GLQ-A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

(The median citation count of GLQ-A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-01-01 to 2024-01-01.)
belated: interruption26
Mediations of Security, Race, and Violence in the Pulse Nightclub Shooting23
A Queering-to-Come18
Israeli Gay Tourist Initiatives and the (In)visibility of State Violence12
“You Cannot Oppress Those Who Do Not Exist”12
Darwin's Orchids11
“Fake Gays” In Queer Africa9
Go (Away) West!8
Queering the Moment of Hypospadias “Repair”7
Moving and Moved5
Black Femme Menace4
Taxonomically Queer?4
Through The Lens of Modernity4
Disobedient Epistemologies and Decolonial Histories3
Living with the Norm3
Queer Battle Fatigue, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Imposter Inside Me3
Queer Militarism?!3
Queerer Than Queer2
Exorbitant Dust2
Queer In/Security2
“Bye Girl, or Bye Boy, or Whatever you Are!”2
Gender Identity Complexities Turn2
Impure Hopes2
Allies, Accomplices, and Aggressions2
After Performativity, Beyond Custom2
The Limits of Legal Discourse2
Queer as in Abolition Now!2
The Queer Archive in Fragments1
Gay Genes in the Postgenomic Era1
(Trans)gendering Abolition1
I, Monster Mine1
Toward a Black Vernacular Sexology1
Nudes and Naked Souls1
Transgender Rights and Religiosities in India1
The Pornographic Grammar of the Vocal Latinx Body1
The World in Question1
Divine Monarchy, Spirited Sovereignties, and the Timely Malagasy MSM Medium-Activist Subject1
“A Means of Assuring the Safe and Efficient Operation of a Prison”1
How to Do the History of Sexual Science1
The Queer Love Project1
How to do Early Modern Queer History1
Cumming to Power1
“I Must Become a Menace to My Enemies”1
Impossible Figures1
“The Queer Nuyorican”: Reading Downtown Poetry and Performance Through a Queer Lens0
Sexing the Child0
The Fugitivity of Forced Queerness0
About the Contributors0
Look Carefully0
Feeling Fatigued?0
About the Contributors0
Tiempo Al Tiempo0
Introduction: Queer Political Theologies0
About the Contributors0
About the Contributors0
TheorizingKuirlombismosand Black Liberation across the Diaspora0
Queers against Corrective Development0
Reimagining Erotic Knowledge in the Queer Caribbean0
A Queer Sense of Love and Obligation at the US-Mexico Border0
Refusing Empathy0
About the Contributors0
Selling Cosmopolitanism0
Yiddish Sexology0
Artists in the Archives0
A Trans Way of Seeing0
Ecologies Elsewhere0
Bridges of Light0
Queer Time and the Cinematic Pleasures of theLocus AmoenusinFree Fall0
Travels and Travails of Settler Colonialism in Queer Natal0
Body and Soul: Queer Possessions in the Black Atlantic0
Evil and Complicated Queers through History0
Can Chicana Feminists Create a Queer Mesoamerican Memory?0
Queer Sex and the Crisis of Capital0
Thinking and Teaching with Aurora Guerrero's Mosquita y Mari0
The Care Praxis Within0
(Im)possible Futures0
Queer Voids0
“We're Here! We're Queer! Fuck the Banks!”0
About the Contributors0
About the Contributors0
“We Are Implicated”0
Unruliness, Suspension, Disorientation0
Overjoyed Homegirl0
Hemispheric Thinking and Queer Kin0
Take One and Notes on Reality-Based Porn0
Queering “The Children's Movement”0
Sexual Intimacies in Literatures of the Black Diaspora0
Untitled: Inspired0
A Kenyan Lesson on the Erotics of Money0
About the Contributors0
“He is a Morfidite and Needs a Man”0
Thinking with Porn Classics0
Notes on the (Im)possibilities of an Anti-colonial Queer Abolition of the (Carceral) World0
