Earth System Science Data

(The TQCC of Earth System Science Data is 16. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-07-01 to 2024-07-01.)
Global Carbon Budget 20201480
ERA5-Land: a state-of-the-art global reanalysis dataset for land applications1300
The Global Methane Budget 2000–20171255
The 30 m annual land cover dataset and its dynamics in China from 1990 to 2019945
Global Carbon Budget 2021728
Global Carbon Budget 2022650
GLC_FCS30: global land-cover product with fine classification system at 30 m using time-series Landsat imagery442
An extended time series (2000–2018) of global NPP-VIIRS-like nighttime light data from a cross-sensor calibration334
Country-level and gridded estimates of wastewater production, collection, treatment and reuse282
A global anthropogenic emission inventory of atmospheric pollutants from sector- and fuel-specific sources (1970–2017): an application of the Community Emissions Data System (CEDS)231
An update of IPCC climate reference regions for subcontinental analysis of climate model data: definition and aggregated datasets225
WFDE5: bias-adjusted ERA5 reanalysis data for impact studies199
The Berkeley Earth Land/Ocean Temperature Record197
Changes in China's anthropogenic emissions and air quality during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020190
Heat stored in the Earth system: where does the energy go?184
Improved estimate of global gross primary production for reproducing its long-term variation, 1982–2017171
Development of a global 30 m impervious surface map using multisource and multitemporal remote sensing datasets with the Google Earth Engine platform168
The global forest above-ground biomass pool for 2010 estimated from high-resolution satellite observations147
A cultivated planet in 2010 – Part 2: The global gridded agricultural-production maps129
GloFAS-ERA5 operational global river discharge reanalysis 1979–present127
A 6-year-long (2013–2018) high-resolution air quality reanalysis dataset in China based on the assimilation of surface observations from CNEMC120
Glacial lake inventory of high-mountain Asia in 1990 and 2018 derived from Landsat images120
A long-term (2005–2016) dataset of hourly integrated land–atmosphere interaction observations on the Tibetan Plateau113
A multi-scale daily SPEI dataset for drought characterization at observation stations over mainland China from 1961 to 2018108
Annual 30 m dataset for glacial lakes in High Mountain Asia from 2008 to 2017104
Earth transformed: detailed mapping of global human modification from 1990 to 2017103
Early-season mapping of winter wheat in China based on Landsat and Sentinel images96
Global Carbon Budget 202393
OceanSODA-ETHZ: a global gridded data set of the surface ocean carbonate system for seasonal to decadal studies of ocean acidification91
Validation of GRASP algorithm product from POLDER/PARASOL data and assessment of multi-angular polarimetry potential for aerosol monitoring90
CAMELS-GB: hydrometeorological time series and landscape attributes for 671 catchments in Great Britain88
High-resolution global map of smallholder and industrial closed-canopy oil palm plantations88
A synthesis dataset of permafrost thermal state for the Qinghai–Tibet (Xizang) Plateau, China87
A global map of local climate zones to support earth system modelling and urban-scale environmental science84
Glacier shrinkage in the Alps continues unabated as revealed by a new glacier inventory from Sentinel-283
An updated version of the global interior ocean biogeochemical data product, GLODAPv2.202083
A comprehensive and synthetic dataset for global, regional, and national greenhouse gas emissions by sector 1970–2018 with an extension to 201980
FLUXNET-CH<sub>4</sub>: a global, multi-ecosystem dataset and analysis of methane seasonality from freshwater wetlands80
GOCO06s – a satellite-only global gravity field model78
AIMERG: a new Asian precipitation dataset (0.1°/half-hourly, 2000–2015) by calibrating the GPM-era IMERG at a daily scale using APHRODITE77
New high-resolution estimates of the permafrost thermal state and hydrothermal conditions over the Northern Hemisphere76
CAMS-REG-v4: a state-of-the-art high-resolution European emission inventory for air quality modelling73
