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Vine Robots98
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The $10 Million ANA Avatar XPRIZE Competition: How It Advanced Immersive Telepresence Systems3
Multifidelity Reinforcement Learning With Gaussian Processes: Model-Based and Model-Free Algorithms3
Time for Change: The Case of Robotic Food Processing [Industry Activities]2
Models of Human Behavior for Human-Robot Interaction and Automated Driving: How Accurate Do the Models of Human Behavior Need to Be?2
Opportunities and Challenges to Integrate Artificial Intelligence Into Manufacturing Systems: Thoughts From a Panel Discussion [Opinion]2
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New Era in Cultural Heritage Preservation: Cooperative Aerial Autonomy for Fast Digitalization of Difficult-to-Access Interiors of Historical Monuments2
A RoboStack Tutorial: Using the Robot Operating System Alongside the Conda and Jupyter Data Science Ecosystems2
Robotics Responds to the COVID-19 Outbreak [From the Guest Editors]2
Unsupervised Pedestrian Pose Prediction: A Deep Predictive Coding Network-Based Approach for Autonomous Vehicle Perception2
Toward Sustainable and Accessible Mobility: A Functional Electrical Stimulation-Based Robotic Bike With a Fatigue-Compensation Algorithm and Mechanism for Cybathlon 20202
Mastering the Complex Assembly Task With a Dual-Arm Robot: A Novel Reinforcement Learning Method2
Teaching With Hapkit: Enabling Online Haptics Courses With Hands-On Laboratories2
Robotics and Automation [President's Message]2
Virtual Conferences in Times of COVID-19: Embracing the Potential [Young Professionals]2
Open Robot Hardware: Progress, Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices2
Biomimetic Perception, Cognition, and Control: From Nature to Robots [From the Guest Editors]2
A Small-Scale, Rat-Inspired Whisker Sensor for the Perception of a Biomimetic Robot: Design, Fabrication, Modeling, and Experimental Characterization2
Caveats on the First-Generation da Vinci Research Kit: Latent Technical Constraints and Essential Calibrations2
Proof of Work Is a Stigmergic Consensus Algorithm: Unlocking Its Potential2
Semiautonomous Precision Pruning of Upright Fruiting Offshoot Orchard Systems: An Integrated Approach2
Women in Blue: Toward a Better Understanding of the Gender Gap in Marine Robotics [Women in Engineering]2
RoboCup Humanoid League 2020: Lessons Learned From Going Virtual [Competitions]2
Suitability of Various Lidar and Radar Sensors for Application in Robotics: A Measurable Capability Comparison1
Agricultural Robotics and Automation [TC Spotlight]1
Controlling Maneuverability of a Bio-Inspired Swimming Robot Through Morphological Transformation: Morphology Driven Control of a Swimming Robot1
Online Tuning of Control Parameters for Off-Road Mobile Robots: Novel Deterministic and Neural Network-Based Approaches1
The Value of Diversity in the Robotics and Automation Society [Women in Engineering]1
Tumbling Robot Control Using Reinforcement Learning: An Adaptive Control Policy That Transfers Well to the Real World1
Deep Predictive Model Learning With Parametric Bias: Handling Modeling Difficulties and Temporal Model Changes1
Robotic Hands, Grasping, And Manipulation [TC Spotlight]1
Collaborative Bimanual Manipulation Using Optimal Motion Adaptation and Interaction Control: Retargeting Human Commands to Feasible Robot Control References1
Miniaturized Robotics: The Smallest Camera Operator Bot Pays Tribute to David Bowie1
A Whole-Body Integrated AVATAR System: Implementation of Telepresence With Intuitive Control and Immersive Feedback1
Verification of Autonomous Systems [TC Spotlight]1
Manipulator Differential Kinematics: Part I: Kinematics, Velocity, and Applications1
Tensegristats: Lightweight Untethered Morphing Robots1
Making an Opportunity Out of a Crisis: The Inclusive Approach of the Italian Robotics Community1
Robotics' Role in the Coronavirus Crisis [From the Editor's Desk]1
Design Optimization of Soft Robots [From the Guest Editors]1
Soft Robotics: The Journey Thus Far and the Challenges Ahead [TC Spotlight]1
Structured Ecological Cultivation With Autonomous Robots in Agriculture: Toward a Fully Autonomous Robotic Indoor Farming System1
The Vanderbilt Open-Source Ventilator: From Napkin Sketch to Ready to Save Lives in Three Weeks1
Robotic Volatile Sampling for Early Detection of Plant Stress: Precision Agriculture Beyond Visual Remote Sensing1
Roboticists and Reporters: A rhetorical experiment at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (Paris, France)1
The Rapid Rise of Quadruped Robots [Young Professionals]1
Electronic Skin as Human–Robot Interface for Human Grasp Recognition in Home-Care Robots: Introducing a Complete Set of Resources1
Fully Autonomous Brick Pick and Place in Fields by Articulated Aerial Robot: Results in Various Outdoor Environments1
The ILIAD Safety Stack: Human-Aware Infrastructure-Free Navigation of Industrial Mobile Robots1
Balancing Stability and Stiffness Through the Optimization of Parallel Compliance: Using Coupled Tendon Routing1
A Study on the Dexterity of Surgical Robotic Tools in a Highly Immersive Virtual Environment: Assessing Usability and Efficacy1
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Learning Fast and Precise Pixel-to-Torque Control: A Platform for Reproducible Research of Learning on Hardware1
Gender Diversity of Conference Leadership [Women in Engineering]1
Identification and Assessment of Educational Experiences: Utilizing Data Mining With Robotics1
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Safe and Effective Collaboration With a High-Payload Robot: A Framework Integrating Novel Hardware and Software Modules1
Autonomous Robotic Surgical Systems: Needing Common Sense to Achieve Higher Levels of Autonomy [Opinion]1
Next-Generation Furniture Assembly by AI and Robots: Team SK2Y: A Winner of the Furniture Assembly Competition at AI–Robot Challenge 20211
Long-Term Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Using a Bayesian Persistence Filter-Based Global Map Prediction1