IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Ii-Express Briefs

(The TQCC of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Ii-Express Briefs is 7. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01.)
A New Switched Capacitor 7L Inverter With Triple Voltage Gain and Low Voltage Stress113
A Multi-Stable Memristor and its Application in a Neural Network99
An Extremely Simple Chaotic System With Infinitely Many Coexisting Attractors99
Fixed-Time Consensus for a Class of Heterogeneous Nonlinear Multiagent Systems85
Hierarchical Estimation Approach for RBF-AR Models With Regression Weights Based on the Increasing Data Length80
A Switched-Capacitor Self-Balanced High-Gain Multilevel Inverter Employing a Single DC Source79
Dynamic Event-Triggered Sliding Mode Control: Dealing With Slow Sampling Singularly Perturbed Systems78
Bipartite Output Consensus for Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems via Output Regulation Approach76
Modeling and Understanding Ethereum Transaction Records via a Complex Network Approach74
Two-Memristor-Based Chaotic System With Infinite Coexisting Attractors74
Design of a Scalable Low-Power 1-Bit Hybrid Full Adder for Fast Computation73
High Gain Active Neutral Point Clamped Seven-Level Self-Voltage Balancing Inverter71
Observer-Based Incremental Predictive Control of Networked Multi-Agent Systems With Random Delays and Packet Dropouts69
A 13-Level Switched-Capacitor-Based Boosting Inverter67
Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control of Switched MIMO Nonlinear Systems With Full State Constraints and Unknown Control Directions66
Observer-Based Sliding Mode Control for Markov Jump Systems With Actuator Failures and Asynchronous Modes65
GPIO Based Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Control for PMSM64
Fixed-Time Prescribed Performance Adaptive Trajectory Tracking Control for a QUAV62
Experimental Investigation of Recurrent Neural Network Fractional-Order Sliding Mode Control of Active Power Filter60
Continuous Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control of DC–DC Boost Converters Subject to Time-Varying Disturbances58
Anti-Disturbance Bumpless Transfer Control for Switched Systems With its Application to Switched Circuit Model57
Reduced Switch Count Based Single Source 7L Boost Inverter Topology55
Tunable SIW Bandpass Filters With Improved Upper Stopband Performance54
False Data Injection Attacks Against Partial Sensor Measurements of Networked Control Systems53
A Simple Floating Mutator for Emulating Memristor, Memcapacitor, and Meminductor53
Cross Connected Compact Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter (C3-SCMLI) Topology With Reduced Switch Count52
An Intelligent and Fast Controller for DC/DC Converter Feeding CPL in a DC Microgrid52
A Novel Non-Singular Terminal Sliding Mode Trajectory Tracking Control for Robotic Manipulators51
A Compact Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity-Backed Self-Triplexing Antenna51
QMSIW-Based Single and Triple Band Bandpass Filters50
Further Result on Interval Observer Design for Discrete-Time Switched Systems and Application to Circuit Systems50
Cloud-Based Time-Varying Formation Predictive Control of Multi-Agent Systems With Random Communication Constraints and Quantized Signals50
An Improved Artificial Potential Field Method for Path Planning and Formation Control of the Multi-UAV Systems49
Adaptive Nonsingular Predefined-Time Control for Attitude Stabilization of Rigid Spacecrafts47
Wireless Power Transfer System With High Misalignment Tolerance for Bio-Medical Implants47
False Data Injection Cyber-Attacks Mitigation in Parallel DC/DC Converters Based on Artificial Neural Networks46
Hybrid Low Radix Encoding-Based Approximate Booth Multipliers46
Second-Order Sliding Mode Control Design Subject to an Asymmetric Output Constraint45
Global Adaptive Leader-Following Consensus for Second-Order Nonlinear Multiagent Systems With Switching Topologies44
Asynchronous Observer-Based Control for Exponential Stabilization of Markov Jump Systems44