A global dataset of annual urban extents (1992–2020) from harmonized nighttime lights73
GISD30: global 30 m impervious-surface dynamic dataset from 1985 to 2020 using time-series Landsat imagery on the Google Earth Engine platform72
Synthesis of global actual evapotranspiration from 1982 to 201971
Programme for Monitoring of the Greenland Ice Sheet (PROMICE) automatic weather station data70
Global transpiration data from sap flow measurements: the SAPFLUXNET database69
Global patterns and drivers of soil total phosphorus concentration67
Distribution and characteristics of wastewater treatment plants within the global river network64
Comparing national greenhouse gas budgets reported in UNFCCC inventories against atmospheric inversions64
GeoDAR: georeferenced global dams and reservoirs dataset for bridging attributes and geolocations64
A global seamless 1 km resolution daily land surface temperature dataset (2003–2020)64
Stable water isotope monitoring network of different water bodies in Shiyang River basin, a typical arid river in China63
Changes in global air pollutant emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic: a dataset for atmospheric modeling62
The TROPOSIF global sun-induced fluorescence dataset from the Sentinel-5P TROPOMI mission62
The Sea State CCI dataset v1: towards a sea state climate data record based on satellite observations61
A 30 m resolution dataset of China's urban impervious surface area and green space, 2000–201861
Pre- and post-production processes increasingly dominate greenhouse gas emissions from agri-food systems61
An updated version of the global interior ocean biogeochemical data product, GLODAPv2.202157
A uniform <i>p</i>CO<sub>2</sub> climatology combining open and coastal oceans57
Updated tropospheric chemistry reanalysis and emission estimates, TCR-2, for 2005–201857
SISALv2: a comprehensive speleothem isotope database with multiple age–depth models56
CAMELS-BR: hydrometeorological time series and landscape attributes for 897 catchments in Brazil56
LGHAP: the Long-term Gap-free High-resolution Air Pollutant concentration dataset, derived via tensor-flow-based multimodal data fusion55
SeaFlux: harmonization of air–sea CO<sub>2</sub> fluxes from surface <i>p</i>CO<sub>2</sub> data products using a st55
Greenland liquid water discharge from 1958 through 201955
A decade of GOSAT Proxy satellite CH<sub>4</sub> observations54
A fine-resolution soil moisture dataset for China in 2002–201854
A combined Terra and Aqua MODIS land surface temperature and meteorological station data product for China from 2003 to 201754
META3.1exp: a new global mesoscale eddy trajectory atlas derived from altimetry53
Volcanic stratospheric sulfur injections and aerosol optical depth during the Holocene (past 11 500 years) from a bipolar ice-core array52
Carbon emissions and removals from forests: new estimates, 1990–202051
CDIAC-FF: global and national CO<sub>2</sub> emissions from fossil fuel combustion and cement manufacture: 1751–201751
Development of the global dataset of Wetland Area and Dynamics for Methane Modeling (WAD2M)50
Constructing a complete landslide inventory dataset for the 2018 monsoon disaster in Kerala, India, for land use change analysis49
A comprehensive geospatial database of nearly 100 000 reservoirs in China49
Long-term variations in actual evapotranspiration over the Tibetan Plateau49
Towards harmonisation of image velocimetry techniques for river surface velocity observations48
Mapping global forest age from forest inventories, biomass and climate data48
The Boreal–Arctic Wetland and Lake Dataset (BAWLD)48
EOT20: a global ocean tide model from multi-mission satellite altimetry47
The Iso2k database: a global compilation of paleo-<i>δ</i><sup>18</sup>O and <i>δ</i><sup>2</s47
A restructured and updated global soil respiration database (SRDB-V5)46
TPHiPr: a long-term (1979–2020) high-accuracy precipitation dataset (1∕30°, daily) for the Third Pole region based on high-resolution atmospheric modeling and dense observations46
European pollen-based REVEALS land-cover reconstructions for the Holocene: methodology, mapping and potentials46
An improved global remote-sensing-based surface soil moisture (RSSSM) dataset covering 2003–201846
