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From Anti-Westernism to Anti-Semitism: Stalin and the Impact of the “Anti-Cosmopolitan” Campaigns on Soviet Culture18
Between Business Interests and Ideological Marketing: The USSR and the Cold War in Fiat Corporate Strategy, 1957–19727
In Re Alger Hiss: A Final Verdict from the Archives of the KGB6
Decision-Making and the Soviet War in Afghanistan: From Intervention to Withdrawal6
From Instrumental to Expressive: The Changing Goals of the U.S. Cold War Strategic Embargo6
From Non-alignment to Neutrality: Austria's Transformation during the First East-West Détente, 1953–19585
Who Is Trying to Keep What Secret from Whom and Why? MI5-FBI Relations and the Klaus Fuchs Case4
The “Cuban Question” and the Cold War in Latin America, 1959–19644
Engaging Southeast Asia? Labor's Regional Mythology and Australia's Military Withdrawal from Singapore and Malaysia, 1972–19734
Stepping Back from the Third World: Soviet Policy toward the United Arab Republic, 1965–19674
The Defeated of the Greek Civil War: From Fighters to Political Refugees in the Cold War3
Operation “Denver”: The East German Ministry of State Security and the KGB's AIDS Disinformation Campaign, 1985–1986 (Part 1)2
U.S. Policy to Curb West European Nuclear Exports, 1974–19782
The Revolution Will Be Teletyped: Cuba's Prensa Latina News Agency and the Cold War Contest over Information2
Warsaw Pact Countries’ Involvement in Chile from Frei to Pinochet, 1964–19732
A Dangerous Miscalculation: New Evidence from Communist-Bloc Archives about North Korea and the Crises of 19682
U.S. Perceptions of the Communist Threat in Iran during the Mossadegh Era2
Danish Cold War Historiography1
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From Cold War Solidarity to Transactional Engagement: Reinterpreting Australia's Relations with East Asia, 1950–19741
From Crisis Management to Realignment of Forces1
The Northern Front in the Technological Cold War: Finland and East-West Trade in the 1970s and 1980s1
“Yugoslavia's Help Was Extraordinary”: Political and Material Assistance from Belgrade to the MPLA in Its Rise to Power, 1961–19751
From the Open Skies Proposal of 1955 to the Norstad Plan of 1960: A Plan Too Far1
The Security Forces and Polish Communism: Reclaiming History from Myth1
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The United States and Neutral Countries in Europe, 1945–19911
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Screening Migrants in the Early Cold War: The Geopolitics of U.S. Immigration Policy1
Toward “World Support” and “The Ultimate Judgment of History”: The U.S. Legal Case for the Blockade of Cuba during the Missile Crisis, October–November 19621
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Editor's Note0
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Editor's Note0
Editor's Note0
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