A Reduced Device Count Single DC Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Self-Balanced Inverter44
Noise-Free Maximum Correntropy Criterion Algorithm in Non-Gaussian Environment43
Compact SIW Diplexers and Dual-Band Bandpass Filter With Wide-Stopband Performances43
Dynamic Event-Triggered Practical Fixed-Time Consensus for Nonlinear Multiagent Systems43
Generating n-Scroll Chaotic Attractors From a Memristor-Based Magnetized Hopfield Neural Network42
Quantitative Feedback Design-Based Robust PID Control of Voltage Mode Controlled DC-DC Boost Converter42
STT-MRAM Sensing: A Review42
A Novel XOR/XNOR Structure for Modular Design of QCA Circuits42
Open DNN Box by Power Side-Channel Attack42
Event-Triggered Adaptive Practical Fixed-Time Trajectory Tracking Control for Unmanned Surface Vehicle41
Isolation Enhancement in Dual-Band Monopole Antenna for 5G Applications41
Blockchain-Based Electric Vehicle Incentive System for Renewable Energy Consumption41
A Sub-200nW All-in-One Bandgap Voltage and Current Reference Without Amplifiers41
A 0.25-V Rail-to-Rail Three-Stage OTA With an Enhanced DC Gain40
Hybrid 7-Level Boost Active-Neutral-Point- Clamped (H-7L-BANPC) Inverter40
Re-Thinking Analog Integrated Circuits in Digital Terms: A New Design Concept for the IoT Era39
Hand Gesture Recognition Using Three-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography39
Finite-Time Consensus for Linear Multi-Agent Systems Using Data-Driven Terminal ILC38
Memristor-Coupled Logistic Hyperchaotic Map38
A Compact Dual-Band Quasi-Elliptic Filter Based on Hybrid SIW and Microstrip Technologies37
Modeling and Analysis of Novel CSRRs-Loaded Dual-Band Bandpass SIW Filters37
A Slide Window Variational Adaptive Kalman Filter37
Fixed-Time Bipartite Consensus Tracking of Fractional-Order Multi-Agent Systems With a Dynamic Leader36
Game Theoretic Approach for a Service Function Chain Routing in NFV With Coupled Constraints36
Efficient Precision-Adjustable Architecture for Softmax Function in Deep Learning35
H Performance State Estimation for Static Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays via Two Improved Inequalities35
Design of Ultra-Low Power Consumption Approximate 4–2 Compressors Based on the Compensation Characteristic35
A Hybrid Nine-Level Inverter Topology With Boosting Capability and Reduced Component Count35
Event-Based Finite-Time Consensus Control of Second-Order Delayed Multi-Agent Systems34
Quasi-Reflectionless Microstrip Bandpass Filters Using Bandstop Filter for Out-of-Band Improvement34
Saturated PI Control for Nonlinear System With Provable Convergence: An Optimization Perspective34
Antisaturation Command Filtered Backstepping Control-Based Disturbance Rejection for a Quadarotor UAV34
Epileptic State Classification by Fusing Hand-Crafted and Deep Learning EEG Features34
A Multiport Power Electronic Transformer Based on Modular Multilevel Converter and Mixed-Frequency Modulation34
A Separable Maximum Correntropy Adaptive Algorithm34
Ultra-Compact Ternary Logic Gates Based on Negative Capacitance Carbon Nanotube FETs34
Delay-Dependent and Order-Dependent Stability and Stabilization of Fractional-Order Linear Systems With Time-Varying Delay33
Performance and Analysis of Recursive Constrained Least Lncosh Algorithm Under Impulsive Noises33
Finite-Time Bearing-Only Formation Tracking of Heterogeneous Mobile Robots With Collision Avoidance33
Trajectory Optimization of 5-Link Biped Robot Using Beetle Antennae Search33
An Improved Variable Kernel Width for Maximum Correntropy Criterion Algorithm33
Voltage Regulation of DC-DC Buck Converters Feeding CPLs via Deep Reinforcement Learning33
Dynamic Event-Triggered Consensus of General Linear Multi-Agent Systems With Adaptive Strategy33
Complex Dynamics, Hardware Implementation and Image Encryption Application of Multiscroll Memeristive Hopfield Neural Network With a Novel Local Active Memeristor33
Implicit-Euler Implementation of Super-Twisting Observer and Twisting Controller for Second-Order Systems33
A Unified Finite-/Fixed-Time Synchronization Approach to Multi-Layer Networks32
