalysts for Friedel–Crafts Alkylation5
Structural Requirements for Antimicrobial Activity of Phenolic Nor-Triterpenes from Celastraceae Species5
Experimental Study on Hydraulic Fracturing of High Asphalt Concrete Core Rock-Fill Dam5
Directed Silica Co-Deposition by Highly Oxidized Silver: Enhanced Stability and Versatility of Silver Oxynitrate5
137 Gb/s PAM-4 Transmissions at 850 nm over 40 cm Optical Backplane with 25 G Devices with Improved Neural Network-Based Equalization5
Effect of Rotating Cylinder on Mixing Performance in a Cylindrical Double-Ribbon Mixer5
An Energy-Based Approach for Fatigue Life Estimation of Welded Joints without Residual Stress through Thermal-Graphic Measurement5
Identification and Representation of Multi-Pulse Near-Fault Strong Ground Motion Using Adaptive Wavelet Transform5
Analysis of Optical Integration between Si3N4 Waveguide and a Ge-Based Optical Modulator Using a Lateral Amorphous GeSi Taper at the Telecommunication Wavelength of 1.55 µm5
Investigating the Effect of Cutting Parameters of Ti–6Al–4V on Surface Roughness Based on a SPH Cutting Model5
Detection and 3D Visualization of Deformations for High-Rise Buildings in Shenzhen, China from High-Resolution TerraSAR-X Datasets5
A Novel Application of League Championship Optimization (LCA): Hybridizing Fuzzy Logic for Soil Compression Coefficient Analysis5
A Novel Binary Competitive Swarm Optimizer for Power System Unit Commitment5
A Traceable High-Accuracy Velocity Measurement by Electro-Optic Dual-Comb Interferometry5
A High Signal–Noise Ratio UWB Radar for Buried Pipe Location Using Golay Complementary Sequences5
Numerical Simulation Study on the Effects of Course Keeping on the Roll Stability of Submarine Emergency Rising5
A Steam Ejector Refrigeration System Powered by Engine Combustion Waste Heat: Part 1. Characterization of the Internal Flow Structure5
Feasibility Study of Using Carbide Slag as In-Bed Desulfurizer in Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler5
Stochastic Traffic-Based Fatigue Life Assessment of Rib-to-Deck Welding Joints in Orthotropic Steel Decks with Thickened Edge U-Ribs5
Design on the Winter Jujubes Harvesting and Sorting Device5
Signature Modes of Old and New Violins with Symmetric Anatomical Wood Structure5
Design and Analysis of a Robust UAV Flight Guidance and Control System Based on a Modified Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion5
Privacy Preserving Classification of EEG Data Using Machine Learning and Homomorphic Encryption5
Feasibility Study on Grouting Compactness Detection in Sleeves Using Piezoelectric Transducers5
Influence of Weld Parameters on the Fatigue Life of Deck-Rib Welding Details in Orthotropic Steel Decks Based on the Improved Stress Integration Approach5
Cooperative Threads with Effective-Address in Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Job Shop Scheduling Problems5
Comparison of Selected Characteristics of SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV, and HCoV-NL635
Autonomous Load Regulation Based Energy Balanced Routing in Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks5
Distributed Control Strategy for Smart Home Appliances Considering the Discrete Response Characteristics of the On/Off Loads5
An Electric Load Simulator for Engine Camless Valvetrains5
Synthesis and Diagnostics of Nanostructured Micaless Microcomposite as a Prospective Insulation Material for Rotating Machines5
Towards the Development of a Low-Cost Irradiance Nowcasting Sky Imager5
Improved Distributed Minimum Variance Distortionless Response (MVDR) Beamforming Method Based on a Local Average Consensus Algorithm for Bird Audio Enhancement in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks5
Evaluation of Specific Absorption Rate in Three-Layered Tissue Model at 13.56 MHz and 40.68 MHz for Inductively Powered Biomedical Implants5
Ultrathin Acoustic Metasurface Holograms with Arbitrary Phase Control5
Sediment Erosion Characteristics and Mechanism on Guide Vane End-Clearance of Hydro Turbine5
Interhemispheric Brain Switching Correlates with Severity of Sleep-Disordered Breathing for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients5
Design of Experiments in the Methodology for Interoperability Testing: Evaluating AMI Message Exchange5
Calibration Method for Angular Positioning Deviation of a High-Precision Rotary Table Based on the Laser Tracer Multi-Station Measurement System5
High-Temperature Mechanical Properties of 4.5%Al δ-TRIP Steel5
Polymer-Based Microring Resonator with the Multimode Interference Coupler Operating at Very-Near-Infrared Wavelengths5
Effects of Fineness and Dosage of Fly Ash on the Fracture Properties and Strength of Concrete5
Comparing Machine Learning Methods for Classifying Plant Drought Stress from Leaf Reflectance Spectra in Arabidopsis thaliana5
A Novel Virtual Sensor for Estimating Robot Joint Total Friction Based on Total Momentum5
Advanced Thermal Manikin for Thermal Comfort Assessment in Vehicles and Buildings5
Fatigue Crack Growth under Non-Proportional Mixed Mode Loading in Rail and Wheel Steel Part 2: Sequential Mode I and Mode III Loading5
Na2Ti7O15 Nanowires with an Oriented Tunnel Structure and High Mechanical Stability: A Potential Anode of Sodium-Ion Batteries and Gas Sensing Materials5
An Intelligent and Smart Environment Monitoring System for Healthcare5
Measurement of the Absolute Value of Cerebral Blood Volume and Optical Properties in Term Neonates Immediately after Birth Using Near-Infrared Time-Resolved Spectroscopy: A Preliminary Observation Stu5
Broadband Photo-Excited Coherent Acoustic Frequency Combs and Mini-Brillouin-Zone Modes in a MQW-SESAM Structure5
Measurement of In-Plane Displacement in Two Orthogonal Directions by Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry5
Application Study of Adaptive Tracking Algorithm in Active Noise Control System of Transformer5
Design 2-Speed Transmission for Compact Electric Vehicle Using Dual Brake System5
Prediction of the Dynamic Stiffness of Resilient Materials using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Technique5
Analysis of Load-Sharing Behavior of the Multistage Planetary Gear Train Used in Wind Generators: Effects of Random Wind Load5
In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Titanium Surface Modification for Biological Aging by Electrolytic Reducing Ionic Water5
