Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-RNA

(The TQCC of Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-RNA is 36. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-06-01 to 2023-06-01.)
A 360° view of circular RNAs: From biogenesis to functions284
The dynamic RNA modification 5‐methylcytosine and its emerging role as an epitranscriptomic mark170
Transfer RNA-derived fragments: origins, processing, and functions148
Splicing factor mutations and cancer115
The powerful world of antisense oligonucleotides: From bench to bedside110
miR‐146a‐5p: Expression, regulation, and functions in cancer90
Stress‐induced mRNP granules: Form and function of processing bodies and stress granules90
Membraneless nuclear organelles and the search for phases within phases86
Understanding and targeting the disease‐related RNA binding protein human antigen R (HuR)82
RNA triplexes: from structural principles to biological and biotech applications81
Intriguing circles: Conflicts and controversies in circular RNA research68
Identifying fusion transcripts using next generation sequencing66
Molecular anatomy of the architectural NEAT1 noncoding RNA: The domains, interactors, and biogenesis pathway required to build phase‐separated nuclear paraspeckles54
Lives that introns lead after splicing53
The role of RNA G‐quadruplexes in human diseases and therapeutic strategies53
How to get away with nonsense: Mechanisms and consequences of escape from nonsense‐mediated RNA decay52
New perspectives on the diversification of the RNA interference system: insights from comparative genomics and small RNA sequencing50
ADAR1 , inosine and the immune sensing system: distinguishing self from non‐self49
RNA dynamics: perspectives from spin labels49
Nonsense‐mediated mRNA decay: The challenge of telling right from wrong in a complex transcriptome49
LARP1 on TOP of ribosome production46
The DDX5/Dbp2 subfamily of DEAD‐box RNA helicases44
A recap of RNA recapping43
Natural antisense transcripts in diseases: From modes of action to targeted therapies43
Viral modulation of cellular RNA alternative splicing: A new key player in virus–host interactions?42
Computational approaches for circular RNA analysis41
Splicing noncoding RNAs from the inside out41
RNA regulation of the antiviral protein 2′‐5′‐oligoadenylate synthetase41
Transfer RNA travels from the cytoplasm to organelles40
Diverse roles of RNA‐binding proteins in cancer traits and their implications in gastrointestinal cancers40
Maturation of pre‐40S particles in yeast and humans37
Recent methodology progress of deep learning for RNA–protein interaction prediction37
Current overview on viroid–host interactions36