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Fixed-Discs in Rectangular Metric Spaces13
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A Hybrid Model Based on a Two-Layer Decomposition Approach and an Optimized Neural Network for Chaotic Time Series Prediction13
A New Model for Defining the Criteria of Service Quality in Rail Transport: The Full Consistency Method Based on a Rough Power Heronian Aggregator13
Efficient Vehicle Detection and Distance Estimation Based on Aggregated Channel Features and Inverse Perspective Mapping from a Single Camera13
Face Recognition with Triangular Fuzzy Set-Based Local Cross Patterns in Wavelet Domain13
Robust CFAR Detection for Multiple Targets in K-Distributed Sea Clutter Based on Machine Learning13
Comparative Study of Urban Area Growth: Determining the Key Criteria of Inner Urban Development13
Numerical Inverse Laplace Transform for Solving a Class of Fractional Differential Equations13
Greedy Method for Boarding a Partially Occupied Airplane Using Apron Buses13
Quantum Correction for Newton’s Law of Motion13
Intrusion Detection Based on Device-Free Localization in the Era of IoT13
Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Using Adaptive Block Truncation Coding Based on an Edge-Based Quantization Approach13
Fully Metallic Flat Lens Based on Locally Twist-Symmetric Array of Complementary Split-Ring Resonators13
Synthesis of Fuel Grade Molecules from Hydroprocessing of Biomass-Derived Compounds Catalyzed by Magnetic Fe(NiFe)O4-SiO2 Nanoparticles13
Multi-Attribute Decision Making Based on Probabilistic Neutrosophic Hesitant Fuzzy Choquet Aggregation Operators13
Design and Analysis of a Plate Type Electrodynamic Suspension Structure for Ground High Speed Systems12
Quantum Fields without Wick Rotation12
Unsteady Flow of Fractional Fluid between Two Parallel Walls with Arbitrary Wall Shear Stress Using Caputo–Fabrizio Derivative12
About Chirality in Minkowski Spacetime12
A Study on the Presence of Immersive User Interface in Collaborative Virtual Environments Application12
Resolution and Racemization of a Planar-Chiral A1/A2-Disubstituted Pillar[5]arene12
The Role of Strontium Enriched Hydroxyapatite and Tricalcium Phosphate Biomaterials in Osteoporotic Bone Regeneration12
The Quantum Yang-Baxter Conditions: The Fundamental Relations behind the Nambu-Goldstone Theorem12
A Note on the Truncated-Exponential Based Apostol-Type Polynomials12
Energy Consumption Load Forecasting Using a Level-Based Random Forest Classifier12
A Dunkl–Type Generalization of Szász–Kantorovich Operators via Post–Quantum Calculus12
On Central Complete and Incomplete Bell Polynomials I12
Structure of Neutron Stars in Massive Scalar-Tensor Gravity12
Ranking of Normality Tests: An Appraisal through Skewed Alternative Space12
Experimental Investigation on the Cooling and Inerting Effects of Liquid Nitrogen Injected into a Confined Space12
Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem—Predictive and Unexpected Customer Availability12
Optimizing MSE for Clustering with Balanced Size Constraints12
Reliability-Aware Cooperative Routing with Adaptive Amplification for Underwater Acoustic Wireless Sensor Networks12
A Variant of Chebyshev’s Method with 3αth-Order of Convergence by Using Fractional Derivatives12
Neutrosophic Cubic Einstein Geometric Aggregation Operators with Application to Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method12
A Critical Analysis of Behavioural Crowd Dynamics—From a Modelling Strategy to Kinetic Theory Methods12
Imaginary Chemical Potential, NJL-Type Model and Confinement–Deconfinement Transition12
A Fuzzy Logic Algorithm for Optimizing the Investment Decisions within Companies12
Diffusive and Anti-Diffusive Behavior for Kinetic Models of Opinion Dynamics12
Exploiting Weak Field Gravity-Maxwell Symmetry in Superconductive Fluctuations Regime12
A Novel Categorical Approach to Semantics of Relational First-Order Logic12
An Optimized Abstractive Text Summarization Model Using Peephole Convolutional LSTM12
Keller-Box Analysis of Buongiorno Model with Brownian and Thermophoretic Diffusion for Casson Nanofluid over an Inclined Surface12
Vacuum Condensate Picture of Quantum Gravity12
Continuous Wavelet Transform of Schwartz Tempered Distributions in S′ ( R n 12
Fuzzy Parameterized Complex Multi-Fuzzy Soft Expert Set Theory and Its Application in Decision-Making12
A Dynamic Simulation of the Immune System Response to Inhibit And Eliminate Abnormal Cells12
A Novel Lattice-Based CP-ABPRE Scheme for Cloud Sharing12
Electrochirogenesis: The Possible Role of Low-Energy Spin-Polarized Electrons in Creating Homochirality12
A Closed Formula for the Horadam Polynomials in Terms of a Tridiagonal Determinant12