A 28–30 GHz CMOS Reflection-Type Phase Shifter With Full 360° Phase Shift Range32
Bipartite Finite Time and Fixed Time Output Consensus of Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems Under State Feedback Control32
Nonlinear Analysis of PLL Damping Characteristics in Weak-Grid-Tied Inverters32
Minimax Design of Graph Filter Using Chebyshev Polynomial Approximation32
Dynamic Event-Triggered State Observers for a Class of Nonlinear Systems With Time Delays and Disturbances31
Generalized Dissipativity State Estimation of Delayed Static Neural Networks Based on a Proportional-Integral Estimator With Exponential Gain Term31
A Graph-Temporal Fused Dual-Input Convolutional Neural Network for Detecting Sleep Stages from EEG Signals31
Distributed Data-Driven Intrusion Detection for Sparse Stealthy FDI Attacks in Smart Grids30
Intermediate-Variable-Based Estimation for FDI Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems30
Compact Lowpass and Dual-Band Bandpass Filter With Controllable Transmission Zero/Center Frequencies/Passband Bandwidth30
Fixed Time Synchronization Control for Bilateral Teleoperation Mobile Manipulator With Nonholonomic Constraint and Time Delay30
An Output-Coding-Based Detection Scheme Against Replay Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems30
A Frequency-Reconfigurable CMOS Active Phase Shifter for 5G mm-Wave Applications30
A Wireless Multi-Channel Capacitive Sensor System for Efficient Glove-Based Gesture Recognition With AI at the Edge30
OMLA: An Oracle-Less Machine Learning-Based Attack on Logic Locking29
A 7-Level Switched Capacitor Multilevel Inverter With Reduced Switches and Voltage Stresses29
Cooperative Output Regulation of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems With Adaptive Edge-Event-Triggered Strategies29
Structured Pruning of RRAM Crossbars for Efficient In-Memory Computing Acceleration of Deep Neural Networks29
AxBMs: Approximate Radix-8 Booth Multipliers for High-Performance FPGA-Based Accelerators29
Multilayer Packaging SIW Three-Way Filtering Power Divider With Adjustable Power Division29
Oscillator Flicker Phase Noise: A Tutorial29
Distance- and Velocity-Based Collision Avoidance for Time-Varying Formation Control of Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems29
Fusion-Based FDI Attack Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems29
Efficient and Robust Nonvolatile Computing-In-Memory Based on Voltage Division in 2T2R RRAM With Input-Dependent Sensing Control29
Variable Step-Size Affine Projection Maximum Correntropy Criterion Adaptive Filter With Correntropy Induced Metric for Sparse System Identification29
Robust Minimum Disturbance Diffusion LMS for Distributed Estimation29
Non-Intrusive Online Distributed Pulse Shrinking-Based Interconnect Testing in 2.5D IC28
A Compact, Hybrid SIW Filter With Controllable Transmission Zeros and High Selectivity28
Frequency-Reconfigurable Input-Reflectionless Bandpass Filter and Filtering Power Divider With Constant Absolute Bandwidth28
Observed-Based Asynchronous Control of Linear Semi-Markov Jump Systems With Time-Varying Mode Emission Probabilities28
Formation Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Under Communication Delays28
Compact Balanced Dual-Band BPFs Based on Short and Open Stub Loaded Resonators With Wide Common-Mode Suppression27
Aperiodic Sampled-Data Control for Exponential Stabilization of Delayed Neural Networks: A Refined Two-Sided Looped-Functional Approach27
Formation of Generic UAVs-USVs System Under Distributed Model Predictive Control Scheme27
Data-Driven Process Monitoring Using Structured Joint Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis27
Broadband High-Efficiency Quasi-Class-J Power Amplifier Based on Nonlinear Output Capacitance Effect27
High-Performance Harmonic-Rich Single-Core VCO With Multi-LC Tank: A Tutorial27
RF and Microwave Fractional Differentiator Based on Photonics27
Parametric Control for Multi-Scroll Attractor Generation via Nested Sine-PWL Function27
Stochastic Distributed Pinning Control for Co-Multi-Inverter Networks With a Virtual Leader27
