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(The TQCC of IEEE Industry Applications Magazine is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01.)
Smart Sensor for Fault Detection in Induction Motors Based on the Combined Analysis of Stray-Flux and Current Signals: A Flexible, Robust Approach20
A History of Electric Ship Propulsion Systems [History]20
Active Harmonic Mitigation: What the Manufacturers Don't Tell You18
High-Efficiency Silicon Carbide-Based Buck-Boost Converter in an Energy Storage System: Minimizing Complexity and Maximizing Efficiency11
A Comparison of Adjustable-Speed Drive Systems: Voltage Source Inverters and Load-Commutated Inverters for High-Power Applications11
Introduction to IEEE Standard 1584: Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations, 2018 Edition10
Management and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment in Industrial Facilities: Procedures for Improving Safety While Saving Money10
Plotting Characteristic Curves of Photovoltaic Modules: A Simple and Portable Approach9
Stator End-Winding Vibration in Two-Pole Machines: Avoiding Generator Failure8
A Comprehensive Review of Permanent Magnet Transverse Flux Machines: Use in Direct-Drive Applications7
An Intelligent Instrument Reader: Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning to Automate Meter Reading7
Replacing Induction Motors With Caged-Rotor Permanent Magnet Motors: Application Considerations and Cost Analysis6
Implementation and Investigation of Net Metering: Proposing Real-Time Tariffs for Residential Consumers in Maharashtra State6
Deployment of Conservation Voltage Reduction in Sample Feeders: A Systemwide Energy-Savings Analysis5
Ethics and Eco-Design for Complex Uses of Energy: What We Need for a Sustainable Future5
Simulation Versus Experimental Verification [Society News]5
Determination of the Insulation Condition in Synchronous Generators: Industrial Methods and A Case Study5
Monthly Electricity Consumption Forecasting: A Step-Reduction Strategy and Autoencoder Neural Network5
A Novel Application of Random Hysteresis Current Control: Acoustic Noise and Vibration Reduction of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive5
Heat and Harmonics: Solutions to Concerns in Air-Cooled Medium-Voltage Adjustable-Speed Drives5
Clean Generation Mix Transition: Large-Scale Displacement of Fossil Fuel-Fired Units to Cut Emissions5
Distributed Energy Resource Control and Utility Interconnection Management: Implementation in a Distributed Microgrid5
Cloud Platform-Oriented Electrical Vehicle Abnormal Battery Cell Detection and Pack Consistency Evaluation With Big Data: Devising an Early-Warning System for Latent Risks5
The Formula SAE Electric Vehicle Competition: A High-Torque Density Permanent Magnet Motor5
A Multicriteria Optimal Operation Framework for a Data Center Microgrid Considering Renewable Energy and Waste Heat Recovery: Use of Balanced Decision Making5
Fault Location Identification in Power Transmission Networks: Using Novel Nonintrusive Fault-Monitoring Systems4
Inverter-Induced Bearing Currents: A Thorough Study of the Cause-and-Effect Chains4
Energy Optimization for Adjustable-Speed Drive Applications: Increasing Efficiency to Cut Costs and Preserve Assets4
A Fractal-Based Approach to Lightning Protection of Historical Buildings and Monuments: The Parthenon Case Study4
Second Life Batteries: Current Regulatory Framework, Evaluation Methods, and Economic Assessment: Reuse, refurbish, or recycle4
Theoretical and Experimental Perceived Depths in Arc 3D Displays: On/Off Switching Using Liquid-Crystal Active Devices4
Digital Switchgear: The Next Phase in the Evolution of Safety by Design4
Protective Relay Upgrade Utilizing Real-Time Simulator Technology: Application in an Industrial Facility4
An Analytical Fault Diagnosis Method: Component Relation and Event Relationship Description Matrices3
Hydrogen Expansion Work in Fuel Cell Electric Passenger and Heavy-Duty Vehicles by Simulative Assessment: A Comparison3
Building Information Modeling and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Integration: The Lambda Lab Digital Twin3
Remote Fault Localization Based on Synchronized Two-Sided Measurement: Study of the Algorithm and the Prototype Digital Device3
Substations in Classified Locations: Integration of Pressurization Requirements With Other Supporting Systems2
Dual Three-Phase-Winding Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors: An Investigation of the Optimal Carrier Phase-Shift Angle2
Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters: A Standards Perspective2
Current Transformers in Protection Applications: The ANSI and International Electrotechnical Commission Standards2
New Approach to Evaluate the Energy Efficiency of Overhead Power Transmission Lines: Results of Theoretical and Experimental Research2
Automatic Load-Shedding Protection at a Coal-Chemical Plant: Examining and Designing Effective Low-Frequency Backup Protection Methods2
Model Parameter Evaluation for Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt Cells: An Examination and Verification of Various Approaches2
Evaluation of Protection Systems in Electric Arc Furnaces: A Methodology for Assessment2
Industrial and Commercial Power System Harmonic Studies: Introduction to IEEE Standard 3002.8-20182
