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Development of expert working groups and a learning management system within the Australian National Fabrication Facility0
Synchronous mixed reality (SMR): A personalized virtual‐real fusion framework with high immersion and effective interaction0
The application of wide spectrum low peak blue light technology in health TV display0
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Quantum dots printing paste for display backlights: Preparation, characterization, and applications0
Deep and adaptive feature extraction attention network for single image super‐resolution0
High‐precision and high‐stability inkjet printing technology for QD color converter‐type micro‐LED display0
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Dual‐view one‐dimensional integral imaging display using parallax barrier0
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Effective burn‐in reduction of organic light‐emitting diode display using perceptual color difference between logo and background0
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Research on parameter extraction of thin‐film transistors based on swarm intelligence0
Toward physically realistic vision in teleoperation: A user study with light‐field head mounted display and 6‐DoF head motion0
Dual‐view integral imaging display with adjustable optimal viewing distance0
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A 0.37‐in. 5900PPI liquid crystal on silicon CMOS SoC using low voltage high dynamic voltage range novel pixel circuit for augmented reality micro‐displays0
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