Eighteenth Century-Theory and Interpretation

(The TQCC of Eighteenth Century-Theory and Interpretation is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01.)
British Indians in the Eighteenth Century0
Political Ecology Networks, Environmental Change, and Diderot and D'Alembert's: Encyclopédie0
Gladiator Girls: Transphobia in the Eighteenth Century and Today0
The Age of Highmore0
Equiano's Shipwreck: Insurance, Risk and Peril in Plantationocene Oceans0
The Empire Never Ended0
Back to the Future: Felicity Nussbaum and the World of Eighteenth-Century Studies0
Pleasant Disruption: Queer Theory, Entrepreneurship, and the Memoirs of Charlotte Charke0
Masculinity and Gatekeeping in Depictions of the Restoration Coffeehouse0
The Novice's Bold and Inexperienced Imagination0
Speaking Freely, Writing Poetically: Law and Literature in Eighteenth-Century Free Speech Debates0
Notes on Contributors0
Eliza Haywood and the Epistemological Frustrations of Embodiment0
Feeling Profit at the Cusp of Modern Capitalism0
Notes on Contributors0
Introduction: Histories: Literary, Natural, Planetary0
How the Freemasons Invented Domestic Tragedy0
Imperial Wars and the British Occupation of Havana0
The New Realism of Literary Generalization in Richardson's Clarissa0
Drawing Insects: John Abbot and the Arts of Noticing0
A Fallow Season for Eighteenth-Century Studies0
Daniel Defoe, Island Geology, and the Erosion of the Historical Present0
Depth Match: Performance, History, and Digital Games0
Revisiting Abolition and the Power of "We"0
Post-Saidian Studies of Eighteenth-Century European Literature and Culture0
Variable Bodies and the Reconfiguring of Textual and Cultural Landscapes0
Soil and Enslaved People: Racial Ecologies of the Plantation Economy, 1627–17640
Disposable World(s): Race and Commerce in Defoe's Captain Singleton0
From Writing Lives to Scaling Lives in Joseph Priestley's Chart of Biography0
Antiracism and Regimes of Truth in Eighteenth-Century Studies0
Working with Fluids in Mary Collier's "The Woman's Labour"0
Atlantic Entanglements: Identity Politics in the Early Creole Novel0
"A Posture ridiculous"; or, Aphra Behn and the Politics of Pratfalls0
Hermeneutics, the Hebrew Bible, and the Cosmopolitan Reader0
Critical Conversations: Scholarship in a Time of Crisis0
The Long Life of Orra's Songs: The Legacy of Charles Dibdin's The Islanders and West Indian Stage Pidgin0
Notes on Contributors0
Notes on Contributors0
The Enlightenment's Linguistic Dimension, or, How We Came to be Socially Constructed0
Leslie Stephen, Defoe, and Ian Watt's The Rise of the Novel0
Christopher Smart, Concordia Discors , and the Figure of the Distressed Woman: Sentiment and Sentimental Parody in the Student and the Midwife0
Introduction: The Future World of Eighteenth-Century Studies0
The Material World of Outlander : Objects Through Time0
Other-than-Humans in Specie and Species0
Is This the End?0
Animality and the Poetics of Personhood0
Ideologies of Listening and the Rise of the Hypercritic: Rethinking Italian Opera in The Dunciad0
Notes on Contributors0
Pornographic Celebrity and the Characters of Harris's List0
Reading Utopia in 20220
Reluctant Soldiers and Forgotten Intertexts: The Question of Ireland in Edgeworth's The Absentee and "The Prussian Vase"0
Natural Science under Partus Sequitur Ventrem0
Enlightenolatry from Peter Gay to Steven Pinker: Mass Marketing Enlightenment and the Thick Eighteenth Century0
Introduction: Scholarship in a Time of Crisis0
Variant Rebellions: Psychic Compromise in Obi; or, Three-Fingered Jack0
Animality, Hybridity, and the Grammar of the Body in Late Eighteenth-Century Visual Satire0
Swift's Political Climates0
Bees, Women, Goths, and Mirrors: How the Future Once Looked, and How Our Field Might Look0
"Laying Medicine More Open to Mankind": Public Health and Accessibility0
The Master's House0
Fictions of Materiality in Clarissa0
Introduction: Antiracism and Eighteenth-Century Studies0
The Northanger Unconformity: Biblio-Stratigraphy and Modalities of Change0