Electrical Installations in Road Tunnel Design Criteria Tested by Fire Simulations: A Confirmation of the Zoning Approach2
Electrochemistry and the Development of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell [History]2
Technological Obsolescence Management: Monitoring Electrical Equipment and Automation Systems2
Insulation Resistance and Failures of a High-Power Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Installation: A Case Study2
Learning-Based Coordinated Operation of Multiple Microgrids With Hydrogen Systems: A Novel Bilevel Framework2
LED Lighting: Minimizing Ecological Impact Without Compromising Human Safety2
Establishing and Operating Experiential Benchmark Setups of dc Microgrids: A Guideline2
Medium-Voltage Motor Optimization: Two Ways to Choose Cost-Effective ac Machines2
The Experiences of a Global Electrical Manufacturing Enterprise: The Journey to Become Industry 4.0 Ready2
IEEE IAS Standards-A Pathway to Narrow the Technical Skills Gap [Standards News]2
Electrical Safety in Industrial Construction: An Analysis of 10 Years of Incidents in the Global Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Industry2
IEEE Collabratec2
Transmissions, Pumps, and Electric Vehicle Chargers [Pathways]1
Dendrology and Lightning Protection1
Occupational Electrical Work Fatalities: A State-By-State Comparison1
Novel Voltage Observer for Reduced Voltage Soft-Starter Torque Ramp: Description and Analysis Results1
Petrochemical Facility Lightning Protection Primer: Part 1: History and Basic Science1
Ensuring the Low Vibration of Two-Pole Motors on Flexible Foundations: A Manufacturer-System Integrator Collaboration1
Electromagnetic Compatibility Evaluation of Wireless Charging Systems for Public Spaces: Wireless Power Transfer for Taxis1
Considerations for a Balanced Scorecard of Leading and Lagging Indicators for Your Electrical Safety Program: Leading and Lagging Indicators1
[Letters to the Editor]1
Quantifying Rotor Condition in Synchronous Machines: Tools and Methodologies1
What You Should Know Before Acquiring Partial Discharge on High-Voltage Motors and Generators: Case Studies and Remedial Actions1
In Memoriam: Donald W. Zipse [Society News]1
Improving the Grid-Connected Capacity of Offshore Wind Farms: A Case Study of the Taiwan Power System1
IEC Versus IEEE/ANSI Medium-Voltage Switchgear: Matching the Standard to the Application1
A Novel Electric Vehicle Placement Index for Sustaining Power Quality in a Distribution Network: Proper Allocation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations1
The End of Coal-Fired Power Generation in Chicago [History]1
A Generator Differential Relay Trip on an Offshore Platform: A Case Study1
Development of Stone Writing and Packaging Materials [History]1
An Introduction to Horizontal Directional Drill Installation of High-Voltage Transmission Lines and Other Duct Banks: Improving on Conventional Overhead Transmission Lines1
Transformer DC Bias Detection: Using Differential Current Waveforms1
Contributions to the Electrical Safety Knowledge Base [Electrical Safety]1
The Use of Precedence Networks for Cement Plant Outages: Adapting to Changing Circumstances to Keep Projects on Track1
Reflections on a 50-Year Journey in Electrical Safety: Further Steps Toward Risk Reduction1
Get Involved With the IAS Electrical Safety Committee [Electrical Safety]1
Overview and Impedance-Based Stability Analyses of Bison Wind Farm: A PRACTICAL EXAMPLE1
Meeting the Goal of Net-Zero Carbon Emission [President’s Message]1
Engaging Safety Professionals in Electrical Safety Topics: A Survey of Decision-Making Processes, Best Practices, and Industry Challenges1
IEEE Standard 1584-2018 Predictions Compared With Tests on Real-World Equipment: Matching Data from Real-Equipment Testing1
Emergency Power Upgrades in Critical Facilities: Strategies for Risk Mitigation1
The EPICS in IEEE Program Creates Opportunities for Students to Impact Local Communities [Society News]1
Engaging Leadership in Electrical Safety and Maintenance: Being the Advocate for Electrical and Safety Programs1
Webinars: Equity in Education Through IAS Digital Citizenship [Education News]1
IEEE Moving1
Design Considerations of Magnet Configurations in Interior Permanent Magnet Machines for High-Speed Traction Applications: A Comprehensive Study1
IAS Standards: Built for Safe Operation and Maintenance [Standards News]1
New Motor Protection Standard IEEE 3004.8: Getting Up to Speed1
The Shape of a Zone: Distance Relaying Technology from Electromechanical To Digital1
A Passion for Science Becomes a Career [Pathways]1
Volunteer Leaders: Why IEEE Works [From the Editor's Desk]1
Spacing Between Substations and Liquid-Type Transformers: How Close is Too Close?1
Transformation of the Modern Power System [President's Messsage]1
What Makes a Great Leader? It Is Never About You [From the Editor's Desk]1
[Conference Calendar]1
Power Management for Data Centers: Challenges and Opportunities1
Arc-Flash Incident Energy Analysis: Renewal Recommendations1
Powering Research Stations in Antarctica [History]1
IEEE Smart Village Seeking IAS Volunteer Support [Society News]1
Centralized Protection and Control System: Are We Ready for Deployment in the Chemical, Oil, and Gas Industry?1