Around the Model of Infection Disease: The Cauchy Matrix and Its Properties12
Hierarchical Hexagonal Clustering and Indexing12
MHD Stagnation Point Flow of Nanofluid on a Plate with Anisotropic Slip12
A Smart 3D RT Method: Indoor Radio Wave Propagation Modelling at 28 GHz11
Probabilistic Linguistic Aggregation Operators Based on Einstein t-Norm and t-Conorm and Their Application in Multi-Criteria Group Decision Making11
Hybrid Multi-Domain Analytical and Data-Driven Modeling for Feed Systems in Machine Tools11
A Single-Valued Neutrosophic Linguistic Combined Weighted Distance Measure and Its Application in Multiple-Attribute Group Decision-Making11
Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Method Based on Single-Valued Neutrosophic Schweizer–Sklar Muirhead Mean Aggregation Operators11
Implicative Neutrosophic Quadruple BCK-Algebras and Ideals11
Chronic Liver Disease Classification Using Hybrid Whale Optimization with Simulated Annealing and Ensemble Classifier11
One-Plane Glide-Symmetric Holey Structures for Stop-Band and Refraction Index Reconfiguration11
Homochirality: A Perspective from Fundamental Physics11
The Principle of Differential Subordination and Its Application to Analytic and p-Valent Functions Defined by a Generalized Fractional Differintegral Operator11
Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery with 3D Printing: Improvements and Cost Reduction11
Entity Linking via Symmetrical Attention-Based Neural Network and Entity Structural Features11
Optimal Decision in a Dual-Channel Supply Chain under Potential Information Leakage11
Towards a Holistic ICT Platform for Protecting Intimate Partner Violence Survivors Based on the IoT Paradigm11
Event-Based Quantum Mechanics: A Context for the Emergence of Classical Information11
Effect of Voids behind Lining on the Failure Behavior of Symmetrical Double-Arch Tunnels11
Effects of Salt Stress on the Leaf Shape and Scaling of Pyrus betulifolia Bunge11
Analysis of Periodic Structures Made of Pins Inside a Parallel Plate Waveguide11
Integral Transform Method to Solve the Problem of Porous Slider without Velocity Slip11
Selective Maintenance Optimization for a Multi-State System Considering Human Reliability11
Global Image Thresholding Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Trained with Fuzzy Inclusion and Entropy Measures11
Edge Detection Algorithm of a Symmetric Difference Kernel SAR Image Based on the GAN Network Model11
Performance Analysis of Preemptive Priority Retrial Queueing System with Disaster under Working Breakdown Services11
Anti-Cavitation Design of the Symmetric Leading-Edge Shape of Mixed-Flow Pump Impeller Blades11
Two-Dimensional Advection–Diffusion Process with Memory and Concentrated Source11
Feature Selection Based on Swallow Swarm Optimization for Fuzzy Classification11
Braids, 3-Manifolds, Elementary Particles: Number Theory and Symmetry in Particle Physics11
Normalized Weighted Bonferroni Harmonic Mean-Based Intuitionistic Fuzzy Operators and Their Application to the Sustainable Selection of Search and Rescue Robots11
New Methodology for Diagnosis of Orthopedic Diseases through Additive Manufacturing Models11
Simplified Neutrosophic Exponential Similarity Measures for Evaluation of Smart Port Development11
MAIAD: A Multistage Asymmetric Information Attack and Defense Model Based on Evolutionary Game Theory11
Spacetime and Deformations of Special Relativistic Kinematics11
Study on a Surrounding Rock Pressure Calculation Method for Super-Large Section Highway Tunnels11
A New Second-Order Tristable Stochastic Resonance Method for Fault Diagnosis11
Entropy Estimation of Inverse Weibull Distribution under Adaptive Type-II Progressive Hybrid Censoring Schemes11
Hybrid Particle Swarm Algorithm for Products’ Scheduling Problem in Cellular Manufacturing System11
Effect of Quantum Gravity on the Stability of Black Holes11
Evaluation of Rolling Bearing Performance Degradation Using Wavelet Packet Energy Entropy and RBF Neural Network11
Motion Symmetry Evaluation Using Accelerometers and Energy Distribution11
IoT and Its Impact on the Electronics Market: A Powerful Decision Support System for Helping Customers in Choosing the Best Product11
Some Integral Inequalities for h-Godunova-Levin Preinvexity11
A New Ranking Methodology for Pythagorean Trapezoidal Uncertain Linguistic Fuzzy Sets Based on Einstein Operations10
High-Precision Authentication Scheme Based on Matrix Encoding for AMBTC-Compressed Images10
On the Structure of Finite Groupoids and Their Representations10
Effect of Stall Cells on Pressure Fluctuations Characteristics in a Centrifugal Pump10
Conservation Laws and Stability of Field Theories of Derived Type10