Indicators of Global Climate Change 2022: annual update of large-scale indicators of the state of the climate system and human influence45
Global time series and temporal mosaics of glacier surface velocities derived from Sentinel-1 data45
INSTANCE – the Italian seismic dataset for machine learning45
Global climate-related predictors at kilometer resolution for the past and future45
A 1 km daily soil moisture dataset over China using in situ measurement and machine learning44
Catalog of NOx emissions from point sources as derived from the divergence of the NO2 flux for TROPOMI44
A 30 m terrace mapping in China using Landsat 8 imagery and digital elevation model based on the Google Earth Engine44
GLODAPv2.2022: the latest version of the global interior ocean biogeochemical data product44
BAWLD-CH<sub>4</sub>: a comprehensive dataset of methane fluxes from boreal and arctic ecosystems44
Generating seamless global daily AMSR2 soil moisture (SGD-SM) long-term products for the years 2013–201943
Multi-resolution dataset for photovoltaic panel segmentation from satellite and aerial imagery43
A worldwide meta-analysis (1977–2020) of sediment core dating using fallout radionuclides including <sup>137</sup>Cs and <sup>210</sup>Pb&l43
High-resolution global atmospheric moisture connections from evaporation to precipitation42
Mass balance of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets from 1992 to 202042
Carbon Monitoring System Flux Net Biosphere Exchange 2020 (CMS-Flux NBE 2020)42
High-resolution biogenic global emission inventory for the time period 2000–2019 for air quality modelling42
GWL_FCS30: a global 30 m wetland map with a fine classification system using multi-sourced and time-series remote sensing imagery in 202041
GCI30: a global dataset of 30 m cropping intensity using multisource remote sensing imagery41
Global CO<sub>2</sub> uptake by cement from 1930 to 201941
Worldwide version-controlled database of glacier thickness observations40
The S2M meteorological and snow cover reanalysis over the French mountainous areas: description and evaluation (1958–2021)39
A dense network of cosmic-ray neutron sensors for soil moisture observation in a highly instrumented pre-Alpine headwater catchment in Germany39
A harmonized global land evaporation dataset from model-based products covering 1980–201739
LamaH-CE: LArge-SaMple DAta for Hydrology and Environmental Sciences for Central Europe39
Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service TEMPOral profiles (CAMS-TEMPO): global and European emission temporal profile maps for atmospheric chemistry modelling39
Third revision of the global surface seawater dimethyl sulfide climatology (DMS-Rev3)38
The Eurasian Modern Pollen Database (EMPD), version 238
More dynamic than expected: an updated survey of surging glaciers in the Pamir38
COSMOS-Europe: a European network of cosmic-ray neutron soil moisture sensors38
CAMELS-AUS: hydrometeorological time series and landscape attributes for 222 catchments in Australia38
Status of the Tibetan Plateau observatory (Tibet-Obs) and a 10-year (2009–2019) surface soil moisture dataset38
Land-use harmonization datasets for annual global carbon budgets37
Next generation of Bluelink ocean reanalysis with multiscale data assimilation: BRAN202036
UGS-1m: fine-grained urban green space mapping of 31 major cities in China based on the deep learning framework36
Patterns of nitrogen and phosphorus pools in terrestrial ecosystems in China36
Bed topography of Princess Elizabeth Land in East Antarctica35
Drainage of organic soils and GHG emissions: validation with country data35
Database of global glendonite and ikaite records throughout the Phanerozoic35
A 1 km resolution soil organic carbon dataset for frozen ground in the Third Pole35
Rainfall erosivity mapping over mainland China based on high-density hourly rainfall records35
A global long-term (1981–2000) land surface temperature product for NOAA AVHRR35
High-resolution mapping of circum-Antarctic landfast sea ice distribution, 2000–201835
Emission trends of air pollutants and CO2 in China from 2005 to 202134
The NIEER AVHRR snow cover extent product over China – a long-term daily snow record for regional climate research34
