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(The TQCC of Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 500 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-11-01 to 2023-11-01.)
The Sister Arts: Textile Crafts between Paint, Print and Practice3
Wounds and Wonder: Emotion, Imagination and War in the Cultures of Romantic Surgery3
Jonathan Swift and the Transgender Classroom2
Abolishing Cruelty: The Concurrent Growth of Anti‐Slavery and Animal Welfare Sentiment in British and Colonial Literature2
Branding Angelica: Reputation Management in Late Eighteenth‐Century England2
‘An Old Maid in a House Is the Devil’: Single Women and Landed Estate Management in Eighteenth‐Century England1
Epochs of Embodiment: Men, Women and the Material Body1
Women, Land and Property, Then and Now: An Afterword1
The Lure of the Past: Ancient Balneology at the Turn of the Eighteenth Century1
‘The Astronomic Muse’: Charles Burney and Astronomy1
Il mercato dei quadri a Roma nel diciottesimo secolo: la domanda, l'offerta e la circolazione delle opera in un grande centro artistico europeo. By PaoloCoen. Florence: Leo S. Olschki Editore. 1
Garrick and Shakespeare in Europe1
Les passeurs et passeuses littéraires dans le discours identitaire en Pologne des Lumières1
Afterword: Dismiss the Antiquary at Your Peril1
Paratext and Self‐Promotion in the Memoirs of the First Forty‐Five Years of the Life of James Lackington, Bookseller (1791)1
Family Planning and the Long Eighteenth‐Century Pocketbook1
Women and Property in the Long Eighteenth Century1
Prime Mates: The Simian, Maternity and Abjection in Brobdingnag1
Remembering Dr Sloane: Masculinity and the Making of an Eighteenth‐Century Physician1
Women's Strategies for Managing Land in Rural England, circa 1700‐18001
‘Employ'd in Works that Womankind Become’: Andromache and the Idealisation of Separate Spheres in Eighteenth‐Century Literature and Art1
Coverture and the Debtors' Prison in the Long Eighteenth Century1
‘Meanders of [the] Purple Flood’: Blood and Bloodletting in Eighteenth‐Century Literature and Medicine0
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Issue Information0
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Sisters of the Earth: The Landscapes, Radical Identities and Performances of Female Reformers in 18190
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Issue Information0
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To Let or For Lease: ‘Small, but Genteel’ Lodgings for Bachelors in and about the Late Georgian Town0
The Limits of Sentimentalism: Financial Misconduct, Sensibility and Parliamentary Scandal in the Case of Powell and Bembridge0
Issue Information0
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Issue Information0
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Issue Information0
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Issue Information0
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Issue Information0
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Issue Information0
Introduction: The Antique and the Natural. Exploring the Eighteenth‐Century Textual Network0
The Persona of the Wolffian Philosopher in Early Eighteenth‐Century Germany0
Swift's Queer Persistence0
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