An Improved Stability Theorem for Nonlinear Systems on Time Scales With Application to Multi-Agent Systems27
Ultra-Low-Loss Millimeter-Wave LTCC Bandpass Filters Based on Flexible Design of Lumped and Distributed Circuits27
Wide-Stopband SIW Filters Using Modified Multi-Spurious Modes Suppression Technique26
The Bipartite Consensus for Multi-Agent Systems With Matrix-Weight-Based Signed Network26
Frequency Tunable Non-Reciprocal Bandpass Filter Using Time-Modulated Microstrip λ g /2 Resonators26
Wideband and Miniaturized Forward-Wave Directional Coupler Using Periodical Parallel Plates and Vertical Meander Lines26
Real-Time Reachable Set Control for Neutral Singular Markov Jump Systems With Mixed Delays26
Event-Triggered Fixed-Time Adaptive Trajectory Tracking for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With Input Saturation26
An FPGA-Based Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator for Object Recognition Applications26
Asynchronous Mean Stabilization of Positive Jump Systems With Piecewise-Homogeneous Markov Chain26
Collaborative Normality Learning Framework for Weakly Supervised Video Anomaly Detection26
Predefined-Time Attitude Stabilization of Receiver Aircraft in Aerial Refueling26
Compact Seven-Level Boost Type Inverter Topology26
A 1-V, 3-GHz Strong-Arm Latch Voltage Comparator for High Speed Applications26
Time Base Generator-Based Practical Predefined-Time Stabilization of High-Order Systems With Unknown Disturbance26
Reconfigurable Bandpass Filter With Wide-Range Bandwidth and Frequency Control26
A 7.5-mV-Input Boost Converter for Thermal Energy Harvesting With 11-mV Self-Startup26
Design of Indirect Fractional Order IMC Controller for Fractional Order Processes26
Balanced Dual-Band Superconducting Filter Using Stepped-Impedance Resonators With High Band-to-Band Isolation and Wide Stopband25
A Microstrip Lowpass Filter With Wide Tuning Range and Sharp Roll-Off Response25
A MMC-Based Multiport Power Electronic Transformer With Shared Medium-Frequency Transformer25
Terminal-Time Synchronization of Multiple Vehicles Under Discrete-Time Communication Networks With Directed Switching Topologies25
Novel Hybrid CMOS/Memristor Implementation of the AES Algorithm Robust Against Differential Power Analysis Attack25
A New Extremely Low Power Temperature Insensitive Electronically Tunable VCII-Based Grounded Capacitance Multiplier25
Distributed Consensus of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems With Mismatched Uncertainties and Unknown High-Frequency Gains25
A Tutorial on Modeling and Analysis of Cascading Failure in Future Power Grids25
A Unified Framework of Stability Theorems for LTI Fractional Order Systems With 0 < α < 225
A High Efficiency LCC-S Compensated WPT System With Dual Decoupled Receive Coils and Cascaded PWM Regulator25
Steepest Descent Laplacian Regression Based Neural Network Approach for Optimal Operation of Grid Supportive Solar PV Generation25
Passive Paralleling of Multi-Phase Diode Rectifier for Wireless Power Transfer Systems25
A Deep Learning Method for Improving the Classification Accuracy of SSMVEP-Based BCI25
Cluster Synchronization for Multi-Weighted and Directed Complex Networks via Pinning Control25
Distributed Consensus of Heterogeneous Linear Time-Varying Systems on UAVs–USVs Coordination25
Dual Boost Five-Level Switched-Capacitor Inverter With Common Ground25
A Differentially Fed Dual-Polarized Filtering Patch Antenna With Good Stopband Suppression25
Fuzzy Adaptive Observer-Based Fault and Disturbance Reconstructions for T-S Fuzzy Systems24
Design of Ultra-Wideband Power Amplifier Based on Extended Resistive Continuous Class B/J Mode24
Co-Design of Adaptive Memory Event-Triggered Mechanism and Aperiodic Intermittent Controller for Nonlinear Networked Control Systems24
Impulsive Control for Nonlinear Systems Under DoS Attacks: A Dynamic Event-Triggered Method24
A 24.4 ppm/°C Voltage Mode Bandgap Reference With a 1.05V Supply24
Charge Pumps for Ultra-Low-Power Applications: Analysis, Design, and New Solutions24
