Journal of Mathematical Inequalities

(The median citation count of Journal of Mathematical Inequalities is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-04-01 to 2024-04-01.)
Concavity and bounds involving generalized elliptic integral of the first kind172
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Sharp inequalities for the Toader mean of order -1 in terms of other bivariate means52
On the generalized power-type Toader mean38
Optimal Lehmer mean bounds for the $n$th power-type Toader means of n=-1,1,338
Certain quantum estimates on the parameterized integral inequalities and their applications23
Monotonicity, convexity and bounds involving the beta and Ramanujan R-functions21
The applications of some basic mathematical inequalities on the convergence of the primitive equations of moist atmosphere12
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On post quantum integral inequalities7
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Monotone iterative technique for S-asymptotically periodic problem of fractional evolution equation with finite delay in ordered Banach space6
Stability result of Laminated beam with internal distributed delay6
Some approximation results on a class of new type λ-Bernstein polynomials6
Some mixed weak type inequalities5
Fractional integral operators with homogeneous kernels on generalized Lorentz-Morrey spaces5
Composite convex functions5
Steffensen-Grüss inequality5
On the arithmetic-geometric mean inequality4
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Post-quantum Ostrowski type integral inequalities for twice (p,q)-differentiable functions4
Generalized Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for differentiable harmonically-convex and harmonically quasi-convex functions4
Hyers-Ulam stability for second order linear differential equations of Carathéodory type4
Derivation-homomorphism functional inequalities4
Some new multidimensional Hardy-type inequalities with general kernels on time scales3
Absolutely monotonic functions involving the complete elliptic integrals of the first kind with applications3
Generalizations and sharpenings of certain Bernstein and Turán types of inequalities for the polar derivative of a polynomial3
A new fractional boundary value problem and Lyapunov-type inequality3
Further numerical radius inequalities3
Boundary Schwarz lemma for harmonic and pluriharmonic mappings in the unit ball3
An extended Hardy-Hilbert's inequality with parameters and applications3
Approximation of Bögel continuous functions and deferred weighted A-statistical convergence by Bernstein-Kantorovich type operators on a triangle3
Higher dimensions opial diamond-alpha inequalities on time scales3
Nonlinear inequalities and related fixed point problems3
A generalization of Darbo's fixed point theorem with an application to fractional integral equations3
On an equation characterizing multi-Jensen-quartic mappings and its stability3
The sharp bound of the third Hankel determinant for Convex functions of order -1/23
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Expectations of large data means2
Hermite-Hadamard-type inequalities for ^✱differentiable multiplicative m-preinvexity and (s,m)-preinvexity via the multiplicative tempered fractional integrals2
Singular values inequalities for matrix means2
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On the uniform consistency of frequency polygons for ρ^--mixing samples2
Some parameterized inequalities arising from the tempered fractional integrals involving the (μ,η)-incomplete gamma functions2
Integrals of ratios of Fox-Wright and incomplete Fox-Wright functions with applications2
On a reverse of the Tan-Xie inequality for sector matrices and its applications2
Reconstruction of two approximation processes in order to reproduce e^ax and e^2ax, a>02
Majorization problems for a class of analytic functions defined by subordination2
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A necessary and sufficient condition for the convexity of the one-parameter generalized inverse trigonometric sine function according to power mean1
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Maximal commutator and commutator of maximal function on total Morrey spaces1
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On (n,k)-quasi class Q^∗ operators0
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Quasi-convex and Q-class functions0
A matrix inequality for unitarily invariant norms0
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Sharp exponential type inequalities for the arc lemniscate sine function with applications0
New bounds for the ratio of power means0
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Bounds for the (45d,;d)-extended Beta function and certain consequences0
Fixed point theorems for ;1-;2_M-Geraghty type contractions with applications in matrix equations0
Norm-parallelism of Hilbert space operators and the Davis-Wielandt Berezin number0
Corrigendum to: “Sharp L^p Hardy type and uncertainty principle inequalities on the sphere”0
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A method to prove inequalities and its applications0
Boundedness from below of composition operators between $L^p_a$ and $L^q_a$, between $L^p_a$ and the Hardy space $H^2$, between $L^p_a$ and Besov space0
Singular value inequalities of matrices with concave functions0
Moment convergence rate of estimators in partially linear models under AANA errors0
Construction of the Kantorovich variant of the Bernstein-Chlodovsky operators based on parameter α0
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Harnack inequalities for functional SDEs driven by subordinate fractional Brownian motion0
RETRACTED: On the derivative of a rational polynomial with prescribed poles0
Some generalizations of numerical radii and Schatten p-norms inequalities0
Further refinements of the Tan-Xie inequality for sector matrices and its applications0
A more accurate extended Hardy-Hilbert's inequality with parameters0
Two lower bounds about singular subspaces0
Polya-Vinogradov inequality for polynomial character sums over finite fields0
A solution to an open problem for Wilker-type inequalities0
