Missouri Review

(The median citation count of Missouri Review is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01.)
Finochietto, or Rib Spreader, and: When he says that I have beautiful skin, and: Most Women Report Some Decrease in Sexual Function, and: Oophorectomy, and: You Will Be Ready/Total Hysterectomy1
Cover Up0
Song Night0
Love and Work: Three Biographies of Artistic Power Couples0
Specter, and: Inquisition, and: Chariot, and: The Sweating Sickness, and: Predictive Models, and: Night Elegy0
They Could Have Been Yours0
Every Forearm Is Its Own Work of Art, and: Looking Myself in the Eye, and: The Universe Believes in Resurrection Just Not Yours, and: Letter to My Mother about Dreams0
Last Supper0
A Conversation with Camille T. Dungy0
After Birth0
House Hunting, and: Perhaps This Is a Prayer, and: Bastille Day in Paris, 2022, and: Blue Notes, and: Even Now, after All These Years0
The Valley of Boys0
"Oh you think you bad, huh?", and: "Before I Let Go", and: Two Links in a June Chain0
Robert Henri: Art for Life's Sake0
A Fate Like That0
Translators in Body and Soul0
Eighteen People Every Hour0
Early Morning, Galway, 1998, and: Intersection, and: St. Augustine (2), and: Remainder0
Palace Rock0
Sneaker Waves0
Reading Projects0
Chess Superhero0
Seize the Day0
Motherhood in the Climate Crisis, and: The Question, and: Golden State, and: One Blue Sound, and: If Words Cost Nothing0
Semicolon People0
Florine Stettheimer and the Art of Modern New York0
The Bottomlands0
Clash: Punk's Influence on Contemporary Art0
Babette: Has Gone Missing0
How Did I Get Here?0
The Past0
The Body Was There0
My Editor & the City0
The New Realism0
The Women of Weimar0
The Body0
The Rapture of The Deep0
Heart-Scalded: for Jude0
The Seat Of Emotion0
A Difficult Stick, and: The Pumping Room, and: Pink Feather Boa0
Presque Isle0
You're Starting to Get a Reputation0
DODO The Berlin Years0
Large Hairless Mammals0
Clothes Make the Character: Costume Collaborations of Edith Head & Alfred Hitchcock0
Picnic, Ocean, Hatred0
Ferragosto, and: Greece First, and: The Pediatrician, and: Fight Sounds, and: Winter: Two Mornings, and: The Under-Body0
Biases & Fallacies0
Take Heart0
Night Admissions0
Spooky Action at a Distance, and: Twilight, and: The Russian Method, and: New Year New You, and: The Universe Has a Temperature0
She's Got It: Creating Clara Bow0
The Last Summer0
To the Instrument at Arecibo II, and: To the Instrument at Arecibo IV, and: To the Instrument at Arecibo V0
Maud Allan and the Price of Fame0
Whose Life Is It, Anyway? Lives of the Poets and the Evolving Art of Biography0
Rich Bright Days: Six Writers on Nature and Life0
Costumery: Cento with Lines from Early Reviews of Wuthering Heights, and: Self-Portrait as Thunder and Lightning, and: Rewriting Emily, and: Heathcliff's Curse0
The Charm Offensive: Magritte's Influence on Contemporary Art0
Of Sound Mind and Memory: On Wills and Language and Lawyers and Love0
Wilderness Survival0
Fall, and: Alphabet Games, and: I Don't Know What This Space Is Called, and: The Blizzard, and: The Eucalyptus0
The Poet Translates the Cryptic Text He Sent in a Fever from the Camino de Santiago Trail, and: Lives of the Animals, and: Whatever Troubled Hand, and: Biting the Piano, and: I’m Done with Birds and; 0
The Influence of Anime on Contemporary Art0
The Great British Teddy Girls: Ken Russell's Forgotten Photographs0
Opera House0
Cornette, and: Fedora, and: Bowler, and: Borsalino, and: Homburg0
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Transformations: Creating Character in Contemporary Photography0
The Regal Azul0
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as One-Act Ballet, and: Great Bear, China Girl, King Ivory, and: The Saint, and: News Cycle, and: Pyramus & Thisbe, and: The Illuminati0
What You Live For0
How to Love Animals0
Family Affairs0
Self-Portrait at Divorce, and: Annealing, and: When I Kissed Her Right Breast, I Became Myself Entirely, and: Little Bishop Jellyfish0
Vegetable Stories0
On Norman Mailer0
Semester of the Women: Reading Grace Paley in Quarantine0
The Last Reported Sighting of the European Goldfinch in Michigan0
Mother Stay0
The Trespasser0
Dead Animals0
Invasive Species0
The Luxury and Drama of James Van Der Zee's Harlem Renaissance Photography0
A Conversation with Andrew Leland0
I Hear the Continents Are Drifting Like Great Granite Pirates, and: Two Pigs, and: The Flatness of Memory, and: Dogs May Smell God, and: Failed Ransom0
Death & Co.: The Contemporary Elegy and the Poetry of Mourning in a Season of Grief0
Writing about Mom and Dad: Four Literary Memoirs of Parents0
Now and Forever0
