IEEE-ACM Transactions on Networking

(The TQCC of IEEE-ACM Transactions on Networking is 6. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-04-01 to 2024-04-01.)
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Joint Scheduling of URLLC and eMBB Traffic in 5G Wireless Networks146
The Age of Incorrect Information: A New Performance Metric for Status Updates121
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A Utility-Aware General Framework With Quantifiable Privacy Preservation for Destination Prediction in LBSs69
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Multi-Resource Allocation for Network Slicing59
Computation Offloading Scheduling for Periodic Tasks in Mobile Edge Computing57
FoGMatch: An Intelligent Multi-Criteria IoT-Fog Scheduling Approach Using Game Theory55
Edge Federation: Towards an Integrated Service Provisioning Model54
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Output Reachable Set Synthesis of Event-Triggered Control for Singular Markov Jump Systems Under Multiple Cyber-Attacks41
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Collaborative Content Delivery in Software-Defined Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks38
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Combining Contract Theory and Lyapunov Optimization for Content Sharing With Edge Caching and Device-to-Device Communications36
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Minimizing Charging Delay for Directional Charging31
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Survive and Thrive: A Stochastic Game for DDoS Attacks in Bitcoin Mining Pools30
Multi-Associated Parameters Aggregation-Based Routing and Resources Allocation in Multi-Core Elastic Optical Networks29
Optimizing Information Freshness Through Computation–Transmission Tradeoff and Queue Management in Edge Computing29
An Adaptive Robustness Evolution Algorithm With Self-Competition and its 3D Deployment for Internet of Things28
Cooperative Intersection Crossing Over 5G28
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Placement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Directional Coverage in 3D Space24
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Wi-Fi Localization Enabling Self-Calibration19
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On the Theoretical Gap of Channel Hopping Sequences With Maximum Rendezvous Diversity in the Multichannel Rendezvous Problem17
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A Low-Cost Multi-Failure Resilient Replication Scheme for High-Data Availability in Cloud Storage17
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Network-Wide Forwarding Anomaly Detection and Localization in Software Defined Networks17
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Real-Time Update of Joint SFC and Routing in Software Defined Networks13
T-RACKs: A Faster Recovery Mechanism for TCP in Data Center Networks13
TopoX: Topology Refactorization for Minimizing Network Communication in Graph Computations13
Burst-Aware Time-Triggered Flow Scheduling With Enhanced Multi-CQF in Time-Sensitive Networks13
RobustPay+: Robust Payment Routing With Approximation Guarantee in Blockchain-Based Payment Channel Networks13
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NAMP: Network-Aware Multipathing in Software-Defined Data Center Networks13
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Service Function Path Provisioning With Topology Aggregation in Multi-Domain Optical Networks12
On Provisioning Slices and Overbooking Resources in Service Tailored Networks of the Future12
Accurate and Fast Recovery of Network Monitoring Data With GPU-Accelerated Tensor Completion12
Failure Resiliency With Only a Few Tunnels – Enabling Segment Routing for Traffic Engineering12
Fast Switch-Based Load Balancer Considering Application Server States12
From Conception to Retirement: A Lifetime Story of a 3-Year-Old Wireless Beacon System in the Wild12
Crowdsensing for Spectrum Discovery: A Waze-Inspired Design via Smartphone Sensing12
PolarScout: Wi-Fi Interference-Resilient ZigBee Communication via Shell-Shaping12
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Dynamic Online User Recruitment With (Non-) Submodular Utility in Mobile CrowdSensing12
Enabling Performant, Flexible and Cost-Efficient DDoS Defense With Programmable Switches11
Planning mm-Wave Access Networks Under Obstacle Blockages: A Reliability-Aware Approach11
Practically Deploying Heavyweight Adaptive Bitrate Algorithms With Teacher-Student Learning11
Using Smart Routing for Secure and Dependable NoC-Based MPSoCs11
Hu-Fu: Replay-Resilient RFID Authentication11
An Exact Implementation of the Abstract MAC Layer via Carrier Sensing in Dynamic Networks11
Network Latency Estimation With Leverage Sampling for Personal Devices: An Adaptive Tensor Completion Approach11
Boosting or Hindering: AoI and Throughput Interrelation in Routing-Aware Multi-Hop Wireless Networks11
HDS: A Fast Hybrid Data Location Service for Hierarchical Mobile Edge Computing11
A Secure Middlebox Framework for Enabling Visibility Over Multiple Encryption Protocols11