An Examination of Power Converter Architectures for Utility-Scale Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage Systems: The Features of Several Power Conversion Architectures1
Capacitor Bank Balancing: Causes and Practical Levels of Unbalance1
2023 IAS Member Survey: What Did We Learn? [From the Editor’s Desk]1
Power Distribution Systems: An Old Business With Modern Challenges [President's Message]1
Lightning and Grounding Issues Impacting Safety and Performance of Liquified Natural Gas-Supplied Power Generation Plants: Lessons Learned to Correct Commonplace Misunderstandings of Requirements1
Introduction to IEEE 841-2020 for Severe Duty Squirrel Cage Induction Motors—Up to and Including 370 kW (500 hp): Improving Motor Reliability, Maintainability, and Energy Efficiency1
The Enjoyment of Teaching and Research [Pathways]1
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Assessment of Low-Voltage Motor Ride Through: A Comparison of Solutions for Critical Processes in the Oil and Gas Industry0
In Memoriam: Frederick Charles Trutt [Society News]0
Power Sharing Enhancement Strategies for Parallel-Connected Voltage Source Inverters With Common dc and ac Buses in Islanded Microgrids: Two New Control Schemes0
Reconditioned Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers: Considering Electrical Safety for Applications in Industry0
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Safety Protocols for Forensic Inspections in the Time of COVID-19: An Approach to Protect Practitioners0
The IAS Electrical Safety Workshop: Celebrating 30 Years of Changing and Advancing the Electrical Safety Culture [History]0
Successful Project Execution Replacing Four 15-kV Switchgear Lineups and Seven Medium-Voltage Motor Control Centers: A Case Study During a 35-Day Turnaround0
Congratulations to the Class of 2023 IEEE IAS Fellow Members [Society News]0
You Make a Life by What You Give [Standards News]0
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“The Time of the 80s” [History]0
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Arc-Flash Personal Protective Equipment Selection: A Simplified Constant-Energy-Line Based Table Method0
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The Power of Conversation: Can Engineers Depart From Their Comfort Zone? [From the Editor’s Desk]0
Space Vector Phase Disposition-Pulse Width Modulation and Multiband Hysteresis Through Digital Implementation for a Type-G Converter: A Comparative Study0
Cause of Arcing Inside a Medium-Voltage Arc-Resistant Metal-Clad Switchgear Compartment on a Sunny Day Without Any Evidence of Switching Surge: Recommendations for Avoiding Future Incidents0
A History of Papermaking Around Niagara Falls: Harnessing the Power of the Falls0
Why References Matter [From the Editor's Desk]0
Building From Scratch: How to Form a New Standards Committee [Standards News]0
Demystification of Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters: Part 2: Technology and Applications0
Changes in the Structure of the IAS Education Department for 2022 [Education News]0
Future Conferences With More Inclusive Modality [President's Message]0
Premature Failure of Large Horsepower Motors: Created By Improper Field Connections, During Installation, and Commissioning0
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In Memoriam: Erling Casper Hesla [Society News]0
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Low-Voltage ac and Low-Voltage dc Distribution Systems: An Assessment of Losses and Power Capacity considering the Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources0
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Three Sides of the Story on Hazards Identification [Electrical Safety]0
Have We Hit a Plateau? [Electrical Safety]0
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Is Your Residence Electrically Safe? [Electrical Safety]0
A Practical Application of IEEE Standard 1584-2018: Additional Considerations0
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Regional Chapters and Membership Department Workshops [Chapter News]0
It All Began With Curiosity [Pathways]0
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Microprocessor-Based Protective Relay Configurations: Effective Documentation In Industrial Applications0
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At the Top of His Game [Pathways]0
The 65th Anniversary of the IEEE IAS Cement Industry Committee [History]0
Call for Nominations for the 2023 Industry Applications Society Awards0
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IEEE IAS PPIC 2024 – Call for Papers0
Electrical Best Practices and Lessons Learned From a Chemical Megaproject: A Thorough Summary0
IAS Standards-Leading the Way in Practical Applications [Standards News]0
Human Performance in Workplace Electrical Safety: An Overview of Practical Human Performance Tools0
In Memoriam: Michel Poloujadoff [Society News]0
Industrial Petrochemical Applications: Analysis of Progrmmable Logic Controllers and Distributed Control Systems0
Why Can’t a Person Use a Proximity Sensor to Verify a Zero-Voltage State for Low-Voltage Systems?: But Why it is Ok for High-Voltage Systems?0
Challenges in Offshore Power Systems: Pushing HVac Transmission to the Limit0
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