A Bounded Scheduling Method for Adaptive Gradient Methods5
A Novel Shape-Adjustable Surface and Its Applications in Car Design5
Exploiting the Underdetermined System in Multichannel Active Noise Control for Open Windows5
A Time–Frequency Correlation Analysis Method of Time Series Decomposition Derived from Synchrosqueezed S Transform5
Investigations on Dynamical Stability in 3D Quadrupole Ion Traps5
Full-Scale Train Derailment Testing and Analysis of Post-Derailment Behavior of Casting Bogie5
Ultrasonic Parametrization of Arterial Wall Movements in Low- and High-Risk CVD Subjects5
The Effect of External Fixator Configurations on the Dynamic Compression Load: An Experimental and Numerical Study5
Dynamic State Estimation for Synchronous Machines Based on Adaptive Ensemble Square Root Kalman Filter5
Acoustic and Aerodynamic Coupling during Phonation in MRI-Based Vocal Tract Replicas5
The Application of Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Wound Repair and Regeneration5
Waterproof Aerated Bricks from Stone Powder Waste through Nano-TiO2 Structured Hydrophobic Surface Modification5
Acceptance Model for Mobile Building Information Modeling (BIM)5
Precipitation of Germanium from Sulphate Solutions Containing Tin and Indium Using Tannic Acid5
Automated Real-Time Assessment of Stay-Cable Serviceability Using Smart Sensors5
The Classification of Inertinite Macerals in Coal Based on the Multifractal Spectrum Method5
Geotechnical Evaluation of Diesel Contaminated Clayey Soil5
Positive and Negative Symmetric Pulses with Fast Rising Edge Generated from a GaAs Photoconductive Semiconductor Switch5
Thin Coatings of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles with Anti-Reflective Properties5
Seismic Assessment of a Benchmark Highway Bridge Equipped with Optimized Shape Memory Alloy Wire-Based Isolators5
The Direct Integration Method with Virtual Initial Conditions on the Free and Forced Vibration of a System with Hysteretic Damping5
A Novel Adaptive Gain of Optimal Sliding Mode Controller for Linear Time-Varying Systems5
Flow Synthesizer: Universal Audio Synthesizer Control with Normalizing Flows5
Atomic-Scale Understanding of Structure and Properties of Complex Pyrophosphate Crystals by First-Principles Calculations5
Release of VEGF from Dental Implant Surface (IML® Implant) Coated with Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF) and the Liquid Phase of CGF (LPCGF): In Vitro Results and Future Expectations5
A Stress Analysis of a Conical Pick by Establishing a 3D ES-FEM Model and Using Experimental Measured Forces5
Protein-Engineered Polymers Functionalized with Antimicrobial Peptides for the Development of Active Surfaces5
Study on the Design and Cutting Performance of a Revolving Cycloid Milling Cutter5
Climate Change Impacts on Salt Marsh Blue Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous Stocks and Ecosystem Services5
Modelling and Stability Analysis of Wind Power Plants Connected to Weak Grids5
Modeling Energy LED Light Consumption Based on an Artificial Intelligent Method Applied to Closed Plant Production System5
Enhancing Absorption Bandwidth through Vertically Oriented Metamaterials5
Mechanical Properties of Lamellar Shale Considering the Effect of Rock Structure and Hydration from Macroscopic and Microscopic Points of View5
A Compressed Equivalent Source Method Based on Equivalent Redundant Dictionary for Sound Field Reconstruction5
High-Pressure-Induced Transition from Ferromagnetic Semiconductor to Spin Gapless Semiconductor in Quaternary Heusler Alloy VFeScZ (Z = Sb, As, P)5
Use of Texture Feature Maps for the Refinement of Information Derived from Digital Intraoral Radiographs of Lytic and Sclerotic Lesions5
Stress–Strain Curve and Carbonation Resistance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete after Using Different RCA Treatment Techniques5
Experimental and Parametric Study on the Pull-Out Resistance of a Notched Perfobond Shear Connector5
Experimental Study on Km-Range Long-Distance Measurement Using Silicon Photomultiplier Sensor with Low Peak Power Laser Pulse5
Low-Cost Electrode Modification to Upgrade the Bioelectrocatalytic Oxidation of Tannery Wastewater Using Acclimated Activated Sludge5
Relationship between Aspect Ratio and Crack Density in Porous-Cracked Rocks Using Experimental and Optimization Methods5
FAST-FUSION: An Improved Accuracy Omnidirectional Visual Odometry System with Sensor Fusion and GPU Optimization for Embedded Low Cost Hardware5
Nanotechnology Solutions for Controlled Cytokine Delivery: An Applied Perspective5
Methods of Assessing Degradation of Supercapacitors by Using Various Measurement Techniques5
FTIR Spectroscopy for Identification and Intra-Species Characterization of Serpula lacrymans5
Simulation of Coal Gasification in a Low-Temperature, High-Pressure Entrained-Bed Reactor with a Volatiles Condensation and Re-Evaporation Model5
Experimental/Numerical Acoustic Assessment of Aircraft Seat Headrests Based on Electrospun Mats5
Estimation of Fatigue Crack AE Emissivity Based on the Palmer–Heald Model5
Total Phenolic, Anthocyanins HPLC-DAD-MS Determination and Antioxidant Capacity in Black Grape Skins and Blackberries: A Comparative Study5
A Re-Entry Path Planning Method for Service Robots Based on Dynamic Inver-Over Evolutionary Algorithm5
Electrochemical Synthesis of Nano-Sized Silicon from KCl–K2SiF6 Melts for Powerful Lithium-Ion Batteries5
Limited Search Space-Based Algorithm for Dual Resource Constrained Scheduling Problem with Multilevel Product Structure5
Review of the Relationship between Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Elastin-Derived Peptides (EDPs)5
Flexural Characteristics Evaluation for Reinforced Concrete Affected by Steel Corrosion Based on an Acoustic Emission Technique5
Multi-Channel Electrical Impedance-Based Crack Localization of Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composites under Bending Conditions5
A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Model for Product Form Design Based on Improved SPEA25
Photoacoustic Imaging of Tattoo Inks: Phantom and Clinical Evaluation5
Optimal Depressants and Collector Dosage in Fluorite Flotation Process Based on DoE Methodology5
Extraction of ADP-Heptose and Kdo2-Lipid A from E. coli Deficient in the Heptosyltransferase I Gene5
Overview of Federated Facility to Harmonize, Analyze and Management of Missing Data in Cohorts5
