Jung Journal-Culture & Psyche

(The TQCC of Jung Journal-Culture & Psyche is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 500 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-10-01 to 2023-10-01.)
Caught in the Net of the Divine3
The White Lion as Symbol of the Archetype of the Self and the Cannibalization of the Self in Canned Hunting2
Is Identity a Fiction?2
At the Roots of Jung’s Alchemy2
Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood2
Lay Analyst Elida Evans in the 1920s United States A Story Never Told1
America’s Descent1
Decoding Toni’s Stone1
At the Root of Jung’s Alchemy Part II, From The Red Book to Ravenna1
Revisiting Oedipus1
Dark Religion and Conspiracy Theories1
Trauma, Soul, and the Body in Jungian Analysis1
The Skinless Analyst1
Who Is My Jung?11
A Bridge between Chinese Culture and Western Consciousness1
The Tensions of Clinical Writing0
Peel of the Orange0
On Asking “Why?”0
The Potential Gift of Clinical Writing0
Borders Shaped Like a Gun: Poems of Immigration0
Meeting Harry in Time out of Time0
“The Way of What Is to Come”0
Archetypal Tarot0
Mary Magdalene: An Imaginal Resurrection0
An Interview with John Beebe on the 40th Anniversary of Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche0
Incident Reports: Owl, Swan, and the Secret Name of Water0
Three Poems0
A Jungian Formulation of Schizophrenia0
Artist Portfolio0
Finding My Home0
Shifting Identity, Emerging Self0
Black Presence in White Poetry0
Sister Tongue / زبان خواهر0
Amazing Grace0
Five Poems0
The Hypothesis of Psychic Antibodies0
Five Haiku0
Queer Subjectivity in the Time of AIDS and Beyond0
James Baldwin and Toni Morrison0
To Our Readers0
The Expansive Psyche0
The Relation of the Individual to War0
Painting and Individuation0
The Classic, Banished, and Negative Hero0
To Our Readers0
Incident Reports: Owl, Swan, and the Secret Name of Water0
Beyond the Corridors of the Mind0
Weaving Jung into the Tapestry of Jewish Renewal0
Cultural Creativity0
Gifts of the AncestorsWhat Siberian Sakha Shamanism Offers to the West0
Stray Reflections on Hate with Gandhi and Winnicott as Companions0
New Techne of the Ancient Zodiac0
History, Cultures, Politics, and Individuation0
Picasso and the Archetypal Imagination0
Too Close to Infinity0
Kintsugi—Art of Repair0
Too Close to Infinity: Poems from Ukraine0
A Freudian’s Journey into Jung’s World0
Archetypes, Aesthetics, and Culture in the Life and Art of Romare Bearden (1911–1988)0
Psychotherapy in the Shadow of Shame0
The Pieces of the Puzzle on the Psychological Effects of Immigrating0
John Zorn’s Liber Novus0
Introduction to Intramural at the Institute, Sunday, February 23, 20200
Love in Psychoanalysis0
A Spiritual Phenomenon: A Review of Bruce Moran’s Paracelsus: An Alchemical Life0
Confidentiality and the Effect of Publication on Analysis0
Synchronicity and Psyche0
The White and the Black Magician0
Nun te scurdà, maje ‘e teNon Dimenticarti mai di te – Never Forget about Yourself0
The Case of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung0
Eagles and Jaguars0
An Ode to Life0
Artist Portfolio0
The Abject to the Sublime0
Searching for “Inging”0
The Emotive Spark in Clinical Writing0
The Medial Archetype: Retrieving the Feeling Soul0
Encounters in the Silent Land of COVID-19 Quarantine0
Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Reflections on AIDS, Otherness, and Our Institute0
To Our Readers0
Integral Relational Practice of Dreaming the Caesura0
Aging and Its Gifts0
“God Dwells within Me as Me”0
Borders Shaped Like a Gun: Poems of Immigration0
Reflections on Immigration0
How Do We Ever Know What Is in Store for Us? Translating Jung’s Work into Persian0
To Our Readers0
Harry Continues to Live in my Psyche0
Amplification in the Face of Adversity: Novel Therapeutic Approaches in the COVID-19 Pandemic0
Reviews of the Literature0
Dreams and the Archetype of Home as the Path to Healing0
Borders Shaped Like a Gun: Poems of Immigration0
Relating to the Loser Complexity0
To Our Readers0
To Our Readers0
Incident Reports: Owl, Swan, and the Secret Name of Water0
A Reckoning0
To Our Readers0