An Impedance Matching Strategy for Micro-Scale RF Energy Harvesting Systems24
Compact Wide-Stopband Dual-Band Balanced Filter Using an Electromagnetically Coupled SIR Pair With Controllable Transmission Zeros and Bandwidths24
Continuous Class-F Power Amplifier Using Quasi-Elliptic Low-Pass Filtering Matching Network24
Multiple Lyapunov Functions Approach for Consensus of One-Sided Lipschitz Multi-Agents Over Switching Topologies and Input Saturation24
Design of QCA-Serial Parallel Multiplier (QSPM) With Energy Dissipation Analysis24
Adaptive Tracking Control for Switched Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With Input Saturation and Unmodeled Dynamics24
Substrate Integrated Waveguide Multi-Channel Filtering Crossover With Extended Channel Number and Controllable Frequencies23
Design of Antenna-Multiplexer for Seamless On-Body Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Connectivity23
Pearson Correlation Coefficient-Based Performance Enhancement of Broad Learning System for Stock Price Prediction23
Optimal Distributed Leader-Following Consensus of Linear Multi-Agent Systems: A Dynamic Average Consensus-Based Approach23
Steady-State Performance Analysis of Nonlinear Spline Adaptive Filter Under Maximum Correntropy Criterion23
Angle of Arrival Estimation Through a Full-Hardware Approach for Adaptive Beamforming23
A Wide-PCE-Dynamic-Range CMOS Cross-Coupled Differential-Drive Rectifier for Ambient RF Energy Harvesting23
A W-Band 6-Bit Phase Shifter With 7 dB Gain and 1.35° RMS Phase Error in 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS23
Asymptotic Tracking Control for Nonaffine Systems With Disturbances23
Interacting Multiple Model Based on Maximum Correntropy Kalman Filter23
Highly Stable Low Power Radiation Hardened Memory-by-Design SRAM for Space Applications23
A 64K-Neuron 64M-1b-Synapse 2.64pJ/SOP Neuromorphic Chip With All Memory on Chip for Spike-Based Models in 65nm CMOS23
Co-Design of Wideband Filtering Dielectric Resonator Antenna With High Gain23
Low Computational Complexity Digital Predistortion Based on Convolutional Neural Network for Wideband Power Amplifiers23
An Ultra-Low Cost Multilayer RAM in Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata23
Appearance-Motion United Auto-Encoder Framework for Video Anomaly Detection23
Photonic RF and Microwave Integrator Based on a Transversal Filter With Soliton Crystal Microcombs23
Single-Layer Dual-Band Bandwidth-Enhanced Filtering Phase Shifter With Two Different Predetermined Phase-Shifting Values23
Constrained Least Mean M-Estimation Adaptive Filtering Algorithm22
Charge Pump Improvement for Energy Harvesting Applications by Node Pre-Charging22
Bifurcation and Control for a Predator-Prey System With Two Delays22
Security Analysis of a Distributed Networked System Under Eavesdropping Attacks22
A 100-W Doherty Power Amplifier With Super-Octave Bandwidth22
Finite-Time Fault-Tolerant Control for Nonlinear Systems With Input Quantization and Its Application22
Design and Analysis of a Cascode Distributed LNA With Gain and Noise Improvement in 0.15-μm GaAs pHEMT Technology22
An Energy-Efficient Dual-Field Elliptic Curve Cryptography Processor for Internet of Things Applications22
A 15-Level Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Structure With Self-Balancing Capacitor22
A Novel Spike Detection Algorithm Based on Multi-Channel of BECT EEG Signals21
Event-Triggered Bipartite Consensus in Networked Euler–Lagrange Systems With External Disturbance21
Finite-Time Output Regulation of Linear Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems21
Prescribed-Time Control of Vehicular Platoons Based on a Disturbance Observer21
Fast-Exponential Sliding Mode Control of Robotic Manipulator With Super-Twisting Method21
Design and Analysis of Continuous-Mode Doherty Power Amplifier With Second Harmonic Control21
A Robust Hardened Latch Featuring Tolerance to Double-Node-Upset in 28nm CMOS for Spaceborne Application21
Adaptive Sliding-Mode Control of a Novel Buck-Boost Converter Based on Zeta Converter21
