Journal of Democracy

(The median citation count of Journal of Democracy is 5. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-06-01 to 2023-06-01.)
Pathways from Authoritarianism364
Bolsonaro and Brazil's Illiberal Backlash145
From Liberation to Turmoil: Social Media And Democracy138
Transitions from Postcommunism132
The Threat from the Populist Left129
Polarization versus Democracy106
President XI's Surveillance State75
Argentina: From Kirchner to Kirchner71
Hungary’s U-Turn: Retreating from Democracy70
Populists in Power56
Lessons from Europe54
Populism and the Decline of Social Democracy54
How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Repression52
From Opposition to Atomization52
Three Painful Truths About Social Media52
Africa, 1990-1997: From Abertura to Closure49
Kenya: Back From the Brink?49
Lessons from Iraq46
Illiberal Democracy and the Struggle on the Right45
How Muslims View Democracy: Evidence from Central Asia44
Kenya: Lessons From a Flawed Election39
How the Populists won in Italy34
The Road to (and from) Liberation Square33
Cambodia's Transition to Hegemonic Authoritarianism32
Southeast Asia's Troubling Elections: Nondemocratic Pluralism in Indonesia32
Turkey: How Far From Consolidation?31
The Fates Of Third-Wave Democracies31
Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights29
The Threat of Postmodern Totalitarianism27
The 2019 EU Elections: Moving the Center27
Taming Extremist Parties: Lessons From Europe27
Macron Versus the Yellow Vests26
30 Years After Tiananmen20
Sri Lanka: From Turmoil to Dynasty20
The Failure of Europe's Mainstream Parties20
From Solidarity to Fragmentation17
From “Fart People” to Citizens17
The Freedom House Survey for 2019: The Leaderless Struggle for Democracy16
From Liberalism to Liberal Democracy16
Sudan's Uprising: The Fall of a Dictator15
Modi Consolidates Power: Electoral Vibrancy, Mounting Liberal Deficits15
Success Stories from "Emerging Africa"15
Modi Consolidates Power: Leveraging Welfare Politics15
From Democratization to "Guided Democracy"14
Weaponizing Interpol14
Rethinking Central-Bank Independence13
From Politics to Protest13
Armenia's Velvet Revolution13
The Freedom House Survey for 2018: Democracy in Retreat13
Learning from Virtuous Circles12
How to Tell Nativists from Populists12
Nationalism, Democracy, and Memory Laws11
Pakistan: Voting Under Military Tutelage11
Southeast Asia's Troubling Elections: Democratic Demolition in Thailand10
Islamists and Democracy: Cautions from Pakistan9
Aspirations and Realities in Africa: VI. Ethiopia's Quiet Revolution9
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Resisting State Capture in South Africa9
Libya Starts from Scratch9
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The Gambia: From Coup to Elections8
Catalonia: The Perils of Majoritarianism7
Democracy's Arc: From Resurgent to Imperiled7
Why Ballot Secrecy Still Matters7
Zimbabwe: An Opportunity Lost6
Canada: From Bilingualism to Multiculturalism6
Iranians Turn Away from the Islamic Republic5
Uruguay’s Shift from Clientelism5
Exits from Military Rule: Lessons for Burma5