Studies in Language

(The median citation count of Studies in Language is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-04-01 to 2024-04-01.)
Subject and Topic in Dinka13
Serial Constructions and Verb Compounding Evidence from Tariana (North Arawak)11
Source-Goal (a)symmetries across languages10
Constituency and coincidence in Chácobo (Pano)6
Dutch thetic and sentence-focus constructions on the semantics-pragmatics interface5
Words, Phrases, Pauses and Boundaries5
A typology of depiction marking5
Derivation predicting inflection5
Predicting voice choice in symmetrical voice languages4
Anti-Logophoricity and Indirect Mode in Mabaan4
Morphological structure can escape reduction effects from mass admixture of second language speakers4
On the polysemy of motion verbs in Ancient Greek and Coptic4
Against trivializing language description (and comparison)4
Manner of motion in Estonian4
Reported speech in earthquake narratives from six Tibeto-Burman languages4
Nominal classification4
Topicality in Sentence Focus utterances3
Typology of coding patterns and frequency effects of antipassives3
The expression of vulgarity, force, severity and size3
Subject and agentivity in Teotitlán Zapotec3
On order and prohibition3
Cross-linguistic patterns in the lexicalisation of bring and take3
The development of locative relative markers3
Concessive conditionals beyond Europe3
Creating versatility in Thai demonstratives2
Nominal determination in Moroccan Arabic2
The dual nature of irrealis in complementation2
Argument indexing in Kamang2
Postverbal negation2
Stories behind post-verbal negation clustering2
Subject preference in Ixcatec relative clauses (Otomanguean, Mexico)2
From syntax to morphology2
Discontinuous noun phrases in Ngkolmpu2
Assertion, presumption and presupposition2
Beyond nominal tense2
Syntacticized topics in Kurmuk2
Stability and change in the colour lexicon of the Japonic languages2
Synchrony and diachrony of postverbal negation in Jodï-Sáliban1
Multiple construction types for nominal expressions in Australian languages1
Source-Goal (a)symmetries across languages1
A typology of Goal-Source marking in transfer events1
Additive particle uses in Hungarian1
Quantifying clause chains in Nungon texts1
Exploring source/goal asymmetries in spontaneous and caused motion expression in Yuhup1
Markers of epistemic modality and their origins1
Asymmetries in Path expression in Ye’kwana1
From grammaticalization to Diachronic Construction Grammar1
Clause-internal antitopics in Berta, a Nilo-Saharan verb-second language1
Paradigmatic consequences of the suffixing preference1
Source-Goal asymmetries in Ese Ejja1
Zero morphemes in paradigms1
Ditransitive constructions in Akebu1
Repeating responses as a conversational affordance for linguistic transmission1
Review of Plank (1995): Double case: Agreement by Suffixaufnahme1
Towards robust complexity indices in linguistic typology1
Clause-final negative particles in varieties of Swedish1
Grammaticalized sources of Kurtöp verbal morphology1
Nominal reduplication in cross-linguistic perspective1
Variation in negation in Seto1
The two faces of animacy1
SAY-complementizers and indexical shift in Poshkart Chuvash1
A cross-linguistic study of emphatic negative coordination1
Iconicity in syntax and the architecture of linguistic theory1
Non-culmination in two Bantu languages1
Concernee-Concern constructions1
The missing link between truth and intensification1
Verbal number in Idi1
Prolegomena to a theory of chorophorics0
The action reference construction in Mandarin Chinese and typology of lexical flexibility0
Early Vedic compounds0
Evidentiality as a grammaticalization passenger0
A new converb originating from the locative noun in Beserman0
Independent and dependent possessive person forms0
The constructional categorization of Saisiyat multi-predicate sentences0
Review of Ansaldo, Don & Pfau (2010): Parts of speech: Empirical and theoretical advances0
Language simplification in endangered languages?0
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Plural marking patterns of nouns and their associates in the world’s languages0
Source-Goal (a)symmetry in Romanian0
Grammaticalization and phonological reidentification in White Hmong0
‘Until’ constructions and expletive negation in Huasteca Nahuatl0
A phonological investigation of Sanzari Boro0
Weather expressions in Basque0
Linguistic expressions of Goal, Source and Place in Polynesian languages0
Adjectival intensification in West Germanic0
Through space, relations, and thoughts0
Dogon pseudo-subjects with or without true subjects0
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Progressives in present and past0
Tonal morphology in Sama Nubri0
Caused-Motion and Caused-Position0
Comparing zero and referential choice in eight languages with a focus on Mandarin Chinese0
Multiple functions of the Cantonese ‘wait’ verb dang2 and their historical development0
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It’s all about the sentential construction0
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A hitherto unnoticed type of verb-framed construction in Lithuanian and the typology of event conflation0
The ‘general fact’ copula in Yolmo and the influence of Tamang0
Grammar (morphosyntax) and discourse0
A cross-linguistic syntactic analysis of telicity in motion predicates in Southern Tati, Mandarin, and Ghanaian Student Pidgin0
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Speaking about knowledge0
Source/Goal (a)symmetry0
From verb to New Event Marker0
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Copula to negator0
Expression of spontaneous motion events in Stieng0
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Simulative derivations in crosslinguistic perspective and their diachronic sources0
Possessive and non-identity relations in Turkic switch-reference0
Light-headed relative clauses in Teramano0
Periphrastic causative in West Circassian0
Differential object marking in P’orhépecha0
Grammatical nominalization in Yoron Ryukyuan0