COMPEL-The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in El

(The median citation count of COMPEL-The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in El is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 500 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-11-01 to 2023-11-01.)
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High-pass negative group delay analysis of single capacitor three-port circuit0
Guest editorial: Preface0
A fitting-extrapolation method of B-H curve for magnetic saturation applications0
Observability, controllability and stability analysis of discrete time engineering dynamic systems by means of Lagrangian, Hamiltonian and dissipative functions in discrete forms0
Guest editorial: Introduction to the special issue 16th International Workshop on OIPE0
The generalized nonlocal fractal calculus: an efficient tool for fractal circuit analysis0
Novel approach to stability analysis of DC drive with parameter uncertainty and perturbation in feedback system0
The determination of induction motor losses in steel taking into account its saturation0
A dynamic magnetostrictive model based on the Jiles–Atherton hysteresis model and field separation approach0
Closed-form and technology independent phase noise relation for LC oscillators0
Novel model of rotor design to increase the air gap flux of superconducting generator0
Analysis of methods and approaches of the electromagnetic calculation of induction machines regarding their use to solve multiphysical problems0
Transient performance of a magnetically geared induction machine0
Switching harmonic suppression design based on multi-objective optimization algorithm with constraint processing0
Conducted EMI analysis and filters design for a high-low voltage DC/DC converter based on GaN HEMTs in electric vehicle0
Design of a voltage regulation device based on virtual air gap principle0
Two three-phase linear power flow models for distribution power system under polar coordinates0
Finite element analysis and design of beam steering devices with global control0
Modelling and experimental verification of temperature effects on back electromotive force waveforms in a line start permanent magnet synchronous motor0
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The effect of brain functional network following electroconvulsive therapy in major depressive disorder0
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The system for distributed energy resources testing according to the IEEE 1547-2018 standard0
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Intern-turn fault modeling and diagnosis in permanent magnet vernier machine using modified magnetic equivalent circuit method0
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Guest editorial0
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Multi-objective optimization of high torque density spoke-type PM machine for special vehicle drive system0
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Multi-coil design for a coaxial double-cylinder head MRI scanner0
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Integrated numerical simulation of an electromagnetic transmission line galloping excitation test system0
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Analysis of the structure of different optimization strategies0
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Approaches for increasing the lifetime of single-shot coils0
Research on multiple transient modeling scheme for full-cycle design of the 12-pulse PSR rectifier0
Guest editorial: Preface0
An augmented multiphase rail launcher with a modular design: theoretical considerations and development0
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Implementation of the sliding-line technique in a MEC model of a linear bistable actuator0
Scattering by cracks in a conducting surface0
Guest editorial: Electromagnetic modelling exploiting fields and circuits0
Research on application of LU decomposition and CG method in nonlinear iteration of transmission line finite element method0
Can science exist without free discussion?0
Power density improvement of axial flux permanent magnet synchronous motor by using different magnetic materials0
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Identification of Duhem-type piezoelectric hysteresis using a modified bee colony algorithm0
Cold crucible melting with bottom pouring nozzle0
Analysis of several factors influencing the effect of induction magnetic levitation0
An analytical model for stator yokeless radial flux dual rotor permanent magnet synchronous machine0
A novel direct resolution method for coupled systems in finite element analysis0
An optimization-based methodology to design waveguides with metamaterial walls0
Time domain finite element method for metamaterial-based low frequency near field systems0
Diagnosis of brushless synchronous generator using numerical modeling0
Enhanced beamforming techniques for cylindrical-substrate microstrip array antennas0
A transform of univariable time domain polynomial for extraction of temporal arcs0
An improved on/off method with a two-step surface smoother for topology optimization of electromagnetic devices0
New electrical parameters extraction method based on simplified 3D model using finite element analysis0
Two-dimensional steady-state thermal analytical model of permanent-magnet synchronous machines operating in generator mode0
Analysis of electromagnetic torque for induction motors with a novel non-skewed rotor structure0
Simplification by pruning as a model order reduction approach for RF-MEMS switches0
Spurious radiation suppression in microstrip monopulse antenna0
A hybrid enrichment strategy for the efficient construction of reduced order models by the proper generalized decomposition0
An innovative deterministic algorithm for optimal placement of micro phasor measurement units in radial electricity distribution systems0
Dynamic output feedback control for nonlinear large-scale interconnected systems0
Proposal of a radially differential type magnetic-geared motor0
A plasma energy deposition based model for power cable bellows discharge0
Design of a small disc-type coreless permanent magnet brushed DC actuator0
Influence of the geometric parameters of a vertical rotational single-sheet tester on sample field homogeneity0
Sliding mode speed control of permanent magnet synchronous motor based on improved reaching law0
Impacts of using wide bandgap transistors on electronics and motors0
Obtaining the most exact Jacobian of the time modelling of power electronics structures for gradient-based optimisations0
Euler–Lagrange method for low-frequency metamaterials0
Double-wall pipe-type power-frequency electromagnetic heating device with diversion ring and its heating mode optimization0
Performance of 450 kW permanent magnet heater for aluminum billets0
