Shofar-An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies

(The TQCC of Shofar-An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 500 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-11-01 to 2023-11-01.)
Fantastical Autography in Asaf Hanuka's <em>The Realist</em>3
The First Female Qadi in Israel's Shari`a (Muslim) Courts: Nomos and Narrative2
Moving Mezritsh: The Legacy of the Maggid and the Hasidic Community in the Land of Israel1
Navigating Change: Agency, Identity, and Embodiment in Haredi Women's Dance and Theater1
Women's Voices in Contemporary Hasidic Communities1
Introduction to Special Cluster: Tiberian Hasidism1
(In)visible Women: Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Women's Faces and the Internet1
Israeli Cinema Studies: Mapping Out a Field1
Monuments of Poetry: On the Publication History of Avrom Sutzkever's <em>Sibir</em>0
Eat, Pray, Laugh0
A Response to Naomi Seidman's <em>Sarah Schenirer and the Bais Yaakov Movement</em>0
Contemporary Orthodox Jewish Feminist Art in Israel: Institutional Criticism of the Rabbinical Establishment0
Unpaid Diamonds: Trust, Reputation, and the Merchants' Style in Eighteenth-Century Europe0
Front Matter0
"Was I afraid to get up and speak my mind? No, I wasn't": The Feminism and Art of Jewish Orthodox and Haredi Women. An Introduction0
Introduction to Special Cluster: Jews and the Diamond Trade0
Feminine Identity in Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Women's Contemporary Art0
On Making <em>93Queen</em>0
Front Matter0
<em>Sarah Schenirer and the Bais Yaakov Movement</em>: A Revelation0
Questions of Love and Truth: New Perspectives on the Controversy between R. Avraham of Kalisk and R. Shneur Zalman of Liady0
The Emergence of Israeli Orthodox Women Filmmakers0
Women's Education and the Rise of Political Orthodoxy0
Selected Poems from Chaim Grade's <em>Refugees</em>0
Let Me Hear Thy Voice0
Front Matter0
Redefining Kabbalah: Combinative American Religion at the Kabbalah Centre0
“Washing Away the Shame”: A Forgotten Arab-Jewish Author as a Pioneer against Honor Killing0
Recovering the Kerchief: Returning to Judaism in Contemporary Israeli Religious Women's Fiction0
Theology, Succession, and Social Structure in the Dispute between Rabbi Avraham Kalisker and Rabbi Shneur Zalman0
From Tiberias, with Love: Hermeneutics of Imbrication in Letters of Love0
“The Bastard is Rendered Kosher”: Diamonds, War, and the Legitimization of Private Capital in British-Ruled Palestine0
The Tender0
Childhood Memories from the Giado Detention Camp in Libya: Fragments from the Oeuvre of Nava T. Barazani0
The Impact of the Diamond Industry and the Diamond Workers' Union on Jewish Life in Amsterdam, 1894–19200
“I feel so crazy, like flying the coop”: The Lesser-Known Sarah Schenirer. Side Reflections on Naomi Seidman's Book0
Doctrine of the Distant <em>Tzaddik</em>: Mysticism, Ethics, and Politics0
Confronting the Shadow of the Holocaust through Transcultural Memory Networks: Martin Lemelman's <em>Mendel's Daughter</em> (2006) and <em>Two Cents Plain</em> (2010)0