About the Contributors0
Deep Dreaming0
Making Maya Men0
(Un)Complicating Mwanga’s Sexuality in Nakisanze Segawa’s The Triangle0
Healthy Families, Secure Bodies0
The Other Sides of Stonewall0
Uses of Exploits0
Upheavals in Black Thought0
A Critique of “Mascquerade”0
Early Gender Clinics, Transsexual Etiology, and the Racialized Family0
Dancing Toward Freedom0
What Does (Not) Appear0
Queer Calculus, Warm Data, and Other Oxymorons0
“Filmmaking Found Me”0
Sissies, Loafers, and the Feebleminded0
About the Contributors0
Hicks, Homos, and Home Cooking0
“Víctima del terremoto del amor y la pasión”0
The Ball of La Laguna0
Neither Paranoid Nor Reparative0
Apprehending the “Angry Ethnic Fag”0
What Sticks0
A Queer Lesbian Feminist Ecopoetics0
Getting the Hell Over Manhattan0
Oceans, Archives, Perverts0
Black Church Rumor0
Sex with the Environment0
Pugilistic Queer Performance0
Trap/Trope: Galarte's Trans-Figurative, Racialized Readings0
The Anatomy of Habit0
Divas on the Dance Floor0
Against Vanilla Histories0
Gay Neo-Nazis in the United States0
The Use and Abuse of Queer History0
About the Contributors0
Comparing the Lives of Gay Men in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China0
Deferral and the Dream0
Hope and Despair in the Queer Nonprofit Industrial Complex0
Fucking with Rhetoric0
Beyond Rape Culture? Toward A Theory of the Work of Rape0
Can I Be Frank with You?0
About the Contributors0
Barebacking’s Late Style0
One Day I Will Forget You0
“That is Not What I Meant at All”0
Editors’ Note0
In Relation or Nah? A Review of Black Trans Feminism by Marquis Bey0
Queer Mapping as Decolonial Praxis0
On Emancipatory Potentials of a Virus: Some Thoughts0
Politics of the Poisoned Belly0
Rehashed Liberalism, the Accusation of Radical Purity, and the Alibi of the “Personal”0
An Uprising at The Perfect Moment0
The Secrets of a Loyalist Soul0
Narrative Activism: Writing Desire For Injury-Bound Individuals0
The Queer Narrator0
Queering Tupac Amaru II0
Consent Is Not Enough0
About the Contributors0
Toward a Black–Queer Critical Rhetoricism0
Queerness, Racialization, and Latinidad0
Moving Targets0
Rousseau's Toe0
Queer Chicana Feelings, Longings, and Community ThroughMosquita y Mari0
Liking, Likeness, Alikeness0
Hot for Yiddish0
The Fabulous Pan-Africanism of Binyavanga Wainaina0
Glenway Wescott's Narratives of Queer Drift0
Queering Area Studies, Archives, and Aesthetics0
The Problem of Trans-Figuration0
Dark Precursors, Queer Portents0
“Homosexuals in Adolescent Rebellion”0
la cortadura / the cut0
Representational Refusal and the Embodiment of Gender Abolition0
White Trash and the Queer South0
Reframing Suicide0
Brownness Is Here, Queerness Is Not Yet (T)Here0
Queer Connections0
Queer Political Astrology0
Abolitionist Techniques of Weathering0
“Hints That Are Revelations”0
African American Gay Men0
About the Contributors0
The Politics of Religious Parody0
Sexual Knowledge and the Formation of Chinese Modernity0
“Feeling-Seeing” inTransparent0
Race, Sex, and God0
The Erotic Chaos of Black and Indigenous Futures0
Black Ecologies (Humanity, Animality, Property)0
Evolutionary Fantasy0
The Promise of Transgender Childhood0
Queering Iranian Diasporic Cyberspace, Critiquing the Conditions of Belonging0
About the Contributors0
Afri-Queer Fugitivity in African Cinema0
Whatever It Is You Need0
The Ongoing Trouble With Normal0
Neoliberalism, Reproduction, and the Futures of Queer Politics0
“I'm Hard to Catch”0
The Luxury of Love0