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Front Cover66
Notice of Violation of IEEE Publication Principles: Grape Disease Detection Network Based on Multi-Task Learning and Attention Features66
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Front Cover58
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Ultrahigh-Sensitivity Microwave Microfluidic Sensors Based on Modified Complementary Electric-LC and Split-Ring Resonator Structures36
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Prediction of Pulmonary Diseases With Electronic Nose Using SVM and XGBoost36
Series Arc Fault Detection Based on Random Forest and Deep Neural Network36
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Construction, Application and Verification of a Novel Formaldehyde Gas Sensor System Based on Ni-Doped SnO2 Nanoparticles36
A Hybrid Temporal Feature for Gear Fault Diagnosis Using the Long Short Term Memory36
Sensor-Driven Achieving of Smart Living: A Review36
CSRR Based Sensors for Relative Permittivity Measurement With Improved and Uniform Sensitivity Throughout [0.9–10.9] GHz Band36
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Disposable Electrochemical Sensor Using Graphene Oxide–Chitosan Modified Carbon-Based Electrodes for the Detection of Tyrosine33
A Smart Inertial System for 24h Monitoring and Classification of Tremor and Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s Disease33
A Surface Plasmon Resonance Bio-Sensor Based on Dual Core D-Shaped Photonic Crystal Fibre Embedded With Silver Nanowires for Multisensing33
Deep Sensor Fusion Between 2D Laser Scanner and IMU for Mobile Robot Localization33
A High-Accuracy Indoor Localization System and Applications Based on Tightly Coupled UWB/INS/Floor Map Integration33
Impedimetric Paper-Based Enzymatic Biosensor Using Electrospun Cellulose Acetate Nanofiber and Reduced Graphene Oxide for Detection of Glucose From Whole Blood33
Recent Advances in Two-Dimensional Materials-Based Kretschmann Configuration for SPR Sensors: A Review33
A Novel Indicator to Improve Fast Kurtogram for the Health Monitoring of Rolling Bearing33
Multi-Task Deep Transfer Learning Method for Guided Wave-Based Integrated Health Monitoring Using Piezoelectric Transducers32
Highly Sensitive Phase Variation Sensors Based on Step-Impedance Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) Transmission Lines32
Lightweight Inception Networks for the Recognition and Detection of Rice Plant Diseases32
A Focused Optically Transparent PVDF Transducer for Photoacoustic Microscopy32
Single-Beam Atomic Magnetometer Based on the Transverse Magnetic-Modulation or DC-Offset32
An Effective and Robust Framework for Ocular Artifact Removal From Single-Channel EEG Signal Based on Variational Mode Decomposition32
Embedded Sensors, Communication Technologies, Computing Platforms and Machine Learning for UAVs: A Review32
On-Chip Single-Mode Optofluidic Microresonator Dye Laser Sensor32
Lithium-Ion Battery State-of-Charge Estimator Based on FBG-Based Strain Sensor and Employing Machine Learning32
P3-LOAM: PPP/LiDAR Loosely Coupled SLAM With Accurate Covariance Estimation and Robust RAIM in Urban Canyon Environment32
Contactless Small-Scale Movement Monitoring System Using Software Defined Radio for Early Diagnosis of COVID-1932
Front Cover32
Performance Analysis of Sensor Fusion Techniques for Heading Estimation Using Smartphone Sensors32
Vision and Inertial Sensing Fusion for Human Action Recognition: A Review32
0.015 Degree-Per-Hour Honeycomb Disk Resonator Gyroscope32
Localization and Activity Classification of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using mmWave FMCW Radars32
Wearable Carbon-Based Resistive Sensors for Strain Detection: A Review32
Invariant Feature-Based Darknet Architecture for Moving Object Classification32
Comprehensive Error Compensation for Dual-Axis Rotational Inertial Navigation System32
