International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics

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Why Feminist Philosophy (Especially Sue Sherwin’s) Matters: Reflections through the Lens of Medical Assistance in Dying0
Making Room for Births That Are Not Good: Lessons from Cesarean Shame Shame0
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Anonymous Versus Open Donation and Queerness as Political: Comments on Groll’s Conceiving People0
Women and Their Uteruses: Symbolic Vessels for Prejudiced Expectations0
Lonely Deaths: Dying in Nursing Homes during COVID-190
Time to Eat: The Importance of Temporality for Food Ethics0
On Women’s Times in a Pandemic0
Countering the Rational Suicide Story0
Fair Is Fair, Right? Not When It Comes to Health0
Autonomy Without Borders? Understanding the Impact of Undocumented Residence Status on Healthcare Relationships in Belgium0
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Significant Interests and the Right to Know0
Women Overdosing in the Pandemic0
Revisiting Relational Pandemic Ethics in Light of the COVID-19 Abortion Bans in the United States0
Making Art at the End of the World: Reimagining Feminist Bioethics through Research-Creation0
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Normative Theory and the COVID Pandemic: Author’s Response to Miriam Solomon and Inmaculada de Melo-Martín0
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Air Ball: Missing the Net on Female Elite Athletes’ Reproductive Health0
The Gut Microbiome and the Imperative of Normalcy0
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On Being Unwilling Insiders0
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Author Meets Critics: An Introduction0
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Requiem for Touch0
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What’s Wrong with “Speciesism?”: Toward an Anti-Ableist Reimagining of an Abused Term0
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Who Counts as Family: A Pluralistic Account of Family in the Genetic Context0
Extensions, Applications, and New Directions for Thinking About McLeod’s Conscience in Reproductive Health Care0
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Locating Abortion and Contraception on the Obstetric Violence Continuum0
From the Editors0
Feminist Bioethics Perspectives on “Long-COVID Syndrome”0
Employing Feminist Theory of Vulnerability to Interrogate the Implications of COVID-19 Apps in Racialized Subpopulations0
Should Bionormativity Be a Concern in Gamete Donation?0
An Education in Pandemic Times0
Feminist Bioethicists and COVID-19: Notes on Vulnerability and Its Missed Chances0
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Interpreting Pain: On Women’s Embodiment and Dialogical Self-Understanding0
What the World Needs Now Is Hume, Sweet Hume: Some Reflections on COVID Vaccine Hesitancies and Skepticism0
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Bringing Intersectionality to the Fore in COVID-190
Freedom and Unavoidable Judgments0
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Nourishment: A Philosophy of the Body0
“Who Am I to Judge These Things”: Intersectional Dimensions of Self-Silencing of People with a Neuromuscular Disease in a Clinical Trial0
Donchin and Holmes Emerging Scholar Prize PaperUnderstanding and Correcting Sex Disparity in Cardiovascular Disease Research: Ethical and Practical Solutions0
Responding to My “Critics”0
What Feminist Bioethics Can Bring to Synthetic Biology0
The Moral Asymmetry of Conscientious Provision and Conscientious Refusal: Insights from Oppression and Allyship0
The Contribution of Empowerment to Bioethics in the Obstetric Care Context0
Abortion to Abolition: Reproductive Health and Justice in Canada by Martha Paynter0
Reflecting on the Political Economy of Academic Medicine in the Wake of COVID-190
Editors’ Note0
The Epistemic Pill0