Experimental Study on Strengthening Effect Analysis of a Deteriorated Bridge Using External Prestressing Method5
A Novel Fault Diagnosis Method for High-Temperature Superconducting Field Coil of Superconducting Rotating Machine5
Using Costs and Health Benefits to Estimate the Priority of Air Pollution Control Action Plan: A Case Study in Taiwan5
Unsupervised Learning of Total Variability Embedding for Speaker Verification with Random Digit Strings5
Viability of Using High Amounts of Steel Slag Aggregates to Improve the Circularity and Performance of Asphalt Mixtures5
Application of an Adaptive Multi-Population Parallel Genetic Algorithm with Constraints in Electromagnetic Tomography with Incomplete Projections5
Modeling, Assessment and Design of an Emergency Department of a Public Hospital through Discrete-Event Simulation5
Decarbonising the Shipping Sector: A Critical Analysis on the Application of Waste Heat for Refrigeration in Fishing Vessels5
Characterization and Evaluation of Commercial Carboxymethyl Cellulose Potential as an Active Ingredient for Cosmetics5
Mechanistic Study of Phosphorus Adsorption onto Iron Z-A: Spectroscopic and Experimental Approach5
Electro-Physical Interpretation of the Degradation of the Fill Factor of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells Due to Incomplete Hole Collection at the a-Si:H/c-Si Thermionic Emission Barrier5
CO2 Capture of the Gas Emission, Using a Catalytic Converter and Airlift Bioreactors with the Microalga Scenedesmus dimorphus5
Facile Fabrication of Polyaniline/Graphene Composite Fibers as Electrodes for Fiber-Shaped Supercapacitors5
Development of an Open-Source Testbed Based on the Modbus Protocol for Cybersecurity Analysis of Nuclear Power Plants5
Deep Learning-Based Method to Recognize Line Objects and Flow Arrows from Image-Format Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams for Digitization5
Exergy and Economic Evaluation of a Hybrid Power Plant Coupling Coal with Solar Energy5
Performance Evaluation of a Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Using Non-Destructive Field Loading Tests5
An Experimental Investigation of Moisture-Induced Softening Mechanism of Marble Based on Quantitative Analysis of Acoustic Emission Waveforms5
High Strain Rate Properties of Various Forms of Ti6Al4V(ELI) Produced by Direct Metal Laser Sintering5
Evaluation of Reliable Digital Elevation Model Resolution for TOPMODEL in Two Mountainous Watersheds, South Korea5
Quantum Key Distribution Networks: Challenges and Future Research Issues in Security5
Accelerating 3-D GPU-based Motion Tracking for Ultrasound Strain Elastography Using Sum-Tables: Analysis and Initial Results5
The Integration of Azure Sphere and Azure Cloud Services for Internet of Things5
The Effects of Augmented Reality Interaction Techniques on Egocentric Distance Estimation Accuracy5
Photocatalytic Lithography5
Performance of Warm-Mixed Flame Retardant Modified Asphalt Binder5
Simultaneous Analysis of Heavy Metal Concentration in Soil Samples5
On the Nature of Pressure Wave Propagation through Ducts for Structural Health Monitoring Application5
Prediction of Tunnel Face Stability Using a Naive Bayes Classifier5
Thermal-Performance Evaluation of Bicycle Helmets for Convective and Evaporative Heat Loss at Low and Moderate Cycling Speeds5
The Detection of Long-Chain Bio-Markers Using Atomic Force Microscopy5
An Experimental Analytics on Discovering Work Transference Networks from Workflow Enactment Event Logs5
Efficient Detection Approach for DTMF Signal Detection5
A Weighted Estimation Algorithm for Enhancing Pulsed Eddy Current Infrared Image in Ecpt Non-Destructive Testing5
A Long-Term Analysis of the Possibility of Water Recovery for Hydroponic Lettuce Irrigation in an Indoor Vertical Farm. Part 2: Rainwater Harvesting5
A Multi-Period Approach for the Optimal Energy Retrofit Planning of Street Lighting Systems5
An Analysis of Rhythmic Patterns with Unsupervised Learning5
Preprocessing for Lessening the Influence of Eye Artifacts in EEG Analysis5
Numeric Evaluation of Game-Theoretic Collaboration Modes in Supplier Development5
A Vulnerable Environment Study in Karst Regions between 1991 and 2017: A Bibliometric Analysis5
Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Using Aspect Map5
Classification and Disposal Strategy of Excess Sludge in the Petrochemical Industry5
Analysis and Design of New Actuator Used for Full-Wide Screen LCD5
The Role of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in Production Process Performance: A Causal Model5
Tempo and Metrical Analysis by Tracking Multiple Metrical Levels Using Autocorrelation5
Research on Lifespan Prediction of Composite Insulators in a High Altitude Area Experimental Station5
Applications of Capacitive Imaging in Human Skin Texture and Hair Analysis5
Operation Characteristics and Transient Simulation of an ICE-ORC Combined System5
Implementation of an Obstacle Recognition System for the Blind5
The Spatial Perspective in Post-Earthquake Evaluation to Improve Mitigation Strategies: Geostatistical Analysis of the Seismic Damage Applied to a Real Case Study5
Smart Model to Distinguish Crohn’s Disease from Ulcerative Colitis5
Characteristic Length and Time Scales of the Highly Forward Scattering of Photons in Random Media5
Selection of Diagnostic Symptoms and Injection Subsystems of Marine Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines5
Exploring the Benefits of Photovoltaic Non-Optimal Orientations in Buildings5
Alkali Ion Concentration Estimations in Cement Paste Pore Solutions5
The Relationships between Somatic Cells and Isoleucine, Leucine and Tyrosine Content in Cow Milk5
A Software Framework for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network Towards Environmental Monitoring5
A Novel Magnetic Coupling for Miniaturized Bandpass Filters in Embedded Coaxial SIW5
Dimensional Control of Aircraft Transmission Bodies Using CNC Machines and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems5
Wireless Magnetoelasticity-Based Sensor for Monitoring the Degradation Behavior of Polylactic Acid Artificial Bone In Vitro5
Environmentally Friendly Rock Mining—Case Study of the Limestone Mine “Górażdże”, Poland5
Induction of Highly Dynamic Shock Waves in Machining Processes with Multiple Loads and Short Tool Impacts5