RFID-Based Dual-Chip Epidermal Sensing Platform for Human Skin Monitoring32
Sensitivity Enhancement in Long Period Gratings by Mode Transition in Uncoated Double Cladding Fibers32
Condition Monitoring of Machines Using Fused Features From EMD-Based Local Energy With DNN32
Design and Characterization of High-Q SAW Resonators Based on the AlN/Sapphire Structure Intended for High-Temperature Wireless Sensor Applications32
Human Activity Recognition With Accelerometer and Gyroscope: A Data Fusion Approach31
Impact Assessment of Various IMU Error Sources on the Relative Accuracy of the GNSS/INS Systems31
MIR-Pump NIR-Probe Fiber-Optic Photothermal Spectroscopy With Background-Free First Harmonic Detection31
Theoretical Investigation of Multilayer Ti3C2Tx MXene as the Plasmonic Material for Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors in Near Infrared Region31
Deep Learning-Based Sign Language Digits Recognition From Thermal Images With Edge Computing System31
Theoretical Investigation of a Sensor Based on One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals to Measure Four Physical Quantities31
High-Accuracy Complex Permittivity Characterization of Solid Materials Using Parallel Interdigital Capacitor- Based Planar Microwave Sensor31
Measurement of Ferromagnetic Slabs Permeability Based on a Novel Planar Triple-Coil Sensor31
Determining Physical Activity Characteristics From Wristband Data for Use in Automated Insulin Delivery Systems31
Shape Reconstruction With Multiphase Conductivity for Electrical Impedance Tomography Using Improved Convolutional Neural Network Method31
Miniaturized Optical Force Sensor for Minimally Invasive Surgery With Learning-Based Nonlinear Calibration31
Fault Diagnosis for Electromechanical Drivetrains Using a Joint Distribution Optimal Deep Domain Adaptation Approach31
An Integrated Paper-Based Microfluidic Device for Real-Time Sweat Potassium Monitoring31
Low Power CMOS Image Sensors Using Two Step Single Slope ADC With Bandwidth-Limited Comparators & Voltage Range Extended Ramp Generator for Battery-Limited Application31
A Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation on the Performance of LoRa Technology31
Pagoda-Shaped Triboelectric Nanogenerator With High Reliability for Harvesting Vibration Energy and Measuring Vibration Frequency in Downhole31
Low-Cost Diaper Wetness Detection Using Hydrogel-Based RFID Tags31
Multi-Modal Physiological Signals Based Squeeze-and-Excitation Network With Domain Adversarial Learning for Sleep Staging31
Core-Shell Junctionless Nanotube Tunnel Field Effect Transistor: Design and Sensitivity Analysis for Biosensing Application31
Resilient Respiration Rate Monitoring With Realtime Bimodal CSI Data31
Experimental Investigation of the Breast Phantom for Tumor Detection Using Ultra-Wide Band–MIMO Antenna Sensor (UMAS) Probe31
Enhanced Backscattering Optical Fiber Distributed Sensors: Tutorial and Review31
Multiple Synchronized Inertial Measurement Unit Sensor Boards Platform for Activity Monitoring31
Sensor Fusion for Identification of Freezing of Gait Episodes Using Wi-Fi and Radar Imaging31
Robust Error-State Kalman Filter for Estimating IMU Orientation31
Electrical Machine Permanent Magnets Health Monitoring and Diagnosis Using an Air-Gap Magnetic Sensor31
An Optical Fiber Sensor Based on Lateral-Offset Spliced Seven-Core Fiber for Bending and Stretching Strain Measurement31
Context-Aware Human Activity Recognition (CAHAR) in-the-Wild Using Smartphone Accelerometer31
Robust Sensor Suite Combined With Predictive Analytics Enabled Anomaly Detection Model for Smart Monitoring of Concrete Sewer Pipe Surface Moisture Conditions30
Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Adaptive Convolutional Neural Network With Nesterov Momentum30
Hollow-Core Fiber-Based All-Fiber FPI Sensor for Simultaneous Measurement of Air Pressure and Temperature30