On boundedness and compactness of discrete Hardy operator in discrete weighted variable Lebesgue spaces0
Deviation estimations for Lotka-Nagaev estimator of a branching process with immigration0
Weighted integral inequality and application in uniform stability for a nonlinear system with memory0
Proof of a double inequality in triangles0
Exact exponents for inclusion of discrete Muckenhoupt classes into Gehring classes and reverse0
On complete moment convergence for weighted sums under negatively associated setup0
Two new lower bounds for the smallest singular value0
Nonexistence and existence of positive ground state solutions for generalized quasilinear Schrödinger equations0
On an inequality for 3-convex functions and related results0
Further properties of 2-inner product spaces0
Remarks on the stability of the 3-variable functional inequalities of Drygas0
Norm inequalities related to Heinz and logarithmic means0
On Stević-Sharma operators from the minimal Möbius invariant space into Zygmund-type spaces0
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Lyapunov-type inequalities for fractional Langevin differential equations0
Consistency of estimator for nonparametric regression under negatively superadditive dependent random variables0
Parameterized more accurate Hardy-Hilbert-type inequalities and applications0
Eigenvalues of the solution of the Lyapunov tensor equation0
Some inequalities for covariance with applications in statistics0
Improved Jensen-type inequalities via quadratic interpolation and applications0
Mapping properties of maximal operators on infinite connected graphs0
Skew-circulant matrix and critical points of polynomials0
Limit behaviors for ANA random variables under R-h-integrability and SR-h-integrability0
Approximation of two general functional equations in 2-Banach spaces0
Gronwall-type moment inequalities for a stochastic process0
Sharp bound of m-linear n-dimensional p-adic Hausdorff operators on p-adic Morrey spaces0
On approximately convex and affine functions0
Monotonicity, convexity, and inequalities for functions involving gamma function0
Spectral properties and characterization of quasi-n-hyponormal operators0
Existence and asymptotic behavior of square-mean S-asymptotically periodic solutions for stochastic evolution equation involving delay0
An application of Ky Fan inequality: on Kullback-Leibler divergence between a probability distribution and its negation0
Hardy-type inequalities for ℓ^p sequences0
Estimates for weighted Hardy-Littlewood averages and their commutators on mixed central Morrey spaces0
A generalization of S-Nekrasov matrices0
On monotonic L_ϕ-solutions for a class of quadratic-Urysohn integral equations0
Sherman's operator inequality0
Sharp bounds on the Hankel determinant of the inverse functions for certain analytic functions0
Asymptotics for random-time ruin probability of a risk model with diffusion, constant interest force and non-stationary arrivals0
Limiting behaviors of linear processes with random coefficients based on m-ANA random variables0
New inequalities for quotients of circular and hyperbolic functions0
A Chain of numerical radius inequalities in complex Hilbert space0
A family of Wilker's inequalities in two parameters and its applications0
On p-quasi-n-hyponormal operators0
Singular value inequalities for accretive-dissipative normal operators0
Vectorial and metrical relations in tetrahedron0
Mean square of quadratic Hecke character sum0
Some multidimensional Opial type inequalities0
Numerical radius of products of special matrices0
L^p boundedness for maximal singular integrals with mixed homogeneity along compounds curves0
New Chebyshev-type inequalities for the generalized Riemann-Liouville fractional integral with respect to an increasing function0
A new algorithm for finding a common solution of a split variational inequality problem, the fixed point problems and the variational inclusion problems0
An inequality on the difference polynomials of meromorphic functions and its application0
Complete convergence and complete moment convergence for weighted sums of m-extended negatively dependent random variables0
Convergence rate for weighted sums of ψ-mixing random variables and applications0
Estimating the remainder of an alternating p-series using hypergeometric functions0
On a more accurate Hilbert-type inequality involving the partial sums0
A new partial order based on core partial order and star partial order0
More accurate form of half-discrete Hilbert-type inequality with a general kernel0
Stability of a new additive functional inequality in Banach spaces0
Fekete-Szegö type inequalities for classes of analytic functions defined by using the modified Dziok-Srivastava and the Owa-Srivastava fractional calculus operators0
Applications of a duality between generalized trigonometric and hyperbolic functions II0
On the local Ritt resolvent condition0
Inequalities for generalized matrix function and inner product0
The third-order Hermitian Toeplitz determinant for some classes of analytic functions0
Numerical semigroups bounded by a cyclic monoid0
Equivalence on Hiroshima's type inequalities for positive semidefinite block matrices0
Multilinear commutators related to maximal function on Morrey-Banach space and its application0
Functional bounds for Exton's double hypergeometric X function0
Generalization of some unitarily invariant norm inequalities for matrices0
Two lower bounds for the smallest singular value of matrices0
A new subclass of close-to-convex harmonic mappings0
Uniform asymptotics for the tail of the discounted aggregate claims with UTAI claim sizes0
More results on weighted means0
New impulsive-integral inequality for stochastic differential equations with Poisson jumps and Caputo fractional derivative0
Threshold dynamics behaviors of a stochastic SIRS epidemic model with a parameter functional value0
Second order nonlinear evolutionary systems driven by generalized mixed variational inequalities0
Strong deviation theorems for general information sources0
A new proof of Pólya-Knopp's inequality with an extension0
Mapping properties of multilinear fractional maximal operators in metric measure spaces0
Quantitative Dunkl analogue of Szász-Mirakyan operators0