Impact Evaluation of Track Girder Bearing on Yeongjong Grand Bridge5
The Influence on Response of a Combined Capacitance Sensor in Horizontal Oil–Water Two-Phase Flow5
On the Micromixing Behavior of a Spinning Disk Reactor for Metallic Cu Nanoparticles Production5
Experimental Study on the Seismic Performance of Recycled Concrete Hollow Block Masonry Walls5
Shape Memory Effect in Micro-Sized Shape Memory Polymer Composite Chains5
Application of a Probabilistic Method Based on Neutrosophic Number in Rock Slope Stability Assessment5
Measurement of Amount for Steel Abrasive Material Transported by Special Scraper Conveyor5
The Deep Circumflex Iliac Artery Flap for Mandibular Reconstruction and Donor Site Reconstruction with a Patient-Specific Implant: A Case Report5
Hand Gestures in Virtual and Augmented 3D Environments for Down Syndrome Users5
Shear Strength of Trapezoidal Corrugated Steel Webs for Horizontally Curved Girder Bridges5
Exhaust Gas Characteristics According to the Injection Conditions in Diesel and DME Engines5
Electro-Precipitation of Actinides on Boron-Doped Diamond Thin Films for Solid Sources Preparation for High-Resolution Alpha-Particle Spectrometry5
Study on the Dynamic Characteristics of a Hydraulic Continuous Variable Compression Ratio System5
Numerical Investigation on the Gravity Response of a Two-Pole Generator Rotor System with Interval Uncertainties5
Radioactivity and Heavy Metals Concentration in Italian (Calabrian) DOC Wines5
Self-Recognition Grasping Operation with a Vision-Based Redundant Manipulator System5
Effect of Track Irregularities on the Response of Two-Way Railway Tracks5
A Damage Model Reflecting the Interaction between Delamination and Intralaminar Crack for Failure Analysis of FRP Laminates5
Improving RNN Performance by Modelling Informative Missingness with Combined Indicators5
Adaptive Fuzzy-Based Fault-Tolerant Control of a Continuum Robotic System for Maxillary Sinus Surgery5
How to Optimize the Implementation of ITIL through a Process Ordering Algorithm5
Primitive Shape Fitting in Point Clouds Using the Bees Algorithm5
Timbre Preferences in the Context of Mixing Music5
A Parametric Numerical Study of the Airflow and Thermal Performance in a Real Data Center for Improving Sustainability5
Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter Joint Detection and Tracking of Radar Targets5
An EKF-Based Method and Experimental Study for Small Leakage Detection and Location in Natural Gas Pipelines5
2D Dielectric Nanoimprinted PMMA Pillars on Metallo-Dielectric Films5
Underfloor Heating Using Ceramic Thermal Panels and Solar Thermal Panels in Public Buildings in the Mediterranean: Energy Savings and Healthy Indoor Environment5
A Novel Design of Fractional PI/PID Controllers for Two-Input-Two-Output Processes5
NowDeepN: An Ensemble of Deep Learning Models for Weather Nowcasting Based on Radar Products’ Values Prediction5
Effect of ElectroSpark Process Parameters on the WE43 Magnesium Alloy Deposition Quality5
Simple Synthesis Method and Characterizations of Aggregation-Free Cysteamine Capped PbS Quantum Dot5
Flexible Shear and Normal Force Sensor Using Only One Layer of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Film5
Sampling Based on Kalman Filter for Shape from Focus in the Presence of Noise5
Application of Neural Networks to Explore Manufacturing Sales Prediction5
Enhanced Tensile Plasticity in Ultrafine Lamellar Eutectic Al-CuBased Composites with α-Al Dendrites Prepared by Progressive Solidification5
A Case-Based Reasoning Model for Retrieving Window Replacement Costs through Industry Foundation Class5
Topology Comparison Study of Five-Phase Wound-Field Doubly Salient Fault Tolerant Generators5
Physiological Control Law for Rotary Blood Pumps with Full-State Feedback Method5
An Embedded Gateway with Communication Extension and Backup Capabilities for ZigBee-Based Monitoring and Control Systems5
Photo-Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution Reaction by Biomimetic CaMn2O4 Catalyst5
Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties, Energy Dissipation Characteristics and Acoustic Emission Parameters of Compression Failure of Sandstone Specimens Containing En Echelon Flaws5
Optimal Strategy to Select Load Identification Features by Using a Particle Resampling Algorithm5
Multi-Perspective Ultrasound Imaging Technology of the Breast with Cylindrical Motion of Linear Arrays5
Semantic Mediation Model to Promote Improved Data Sharing Using Representation Learning in Heterogeneous Healthcare Service Environments5
Value-Set-Based Approach to Robust Stability Analysis for Ellipsoidal Families of Fractional-Order Polynomials with Complicated Uncertainty Structure5
Shear Properties of Asphalt Mixtures under Triaxial Compression5
Low-Noise Chopper-Stabilized Multi-Path Operational Amplifier with Nested Miller Compensation for High-Precision Sensors5
The Optimized Production of 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural and Related Products from Spent Coffee Grounds5
An Evaluation Framework to Support Optimisation of Scenarios for Energy Efficient Retrofitting of Buildings at the District Level5
Experiment and Modeling on Macro Fiber Composite Stress-Induced Actuation Function Degradation5
Wind Tunnel Study on Bidirectional Vibration Control of Lattice Towers with Omnidirectional Cantilever-Type Eddy Current TMD5
A Thermopile Device with Subwavelength Structure by CMOS-MEMS Technology5
Test Study on the Stress and Deformation Behaviors of a Shaft Supported by a Prefabricated Prestressed Structure5
In-Situ Observation of Adhesion Behavior During Ultrasonic Al Ribbon Bonding5
Optical Design of an LED Lighting Source for Fluorescence Microscopes5
Augmented Reality Implementations in Stomatology5
Piezoelectric Silicon Micropump for Drug Delivery Applications5
Special Issue on Liquid Crystal on Silicon Devices: Modeling and Advanced Spatial Light Modulation Applications5
Experimental Analysis on Skid Damage of Roller Bearing with the Time-Varying Slip and Temperature Distribution5
Model-Based Test Suite Generation Using Mutation Analysis for Fault Localization5
Improving the Efficiency of Robot-Mediated Rehabilitation by Using a New Organizational Model: An Observational Feasibility Study in an Italian Rehabilitation Center5
Object-Based Approach for Adaptive Source Coding of Surveillance Video5