Graphene Oxide (GO) Coated Impedimetric Gas Sensor for Selective Detection of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) With Temperature and Humidity Compensation30
A Wearable System Based on Flexible Sensors for Unobtrusive Respiratory Monitoring in Occupational Settings30
Screen-Printed Strain Gauge for Micro-Strain Detection Applications30
VOC Biomarker Monitoring for Diabetes Through Exhaled Breath Using Ag/P-TiO2 Composite Plasmonic Sensor30
Transient Measurement of Temperature Distribution Using Thin Film Thermocouple Array on Turbine Blade Surface30
Rub-Impact Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery Based on 1-D Convolutional Neural Networks30
A Magnetic Resonance-Compatible Wearable Device Based on Functionalized Fiber Optic Sensor for Respiratory Monitoring30
Fault Detection With LSTM-Based Variational Autoencoder for Maritime Components30
Differential Continuous Wave Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring30
Main-Beam Range Deceptive Jamming Suppression With Simulated Annealing FDA-MIMO Radar30
Using a Hybrid Deep Neural Network for Gas Classification30
Sensing, Switching and Modulating Applications of a Superconducting THz Metamaterial30
Optically Tunable Triple-Band Perfect Absorber for Nonlinear Optical Liquids Sensing30
CHARM-Deep: Continuous Human Activity Recognition Model Based on Deep Neural Network Using IMU Sensors of Smartwatch30
A Single-Channel Consumer-Grade EEG Device for Brain–Computer Interface: Enhancing Detection of SSVEP and Its Amplitude Modulation30
Wearable Body Sensor Networks: State-of-the-Art and Research Directions30
Medium Access Control Protocols for Flying Ad Hoc Networks: A Review30
RS-SLAM: A Robust Semantic SLAM in Dynamic Environments Based on RGB-D Sensor30
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Wearable Optical Fiber Sensor Based on a Bend Singlemode-Multimode-Singlemode Fiber Structure for Respiration Monitoring30
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Ground Moving Target Imaging Based on Compressive Sensing Framework With Single-Channel SAR30
On-Chip Chemical Sensing Using Slot-Waveguide-Based Ring Resonator30
Highly Sensitive, Selective and Portable Sensor Probe using Germanium-Doped Photosensitive Optical Fiber for Ascorbic Acid Detection30
Advances in Micro-Fabricated Fiber Bragg Grating for Detection of Physical, Chemical, and Biological Parameters—A Review29
A High Sensitivity Micro Impedance Sensor Based on Magnetic Focusing for Oil Condition Monitoring29
An 860 MHz Wireless Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor With a Metal-Organic Framework Sensing Layer for CO2 and CH429
Discriminative Dictionary Learning-Based Sparse Classification Framework for Data-Driven Machinery Fault Diagnosis29
A Multi-Sensor Fusion Self-Localization System of a Miniature Underwater Robot in Structured and GPS-Denied Environments29
Resource Efficient Geo-Textual Hierarchical Clustering Framework for Social IoT Applications29
Validation of a 3D Markerless System for Gait Analysis Based on OpenPose and Two RGB Webcams29
Industrial Applications of Cable Diagnostics and Monitoring Cables via Time–Frequency Domain Reflectometry29
Energy-Efficient Barrier Coverage With Probabilistic Sensors in Wireless Sensor Networks29
MXenes-Based Fiber-Optic SPR Sensor for Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis29
Secure Data Management in Cloudlet Assisted IoT Enabled e-Health Framework in Smart City29
Comparative Study of Table Tennis Forehand Strokes Classification Using Deep Learning and SVM29
Highly Sensitive D-Shaped Optical Fiber Surface Plasmon Resonance Refractive Index Sensor Based on Ag-α-Fe 2 O 329
IoT-Based Humanoid Software for Identification and Diagnosis of Covid-19 Suspects29
WaterGrid-Sense: A LoRa-Based Sensor Node for Industrial IoT Applications29
Dual-Band Microstrip Resonant Sensor for Dielectric Measurement of Liquid Materials29