A new satellite-derived dataset for marine aquaculture areas in China's coastal region34
Crowdsourced air traffic data from the OpenSky Network 2019–202034
Long time series of daily evapotranspiration in China based on the SEBAL model and multisource images and validation33
National CO2budgets (2015–2020) inferred from atmospheric CO2observations in support of the global stocktake33
The WGLC global gridded lightning climatology and time series33
Lake surface sediment pollen dataset for the alpine meadow vegetation type from the eastern Tibetan Plateau and its potential in past climate reconstructions33
The Active Faults of Eurasia Database (AFEAD): the ontology and design behind the continental-scale dataset33
100 years of lake evolution over the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau33
A daily and 500 m coupled evapotranspiration and gross primary production product across China during 2000–202033
VODCA2GPP – a new, global, long-term (1988–2020) gross primary production dataset from microwave remote sensing32
Heat stored in the Earth system 1960–2020: where does the energy go?32
Synoptic analysis of a decade of daily measurements of SO<sub>2</sub> emission in the troposphere from volcanoes of the global ground-based Network for Observation of Volca32
Refined burned-area mapping protocol using Sentinel-2 data increases estimate of 2019 Indonesian burning32
Dataset of daily near-surface air temperature in China from 1979 to 201832
Development of a standard database of reference sites for validating global burned area products31
SCDNA: a serially complete precipitation and temperature dataset for North America from 1979 to 201831
Global sea-level budget and ocean-mass budget, with a focus on advanced data products and uncertainty characterisation31
The RapeseedMap10 database: annual maps of rapeseed at a spatial resolution of 10 m based on multi-source data30
Carbon fluxes from land 2000–2020: bringing clarity to countries' reporting30
Hyperspectral-reflectance dataset of dry, wet and submerged marine litter30
Estimating population and urban areas at risk of coastal hazards, 1990–2015: how data choices matter29
The cooperative IGS RT-GIMs: a reliable estimation of the global ionospheric electron content distribution in real time29
The Global Space-based Stratospheric Aerosol Climatology (version 2.0): 1979–201829
Arctic sea ice cover data from spaceborne synthetic aperture radar by deep learning29
New ground-based Fourier-transform near-infrared solar absorption measurements of XCO<sub>2</sub>, XCH<sub>4</sub> and XCO at Xianghe, China28
Individual tree point clouds and tree measurements from multi-platform laser scanning in German forests28
Greenland ice sheet mass balance from 1840 through next week28
Reconstructing 6-hourly PM2.5 datasets from 1960 to 2020 in China28
An integration of gauge, satellite, and reanalysis precipitation datasets for the largest river basin of the Tibetan Plateau28
A 10-year global monthly averaged terrestrial net ecosystem exchange dataset inferred from the ACOS GOSAT v9 XCO2 retrievals (GCAS2021)28
Decomposability of soil organic matter over time: the Soil Incubation Database (SIDb, version 1.0) and guidance for incubation procedures28
Global Covenant of Mayors, a dataset of greenhouse gas emissions for 6200 cities in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean countries27
CASCADE – The Circum-Arctic Sediment CArbon DatabasE27
A cultivated planet in 2010 – Part 1: The global synergy cropland map27
Global GOSAT, OCO-2, and OCO-3 solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence datasets27
Timely estimates of India's annual and monthly fossil CO<sub>2</sub> emissions27
The ABCflux database: Arctic–boreal CO2 flux observations and ancillary information aggregated to monthly time steps across terrestrial ecosystems27
Compilation of relative pollen productivity (RPP) estimates and taxonomically harmonised RPP datasets for single continents and Northern Hemisphere extratropics27
Measurements from the RV <i>Ronald H. Brown</i> and related platforms as part of the Atlantic Tradewind Ocean-Atmosphere Mesoscale Interaction Campaign (ATOMIC)27
