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Electric Tramways of the 19th Century [Historical]8
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Interoperability, Integration, and Digital Twins for Mining—Part 2: Pathways to the Network-Centric Mine7
Interoperability, Integration, and Digital Twins for Mining—Part 1: Pathways to the Network-Centric Mine7
System-on-Chip FPGA Devices for Complex Electrical Energy Systems Control7
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The History and Future of the WalkON Suit: A Powered Exoskeleton for People With Disabilities5
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Cloud and Edge Computing for Smart Management of Power Electronic Converter Fleets: A Key Connective Fabric to Enable the Green Transition5
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Power Electronics: My Life and Vision for the Future [My View]3
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The 100th-Anniversary Harbin Institute of Technology?IES Lectures on Industrial Technologies [Society News]2
Exploring Communication Architectures in Microgrids: Applications and Scenarios2
Microinjection in Biomedical Applications: An Effortless Autonomous Omnidirectional Microinjection System2
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Modeling, Control, Estimation, and Optimization for Microgrids: A Fuzzy-Model-Based Method [Book News]1
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Induction Machines Handbook, Third Edition [Book News]1
Event-Based Control in Industry Practice: Paving the Way Toward Resource-Efficient Industrial Internet of Things1
Students and Young Professionals of the IEEE IES in the Time of Information, Automation, and Energy Transformation [Students and Young Professionals News]1
Battery Management System and Its Applications [Book News]1
Before Lithium-Ion Batteries: The Age of Primary Cells [Historical]1
The Standards and Interoperability PlugFest at IECON 2020 [Society News]1
Secure and Private Internet of Things for Industry, Training, and Homes: A Communications Solution for Connected Devices1
Secondary Batteries for Mobile Applications: From Lead to Lithium [Historical]1
The 2023 IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Technical Committee Chairs [Society News]1
The Emergence of Hydropower in the 19th Century [Historical]1
Dependency-Aware Tensor Scheduler for Industrial AI Applications: Dymem—An Aggressive Data-Swapping Policy for Training Nonlinear Deep Neural Networks1
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Wishes for a Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous 2022 [Message From the President]0
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Internet of Things Using Arduino Workshop and Launch of the IEEE ISBAT Student Branch [Chapter News]0
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