Astronomy & Geophysics

(The TQCC of Astronomy & Geophysics is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01.)
Superluminous supernovae: an explosive decade24
Martian oceans23
Fast radio bursts8
The curse of clouds7
Audio universe: tour of the solar system7
Astronomy for development6
Betelgeuse: a review6
Bypassing the bias5
ExoMol at 104
Looking out for a sustainable space4
The Chicxulub impactor: comet or asteroid?4
Cosmic meteorology4
The Winchcombe Meteorite: one year on3
Coronal seismology at 202
Questions to Heaven2
Unveiling a continent2
Weather stations for Mars2
Electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational-wave signals2
Astronomy + biology2
The charge of the spheres1
Exoplanet biosignatures1
An audit for action1
Avril Hart and the discovery of solar supergranulation1
Playing TAG with Bennu1
50 Years of Luna legacy1
Five years on: the monster flare of 20171
Astronomers ahoy!1
Haydn at the Herschels1
Hunting for biosignatures on Mars1
From astronomy to activism1
Finger on the pulse of asteroseismology1
Opening pupils' eyes to the Sun1
Weighing forests from space1
MIST reunited1
A&G Volume 62 Issue 1, Full Issue1
Onwards to the ice giants1
Do we have a standard model of cosmology?1
A new era of radio transients1
Travelling in style to AGU0
A&G Volume 65 Issue 1, Full Issue0
Hunting bubbles0
Exploring planetary atmospheric processes from terrestrial worlds to giant planets0
When life gives you lemons…0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – April 20210
What lies beneath0
RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting Report0
Astronomers alight on Cardiff0
A&G Volume 63 Issue 1, Full Issue0
A&G Volume 65 Issue 3, Full Issue0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – April 20230
Imaging: the next generation0
Sanjeev Gupta: Perseverance rover mission scientist0
Our fragile space0
Clues to the kludonometer0
Mathematical Adams and the battle for Neptune0
Geophysics on a plate0
Who will rise to Fritz Zwicky's challenge?0
Richard Hills0
Politics in space0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – February 20220
The shape of the Sun0
A&G Volume 64 Issue 6, Full Issue0
Fred Taylor0
A&G Volume 61 Issue 5, Full Issue0
Heidi Thiemann: Space Skills Alliance0
A grand day out0
A match-making metric0
Planets in a Room0
How much iron is in the Sun?0
A&G Volume 61 Issue 6, Full Issue0
Catherine Heymans: Astronomer Royal for Scotland0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – February 20210
Time for the future0
Damian Peach0
Jupiter's X-ray aurorae0
Space on the line0
A&G Volume 63 Issue 2, Full Issue0
Meeting expectations0
A&G Volume 62 Issue 2, Full Issue0
The Cape Observatory at 2000
Meandering through the virtual MIST0
The secret agent of galaxy evolution0
Deep Earth explorers0
Hang on a second…0
Weather stations for Venus0
Roman with Rubin0
Cameron Patterson: Riding the rails to AGU0
Here comes the Sun0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – June 20220
Living on an island0
Naomi Rowe-Gurney Planetary scientist0
RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting report0
Planet opera0
Áine O'Brien Chair, RAS Early Career Network0
Vinesh Maguire-Rajpaul: RAS Norman Lockyer Fellow0
Solid-Liquid Interactions in Deep Planetary Interiors0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – August 20210
Making a difference0
How radio tuned in to dark matter0
Deep earthquake study still resonant at 1000
Zooming through the MIST0
RAS Awards 20220
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – October 20230
Cold and calculating0
A&G Volume 63 Issue 3, Full Issue0
Gillian Wright, Caroline Herschel Medallist 20230
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – August 20200
Frank Kameny and UK astronomy0
Matthew Willson0
Welcome to the measured dome0
Space conservation: a plea for urgency0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – April 20220
RAS Awards 20240
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – December 20210
Corrigendum to: Meeting report: There's something in the air0