The Cadence Waves0
Facing It0
On Defeat And Diego0
Naming Ceremony0
Clara Tice and the Art of Being Bohemian0
Love of Her Life0
SUMMIT: Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize-winning Writers, 2005 - 20090
ZENITH: Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize-winning Authors, 2011 – 20150
Gerda Wegener and the Pleasure of Art Deco0
Strange Beauty: Barbette and the Art of Transformation0
Horses, and: Hawk Country, and: Sonnet with Puncture Wound, and: Augury, and: Jonquil0
Sorrow Corner0
These Ithacas0
Terrorist Doc0
Les Bijoux0
The Burning0
New and Recent Southern Writing0
No Market for Unfixable Suffering, and: Seeing Myself in Christina Ricci's Character from After.Life, and: Participant 055, and: In Isolation, I Remember You0
It May Be Forever0
Dressing Greta Garbo: The Costume Designs of Adrian0
Make an Effort to Remember. Or, Failing That, Invent, and: Rage, and: No Object Can Float without Some Part of It Being below the Surface, and: Haibun in Which a Small Thing Dies, and: So Close Is Sti0
Deep Listening and Time Passing: Five Recent Nonfiction Books of Note0
Of Vinegar Of Pearl (an excerpt)0
A Conversation with Carl Phillips0
Animal Kingdom0
My Bedeviled Country0
Selling Amelia Earhart0
Orr Hot Springs, and: Sunrise Session, and: Rehab, and: Northern California Journal, and: Abortion, and: Grand Prismatic Spring0
The Shinty Ball0
America's Left Bank: Jessie Tarbox Beals's Greenwich Village Photographs0
Kerouac's Archive Fever at One Hundred0
The Burial0
The Curious Past0
When English Departments Were Actually Hip … for Me, Anyway0
Receiving Angel, and: Snow Angel, and: Recording Angel, and: Allow Your Strangers In, and: Uncertainty0
My Cape Disappointment0
Walk, I, and: Walk, III, and: Walk, IV, and: Walk, VI, and: Walk, IX, and: Walk, X0
There Are Too Many Holes in the Dam or Not Enough Fingers, and: The Friends of Trees Are Here, and: If You Can’t Do It, You Can Dream It, and: Absolutely Logical Reasoning, and: These Are the Faces We0
Intersectionality and Identity: Four Recent Women's Memoirs0
From the Margins to the Mainstream: Gay Life in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries0
Eva Tanguay and the Art of Self-Promotion0
Vanitas: The Art of Death and Decay0
Pet Scents0
Face Off: Anti-Portraiture in Contemporary Art0
The Body’s Betrayals0
Introduction: Low Modernisms0
Moving On0
Antenna, and: Terrain0
Breathe for Me0
Edward Hopper and the Art of Voyeurism0
Spiel: A Love Poem, and: The Woodpecker, and: Discourses of Diabetes Care, and: Ohio0
A Good-Looking Guy0
Fathers & Sons0
The Wind and the Rain, and: Conservation Theory, and: Vespers, and: Shutdown, and: The "I Want" Song0
from "My Heart and the Nonsense"0
Lost Birds of the Pacific0
May I Be Frank? Further Hideous Progeny of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein0
As Far as You Can See0
Limp, and: Heartland, and: The Scar, and: Before the Fall0
The Fourth State of Water0
The Nature of the Body of the Patient, and: The Patient as a Study in Vulnerability, and: The Patient Resembles, and: The Patient Dreams of the Land of the Healthy, the Healed0
Comfort Animals0
Man Ray: Reluctant Celebrity Photographer0
The Art of Indifference: Duchamp and the Legacy of Readymades0
APEX: Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize-winning Authors, 2016 – 20200
Poem Where We Are All Trying Our Best Even Though We Will Not Make It out of Here Alive, and: Because It's Easier to Check Social Media Than Witness the Miracle of Life Happening around Us Right Now, 0
Oil Town Overture0
The Flounder0
Apostrophe, and: Ecce Homo, and: Miraculous, and: Confessional, and: Apocalypse0
Felling, and: Supper Poem, and: His Body Cut through the World like a Cold Wind, and: Love Poem0
Counterweight, and: Laden I, and: Laden II, and: Laden III, and: Mantis0
All my poems used to end in sky0
Naff: A Rumination on Taste and Tastelessness0
Be Happy, Go Lucky0
Maybe You Need to Write a Poem about Mercy, and: Vegetable Gardening, and: Above the Prairies Now Plowed, and: My First Winter Here, I Go Skiing Near My New Home, and: Watching My Daughter Sleep, I Re0
Tree of Life, and: Acquedotto, and: Only Snow Remains, and: Blue Vault, and: "Great poets"0
Coming Out, and: Neuermannzweitesdateherzschmerz, and: Finale0
Boxed in: The Art of Assemblage0
From Crown of Invisibility, Sonnet to Break the Crown of Invisibility, and: Sonnet to Break the Crown of Invisibility, and: Mestiza's Dual, and: Tautology of Phrases, Tautology of Mathematical Logic i0
Bobby Obvious0
Deep Focus0
The Birds0
The Fetch0
The Number of Things in the City at Night0
Trouble Will Find You0