Journal of Cold War Studies

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The Soviet Union, CMEA, and the Energy Crisis of the 1970s4
“We Are Not a Nonproliferation Agency”: Henry Kissinger's Failed Attempt to Accommodate Nuclear Brazil, 1974–19774
Lessons of the Cold War3
The Sanctuary and the Glacis: France, the Federal Republic of Germany, and Nuclear Weapons in the 1980s (Part 1)3
The Cold War and the Communist Party of Saudi Arabia, 1975–19913
The War Scare That Wasn't: Able Archer 83 and the Myths of the Second Cold War3
Transnational Relationships between the Italian Revolutionary Left and Palestinian Militants during the Cold War2
Trouble Brewing: The North Korean Famine of 1954–1955 and Soviet Attitudes toward North Korea2
Making Peaceful Revolution Impossible2
“Doomed to Good Relations”2
An Ounce of Prevention—A Pound of Cure? The Reagan Administration's Nonproliferation Policy and the Osirak Raid2
The Sanctuary and the Glacis: France, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Nuclear Factor in the 1980s (Part 2)2
Shifting Alliances2
Non-Proliferation and State Succession2
West Germany and NATO's Nuclear Force Posture in the Early 1960s (Part 1)1
Maneuvering between Baghdad and Tehran: North Korea's Relations with Iraq and Iran during the Cold War1
NATO Enlargement and the Problem of Value Complexity1
Active and Sharp Measures1
Ending the Cold War and Entering a New Era1
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Private Enterprise, International Development, and the Cold War1
Reevaluating Democracy Promotion1
Bulgaria as the Sixteenth Soviet Republic?1
From Crisis Management to Realignment of Forces1
The Dissolution of the Soviet Union1
Swiss Counterintelligence and Chinese Espionage during the Cold War1
Agents of Disorder: Inside China's Cultural Revolution and A Decade of Upheaval: The Cultural Revolution in Rural China1
The Weight of the Soviet Past in Post-1991 Russia1
Friendly Assistance and Self-Reliance1
“Is This the End of Perestroika?” International Reactions to the Soviet Use of Force in the Baltic Republics in January 19911
U.S.-Soviet Handshakes in Space and the Cold War Imaginary1
Images of the International System and the Cold War in Star Trek, 1966–19911
Ripple: An Investigation of the World's Most Advanced High-Yield Thermonuclear Weapon Design0
The War of Nerves: Inside the Cold War Mind by Martin Sixsmith0
The Long Misunderstanding: Cuba's Economic Ties with the Soviet Bloc0
The End of Ambition: The United States and the Third World in the Vietnam Era0
Project Plowshare: The Peaceful Use of Nuclear Explosives in Cold War America0
Assignment Russia: Becoming a Foreign Correspondent in the Crucible of the Cold War0
The CIA's Greatest Covert Operation: Inside the Daring Mission to Recover a Nuclear-Armed Soviet Sub by David H. Sharp0
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Interrogation Nation: Refugees and Spies in Cold War Germany0
Gangsterismo: The United States, Cuba and the Mafia, 1933 to 1966 and Celia Sánchez Manduley: The Life and Legacy of a Cuban Revolutionary0
Feudal Contradictions between Communist Allies0
Imprisoning “Enemies of the State” in a Communist Dictatorship0
Framing William Albertson: The FBI's “Solo” Operation and the Cold War0
Editor's Note0
The United States and Strategic Arms Limitation during the Nixon-Kissinger Period: Building a Stable International System?0
Editor's Note0
The Nixon Doctrine and U.S. Policy on Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia after the Second World War0
Engaging the Evil Empire: Washington, Moscow, and the Beginning of the End of the Cold War0
From Helsinki to “Mars”0
L'Espagne Républicaine: French Policy and Spanish Republicanism in Liberated France0
Restricted Data: The History of Nuclear Secrecy in the United States0
Commonwealth Responsibility and Cold War Solidarity: Australia in Asia, 1944–740
The Cold War: A World History0
The Austrian State Treaty and the Cold War0
Hanoi's Balancing Act: The Vietnamese Communists and the Sino-Soviet Split, 1960–19650
Evaluating the Demise of the Soviet Union0
Rozgłośnia Polska Radia Wolna Europa w latach 1950–19750
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Trăgători și Mistificatori: Contrarevoluția Securității în decembrie 19890
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Editor's Note0
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The Beatles and the 1960s: Reception, Revolution and Social Change0
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Editor's Note0
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Editor's Note0
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Building Domestic Support for West Germany's Integration into NATO, 1953–19550
Editor's Note0
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Komandirovka vo Vlast’0
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Editor's Note0
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Editor's Note0
Editor's Note0
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Editor's Note0
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Editor's Note0
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