Model-Free Identification of Nonlinear Restoring Force with Modified Observation Equation5
Silicon Meets Graphene for a New Family of Near-Infrared Schottky Photodetectors5
Microbial Community and Atrazine-Degrading Genetic Potential in Deep Zones of a Hypersaline Lake-Aquifer System5
Wettability of CNW/ITO Micro Structure for Modification of Surface Hydrophilicity5
X-ray Spectroscopies of High Energy Density Matter Created with X-ray Free Electron Lasers5
Interference Avoidance Using TDMA-Beamforming in Location Aware Small Cell Systems5
Optical 3-D Profilometry for Measuring Semiconductor Wafer Surfaces with Extremely Variant Reflectivities5
Enhancing the Viscoelastic Performance of Carbon Fiber Composites by Incorporating CNTs and ZnO Nanofillers5
Near-Infrared C2H2 Detection System Based on Single Optical Path Time Division Multiplexing Differential Modulation Technique and Multi-Reflection Chamber5
Effects of the Projectile Geometries on Normal and Oblique Penetration Using the Finite Cavity Pressure Method5
Assessing the Impact of the Loss Function, Architecture and Image Type for Deep Learning-Based Wildfire Segmentation5
A Roadmap for the Integration of Active Solar Systems into Buildings5
Assessment of Growing Thermal Conditions of Main Fruit Species in Portugal Based on Hourly Records from a Weather Station Network5
Multimedia Vision for the Visually Impaired through 2D Multiarray Braille Display5
A Finite Element Investigation into the Effect of Slope of Grain on Wood Baseball Bat Durability5
Potentials for Pressure Gain Combustion in Advanced Gas Turbine Cycles5
A Fault-Signal-Based Generalizing Remaining Useful Life Prognostics Method for Wheel Hub Bearings5
Plasmons and Plasmon–Polaritons in Finite Ionic Systems: Toward Soft-Plasmonics of Confined Electrolyte Structures5
A Pulse Shaping Based Optical Transmission System of 128QAM for DWDM with N × 904 Gbps5
Undrained Pore Pressure Development on Cohesive Soil in Triaxial Cyclic Loading5
Mapping Areal Precipitation with Fusion Data by ANN Machine Learning in Sparse Gauged Region5
Experimental Investigation of Micropile Stiffness Affecting the Underpinning of an Existing Foundation5
A Systematic Review of Oxygen Therapy for the Management of Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (MRONJ)5
Process Simulation and Economic Evaluation of Bio-Oil Two-Stage Hydrogenation Production5
Determination of Young Elasticity Modulus in Bored Piles Through the Global Strain Extensometer Sensors and Real-Time Monitoring Data5
On the Active Adsorption of Chromium(III) from Alkaline Solutions Using Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes5
Determination of pH in Powdered Concrete Samples or in Suspension5
Study of Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV) with Active Inward Tilting Mechanism on Obstacle Avoidance and Energy Efficiency5
Efficient Conjunctive Keywords Search over Encrypted E-Mail Data in Public Key Setting5
Experimental Study of Composite Hollow RC Column under Uniaxial Compressive Load5
A Low-Profile Wideband Monocone Antenna Using Bent Shorting Strips5
Numerical Modeling of Non-Uniformly Reinforced Carbon Concrete Lightweight Ceiling Elements5
A New Concept of Instantaneous Whirling Speed for Cracked Rotor’s Axis Orbit5
The Use of a Special Stereoscopic Microscope Attachment for the Sieve Analysis of Aggregate in Concrete5
Synthesis and Surface Modification of Nanostructured F-Doped ZnO: Toward a Transducer for Label-Free Optical Biosensing5
Industrial Cyber-Physical System Evolution Detection and Alert Generation5
Multiscale Entropy Analysis with Low-Dimensional Exhaustive Search for Detecting Heart Failure5
SPH Simulation of Hydraulic Jump on Corrugated Riverbeds5
A Hybrid Model for Investigating the Effect of Scattering from Building Façade on Sound Propagation in Street Canyons5
Re-Keying Scheme Revisited: Security Model and Instantiations5
Nonlinear and Non-Stationary Detection for Measured Dynamic Signal from Bridge Structure Based on Adaptive Decomposition and Multiscale Recurrence Analysis5
Defect Detection using Power Spectrum of Torsional Waves in Guided-Wave Inspection of Pipelines5
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Resonance Characteristics of Novel Pumping Element Driven by Two Piezoelectric Bimorphs5
Application of a Fuzzy Decision Model to the Design of a Pillbox for Medical Treatment of Chronic Diseases5
Fault Classification of Rotary Machinery Based on Smooth Local Subspace Projection Method and Permutation Entropy5
Improved Defect Detection Using Adaptive Leaky NLMS Filter in Guided-Wave Testing of Pipelines5
Sargassum muticum Hydrothermal Extract: Effects on Serum Parameters and Antioxidant Activity in Rats5
A Model for Deriving Trust and Reputation on Blockchain-Based e-Payment System5
Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of External ALC Panel Steel Frames with New Semi-Rigid Connector5
Contributions of Water-Related Building Installations to Urban Strategies for Mitigation and Adaptation to Face Climate Change5
Advanced Fault Ride-through Strategy by an MMC HVDC Transmission for Off-Shore Wind Farm Interconnection5
Data-Driven Deformation Reliability of Retaining Structures in Deep Excavations Considering Measurement Error5
Research on the Damage Evolution Process of Steel Wire with Pre-Corroded Defects in Cable-Stayed Bridges5
Quantitative Assessment of the Environmental Impacts of Dredging and Dumping Activities at Sea5
Peridynamic Modeling of Mode-I Delamination Growth in Double Cantilever Composite Beam Test: A Two-Dimensional Modeling Using Revised Energy-Based Failure Criteria5
Evaluation of Skin Friction Drag Reduction in the Turbulent Boundary Layer Using Riblets5
Numerical Simulation of a New Flow Field Design with Rib Grooves for a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell with a Serpentine Flow Field5
Towards Agent Organizations Interoperability: A Model Driven Engineering Approach5
Seismic Response of Steel Moment Frames (SMFs) Considering Simultaneous Excitations of Vertical and Horizontal Components, Including Fling-Step Ground Motions5
An Intelligent Course Decision Assistant by Mining and Filtering Learners’ Personality Patterns5
Facile Fabrication of Micro/Nano Hierarchical SERS Sensor via Anisotropic Etching and Electrochemical Treatment for Malachite Green Detection5
