Acta Physica Sinica

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Identification and tracking of different types of crystalline nucleiduring isothermal crystallization of amorphous Ag3
Efficient reconstruction from truncated data in circular cone-beam CT3
Andreev reflection spectroscopy of ferromagnetic Fe<sub>0.26</sub>TaS<sub>2</sub> with layered structure3
Stability and electronic structure of hydrogenated two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides: First-principles study3
Effect of intrinsic defects and copper impurities co-existing on electromagnetic optical properties of ZnO: First principles study3
Design of novel memristor-based neuromorphic circuit and its application in classical conditioning3
High-frequency analysis of scattering from coated targets with electrically large size in half space3
Development and application of MoS<sub>2</sub> and its metal composite surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates3
New reduced matrix construction accelerated iterative solution of characteristic basis function method3
Influence of discharge parameters on pulsed discharge of coaxial gun in deflagration mode3
Review of charge deposition characteristics and trap parameters of dielectric in space electron radiation environment3
The light-stability of polycrystalline silicon films deposited at low temperatures from SiCl4/H2 mixture3
Demonstration of wide-bandgap GaN-based heterojunction vertical Hall sensors for high-temperature magnetic field detection3
Sound transmission in two-dimensional periodic poroelastic structures3
Isolated attosecond pulse generation from polarizationgating pulse with 10 fs duration3
Anti-plane fracture problem of four nano-cracks emanating from a regular 4<i>n</i>-polygon nano-hole in magnetoelectroelastic materials3
White organic light emitting devices based on ultrathin emitting layer and bipolar hybrid interlayer3
Research progress of molecular structure and dynamics of biological water3
Motion characteristics of coaxial gun discharge plasma current sheet3
Experimental study on Kα X-ray emission from intense femtosecond laser-solid interactions3
Isolated 38 as pulse generation from two-color pulse3
Electro-static discharge failure analysis and design optimization of gate-driver on array circuit in InGaZnO thin film transistor backplane3
Clean transfer of chemical vapor deposition graphene film3
Design of 100-MeV proton beam spreading scheme with double-ring double scattering method3
Estimating optical turbulence of atmospheric surface layer at Antarctic Taishan station from meteorological data3
Application of the equivalence principle and the reciprocity theorem to electromagnetic scattering from two adjacent spherical objects3
Conductivity of neutron star crust under superhigh magnetic fields and Ohmic decay of toroidal magnetic field of magnetar3
Density functional study of metal lithium atom adsorption on antimonene3
Properties and applications of one dimensional quasiperiodic lattices3
Energy conversion of multi-optical parametric oscillation based on time-dependent split-step integration methods in MgO:APLN3
Topology optimization of the volume-to-point heat conduction problem at micro- and nano-scale3
Angular distribution measurement and simulation of M band X-ray from the half- hohlraum3
The calculation of terahertz wave power radiated from GaAs photoconductive antenna3
Distributed temperature measurement with millimeter-level high spatial resolution based on chaotic laser3
Influence of different scattering medium on propagation characteristics to femtosecond laser pulses3
Radiative heat transfer in nanophotonics: From thermal radiation enhancement theory to radiative cooling applications3
Effect of contact resistance on field emission from carbon nanotube3
Ferroelectricity of flexible Pb(Zr<sub>0.53</sub>Ti<sub>0.47</sub>)O<sub>3</sub> thin film at high temperature3
Microstructural and electrochemical properties of sulfur ion implanted nanocrystalline diamond films3
A data inversion method for electromagnetic scattering from large-scale layered medium3