Crystal Growth & Design

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Rare Earth Ion Encapsulated Basket-like {Gd⊂P6MoV2MoVI16O73} Cage as Efficient Electrochemical Sensor and Fluorescent Probe for Cr(VI)18
Disorderly Conduct of Benzamide IV: Crystallographic and Computational Analysis of High Entropy Polymorphs of Small Molecules18
Effect of Reverse Currents during Electroplating on the ⟨111⟩-Oriented and Nanotwinned Columnar Grain Growth of Copper Films18
Mechanochemical Synthesis of an Ionic Cocrystal with Large Birefringence Resulting from Neutral Planar π-Conjugated Groups18
Reversible, Two-Step Single-Crystal to Single-Crystal Phase Transitions between Desloratadine Forms I, II, and III18
Oxygen-assisted Cathodic Deposition of Copper-Carboxylate Metal–Organic Framework Films18
Influence of Axial Linkers on Polymerization in Paddle-Wheel Cu(II) Coordination Polymers for the Application of Optoelectronics Devices18
Ti4(embonate)6 Based Cage-Cluster Construction in a Stable Metal–Organic Framework for Gas Sorption and Separation18
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Cyanamides as π-Hole Donor Components of Structure-Directing (Cyanamide)···Arene Noncovalent Interactions18
Porous MB@Cd-MOF Obtained by Post-Modification: Self-Calibrated Fluorescent Turn-on Sensor for Highly Sensitive Detection of Carbaryl18
Solvent Influence in Obtaining Diverse Coordination Symmetries of Dy(III) Metal Centers in Coordination Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization, and Luminescent Properties18
Unveiling the Critical Roles of Aromatic Interactions in the Crystal Nucleation Pathway of Flufenamic Acid18
Evaluation of Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of D−π–A Type 2-Amino-5-Nitropyridinium Dihydrogen Phosphate (2A5NPDP) Single Crystal Grown by the Modified Sankaranarayanan–Ramasamy (SR) Method 18
An Optimal Arrangement of (H2C4N2O3)2– Groups in the First Non-Centrosymmetric Alkali Barbiturate Li2(H2C4N18
Stabilization of Aragonite: Role of Mg2+ and Other Impurity Ions18
Effect of Initial Conditions on Solid-State Deracemization via Temperature Cycles: A Model-Based Study18
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Luminescent Metal–Organic Framework-Based Fluorescence Turn-On and Red-Shift Sensor toward Al3+ and Ga3+: Experimental Study and DFT Calculation17
Surface Chemistry of Phosphonate Scale Inhibitor Retention Mechanisms in Carbonate Reservoirs17
Continuous Spherical Crystallization of Lysozyme in an Oscillatory Baffled Crystallizer Using Emulsion Solvent Diffusion in Droplets17
Understanding the Role of Water in Different Solid Forms of Avibactam Sodium and Its Affecting Mechanism17
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Emerging Perovskite Electromagnetic Wave Absorbers from Bi-Metal–Organic Frameworks17
Structural Features of Sulfamethizole and Its Cocrystals: Beauty Within17
Halogen Bonds (N---I) at Work: Supramolecular Catemeric Architectures of 2,7-Dipyridylfluorene with ortho-, meta-, or para-Diiodotetrafluorobenzene Isomers17
Diverse Structures and Dimensionalities in Zn(II), Cd(II), and Hg(II) Metal Complexes with Piperonylic Acid17
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Temperature and Supersaturation as Key Parameters Controlling the Spontaneous Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate with Distinct Physicochemical Properties from Pure Aqueous Solutions17
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DFT Analysis of Uncommon π···H-Bond Array Interaction in a New Pterostilbene/Theophylline Cocrystal17
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Novel Cocrystals and Eutectics of the Antiprotozoal Tinidazole: Mechanochemical Synthesis, Cocrystallization, and Characterization17
Mingled MnO2 and Co3O4 Binary Nanostructures on Well-Aligned Electrospun Carbon Nanofibers for Nonenzymatic Glucose Oxidation and Sensing17
One Step Further in the Elucidation of the Crystallographic Structure of Whitlockite17
Formation of Mg-Orthocarbonate through the Reaction MgCO3 + MgO = Mg2CO4 at Earth’s Lower Mantle PT Conditions17
Diffusion-Controlled Crystallization of Calcium Carbonate in a Hydrogel17
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Noncovalent Modification of 4,4′-Azo-1,2,4-triazole Backbone via Cocrystallization with Polynitroazoles17
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Cooperative Enhancement of Second Harmonic Generation in an Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Antimony Halide16
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Cubes to Cubes: Organization of MgO Particles into One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Nanostructures16
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Measuring the Particle Packing of l-Glutamic Acid Crystals through X-ray Computed Tomography for Understanding Powder Flow and Consolidation Behavior16
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Understanding the Interplay of Dispersion, Charge Transfer, and Electrostatics in Noncovalent Interactions: The Case of Bromine–Carbonyl Short Contacts16
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Luminescent Turn-On/Turn-Off Sensing Properties of a Water-Stable Cobalt-Based Coordination Polymer16
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Light-Driven Rapid Peeling of Photochromic Diarylethene Single Crystals16
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Categorizing and Understanding Energetic Crystals16
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Synthesis of Ideal Energetic Materials with High Density and Performance Based on 5-Aminotetrazole15
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Attrition-Enhanced Deracemization and Absolute Asymmetric Synthesis of Flavanones from Prochiral Precursors15
Current State-of-the-art In-house and Cloud-Based Applications of Virtual Polymorph Screening of Pharmaceutical Compounds: A Challenging Case of AZD130515
Facile Tuning of the Photoluminescence and Dissolution Properties of Phloretin through Cocrystallization15
Solid-State Photochromism of Salts of Cationic Spiropyran with Various Anions: A Correlation between Reaction Cavity Volumes and Reactivity15