Normal force calculation of two-degree-of-freedom direct drive induction motor considering coupling effect0
GPU-accelerated body-internal electric field exposure simulation using low-frequency magnetic field sampling points0
Comparing two topology transformer hysteresis models derived from DC hysteresis measurements0
Transient quasi-3D magneto-thermal analytical solution in PM induction heating device0
Online detection of bus bar plane stress based on electromagnetic loading0
Optimization of electroslag melting towards to titanium morphology improvement in combined Kroll process0
Neural network based harmonic elimination in single-phase inverters0
Lagrange multiplier optimization method for high current–low frequency inductor design0
A FEM in frequency domain for a transient electric field in non-sinusoidal steady state under the non-sinusoidal periodic voltage0
Hardware implementation of interconnection and damping assignment passivity-based control for BLDC motor using microcontroller0
Influence of vessel dimensions on particles homogenization and heat removing in TMF stirrer0
Analysis of mechanical flux-weakening by using the end-cap of the switched flux permanent magnet machines0
Design and performance analysis of cascaded pseudo derivative feedback plus pseudo derivative feedforward controller for PMSM drive0
Generic analytical models of memelement and inverse memelement with time-dependent memory effects0
Topology optimization and parameter optimization hybridized by mesh smoothing for IPMSM design0
Pyrit: A finite element based field simulation software written in Python0
Dynamic behavior analysis of cascaded buck converter and boost converter system0
Probabilistic weighted voting model using multiple machine learning methods for fault detection and classification0
Feasibility study of eigenmode propagation through 2D models of vegetation0
Design method for high-power high-frequency magnetic-resonance air-core transformer0
Optimal design of a yoke-less axial flux switching PM motor based on multi-objective PSO0
On the interaction between the design and operation under uncertainties of a simple distributed energy system0
Efficient high-resolution electric and magnetic field simulations inside the human body in the vicinity of wireless power transfer systems with varying models0
Simulation of nonuniform transmission lines0
A constrained topology optimization methodology based on budget constrained min-cut0
Quality factor based transducer power gain expression0
Gyrator-capacitor based modelling and simulation of forward converter0
Convolutional neural network for fast adaptive beamforming of phased array weather radar0
Robust optimal design of low frequency metamaterials considering the fabrication imperfections and parameter fluctuations0
Magnetic field simulations using explicit time integration with higher order schemes0
Evaluating magnetic fields using deep learning0
Guest editorial0
A robust numerical method for drawing the fluid flux-barrier geometry in the inner and outer rotor radial flux synchronous reluctance machines based on the finite difference method0
A new structure for line-start non-slotted axial-flux permanent magnet motor, proposing a novel 3D FEA-based demagnetization reduction approach0
Multi-physics analysis of a novel circular pantograph catenary system for high-speed trains0
Target classification using radar cross-section statistics of millimeter-wave scattering0
Optimal design methods for the uniform heating of tube ends for stress relieving0
Design and test of an open portable MRI system0
Prediction method of motor magnetic field based on improved Linknet model0
Hierarchical shape optimization of one-sided transverse flux heating induction coil0
Analysis of nonlinear LC circuit by symplectic conservative perturbation method0
The influence of stacking technologies on structural dynamic properties of electric motors iron cores0
A novel ROA optimized Bi-LSTM based MPPT controller for grid connected hybrid solar-wind system0
Analytical prediction of electromagnetic performance of dual-stator consequent-pole PM machines based on subdomain model accounting for tooth-tips0
Accurate fault detection during power swing: compensated line study0
Improved methods for stator end winding leakage inductance calculation0
Guest editorial: Introduction to the special issue Theoretical Electrical Engineering (ISTET 2022)0
On the practical h-stabilization of nonlinear time-varying systems: application to separately excited DC motor0
Unified and non-ideal switch model for analysis of switching circuits0
Design of efficient graphene plasmonic coupling circuits for THz applications0
Design and analysis of tubular permanent magnetic linear generator with 120° phase belt toroidal windings0
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Investigation of electromagnetic wave propagation in the bicomplex 3D-FEM using a wavenumber Whitney Hodge operator0
Influence of stator segmentation on iron losses in PMSMs for traction applications0
Computation of rotational hysteresis losses by vector Preisach models based on rotational operators0
Space vector modulation with reduced common mode voltage for six-phase drives0
Wideband performance limitations of the C-FDTD in the discretization impoverishment of a curved surface0
Physics-aware macromodels for MEMS switches0
Numerical calculation of transient electric field considering space charge in oil-paper insulation of converter transformers0
Electric field and SAR distribution in the vicinity of dental implants exposed to the cell phone electromagnetic radiation0
Analysis of memristor-based differentiating circuit0
Mode identification method of low-frequency oscillation for power system based on ambient data0
Robust mode transition control of four-wheel-drive hybrid electric vehicles based on radial basis function neural network estimation-a simulation study0
Use of current sheet coupled to an analytical tool to analyze by FEM the harmonic content of armature winding ditribution0
Design and dimensioning of a test bench for investigating the relationship between critical temperature and axial mechanical stress of GdBaCuO tape conductors0
A deterministic semi-infinite global optimization method to design slotless permanent magnet machines0
A fault tolerant sensorless position estimation scheme for switched reluctance motor at low speed0
Electro-quasistatic field-simulation of biological cells using balanced domain-decomposition0
Improving the accuracy for amplitude and frequency of analytical equation of single-ended ring oscillators based on circuit and transistor parameters0
DC operating points of nonlinear circuits and generalized Carleman linearization0
Guest editorial0
Design advantages and analysis of a novel five-phase doubly-fed induction generator0
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