An Environmental Perception Framework for Robotic Fish Formation Based on Machine Learning Methods5
Emerging Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emission Techniques to Identify Preclinical Warning Signs of Basal Cochlear Dysfunction Due to Ototoxicity5
A New Period-Sequential Index Forecasting Algorithm for Time Series Data5
AdjusTable 3D Plasmonic Archimedes Spiral Lens for Optical Manipulation5
Simulation and Evaluation on The Dynamic Performance of a Cryogenic Turbo-Based Reverse Brayton Refrigerator5
Investigation of Bottlenecks in Supply Chain System for Minimizing Total Cost by Integrating Manufacturing Modelling Based on MINLP Approach5
Measurement of Period Length and Skew Angle Patterns of Textile Cutting Pieces Based on Faster R-CNN5
Integrating the Shape Constants of a Novel Material Stress-Strain Characterization Model for Parametric Numerical Analysis of the Deformational Capacity of High-Strength X80-Grade Steel Pipelines5
Finite Element Steady-State Vibration Analysis Considering Frequency-Dependent Soil-Pile Interaction5
swHPFM: Refactoring and Optimizing the Structured Grid Fluid Mechanical Algorithm on the Sunway TaihuLight Supercomputer5
An Investigation on Base Metal Block Shear Strength of Ferritic Stainless Steel Welded Connection5
Design of Travelling-Wave Rotating Ultrasonic Motor under High Overload Environments: Impact Dynamics Simulation and Experimental Validation5
Extending Appearance Based Gait Recognition with Depth Data5
Fracture Resistance of Monolithic Zirconia Crowns on Four Occlusal Convergent Abutments in Implant Prosthesis5
Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (InSAR) Ionospheric Correction Based on Faraday Rotation: Two Case Studies5
Real-Time Mitigation of the Mobility Effect for IEEE 802.15.4g SUN MR-OFDM5
Design, Application and Effectiveness of an Innovative Augmented Reality Teaching Proposal through 3P Model5
A Systematic Review of Open Source Clinical Software on GitHub for Improving Software Reuse in Smart Healthcare5
On the Innovation Design for Two-Motor Transmissions with Eight-Link Mechanisms in the Electric Vehicles5
Quantitative CT Analysis for Predicting the Behavior of Part-Solid Nodules with Solid Components Less than 6 mm: Size, Density and Shape Descriptors5
Generating a Cylindrical Panorama from a Forward-Looking Borehole Video for Borehole Condition Analysis5
Impact of Subharmonic and Aperiodic Laryngeal Dynamics on the Phonatory Process Analyzed in Ex Vivo Rabbit Models5
Numerical Investigations on the Water Entry of Cylindrical Projectiles with Different Initial Conditions5
Spore Viability and Cell Wall Integrity of Cordyceps pruinosa Treated with an Electric Shock-Free, Atmospheric-Pressure Air Plasma Jet5
Stress-Controlled Frequency Tuning and Parametric Amplification of the Vibrations of Coupled Nanomembranes5
Scattering of Surface Waves by a Three-Dimensional Cavity of Arbitrary Shape: Analytical and Experimental Studies5
Pattern Discovery in White Etching Crack Experimental Data Using Machine Learning Techniques5
Life-Cycle Optimization of a Chiller Plant with Quantified Analysis of Uncertainty and Reliability in Commercial Buildings5
SCADA-Based Heliostat Control System with a Fuzzy Logic Controller for the Heliostat Orientation5
Multichannel Active Noise Control Based on Filtered-x Affine Projection-Like and LMS Algorithms with Switching Filter Selection5
Joint Operation of Renewable Energy and Battery Switch Station Considering the Benefits of Different Subjects5
A New Hybrid Reciprocating Compressor Model Coupled with Acoustic FEM Characterization and Gas Dynamics5
Circulating Current Reduction in MMC-HVDC System Using Average Model5
Volumetric Tooth Wear Measurement of Scraper Conveyor Sprocket Using Shape from Focus-Based Method5
Hyper-spectral Recovery of Cerebral and Extra-Cerebral Tissue Properties Using Continuous Wave Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Data5
A Novel Dual-Rotor Ultrasonic Motor for Underwater Propulsion5
Heart Attack Detection in Colour Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks5
Predicting the Mechanical Properties of Bimrocks with High Rock Block Proportions Based on Resonance Testing Technology and Damage Theory5
Recommendation Framework Combining User Interests with Fashion Trends in Apparel Online Shopping5
Effect of Additives, Cement Type, and Foam Amount on the Properties of Foamed Concrete Developed with Civil Construction Waste5
Optimal Wavelength Selection for Hyperspectral Imaging Evaluation on Vegetable Soybean Moisture Content during Drying5
Optimal Disintegration Strategy in Multiplex Networks under Layer Node-Based Attack5
Alternative Visual Units for an Optimized Phoneme-Based Lipreading System5
Hypermethylation of Circulating Free DNA in Cutaneous Melanoma5
Existence Conditions and General Solutions of Closed-form Inverse Kinematics for Revolute Serial Robots5
An RF-MEMS-Based Digitally Tunable SIW Filter in X-Band for Communication Satellite Applications5
A Novel Bio-Inspired Method for Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer through Mammographic Image Analysis5
Low-Light Photodetectors for Fluorescence Microscopy5
Development of a Novel Variable-Diameter Wheel5
Experimental Study of the Mechanical Behavior of the Steel–Concrete Joints in a Composite Truss Bridge5
Influence of CeO2 Addition to Ni–Cu/HZSM-5 Catalysts on Hydrodeoxygenation of Bio-Oil5
Hybrid Model-Based Analysis of Underground Articulated Vehicles Steering Characteristics5
Comparative Study on Perceived Trust of Topic Modeling Based on Affective Level of Educational Text5
Design and Implementation of a Monitoring System using Optical Camera Communication for a Smart Factory5
An Approach for the Pan Sharpening of Very High Resolution Satellite Images Using a CIELab Color Based Component Substitution Algorithm5
A New Modeling Method of Angle Measurement for Intelligent Ball Joint Based on BP-RBF Algorithm5
Design of Positioning Mechanism Fit Clearances Based on On-Orbit Re-Orientation Accuracy5
Rapid Measurement and Identification Method for the Geometric Errors of CNC Machine Tools5
Studies of Fracture Damage Caused by the Proppant Embedment Phenomenon in Shale Rock5
Comparison of Multi-Physical Coupling Analysis of a Balanced Armature Receiver between the Lumped Parameter Method and the Finite Element/Boundary Element Method5