Two Parametric Kinds of Eulerian-Type Polynomials Associated with Euler’s Formula10
On Meromorphic Functions Defined by a New Operator Containing the Mittag–Leffler Function10
A Note on the Degenerate Type of Complex Appell Polynomials10
An Information Entropy Based Event Boundary Detection Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks10
Symmetrical Uncertainty-Based Feature Subset Generation and Ensemble Learning for Electricity Customer Classification10
Behavioral Habits-Based User Identification Across Social Networks10
An Efficient Essential Secret Image Sharing Scheme Using Derivative Polynomial10
Deep Temporal–Spatial Aggregation for Video-Based Facial Expression Recognition10
A Study of Facial Features of American and Japanese Cartoon Characters10
Chiral Recognition of Azo-Schiff Base Ligands, Their Cu(II) Complexes, and Their Docking to Laccase as Mediators10
Polynomial Least Squares Method for Fractional Lane–Emden Equations10
Co-Training Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Sentiment Classification of MOOC Forum Posts10
Geometric Properties of Normalized Mittag–Leffler Functions10
Application of the Bipolar Neutrosophic Hamacher Averaging Aggregation Operators to Group Decision Making: An Illustrative Example10
Healthy or Not: A Way to Predict Ecosystem Health in GitHub10
Research Front Detection and Topic Evolution Based on Topological Structure and the PageRank Algorithm10
Skyrmion Crystals and Phase Transitions in Magneto-Ferroelectric Superlattices: Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya Interaction in a Frustrated J1 − J2 Model10
Local and Semilocal Convergence of Wang-Zheng’s Method for Simultaneous Finding Polynomial Zeros10
Early CU Depth Decision and Reference Picture Selection for Low Complexity MV-HEVC10
An Integrated MCDM Approach to Train Derailment Risk Response Strategy Selection10
Mean-Field Expansion, Regularization Issue, and Multi-Quark Functions in Nambu–Jona-Lasinio Model10
The Quantum Cosmological Constant10
Research on a Tool Wear Monitoring Algorithm Based on Residual Dense Network10
Heat and Mass Transfer in a Viscous Nanofluid Containing a Gyrotactic Micro-Organism Over a Stretching Cylinder10
Improved Parallax Image Stitching Algorithm Based on Feature Block10
What Role does Corporate Governance Play in the Intention to Use Cloud Computing Technology?10
Modified MHD Radiative Mixed Convective Nanofluid Flow Model with Consideration of the Impact of Freezing Temperature and Molecular Diameter10
On Eccentric Topological Indices Based on Edges of Zero Divisor Graphs10
Abnormal Water Quality Monitoring Based on Visual Sensing of Three-Dimensional Motion Behavior of Fish10
k-Hypergeometric Series Solutions to One Type of Non-Homogeneous k-Hypergeometric Equations10
Orientation of Chiral Schiff Base Metal Complexes Involving Azo-Groups for Induced CD on Gold Nanoparticles by Polarized UV Light Irradiation10
Influence of Symmetric and Asymmetric Voids on Mechanical Behaviors of Tunnel Linings: Model Tests and Numerical Simulations10
Forecasting Efficient Risk/Return Frontier for Equity Risk with a KTAP Approach—A Case Study in Milan Stock Exchange10
Some Convolution Formulae Related to the Second-Order Linear Recurrence Sequence10
Symmetry Breaking in Interacting Ring-Shaped Superflows of Bose–Einstein Condensates10
Multiparametric Analytical Solution for the Eigenvalue Problem of FGM Porous Circular Plates10
An Intelligent and Interactive Interface to Support Symmetrical Collaborative Educational Writing among Visually Impaired and Sighted Users10
Two Variables Shivley’s Matrix Polynomials10
Effect of pH, Acid and Thermal Treatment Conditions on Co/CNT Catalyst Performance in Fischer–Tropsch Reaction10
Extended Rectangular b-Metric Spaces and Some Fixed Point Theorems for Contractive Mappings10
Modeling of Glide-Symmetric Dielectric Structures10
Simulation of Passenger Evacuation Process in Cruise Ships Based on A Multi-Grid Model10
Some Inequalities Using Generalized Convex Functions in Quantum Analysis10
SVD-Based Image Watermarking Using the Fast Walsh-Hadamard Transform, Key Mapping, and Coefficient Ordering for Ownership Protection10
A MAGDM Algorithm with Multi-Granular Probabilistic Linguistic Information10
Developing an Image Manipulation Detection Algorithm Based on Edge Detection and Faster R-CNN10
Vibration Analysis of a Guitar considered as a Symmetrical Mechanical System10
The Impact of Brain Lateralization and Anxiety-Like Behaviour in an Extensive Operant Conditioning Task in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)10
A Feature Extraction Method for P2P Botnet Detection Using Graphic Symmetry Concept10