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(The TQCC of Social Science Japan Journal is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-05-01 to 2024-05-01.)
Japan’s Extreme Infrastructure: Fortress-ification, Resilience, and Extreme Nature22
Nuclear Restart Politics: How the ‘Nuclear Village’ Lost Policy Implementation Power10
Factors Affecting Household Disaster Preparedness Among Foreign Residents in Japan10
Climate Change Policy: Can New Actors Affect Japan’s Policy-Making in the Paris Agreement Era?9
Losing Steam: Why Does Japan Produce So Little Geothermal Power?7
Japan Meets the Sharing Economy: Contending Frames5
Ideological Extremism and Political Participation in Japan4
Introduction: Japan’s Energy Transition 10 Years after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident4
Administrative Measures Against Far-Right Protesters: An Example of Japan’s Social Control4
Japan’s Foreign Aid Policy: Has It Changed? Thirty Years of ODA Charters4
Social Stratification Theory and Population Aging Reconsidered4
Patronage and Predominance: How the LDP Maintains Its Hold on Power4
Breaking Iron Triangles: Beliefs and Interests in Japanese Renewable Energy Policy3
Vertical and Horizontal Networks Revisited: Exploring Their Effects on Attitudes and Advocacy Toward Nuclear Energy3
The Application of Machine Learning Approaches on Real-Time Apartment Prices in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area3
Doing Intimacy in Pandemic Times: Findings of a Large-Scale Survey Among Singles in Japan3
Homogenous Japan? An Empirical Examination on Public Perceptions of Citizenship3
Green Japan: Environmental Technologies, Innovation Policy, and the Pursuit of Green Growth2
Vulnerability and Pathways to Precarity: How COVID-19 Has Affected Japan’s Nepali Immigrants2
Corporate Transfers for Dual-Career Couples: From Gendered Tenkin to Gender-Equal Negotiations?1
Gakuryoku, shinri, katei kankyō no keizai bunseki: Zenkoku shōchūgakusei no tsuiseki chōsa kara miete kita mono (An Economic Analysis of Academic Ability, Non-cognitive Ability, and Family Background:1
The Gender Gap in the Returns From College Education in Japan: The Impact of Attending a High-Ranking College1
Education and Social Stratification in South Korea1
The unlikely successful advancement of Japan’s e-government under Suga1
A Japanese Subjective Well-Being Indicator Based on Twitter Data1
Electoral Rules, Nomination Strategies, and Women’s Representation in Japan and Taiwan1
Everyday Perspectives on Security and Insecurity in Japan: A Survey of Three Women’s Organizations1
Flexibly Maintained Inequality in Workplace Flexibility: Absolute and Relative Shifts in Telework Under Covid-191
Workers, Neighbours, or Something Else? Local Policies and Policy Narratives of Technical Intern Training Program Participants1
Country Risks and Brain Drain: The Emigration Potential of Japanese Skilled Workers1
Healing Labor: Japanese Sex Work in the Gendered Economy1
In Remembrance of Ehud Harari0
The Japanese Red Cross Society’s Emergency Responses in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 19450
Energy Transition in East Asia: A Social Science Perspective0
Ties of Possibility: Selecting Future Founders in Tokyo’s Start-up Ecosystem0
Nihon no makuro keizai seisaku: mijuku na minshu seiji no kiketsu (Japan’s Macroeconomic Policies: The Consequences of Immature Democratic Politics)0
Why Not Mahan? Path Dependence in Modern Japanese Geostrategic Thinking of the Pacific0
Rethinking Sino-Japanese Alienation: History Problems and Historical Opportunities0
Black Wave: How Networks and Governance Shaped Japan’s 3/11 Disasters0
Tōchi no dezain: Nihon no kenpō kaisei o kangaeru tame ni0
Housing in Post-Growth Society: Japan on the Edge of Social Transition0
Ideating University Reform in Japan0
The Political Underrepresentation of People with Disabilities in the Japanese Diet0
Articulating Asia in Japanese Higher Education: Policy, Partnership and Mobility0
Prisoners of the Empire: Inside Japanese POW Camps0
Policy, Society, and Immigrants in Japan0
Sengo nihon no ‘kakushin’ seiryoku—teikō to suibō no seijishi (Reformists in Postwar Japan: A Postwar History of Opposition and Decline)0