Optimization Design and Analysis for a Single Motor Hybrid Powertrain Configuration with Dual Planetary Gears5
Quantification of Unknown Nanoscale Biomolecules Using the Average-Weight-Difference Method5
Relationship between Kinematic Variables of Jump Throwing and Ball Velocity in Elite Handball Players5
Towards Model-Based Online Monitoring of Cyclist’s Head Thermal Comfort: Smart Helmet Concept and Prototype5
Injection Molding Process Control of Servo–Hydraulic System5
Design and Optimization on a Novel High-Performance Ultra-Thin Barrier AlGaN/GaN Power HEMT With Local Charge Compensation Trench5
Impact of the Operation of a Tri-band Hydraulic Compactor on the Technical Condition of a Residential Building5
Shoe Cushioning Effects on Foot Loading and Comfort Perception during Typical Basketball Maneuvers5
Active Noise Control over Space: A Subspace Method for Performance Analysis5
Fragility Assessment of a Container Crane under Seismic Excitation Considering Uplift and Derailment Behavior5
Bioconcentration, Potential Health Risks, and a Receptor Prediction Model of Metal(loid)s in a Particular Agro-Ecological Area5
Saturation Based Nonlinear FOPD Motion Control Algorithm Design for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle5
Impact of Environmental Conditions on the Health of the Far Eastern Region Population5
A Bimanual Robotic Teleoperation Architecture with Anthropomorphic Hybrid Grippers for Unstructured Manipulation Tasks5
The Influence of Replacing Aggregates and Cement by LFS on the Corrosion of Steel Reinforcements5
Preparation of Selenium-Enriched Yeast by Re-Using Discarded Saccharomyces cerevisiae from the Beer Industry for Se-Supplemented Fodder Applications5
Improving Localization of Deep Inclusions in Time-Resolved Diffuse Optical Tomography5
The State of the Art of the Control Strategies for Single-Phase Electric Springs5
Staff, Symbol and Melody Detection of Medieval Manuscripts Written in Square Notation Using Deep Fully Convolutional Networks5
Thermal Triggered Release of Menthol from Different Carriers: A Comparative Study5
Imaging Correlography Using Ptychography5
Novel Approach to Manufacture an AUV Propeller by Additive Manufacturing and Error Analysis5
Influence of Chip Materials on Charge Generation in Flowing Solution in Nanobiosensors5
Impact Properties of Novel Natural Fibre Metal Laminated Composite Materials5
Airborne Waveform Lidar Simulator Using the Radiative Transfer of a Laser Pulse5
Automatic Zebrafish Egg Phenotype Recognition from Bright-Field Microscopic Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network5
Assessment of Failure Occurrence Rate for Concrete Machine Foundations Used in Gas and Oil Industry by Machine Learning5
Mechanical Behavior of a Double-Column Self-Centering Pier Fused with Shear Links5
Analysis of Internal Gas Leaks in an MCFC System Package for an LNG-Fueled Ship5
A Single Assistive Profile Applied by a Passive Hip Flexion Device Can Reduce the Energy Cost of Walking in Older Adults5
Research on Composite Control Strategy of Quasi-Z-Source DC–DC Converter for Fuel Cell Vehicles5
Design and Optimization of Origami-Inspired Orthopyramid-Like Core Panel for Load Damping5
Discriminative Local Feature for Hyperspectral Hand Biometrics by Adjusting Image Acutance5
A Random Factorial Design of Experiments Study on the Influence of Key Factors and Their Interactions on the Measurement Uncertainty: A Case Study Using the ZEISS CenterMax5
Validating the Model of a No-Till Coulter Assembly Equipped with a Magnetorheological Damping System5
Contrasting Effects of Sediment Microbial Fuel Cells (SMFCs) on the Degradation of Macrophyte Litter in Sediments from Different Areas of a Shallow Eutrophic Lake5
An Experimental Study on the Drying-Out Ability of Highly Insulated Wall Structures with Built-In Moisture and Rain Leakage5
Feature Extraction of Impulse Faults for Vibration Signals Based on Sparse Non-Negative Tensor Factorization5
Electrospun Nanometer to Micrometer Scale Biomimetic Synthetic Membrane Scaffolds in Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering: A Review5
Human Neural Stem Cells Flown into Space Proliferate and Generate Young Neurons5
Numerical Simulation of Hot Jet Detonation with Different Ignition Positions5
Clinical Study for Silk Mat Application into Extraction Socket: A Split-Mouth, Randomized Clinical Trial5
Materials Have Driven the Historical Development of the Tennis Racket5
Carbon Nanotubes Translocation through a Lipid Membrane and Transporting Small Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Molecules5
A Cross Time Slot Partial Interference Alignment Scheme in Two-Cell Relay Heterogeneous Networks5
In Vitro and In Vivo Testing of Zinc as a Biodegradable Material for Stents Fabricated by Photo-Chemical Etching5
Prediction of Ambient PM2.5 Concentrations Using a Correlation Filtered Spatial-Temporal Long Short-Term Memory Model5
Preparation and Characterization for Antibacterial Activities of 3D Printing Polyetheretherketone Disks Coated with Various Ratios of Ampicillin and Vancomycin Salts5
Joint Probabilistic-Nyquist Pulse Shaping for an LDPC-Coded 8-PAM Signal in DWDM Data Center Communications5
Effect of Incorporating Waste Limestone Powder into Solid Waste Cemented Paste Backfill Material5
Micro-Brazing of Stainless Steel Using Ni-P Alloy Plating5
A Survey on Design and Control of Lower Extremity Exoskeletons for Bipedal Walking5
Genomic and Microscopic Analysis of Ballast Water in the Great Lakes Region5
A Comprehensive Survey of Accurate and Efficient Aggregation Modeling for High Penetration of Large-Scale Wind Farms in Smart Grid5
Control Strategy to Regulate Voltage and Share Reactive Power Using Variable Virtual Impedance for a Microgrid5
Pre-Concentration Based on Cloud Point Extraction for Ultra-Trace Monitoring of Lead (II) Using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry5
Selective Finite Memory Structure Filtering Using the Chi-Square Test Statistic for Temporarily Uncertain Systems5
Artifact Handling Based on Depth Image for View Synthesis5
A Robust Brain MRI Segmentation and Bias Field Correction Method Integrating Local Contextual Information into a Clustering Model5
Analysis of Seven Biogenic Amines and Two Amino Acids in Wines Using Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography5
Aerodynamic Performance of Hex-Rotor UAV Considering the Horizontal Airflow5