Correction Notice0
Jung’s Personal Confession0
Remembering Harry A. Wilmer, II0
Emotional Truth and Fiction0
Dance on the Waters of Creation0
The Owl on the Couch0
What Do You Hear in These Sounds0
Songs from the Deep River0
Dreaming, Mourning, Transformation, and Truth: Shifa Haq and Willow Pearson in Conversation0
When the Dawn Sings You0
Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Reflections after an Intramural0
To Our Readers0
Grieving Grandparents0
The Kabbalah Dance, Jungian Analysis, and Home in Soul0
The Infanticidal Mother as the Speaking Subject0
Crystalizing the Universe in Geometrical Figures0
The Story of Cain0
Terrance Hayes Sings to His Assassin0
Six Poems0
Analytic Hour0
The Labyrinth and the Holy Grail0
Final Analysis of Therapy0
Confluence, Conversation, Conversion Along the Jagged Edge0
Experiencing the Spiritual Psyche: Reflections on Synchronicity-Informed Psychotherapy0
Artist Portfolio0
From 고향 (Go-Hyaang) to Home0
Excerpt from The Master0
To Our Readers0
What I Could Not Assimilate0
Too Close to Infinity: Poems from Ukraine0
“Notes of a Native Son”0
Salmon Song0
The War of the Gods in Addiction: C. G. Jung, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Archetypal Evil0
Kingsley’s Howl and the Open Secret of Jung’s Life0
Said the Poet to the Analyst0
Yearning to Connect0
Further Reflections:0
Nine Poems0
That guy should buy a lottery ticket0
To Our Readers0
The Magic Circle0
Rethinking the Cassandra Complex0
The Fox Wedding (Kistune no Yomeiri)0
Sometimes I Just Sit and Cry0
Even So0
Incident Reports: Owl, Swan, and the Secret Name of Water0
The Green Book0
Windows of Faith: Collective Resistance and Creative Process in Mourning the Disappearances in Kashmir0
AIDS in Three Acts0
Sleeping Beauty0
Feelings of Sandplay Therapy0
To Our Readers0
Exodus and Finding a Home0
Nature’s Open Secret0
3 Poems0
Borders Shaped Like a Gun0
First Flight0
To Our Readers0
Excerpt from Hitler as Puer JAMES THWEATT0
Awakened by a Fist0
To Our Readers0
Incident Reports: Owl, Swan, and the Secret Name of Water0
Living on the Edge0
I Ching and Analytical Psychology0
Artist Portfolio0
California Dreaming0
Incident Reports0
Go out into far fields of glass and flowers0
The Importance of Being and Silence and the Role of Love in Analysis0
Creativity and Psychosis0
Painting an Especially Bright Spirit0
To Our Readers0
Yarn Paintings0
Bridging Cultures through Symbols0
Satan’s Mouth or Font of Magic What Is It about the Anus?0
The Water Lens0
The Other: Within and Without0
To Our Readers0
Spiritual Psyche, Living Psyche ... a Reverie0
The Last and Greatest Work of Alchemy0
The Religious Approach to Psyche0
Feminine Heroism0
Steven M. Joseph0
Symbology of Yarn Paintings0
Two Poems0
Enlightenment, Individuation, and Nonduality0
Jung on Transcendence0
I’m Coming Out0
The Magic of Alchemy0
The Potential of Emptiness0
Remembering Harry Wilmer—Six Small Yarns0
Agua, Origen de la Vida0
Self and World0
Cinderella Longs for the Fairy Godmother0
Cracking the Kelipot Open0
“Like Flowers or Creeping Worms”: The Poet as Phallic Symbol in Shelley’sAlastor, or The Spirit of Solitude0
Social Media and the Collective Unconscious0
Jung, Julius Spier, and Palmistry0
The Mango Tree in my Canoe0
Dangerous Values: A Film Review of The Reluctant Fundamentalist0
Six Poems0
The Emerging Field of Jungian Ethics0
The Elixir of Life0
Eight Poems0
A Portal to the Imaginal0
Lucy Heyer-Grote, Hapless Hagiographer of C. G. Jung0
Follow the Ghosts0
Masters of Fire0
My Brother’s Keeper0
On Jung, Archetypes, Aesthetics, and Culture in the Art from the African Diaspora0
“I am his. Even in his Absence ... ”0
“Fifth Season” “Paradox”0
Dreaming Myself into Old Age0
Spirituality and Surrender: Reflections on “Letting the Light Get In”0
Three Poems0
Fairy Tale as Transformation0
Burning Up in Paradise0
Assemblage of the Birds0
Borders Shaped Like a Gun: Poems of Immigration0
I Want My Country Back0
Too Close to Infinity: Poems from Ukraine0
Imagining the Narrative Forward0
Genocidal Anxiety and the Terror of AIDS0
Journeying through Soul Space0
Unburying the Feminine0