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Potential Applications of SCATSAT-1 Satellite Sensor: A Systematic Review29
Development of a Fiber Bragg Grating-Enabled Clamping Force Sensor Integrated on a Grasper for Laparoscopic Surgery29
Chipless RFID Sensors for Wearable Applications: A Review29
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Virtual Sensors for Fault Diagnosis: A Case of Induction Motor Broken Rotor Bar29
Fall Detection and Personnel Tracking System Using Infrared Array Sensors29
Combining Bioimpedance and EMG Measurements for Reliable Muscle Contraction Detection29
A High Sensitivity Optical Fiber Interferometer Sensor for Acoustic Emission Detection of Partial Discharge in Power Transformer29
Phase-Variation Microwave Sensor for Permittivity Measurements Based on a High-Impedance Half-Wavelength Transmission Line29
Variational Bayesian-Based Maximum Correntropy Cubature Kalman Filter With Both Adaptivity and Robustness29
EDDD: Event-Based Drowsiness Driving Detection Through Facial Motion Analysis With Neuromorphic Vision Sensor29
Fiber-Optic Current Sensor Based on FBG and Terfenol-D With Magnetic Flux Concentration for Enhanced Sensitivity and Linearity29
Design of Highly Uniform Three Dimensional Spherical Magnetic Field Coils for Atomic Sensors29
Upper Body Pose Estimation Using Wearable Inertial Sensors and Multiplicative Kalman Filter29
Automated Nociceptive Pain Assessment Using Physiological Signals and a Hybrid Deep Learning Network29
Occupancy Estimation Using Thermal Imaging Sensors and Machine Learning Algorithms29
A Data-Driven Inertial Navigation/Bluetooth Fusion Algorithm for Indoor Localization28
Sampling-Interval-Aware LSTM for Industrial Process Soft Sensing of Dynamic Time Sequences With Irregular Sampling Measurements28
Serverless Management of Sensing Systems for Fog Computing Framework28
The Polydimethylsiloxane Coated Fiber Optic for All Fiber Temperature Sensing Based on the Multithin–Multifiber Structure28
Pulse Wave Velocity Measurement With Multiplexed Fiber Optic Fabry–Perot Interferometric Sensors28
Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Multiple Transformation Domain Fusion and Improved Residual Dense Networks28
Compact Size, and Highly Sensitive, Microwave Sensor for Non-Invasive Measurement of Blood Glucose Level28
A Two-Phase Lifetime-Enhancing Method for Hybrid Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Network28
Improving the Performance of pH Sensors With One-Dimensional ZnO Nanostructures28
Impact of Body Wearable Sensor Positions on UWB Ranging28
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Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning and Reciprocal of Smoothness Index28
Microwave Vortex Imaging Based on Dual Coupled OAM Beams28
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State-of-the-Art in Mode-Localized MEMS Coupled Resonant Sensors: A Comprehensive Review28
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Evaluation of Hand-Tracking Systems in Teleoperation and Virtual Dexterous Manipulation28
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Crossing the Nernst Limit (59 mV/pH) of Sensitivity Through Tunneling Transistor-Based Biosensor28
Soft Capacitive Pressure Sensor With Enhanced Sensitivity Assisted by ZnO NW Interlayers and Airgap28
An Autonomous Initial Alignment and Observability Analysis for SINS With Bio-Inspired Polarized Skylight Sensors28
IoT-Based Signal Enhancement and Compression Method for Efficient Motor Bearing Fault Diagnosis28
Paper-Based Electronics Using Graphite and Silver Nanoparticles for Respiration Monitoring28
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Discrimination of Focal and Non-Focal Seizures From EEG Signals Using Sliding Mode Singular Spectrum Analysis28
Current Algorithms, Communication Methods and Designs for Underwater Swarm Robotics: A Review28
Non-Wearable IoT-Based Smart Ambient Behavior Observation System28