Studying Japan: Handbook of Research Designs, Fieldwork and Methods0
Japan Beyond the Kimono: Innovation and Tradition in the Kyoto Textile Industry0
Japan’s New Regional Reality: Geoeconomic Strategy in the Asia-Pacific0
Revolution Goes East: Imperial Japan and Soviet Communism0
Okinawa heiwaron no ajenda: ikari wo chikara ni suru shiza to hōhō (An Agenda for Okinawan Peace Studies: Viewpoints and Methodologies for Transforming Anger into Power)0
The Beatles in Japan: Media, Culture and Social Change in Asia0
Reluctant Warriors: Germany, Japan, and Their U.S. Alliance Dilemma0
Seiji kenryoku to gyōsei soshiki: Chuo shōchō no Nihongata seido sekkei0
Dynasties and Democracy: The Inherited Incumbency Advantage in Japan0
Japan’s Castles: Citadels of Modernity in War and Peace0
Japan’s Quest for Stability in Southeast Asia: Navigating the Turning Points in Postwar Asia0
Public Goods Provision in the Early Modern Economy: Comparative Perspectives from Japan, China, and Europe0
The Sportsworld of the Hanshin Tigers: Professional Baseball in Modern Japan0
Does cooperation with multiple actors diffuse the government’s responsibility in the implementation of COVID-19 measures?0
Japanese Political Economy Revisited: Abenomics and Institutional Change0
A Bowl for a Coin: A Commodity History of Japanese Tea0
Women and Political Inequality in Japan: Gender Imbalanced Democracy0
Auf der Jagd nach der Sonne. Das journalistische Feld und die Atomkraft in Japan0
Arbiters of Patriotism: Right-Wing Scholars in Imperial Japan0
Symptomatic Trauma: Japan, Drug Addiction, and the Limits of Treatment0
Shimizu Ikutarō and the Precarious Coexistence of Progressivism and Conservatism0
Japan in the Heisei Era (1989–2019): Multidisciplinary Perspectives0
Reworking Japan: Changing Men at Work and Play under Neoliberalism0
Overcoming Empire in Post-Imperial East Asia: Repatriation, Redress and Rebuilding0
Indian Migrants in Tokyo: A Study of Socio-Cultural, Religious, and Working Worlds0
Embracing ‘Asia’ in China and Japan: Asianism Discourse and Contest for Hegemony, 1912–19330
Bridging the Atomic Divide: Debating Japan-US Attitudes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki0
Yasukuni Fundamentalism: Japanese Religions and the Politics of Restoration0
Fukushima and Civil Society: The Japanese Anti-Nuclear Movement from a Socio-Political Perspective0
Japan’s Security Renaissance: New Policies and Politics for the Twenty-First Century0
The Red Years: Theory, Politics and Aesthetics in the Japanese ‘680
Correction to: Sengo nihon no ‘kakushin’ seiryoku—teikō to suibō no seijishi (Reformists in Postwar Japan: A Postwar History of Opposition and Decline)0
Ryokan: Mobilizing Hospitality in Rural Japan0
Kyoto Revisited: Heritage Tourism in Contemporary Japan0
Anzenhoshō to bōeiryoku no sengoshi, 1971-2010: ‘Kibanteki bōeiryoku kōsō’ no jidai (Unintended Consensus: A History of Postwar Japan’s Defense Concept)0
Gendai Nihon no daihyōsei minshuseiji: Yūkensha to seijika0
Making Our Own Destiny: Single Women, Opportunity, and Family in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo0
Detecting Air Pollution Clusters in Japan: A Spatial Analysis Approach0
Global Coffee and Cultural Change in Modern Japan0
Waste: Consuming Postwar Japan0
China and Japan: Facing History0
Cold War Democracy: The United States and Japan0
Nihon no chihō seifu: 1700 jichitai no jitai to kadai (Japan’s Local Governments: The State and Challenges of 1700 Municipalities)0
Gender and the Koseki in Contemporary Japan: Surname, Power, and Privilege0
Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan0
Empire of Hope: The Sentimental Politics of Japanese Decline0
Ideorogī to Nihon Seiji: Sedai de Kotonaru Hoshu to Kakushin (Generational Gap in Japanese Politics: A Longitudinal Study of Political Attitudes and Behaviour)0
Faking Liberties: Religious Freedom in American-Occupied Japan0
Health Insurance Politics in Japan: Policy Development, Government, and the Japan Medical Association0
Japanese Geopolitics and the Western Imagination0
The Political History of Modern Japan0
The US–Japan alliance and the role of the US Marines on Okinawa in extended deterrence0
Japan as an Immigration Nation: Demographic Change, Economic Necessity and the Human Community Concept0
