IEEE Embedded Systems Letters

(The median citation count of IEEE Embedded Systems Letters is 1. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-04-01 to 2024-04-01.)
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A Remote Control System for Emergency Ventilators During SARS-CoV-28
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Design of a Low-Cost System for the Measurement of Variables Associated With Air Quality6
Hardware Deployable Edge-AI Solution for Prescreening of Oral Tongue Lesions Using TinyML on Embedded Devices5
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Wearable Device to Monitor Sheep Behavior3
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Task Sequencing in Frame-Based CPS2
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Monitoring Software Execution Flow Through Power Consumption and Dynamic Time Warping1
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AbstractSDRs: Bring Down the Two-Language Barrier With Julia Language for Efficient SDR Prototyping1
Low-Power Synchronization for Multi-IMU WSNs1
A Traceability Localization Method of Acoustic Attack Source for MEMS Gyroscope1
Mitigating Interactive Performance Degradation From Mobile Device Thermal Throttling1
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Convolutional Neural Network-Based Signal Classification in Real Time1
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Automatic Generation of Heterogeneous SoC Architectures With Secure Communications1
Evaluating the Effects of Reducing Voltage Margins for Energy-Efficient Operation of MPSoCs1
Building Relationships: Using Embedded Plug Load Sensors for Occupant Network Inference1
SMT-Based Verification of Safety-Critical Embedded Control Software1
High-Flexibility Designs of Quantized Runtime Reconfigurable Multi-Precision Multipliers1
Gate-Level Design Methodology for Side-Channel Resistant Logic Styles Using TFETs1
Practical and Efficient PUF-based Protocol for Authentication and Key Agreement in IoT1
Shared Pattern History Tables in Multicomponent Branch Predictors With a Dealiasing Cache1
Automatic Generation of Reconfiguration Blueprints for IMA Systems Using Reinforcement Learning1
Machine Learning for Sensor Transducer Conversion Routines1
FPGA Implementation of Modified SNOW 3G Stream Ciphers Using Fast and Resource Efficient Substitution Box1
Energy Efficient Approximate Multiplier Design with Lesser Error Rate using the Probability-based Approximate 4:2 Compressor1
Verifying Cross-Layer Interactions Through Formal Model-Based Assertion Generation1
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Co-Designing Clusters of Lightweight Manycores and Asymmetric Operating System Kernels1
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Design and Implementation of Digital Down Converter for Wi-Fi Network1
Embedded Restricted Boltzmann Machine Approach for Adjustments of Repetitive Physical Activities Using IMU Data1
Are You Sitting With Good Posture? Tracking the Position of the Legs via 2-D LiDAR1