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From the Editors of the Special Issue on Avionics Systems: Future Challenges3
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Results on Super-Resolution and Target Identification Techniques From the SPERI Project1
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Hybrid Perturbations in Stacked Patch–Ring Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antennas for CubeSat Applications1
Simulation Framework for Orbit Propagation and Space Trajectory Visualization1
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An End-to-End Modular Framework for Radar Signal Processing: A simulation-based tutorial1
The Radar Festival on the Rhine: A Highlight in the History of the IEEE AESS1
Power System Design and Performance for Low Earth Orbit Spacecraft1
Development of Relative Degree Based Aerospace Sliding Mode Control MATLAB Toolbox with Case Studies1
Industry Tip: Picking the Minimum Process Noise Variance for Your NCV Track Filter1
Restructuring Avionics Engineering Curricula to Meet Contemporary Requirements and Future Challenges1
AESS Senior Members Elevated in 20211
Augmented Reality-Based Robotic System for In-Space Servicing1
Calibration Method of MEMS Gyroscopes Using a Robot Manipulator1
A Rationale for Backprojection in Spotlight Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Formation1
Radar Challenges, Current Solutions, and Future Advancements for the Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems Mission1
Joint STARS—The Start of 50 Years of All Speed Surface Moving Target Detection and Tracking1
Meetings With One of the Fathers of Radar Through His Daughter, the Princess Elettra Marconi1
Three Special Sessions on Quantum Radar at IEEE Radar Conferences1
Foreword to the Special Issue on Quantum Radar—Part 21
Research Progress in Modeling and Evaluation of Cooperative Operation System-of-Systems for Manned–Unmanned Aerial Vehicles1
Modular and Flexible On-Ground Test Bench for Aircraft Electromechanical Actuators1
A Review on Recent Development of Multirotor UAV Fault-Tolerant Control Systems1
Multifunction Maritime Radar and RF Systems—Technology Challenges and Areas of Development1
Pedestrian Tracking in UAV Images With Kalman Filter Motion Estimator and Correlation Filter1
Hayabusa2 Re-Entry Capsule Tracking by Marine Radars1
CanSat Prototype for Plant Condition Characterization Through Vegetation Indices1
Flight Guidance Concepts to Mitigate Flight Control System Degradation in Urban Air Mobility Scenarios1
Design of a Low-Cost and Configurable Radar for Border Security0
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