Observer-Based Dynamic Event-Triggered Bipartite Consensus of Discrete-Time Multi-Agent Systems21
A Novel Single-Feed Filtering Dielectric Resonator Antenna Using Slotline Stepped-Impedance Resonator21
Design of Tri-Band Balanced Filter With Wideband Common-Mode Suppression and Upper Stopband Using Square Ring Loaded Resonator21
A Wide Voltage Gain Bidirectional DC–DC Converter Based on Quasi Z-Source and Switched Capacitor Network21
A Fast Soft Decision Algorithm for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing21
Adaptive Event-Triggered Control for Uncertain High-Order Fully Actuated System21
High Performance Balanced Bandpass Filters With Wideband Common Mode Suppression21
A Novel Exponential Approach for Dynamic Event-Triggered Leaderless Consensus of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems Over Directed Graphs21
Resource Sharing in the Internet of Things and Selfish Behaviors of the Agents21
Event-Based Adaptive Containment Control for Nonlinear Multiagent Systems With Periodic Disturbances21
Velocity Constraint on Double-Integrator Dynamics Subject to Antagonistic Information21
Rail-to-Rail Dynamic Voltage Comparator Scalable Down to pW-Range Power and 0.15-V Supply21
A 1.3 μW Event-Driven ANN Core for Cardiac Arrhythmia Classification in Wearable Sensors20
A 21-to-41-GHz High-Gain Low Noise Amplifier With Triple-Coupled Technique for Multiband Wireless Applications20
Prescribed Performance-Based Finite-Time Consensus Technology of Nonlinear Multiagent Systems and Application to FDPs20
Three-Dimensional Sine Chaotic System With Multistability and Multi-Scroll Attractor20
Millimeter-wave Frequency Reconfigurable Low Noise Amplifiers for 5G20
A Note on Sampled-Data Synchronization of Memristor Networks Subject to Actuator Failures and Two Different Activations20
DCD-Based Recursive Adaptive Algorithms Robust Against Impulsive Noise20
Time-Varying Formation Tracking for Multiple Dynamic Targets: Finite- and Fixed-Time Convergence20
Islanded Microgrid Frequency Regulations Concerning the Integration of Tidal Power Units: Real-Time Implementation20
Electronically Controllable Memcapacitor Circuit With Experimental Results20
Distributed Fixed-Time Resource Allocation Algorithm for the General Linear Multi-Agent Systems20
Fast DC-Bias Current Control of Dual Active Bridge Converters With Feedforward Compensation20
Transformerless Grid-Connected PV Inverter Without Common Mode Leakage Current and Shoot-Through Problems20
Optimal DoS Attack Against LQR Control Channels20
Monolithic 3D Integrated Circuits: Recent Trends and Future Prospects20
Millimeter-Wave Wide-Band Bandpass Filter in CMOS Technology Using a Two-Layered Highpass-Type Approach With Embedded Upper Stopband20
An Enhanced Fractional Least Mean Square Filter Encountering the Specific Unknown System Vector20
Aligned Spatial-Temporal Memory Network for Thermal Infrared Target Tracking20
Analysis, Simulation, and Implementation of Dual-Band Filtering Power Divider Based on Terminated Coupled Lines20
Disturbance Rejection Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Constrained Consensus for Multi-Agent Systems With Failures20
A Novel Robust Nonlinear Kalman Filter Based on Multivariate Laplace Distribution20
Multi-Stage DC-DC Converter Using Active LC2D Network With Minimum Component20
Optimizing Hardware Accelerated General Matrix-Matrix Multiplication for CNNs on FPGAs20
An Optimal Combining Attack Strategy Against Economic Dispatch of Integrated Energy System20
A Tunable Transmission Line With Controllable Phase Shifting and Characteristic Impedance19
Stabilization of 5G Telecom Converter-Based Deep Type-3 Fuzzy Machine Learning Control for Telecom Applications19
Compact and Wideband Octuple-Mode Filter Based on Hybrid Substrate Integrated Waveguide and Spoof Localized Surface Plasmon Structure19
Lyapunov Stability Theory for Nonlinear Nabla Fractional Order Systems19
SMC for Nonlinear Stochastic Switching Systems With Quantization19
Continuous-Time Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converters: A Mini-Tutorial19