Scheduling With Age of Information Guarantee11
A Coverage-Aware Resource Provisioning Method for Network Slicing11
Reliable Physical-Layer Cross-Technology Communication With Emulation Error Correction11
Fast Enumeration of Regional Link Failures Caused by Disasters With Limited Size10
GeoCAM: An IP-Based Geolocation Service Through Fine-Grained and Stable Webcam Landmarks10
Revisiting Acknowledgment Mechanism for Transport Control: Modeling, Analysis, and Implementation10
Single vs Distributed Edge Caching for Dynamic Content10
Robotic Millimeter-Wave Wireless Networks10
Smart Name Lookup for NDN Forwarding Plane via Neural Networks10
O Peer, Where Art Thou? Uncovering Remote Peering Interconnections at IXPs10
Robust Distributed Monitoring of Traffic Flows10
Wideband Full-Duplex Phased Array With Joint Transmit and Receive Beamforming: Optimization and Rate Gains10
Resilient Range-Based d-Dimensional Localization for Mobile Sensor Networks10
Poisson Receivers: A Probabilistic Framework for Analyzing Coded Random Access10
The HOP Protocol: Reliable Latency-Bounded End-to-End Multipath Communication10
A Blockchain-Based Scheme for Secure Data Offloading in Healthcare With Deep Reinforcement Learning10
Missing-Tag Detection With Unknown Tags10
Communication-Efficient and Fine-Grained Forward-Secure Asynchronous Messaging10
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Distributed Broadcasting in Dynamic Networks10
Fast ReRoute on Programmable Switches10
WNOS: Enabling Principled Software-Defined Wireless Networking10
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An Anonymity Vulnerability in Tor10
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Design and Implementation of TCP-Friendly Meters in P4 Switches10
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Performance Analysis of the IEEE 802.11ax OBSS_PD-Based Spatial Reuse10
RouteNet-Fermi: Network Modeling With Graph Neural Networks9
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Learning to Schedule Network Resources Throughput and Delay Optimally Using Q+-Learning9
CleanG—Improving the Architecture and Protocols for Future Cellular Networks With NFV9
On the Algorithmic Solvability of Channel Dependent Classification Problems in Communication Systems9
Optimal Control of Distributed Computing Networks With Mixed-Cast Traffic Flows9
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Quality-Aware Incentive Mechanisms Under Social Influences in Data Crowdsourcing9
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COIN: An Efficient Indexing Mechanism for Unstructured Data Sharing Systems9
Combating Adversarial Network Topology Inference by Proactive Topology Obfuscation8
T-Cache: Efficient Policy-Based Forwarding Using Small TCAM8
Paid Peering, Settlement-Free Peering, or Both?8
Edge Computing in the Dark: Leveraging Contextual-Combinatorial Bandit and Coded Computing8
Delay Gain Analysis of Wireless Multicasting for Content Distribution8
Double-Auction Mechanisms for Resource Trading Markets8
Pose Sensing With a Single RFID Tag8
Wide-Sense Nonblocking Converting-Space-Converting Switching Node Architecture Under XsVarSWITCH Control Algorithm8
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Adaptive CSMA for Decentralized Scheduling of Multi-Hop Networks With End-to-End Deadline Constraints8
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Pricing, Bandwidth Allocation, and Service Competition in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks8
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Impact of Synchronization Topology on DML Performance: Both Logical Topology and Physical Topology8
Scheduling Coflows With Dependency Graph8
Delay-Based Network Utility Maximization Modelling for Congestion Control in Named Data Networking8
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MuSher: An Agile Multipath-TCP Scheduler for Dual-Band 802.11ad/ac Wireless LANs8
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On the Power of Randomization for Scheduling Real-Time Traffic in Wireless Networks8
Flow Table Security in SDN: Adversarial Reconnaissance and Intelligent Attacks8
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Joint Routing and Sketch Configuration in Software-Defined Networking8
Two-Dimensional Task Offloading for Mobile Networks: An Imitation Learning Framework7
A Mean Field Game Analysis of Distributed MAC in Ultra-Dense Multichannel Wireless Networks7
Energy-Efficient Job-Assignment Policy With Asymptotically Guaranteed Performance Deviation7
GRID: Gradient Routing With In-Network Aggregation for Distributed Training7
PFCA: A Programmable FIB Caching Architecture7
DetectDUI: An In-Car Detection System for Drink Driving and BACs7
Frequency Domain Feature Based Robust Malicious Traffic Detection7
A Scalable, High-Performance, and Fault-Tolerant Network Architecture for Distributed Machine Learning7
Asynchronous Coded Caching With Uncoded Prefetching7
WiFED Mobile: WiFi Friendly Energy Delivery With Mobile Distributed Beamforming7
Scheduling Massive Camera Streams to Optimize Large-Scale Live Video Analytics7
Information Source Finding in Networks: Querying With Budgets7