200 years of the RAS: Fellows at war0
From Preston with love0
Going deep0
A bigger broader Autumn MIST0
A&G Volume 64 Issue 2, Full Issue0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – February 20230
We'll meet again?0
Herschel 200 years on0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – August 20220
Correction to: Clues to the kludonometer0
Q&A Aftab Khan, a career in geophysics0
David Moss (1943–2020)0
Modelling giant molecular clouds0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – December 20220
Going to Ganymede0
Mars rules, OK?0
Cheadle Moon0
Nick Kaiser0
News from NAM 20220
RASTI marks a new dawn for research publishing0
David W Hughes0
John D Barrow (1952–2020)0
Filling the radio transients gap0
David Matravers0
Space for everyone0
How to be good to your brain0
Life after Covid0
Carrington's lost photograph0
Open door policy0
Megan Maunder0
A&G Volume 62 Issue 5, Full Issue0
Deep learning for the Sun0
Can we turn off the lights?0
Hear it through the grapevine0
Mike Edmunds, incoming president of the RAS0
A&G Volume 61 Issue 4, Full Issue0
Stay in love with your PhD0
Working for diversity0
RAS Awards0
A&G Volume 61 Issue 3, Full Issue0
Things are looking up0
Stitching together, apart0
Heather Couper (1949–2020)0
A&G Volume 63 Issue 4, Full Issue0
A&G Volume 62 Issue 3, Full Issue0
A&G Volume 64 Issue 3, Full Issue0
Dimitrios Theodorakis, science teacher0
Time to change0
John Zarnecki Former RAS President0
Mark Birkinshaw0
Nigeria's first radio astronomer0
What a way to AGU0
Cornelis de Jager0
David Le Conte (1940–2020)0
A&G Volume 65 Issue 2, Full Issue0
The first virtual NAM0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – October 20200
Bringing early colonial astronomy to life0
Barbara Bromage0
Let's visit Venus!0
Magnetic predictions0
Advances in 3D solar flare modelling0
Kate Bond0
Building the biggest galaxies0
New eyes and ideas for the chromosphere0
Streaking satellites: can we stop the photobombs?0
Publishing now and in the future0
Q&A Bradley Lewis, Patricia Tomkins prize-winner0
Impact Earth! Protecting the UK and further afield from impacts by Near-Earth objects0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – June 20230
Go for launch0
Sara Motaghian0
David Flower: Editor-in-chief, Monthly Notices of the RAS0
Sir Arnold W Wolfendale FRS (1927–2020)0
Reach out, touch space0
Improving events for autism0
And the award goes to… white men0
Battle for space: statecraft, diplomacy and defence strategy0
Facing forwards0
Gearing up for National Astronomy Week0
25 years on0
Centenary of a Centenary0
AI takeover0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – February 20240
The unknown origins of solar energetic particles0
Autumn MIST 20190
Science from the heart0
Early Careers Special0
Astronomical locomotives0
Best-kept secret0
Jörg Renner, Editor-in-Chief, GJI0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – October 20220
Karl Fuchs0
Mike Lockwood0
How Vera Rubin encountered dark matter0
A comet's tale0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – December 20200
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – August 20230
Unleashing the power of STEAM0
RAS Awards 20210
Thorne Lay: RAS Gold Medallist 20210
A&G Volume 64 Issue 4, Full Issue0
Expanding northern skies0
Sixty years of forensic seismology at AWE Blacknest0
The next big things0
Hunga Tonga's test-ban test0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – June 20200
Alexandra Amon0
Science and Exploration0
Where past meets future0
Discovery decade0
Antony Hewish0
How times change0
How to probe GRB jets0
What would Wallace do?0
Mark Anderson0
Michael Hoskin0
David Aitken0
Comets and culture in the 19th century and beyond0
Let's meet at NAM 2021!0
Jay Pasachoff0
An open-source universe0
Space for girls0
Managing mutating meetings0
Nigel Weiss (1936–2020)0
Paul Roberts0
Frontiers of seismology0
Generation Covid0
Exploring supernovae0
Off the shelf: Astronomiæ instauratæ mechanica0
News in Astronomy & Geophysics – June 20210
RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting report0