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Italy, Turkey and China in the Eastern Mediterranean: Implications for the EU0
2023 Elections in Turkey within Global Context: Right Wing Populism in the Era of Global Shift0
Refugee Scholars of the 1930s and the German Contribution in the Development of Economics in Turkey0
‘To accustom Turkish minds to a state of belligerency’: The Delicate Balance of British Propaganda in Turkey during the Second World War0
Post-Pandemic Inflation and Currency Board Arrangements in the Balkans0
Russia and China in the Eastern Mediterranean: On Parallel Tracks?0
‘They Cannot Herd a Sheep’ Populist Politics and Its Struggles for and Against Education in Turkey0
Editorial to the special issue on ”Asian Powers in the Eastern Mediterranean”0
I politiki klironomia tou Eleftheriou Venizelou. Synecheies kai asynecheies [The Political Legacy of Eleftherios Venizelos. Continuities and Discontinuities]0
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China’s ‘Silky Involvement’ in the Eastern Mediterranean: A geopolitical upper hand for Greece and Cyprus?0
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The Alphabet War: Language, Collective Memory and National Identity in Contemporary Debates over National Minority Rights in Croatia0
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Remaking “Small Business” in Turkey: Critical Assessment of Small Business Politics Under the AKP Rule0
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The Rise and Fall of Europeanization. What is Next for EU-Turkey Relations?0
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The Greek Connection: The Life of Elias Demetracopoulos and the Untold Story of Watergate0
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Solidarity or Crisis? How Personal Migration Experiences Shape Popular Perception on Forced Migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina?0
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Turkish Neutrality in the Second World War and Relations with the Soviet Union0
Analysis of Developmental and Other Aspects of Investments in Research and Development of a Group of Countries in the Southeast Europe0
Turkey’s Voting Preferences in the UN General Assembly During the AK Party Era as a Counterchallenge to Its ‘New’ Foreign Policy0
Lenin’s ‘Eastern Policy’ and Communism in Turkey and Greece, 1918-19230
Toward Nonalignment: The Improbable and Fateful Intersection of Yugoslavia and China in the Early Cold War, 1948–19510
Who You are and Who You Want to Be: Exploring Symbolic, Spatial and Cultural Levels of Identity in Contemporary Serbia/Belgrade0
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China’s Seaport Investment in the Mediterranean Region and EU’s Interrogative Approach0
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The Role of Armed Non-State Actors in Iran’s Syria Strategy: A Case Study of Fatemiyoun and Zainabiyoun Brigades0
Iran’s New Chapter in Cuspness: Linking the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia0
Turkey and Britain in World War II: Origins and Results of the Tripartite Alliance, 1935-400
From ‘Civil Marriage’ to ‘Imam Marriage’, the Happy Marriage of Capitalism and Patriarchy: Women’s Employment in Turkey0
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Populist Variations on Migration: Floating Signifiers of Mobility in the Context of the ‘Balkan Route’ and the COVID-19 Pandemic0
The Role of Railways in the Ottoman Empire During the First World War0
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Multinationals in the Grain Trade: The Louis Dreyfus Company at the Lower Danube, 1889–19480
An Island Getting Divided at the Cinema: Transformational Microhistory of Cinemagoing and Nationalism in Cyprus0
Turkish Foreign Policy in the Chaos of War, 1939-19450
Turkey’s Journey from Democratization to De-democratization: External Democracy Promotion versus Domestic Political Competition0
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Turkey in the Global Economy; Neoliberalism, Global shift and the Making of a Rising Power0
Turkey’s Political Parties’ Asia Policies: Visions, Contacts, Issues0
German Troops in Afghanistan: Strategic Narratives on German Participation in Resolute Support0
Neo-Liberalism, Depopulation and Economic Stagnation in the Balkans0
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Greece’s (Un)competitive Capitalism and the Economic Crisis: Critical Thoughts Under the Lens of Social Policy Greece’s (un) Competitive Capitalism and the Economic Cr0
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The Second Succession in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Change or Continuity?0
Back to Basics: The Re-Securitization of Cyprus by Turkey After Crans Montana0
Petitions, Propaganda, and Plots: Transnational Dynamics of Diplomacy During the Turkish War of Independence0
Marrying the Enemy? Turkish Nationalism, Citizenship, and the Public Debate over Mixed Marriages in the 1940s Turkish Press0
Analyzing the Mutual Geopolitical and Security Complementarity of Iran and Turkey: Border, Energy, and Water0
The Unbridgeable Gulf: Applying Bennett’s Model of Analysis to the 2017 Gulf Crisis0
‘Diplomatic Courage’: A Turkish Ambassador in Sinj0
Conversion of War Captives in the Ottoman Lands During the Eighteenth Century: Rules, Applications and Abuses0
Modernisation through Railways: Economic and Social Change in the Ottoman Empire in the Nineteenth Century0
Constructing the ‘National Ideal’: The ‘Inclusive’ and ‘Exclusive’ Representations of Syrian Refugees in Turkish Print Media0
Introduction Turkey and Africa: Motivations, Challenges and Future Prospects0
Processes of Cohesion and Fragmentation among Arab Tribes During the Syrian Civil War0
Litigation as a Strategy for Environmental Movements Questioned: An Examination of Bergama and Artvin-Cerattepe Struggles0
The Strategic Use of Narratives and Governance of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Major Autocratisers in Europe0
Turkey’s ‘Soft Power Interventionism’ in the Turkish Cypriot Community: Agents, Objectives, and Implications0
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Türkiye ve Oniki Ada 1912-19470
Representation of Jews in the Media before the Application of the Wealth Tax: A Review on Karikatür Magazine0
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The rise and fall of peacebuilding in the Balkans0
Balkan’s (Political) Economy: Learning from the Past0
The Complete Maisky Diaries: Volume 1: The Rise of Hitler and the Gathering Clouds of War 1932–1938; Volume 2: The Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and the Battle of Britain 1939–1940; Volume 3: The German Inv0
Music to a Diplomat’s Ears…If They Listen0
Intra-Party Struggles and the Making of the Cypriot Left0
Contested Sovereignties: Turkish Diplomacy, the Straits Commission, and the League of Nations (1924–1936)0
Informal Application of Islamic Rules in Turkey: The Imposition by RTÜK of Islamic Ethics on Television Broadcasting0
The Impact of Facebook on Serbian Society0
The ethno-nationality of a modern saint: an interdisciplinary approach0
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Do Wages Reflect Growth Productivity – Comparing the European East and West?0
Changing Definitions of Turkish Peasantry in a Century-Long History: A Conceptual Framework0
Jazz as Soft Power in Turkey–US Relations During the Early Cold War Period0
Syria, Sarin and Cyprus: An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom0
Grains and Cattles: Post-War Diplomacy of Survival on the Aegean Shores0