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Morphology of Calcium Oxalate Polyhydrates: A Quantum Chemical and Computational Study15
Multifunctional High-Temperature Phase-Transition Energy Storage Material with Coexistence of Electrical–Thermal Double Switches:[(C6H15BrNO)2MBr4] (M = Cd 15
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Classification of Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction Pattern Using Machine Learning15
Semiconductor Cocrystals Based on Boron: Generated Electrical Response with π-Rich Aromatic Molecules15
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Polymorphic Control and Scale-Up Strategy for Antisolvent Crystallization Using Direct Nucleation Control15
Isoreticular Three-Dimensional Kagome Metal–Organic Frameworks with Open-Nitrogen-Donor Pillars for Selective Gas Adsorption14
Chiral Symmetry Breaking of Thiohydantoins by Attrition-Enhanced Deracemization14
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Halogen Bonding between Thiocarbonyl Compounds and 1,2- and 1,4-Diiodotetrafluorobenzenes14
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Polymorph-Selective Role of Hydrogen Bonding and π–π Stacking in p-Aminobenzoic Acid Solutions14
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Nonclassical Crystallization of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate in the Presence of Phosphate Ions14
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Growth of Large Single Crystals of n-Type SnS from Halogen-Added Sn Flux14
Novel Formulations of the Antiviral Drug Favipiravir: Improving Permeability and Tabletability14
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Dual-Function Metal–Organic Framework as Efficient Turn-Off Sensor for Water and Unusual Turn-On Sensor for Ag+14
Evaluation of Argon-Gas-Injected Solvothermal Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite Crystals Followed by High-Frequency Induction Heat Sintering14
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Amine- and Imine-Functionalized Mn-Based MOF as an Unusual Turn-On and Turn-Off Sensor for d10 Heavy Metal Ions and an Efficient Adsorbent to Capture Iodine14
Strategy for Efficient Discovery of Cocrystals via a Network-Based Recommendation Model14
Two Novel Melt-Cast Cocrystal Explosives Based on 2,4-Dinitroanisole with Significantly Decreased Melting Point14
Sterol Uptake by an Alkali-β-Cyclodextrin Metal–Organic Framework14
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Evidence for a Liquid Precursor to Biomineral Formation14
Controlled Anisotropic Growth of Hydroxyapatite by Additive-Free Hydrothermal Synthesis14
Highly Efficient Adsorptive Removal of Organic Dyes from Aqueous Solutions Using Polyaromatic Group-Containing Zn(II)-Based Coordination Polymers14
Amorphous Calcium–Magnesium Carbonate (ACMC) Accelerates Dolomitization at Room Temperature under Abiotic Conditions14
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Ce(III)-Based Frameworks: From 1D Chain to 3D Porous Metal–Organic Framework14
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Massively Strained VO2 Thin Film Growth on RuO214
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Rare Fluorescence Red-Shifted Metal–Organic Framework Sensor for Methylamine Derived from an N-Donor Ligand14
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A Manganese-Based Coordination Polymer Containing No Solvent as a High Performance Anode in Li-Ion Batteries14
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Structure Property Correlation of a Series of Halogenated Schiff Base Crystals and Understanding of the Molecular Basis Through Nanoindentation14
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Continuous Protein Crystallization in Mixed-Suspension Mixed-Product-Removal Crystallizers13
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Substituent-Controlled Tailoring of Chalcogen-Bonded Supramolecular Nanoribbons in the Solid State13
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Effect of Iron Ions on the Crystal Growth Kinetics and Microstructure of Calcium Carbonate13
Generation and Termination of Stacking Faults by Inverted Domain Boundaries in 3C-SiC13
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Excellent Methanol to Olefin Performance of SAPO-34 Crystal Deriving from the Mixed Micropore, Mesopore, and Macropore Architecture13
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Halogen–Halogen Bonded Donor-Acceptor Stacks Foster Orthogonal Electron and Hole Transport13
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Water-Stable Two-Dimensional Metal–Organic Framework Nanostructures for Fe3+ Ions Detection13
Analysis and Artificial Neural Network Prediction of Melting Properties and Ideal Mole fraction Solubility of Cocrystals13
Growth Mechanisms of Mesoscale Prussian Blue Analogue Particles in Modifier-free Synthesis13
Inner Strain Regulation in Perovskite Single Crystals through Fine-Tuned Halide Composition13
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Lack of Cooperativity in the Triangular X3 Halogen-Bonded Synthon?13
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Rare-Earth Metal–Organic Framework@Graphene Oxide Composites As High-Efficiency Microwave Absorbents13
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Properties and Applications of Stimuli-Responsive Diacetylenes13
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Role of Intermolecular Interactions in Molecular Packing of Alkoxy-Substituted Bis-1,3,4-oxadiazole Derivatives13
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Crystal Growth of Single Salicylamide Crystals13
Structural Chemistry Enables Fluorescence of Amino Acids in the Crystalline Solid State13
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Tuning the Coordination Geometry and Magnetic Relaxation of Co(II) Single-Ion Magnets by Varying the Ligand Substitutions12
Energetic Cocrystallization as the Most Significant Crystal Engineering Way to Create New Energetic Materials12
Direct Processing of a Flow Reaction Mixture Using Continuous Mixed Suspension Mixed Product Removal Crystallizer12
Metal-Mediated Protein–Cucurbituril Crystalline Architectures12