Geology of Ore Deposits

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Hibbingite and Its Manganoan Variety from Metamorphosed Pentlandite–Putoranite Ores at Deep Levels of the Oktyabrskoe Deposit, Norilsk Ore Field0
Trace-Element Composition of Titanium Phases of Leucoxene–Quartz Ores from the Yarega Oil–Titanium Deposit, South Timan0
Silver Sulfides and Selenides in Ores from Au–Ag Epithermal Deposits of the Okhotsk—Chukotka Volcanic Belt0
Mineralogy of Precious Metals in Ores of the Biksizak Base–Metal Deposit, South Urals, Russia0
Minerals and T–P parameters of the Evolution of the Lukkulaysvaara Gabbro–Norite Massif, North Karelia0
The First Occurrence of Platinum Group Minerals in Ultramafic Rocks of the Kyzyr–Burlyuk Massif (Western Sayan Mountains, Russia)0
The Yubileinoe Porphyry Gold–Copper Deposit (Western Kazakhstan): Geological Position and Conditions of Formation0
Meliphanite and Leucophanite from the Sakharjok Alkaline Massif, Kola Peninsula0
Oriented Microinclusions of Al–Fe–Mg–Ti Oxides in Quartz from Metapelitic Granulites of the Bunger Hills, East Antarctica0
The Tamir Molybdenum Event (Western Transbaikal, Russia): the First Data on the Physicochemical Formation Parameters0
Olivine-Group Minerals from Melilite–Nepheline Paralavas of Combustion Metamorphic Complexes of Mongolia0
Evolution of the Kara Ore-Magmatic System (Eastern Transbaikalia, Russia): Experience in Applying Small-Scale Geochemical Survey0
Age of the Vostok Hydrothermal Uranium Deposit (North Kazakhstan Ore Province) According to U–Pb (ID-TIMS), Pb–Pb, Xen–Xes, K–Ar and Rb–Sr Methods0
Retrospective Mineragenic Analysis of Deposits of the Vishera Diamond-Bearing Zone (Eastern Margin of the Russian Platform)0
Scandium Ore Occurrences in the Ancient Weathering Crust in the Nakyn Kimberlite Field of Yakutia0
Erratum to: The World’s Largest Bauxite-Bearing Province, Fouta Djallon–Mandingo (West Africa). Part 4: a Zoning Mechanism in Laterite Bauxite-Bearing Weathering Crust0
High-temperature Behavior of PtBi2 and Possibility of Using the Mineral Insizwaite as a Geothermometer0
Ore Deposits of Kyrgyzstan Controlled by Thrust-Tectonics Structures0
Monticellite–Spurrite Symplectites: Evidence for a Regressive Stage of the Kochumdek Trap Contact Aureole (Krasnoyarsk Region)0
Assemblage of Fe–Mg–Al–Ti–Zn Oxides in Granulites of the Bunger Hills, East Antarctica: Evidence of Ultrahigh-Temperature Metamorphism0
Native Cobalt in Deep Levels of the Kola Superdeep Borehole0