Assessment of the Potential of High-Performance Buildings to Achieve Zero Energy: A Case Study5
Axial Compressive Behavior of Steel-Damping-Concrete Composite Wall5
A Visible and Near-IR Tunnel Photosensor with a Nanoscale Metal Emitter: The Effect of Matching of Hot Electrons Localization Zones and a Strong Electrostatic Field5
Experimental Study on Hysteretic Behavior of the Overlapped K-Joints with Concrete Filled in Chord5
Electrical Characterization of Pork Tissue Measured by a Monopolar Injection Needle and Discrete Fourier Transform based Impedance Measurement5
Sensitivity Analysis and Technology Evaluation for a Roadable Personal Air Vehicle at the Conceptual Design Stage5
Using Recognizable Fuzzy Analysis for Non-Destructive Detection of Residual Stress in White Light Elements5
A Membrane Modified with Nitrogen-Doped TiO2/Graphene Oxide for Improved Photocatalytic Performance5
Detection of Dynamic Modulus and Crack Properties of Asphalt Pavement Using a Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Wave Method5
Study on the Chemical Composition, Enzyme Inhibition and Antioxidant Activity of Ziziphora taurica subsp. cleonioides5
An Approach for a Spatial Data Attribute Similarity Measure Based on Granular Computing Closeness5
The Effect of a Renewable Energy Certificate Incentive on Mitigating Wind Power Fluctuations: A Case Study of Jeju Island5
Dispersion of OH Radicals in Applications Related to Fear-Free Dentistry Using Cold Plasma5
Design and Evaluation of a Deformable Sensor for Interstitial Pore Pressure Measurement in Concrete under very High Stress Level5
Modeling of the Snowdrift in Cold Regions: Introduction and Evaluation of a New Approach5
Deformation Analysis of Large-Scale Rock Slopes Considering the Effect of Microseismic Events5
Deep Learning Resolves Representative Movement Patterns in a Marine Predator Species5
Auditory Localization in Low-Bitrate Compressed Ambisonic Scenes5
Modeling and Analysis of High-Power Ti:sapphire Laser Amplifiers–A Review5
Development of a Pull Production Control Method for ETO Companies and Simulation for the Metallurgical Industry5
Study on Fatigue Characteristics and Interlayer Design Method of Waterproof Cohesive Bridge Deck Layer5
Energy Evaluation of Triggering Soil Liquefaction Based on the Response Surface Method5
Accelerated Charge Dissipation by Gas-Phase Fluorination on Nomex Paper5
Quantifying the Predictability and Efficiency of the Cointegrated Ethanol and Agricultural Commodities Price Series5
Determination of Fracture Properties of Concrete Using Size and Boundary Effect Models5
Fast 3D Semantic Mapping in Road Scenes5
Investigation of Ancient Wall Painting Fragments Discovered in the Roman Baths from Alburnus Maior by Complementary Non-Destructive Techniques5
First-Principles Prediction of Skyrmionic Phase Behavior in GdFe2 Films Capped by 4d and 5d Transition Metals5
An Experimental and Numerical Study of CO2–Brine-Synthetic Sandstone Interactions under High-Pressure (P)–Temperature (T) Reservoir Conditions5
Full Field Inversion in Photoacoustic Tomography with Variable Sound Speed5
Volatile Secondary Metabolites with Potent Antidiabetic Activity from the Roots of Prangos pabularia Lindl.—Computational and Experimental Investigations5
A Joint Production and Maintenance Optimization of Closed-Loop Production System under Carbon Emission with a Switching Subcontractor Consideration5
Effects of Machining Induced Residual Shear and Normal Stresses on Fatigue Life and Stress Intensity Factor of Inconel 7185
FEM-Based Compression Fracture Risk Assessment in Osteoporotic Lumbar Vertebra L15
Effects of Water-to-Cement Ratios on the Properties of Magnesium Potassium Phosphate Cement Prepared with Lithium-Extracted Magnesium Residue5
Patent Analysis and Structural Synthesis of Epicyclic Gear Trains Used in Automatic Transmissions5
Determination of Trace Zearalenone and Its Metabolites in Human Serum by a High-Throughput UPLC-MS/MS Analysis5
Addressing Text-Dependent Speaker Verification Using Singing Speech5
SURF-BRISK–Based Image Infilling Method for Terrain Classification of a Legged Robot5
A Decentralized, Flat-Structured Control System for Chiller Plants5
Efficient Demulsification of Acidic Oil-In-Water Emulsions with Silane-Coupled Modified TiO2 Pillared Montmorillonite5
Improvement of the Cardiac Oscillator Based Model for the Simulation of Bundle Branch Blocks5
Pricing Personal Data Based on Data Provenance5
Singulation of Objects in Cluttered Environment Using Dynamic Estimation of Physical Properties5
Transmission Condition Monitoring of 3D Printers Based on the Echo State Network5
Nonlinearity of Microwave Electric Field Coupled Rydberg Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Autler-Townes Splitting5
Photovoltaic Prediction Software: Evaluation with Real Data from Northern Spain5
Measurement Enhancement on Two-Dimensional Temperature Distribution of Methane-Air Premixed Flame Using SMART Algorithm in CT-TDLAS5
Carbone Monoxide (CO) Detection Device Based on the Nickel Antimonate Oxide and a DC Electronic Circuit5
Effect of Pore Characteristics in Polyvinylidene Fluoride/Fumed Silica Membranes on Mass Flux in Solar-Assisted Evaporation Applications5
A Sample-Encoding Generalization of the Kohonen Associative Memory and Application to Knee Kinematic Data Representation and Pathology Classification5
Hybrid Spiral STC-Hedge Algebras Model in Knowledge Reasonings for Robot Coverage Path Planning and Its Applications5
Morphology-Controlled Versatile One-Pot Synthesis of Hydrophobic Gold Nanodots, Nanobars, Nanorods, and Nanowires and Their Applications in Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy5
Rapid, Affordable and Efficient Screening of Multiple Blood Abnormalities Made Possible Using an Automated Tool for MALDI-ToF Spectrometry Analysis5
Segmentation of Liver Anatomy by Combining 3D U-Net Approaches5
Understanding Electromagnetic Interactions and Electron Transfer in Ga Nanoparticle–Graphene–Metal Substrate Sandwich Systems5
Recognition of Customers’ Impulsivity from Behavioral Patterns in Virtual Reality5
Interaction of Shock Waves with Discrete Gas Inhomogeneities: A Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Approach5
Mass Transfer of Microscale Light-Emitting Diodes to Unusual Substrates by Spontaneously Formed Vertical Tethers During Chemical Lift-Off5