Al-Masaq-Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean

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Authority Beyond State and Tribe in the Early Medieval Maghrib: The Impact of Climate on the Economic, Social and Political Reorganisation of the Maghrib al-Aqṣā in the Eighth–Ninth Centuries: The Cas2
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The Fatimids and Egypt0
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“To Breathe Life into the Past as a Means of Bringing New Blood to the Present”: The Instructional Poetry of Abraham Ibn Ezra0
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“Lest the Faithful Doubt or the Heretics Mock”: Patriarchs, Caliphs and Implementing Excommunication in the Jacobite Church c.650–8500
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A Fifteenth-century Fatwa Issued by al-Wansharīsī on the Fate of Christian Prisoners: Death, or Captivity?0
Identifying the Rustamid Imamate. State Building and Urban Foundation through the Case of Tāhart0
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Response to Ann Chamberlin, Review of Coming of Age in Medieval Egypt: Female Adolescence, Jewish Law, and Ordinary Culture, reviewed by Ann Chamberlin, Doi: 10.1080/09503110.2020.18152980
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Talking Maps0
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Theology, Law and Social Configuration: Views and Attitudes towards Theological Innovators (mubtadiʿūn)0
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Islam and Judaism: Religious Attitudes and Identity in the Medinan Era0
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Author, Warriors, Martyrs, Dervishes: Moving Frontiers, Shifting Identities in the land of Rome (13th-15th Centuries)0
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That Most Precious Merchandise: The Mediterranean Trade in Black Sea Slaves, 1260–15000
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