Low-Skilled Migrant Labor Schemes in Japan’s Agriculture: Voices From the Field0
Living on the Streets in Japan: Homeless Women Break their Silence0
Setting Down the Skewer: Japan’s Brazilian Food Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic0
Risk Management Strategies of Japanese Companies in China: Political Crisis and Multinational Firms0
The Self-Defense Forces and Postwar Politics in Japan0
Correction to: Arbiters of Patriotism: Right-Wing Scholars in Imperial Japan0
Three is Company, Four is a Crowd? Perceptions of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace0
Disability Prestige and Perceived Disability Disadvantage: Intersubjective Structure of Disability as a Social Disadvantage in the Japanese Metropolitan Area0
Correction to: Low-Skilled Migrant Labor Schemes in Japan’s Agriculture: Voices From the Field0
Hate on the Bookshelves: Explaining the Phenomenon of Anti-Korean Hate Books in Japan0
Temporal Identities and Security Policy in Postwar Japan0
Toshi Kyojū no Shakaigaku: Shakai Chōsa kara yomitoku Nihon no Jūtaku Seisaku (Sociology of Urban Settlements: Japanese Housing Policy as Interpreted from Social Surveys)0
Ishin shiji no bunseki: Popyurizumu ka yūkensha no gōrisei ka (Support for the Ishin: Is it a Consequence of Populism, or Rational Choice?)0
Defamiliarizing Japan’s Asia-Pacific War0
Sengo nihon no kankei shūfuku gaikō: Kokusai seiji riron ni yoru rekishi bunseki (Postwar Japanese Relations Restoration Diplomacy: Historical Analysis Through International Political Theory)0
Harvesting State Support: Institutional Change and Local Agency in Japanese Agriculture0
The Winner of the 2021 ISS-OUP Prize0
Biomedicalization and the Practice of Culture: Globalization and Type 2 Diabetes in the United States and Japan0
Masculinity and Body Weight in Japan: Grappling with Metabolic Syndrome0
The Winner of the 2023 ISS-OUP Prize0
Rethinking Locality in Japan0
Koyō kankei to shakaiteki fubyōdō: Sangyōteki shitizunshippu keisei tenkai to shite no kōzō hendō (Employment Relations and Social Inequalities: Social Structural Changes Shaped by the Developm0
Rekishi-ninshiki wa dō katararete kita ka (The Development of Historical Disputes: How Japan and South Korea Have Talked about Their History)0
Betting on the Farm: Institutional Change in Japanese Agriculture0
Amorphous Dissent: Post-Fukushima Social Movements in Japan0
Jinkō Mondai to Imin: Nihon no Jinkō - Kaisō Kōzoku wa Dō Kawaru ka (Population Problems and Immigration: How Is Japan’s Population and Social Structure Changing?)0
Kenkoku University and the Experience of Pan-Asianism: Education in the Japanese Empire0
Invisibility by Design: Women and Labor in Japan’s Digital Economy0
Nihon no safety net no kakusa—rōdō shijo no henyō to shakai hoshō (Inequality of the Safety Net in Japan—The Transformation of the Labour Market and Social Security)0
Japanese Culture Through Videogames0
Pachinko sangyōshi: shūen keizai kara kyodai shijo e (Pachinko Industry: From a Black Market to a Mass Market)0
The Winner of the 2020 ISS-OUP Prize0
Japan’s Living Politics: Grassroots Action and the Crises of Democracy0
Becoming One: Religion, Development, and Environmentalism in a Japanese NGO in Myanmar0
In Search of Our Frontier: Japanese America and Settler Colonialism in the Construction of Japan’s Borderless Empire0
Making Meaningful Lives: Tales from an Aging Japan0
Higashi ajia no naka no mantetsu (The South Manchuria Railway in East Asia)0
Kyōkaisen no gakkōshi: Sengo nihon no gakkōka shakai no shūen to shūhen (Boundaries of Japanese Public Education: A History of Schooling Society and Its Borders)0
Special Duty: A History of the Japanese Intelligence Community0
Self-restraint behavior and partisanship during the COVID-19 pandemic: evidence from a list experiment in Japan0
Social Identification and Redistribution Preference: A Survey Experiment in Japan0
Genpatsu Jiko to ‘Shoku’: Shijō, Komyunikēshon, Sabetsu (The Nuclear Disaster and ‘Food’. The Market, Communication, Discrimination)0
Gendai Ōsaka keizaishi: Daitoshi sangyō shūseki no kiseki (Economic History of Contemporary Osaka: The Trajectory of Industrial Clusters in Metropolitan Area)0
The Winner of the 2022 ISS-OUP Prize0