Black carbon and organic carbon dataset over the Third Pole27
Nine years of SMOS sea surface salinity global maps at the Barcelona Expert Center27
A high-resolution reanalysis of global fire weather from 1979 to 2018 – overwintering the Drought Code26
A global mean sea surface temperature dataset for the Last Interglacial (129–116 ka) and contribution of thermal expansion to sea level change26
JOANNE: Joint dropsonde Observations of the Atmosphere in tropical North atlaNtic meso-scale Environments26
The PetroPhysical Property Database (P<sup>3</sup>) – a global compilation of lab-measured rock properties26
Greenland ice velocity maps from the PROMICE project26
A European map of groundwater pH and calcium26
Ship- and island-based atmospheric soundings from the 2020 EUREC<sup>4</sup>A field campaign25
Country-resolved combined emission and socio-economic pathways based on the Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) and Shared Socio-Economic Pathway (SSP) scenarios25
A high-resolution gridded dataset of daily temperature and precipitation records (1980–2018) for Trentino-South Tyrol (north-eastern Italian Alps)25
Global datasets of leaf photosynthetic capacity for ecological and earth system research25
Last Interglacial sea-level proxies in the western Mediterranean25
Mapping 10 m global impervious surface area (GISA-10m) using multi-source geospatial data25
A daily, 250 m and real-time gross primary productivity product (2000–present) covering the contiguous United States24
Mapping photovoltaic power plants in China using Landsat, random forest, and Google Earth Engine24
HRLT: a high-resolution (1 d, 1 km) and long-term (1961–2019) gridded dataset for surface temperature and precipitation across China24
A global monthly climatology of oceanic total dissolved inorganic carbon: a neural network approach24
Improved maps of surface water bodies, large dams, reservoirs, and lakes in China24
A global dataset of atmospheric <sup>7</sup>Be and <sup>210</sup>Pb measurements: annual air concentration and depositional flux24
SoilKsatDB: global database of soil saturated hydraulic conductivity measurements for geoscience applications24
GRQA: Global River Water Quality Archive23
SDUST2021GRA: global marine gravity anomaly model recovered from Ka-band and Ku-band satellite altimeter data23
A new dataset of river flood hazard maps for Europe and the Mediterranean Basin23
Retrogressive thaw slumps along the Qinghai–Tibet Engineering Corridor: a comprehensive inventory and their distribution characteristics23
Landsat-based Irrigation Dataset (LANID): 30 m resolution maps of irrigation distribution, frequency, and change for the US, 1997–201723
Fine-grained, spatiotemporal datasets measuring 200 years of land development in the United States23
COSMOS-UK: national soil moisture and hydrometeorology data for environmental science research23
An all-sky 1 km daily land surface air temperature product over mainland China for 2003–2019 from MODIS and ancillary data23
A 1 km daily surface soil moisture dataset of enhanced coverage under all-weather conditions over China in 2003–201923
EUREC<sup>4</sup>A's <i>HALO</i>23
Hydrography90m: a new high-resolution global hydrographic dataset22
Monthly resolved modelled oceanic emissions of carbonyl sulphide and carbon disulphide for the period 2000–201922
An 11-year record of XCO<sub>2</sub> estimates derived from GOSAT measurements using the NASA ACOS version 9 retrieval algorithm22
Implementation of the CCDC algorithm to produce the LCMAP Collection 1.0 annual land surface change product22
Petrophysical and mechanical rock property database of the Los Humeros and Acoculco geothermal fields (Mexico)22
A 1 km global cropland dataset from 10 000 BCE to 2100 CE22
Historical nitrogen fertilizer use in China from 1952 to 201822
Daily Terra–Aqua MODIS cloud-free snow and Randolph Glacier Inventory 6.0 combined product (M*D10A1GL06) for high-mountain Asia between 2002 and 201922
The HTAP_v3 emission mosaic: merging regional and global monthly emissions (2000–2018) to support air quality modelling and policies22
Global maps of Forel–Ule index, hue angle and Secchi disk depth derived from 21 years of monthly ESA Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative data21
Towards a regional high-resolution bathymetry of the North West Shelf of Australia based on Sentinel-2 satellite images, 3D seismic surveys, and historical datasets21
A historical reconstruction of cropland in China from 1900 to 201621
The consolidated European synthesis of CO2 emissions and removals for the European Union and United Kingdom: 1990–201821
A satellite-derived database for stand-replacing windthrow events in boreal forests of European Russia in 1986–201721
Radiative forcing of climate change from the Copernicus reanalysis of atmospheric composition21
Sub-seasonal forecasts of demand and wind power and solar power generation for 28 European countries21
ADHI: the African Database of Hydrometric Indices (1950–2018)21
DSCOVR/EPIC-derived global hourly and daily downward shortwave and photosynthetically active radiation data at 0.1° × 0.1° resolution21
A comparative study of anthropogenic CH<sub>4</sub> emissions over China based on the ensembles of bottom-up inventories20
A global map of root biomass across the world's forests20
EMDNA: an Ensemble Meteorological Dataset for North America20
History of anthropogenic Nitrogen inputs (HaNi) to the terrestrial biosphere: a 5 arcmin resolution annual dataset from 1860 to 201920
Ten-year return levels of sub-daily extreme precipitation over Europe20
Emissions of greenhouse gases from energy use in agriculture, forestry and fisheries: 1970–201920
Virtual water trade and water footprint of agricultural goods: the 1961–2016 CWASI database20
The biogeography of relative abundance of soil fungi versus bacteria in surface topsoil20
A global dataset of daily maximum and minimum near-surface air temperature at 1 km resolution over land (2003–2020)19
Spatial radionuclide deposition data from the 60 km radial area around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant: results from a sampling survey in 198719
LUCAS Copernicus 2018: Earth-observation-relevant in situ data on land cover and use throughout the European Union19
A global compilation of U-series-dated fossil coral sea-level indicators for the Last Interglacial period (Marine Isotope Stage 5e)19
A 1 km global dataset of historical (1979–2013) and future (2020–2100) Köppen–Geiger climate classification and bioclimatic variables19
Merging ground-based sunshine duration observations with satellite cloud and aerosol retrievals to produce high-resolution long-term surface solar radiation over China19
Development of the HadISDH.marine humidity climate monitoring dataset18
Version 2 of the global catalogue of large anthropogenic and volcanic SO2 sources and emissions derived from satellite measurements18
Climatology of aerosol component concentrations derived from multi-angular polarimetric POLDER-3 observations using GRASP algorithm18
High-resolution inventory of atmospheric emissions from transport, industrial, energy, mining and residential activities in Chile18
A novel hydrographic gridded data set for the northern Antarctic Peninsula18
Harmonising the land-use flux estimates of global models and national inventories for 2000–202018
MOSEV: a global burn severity database from MODIS (2000–2020)18
A multi-year time series of observation-based 3D horizontal and vertical quasi-geostrophic global ocean currents18
GPRChinaTemp1km: a high-resolution monthly air temperature data set for China (1951–2020) based on machine learning18
A Canadian River Ice Database from the National Hydrometric Program Archives18
Regional data sets of high-resolution (1 and 6 km) irrigation estimates from space17
Measurements of hydrodynamics, sediment, morphology and benthos on Ameland ebb-tidal delta and lower shoreface17
SinoLC-1: the first 1 m resolution national-scale land-cover map of China created with a deep learning framework and open-access data17
Apparent ecosystem carbon turnover time: uncertainties and robust features17
Spatiotemporally consistent global dataset of the GIMMS Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (PKU GIMMS NDVI) from 1982 to 202217
Vectorized dataset of roadside noise barriers in China using street view imagery17
Classification and mapping of European fuels using a hierarchical, multipurpose fuel classification system17