Index on Censorship

(The TQCC of Index on Censorship is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 500 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-12-01 to 2023-12-01.)
Zooming in on privacy concerns: Video app Zoom is surging in popularity. In our rush to stay connected, we need to make security checks and not reveal more than we think20
Forced out of the closet: As people live out more of their lives online right now, our report highlights how LGBTQ dating apps can put people’s lives at risk8
Sexism is president’s power tool: Duterte is using violent language and threats against journalists, Rappler’s news editor explains5
Social media platforms have a moral duty to ban misinformation about vaccines: Two leading thinkers on vaccine hesitancy and misinformation debate this crucial question4
“The idea is to kill journalism”: Kashmiri journalists on what it’s like working under lockdown, an internet blackout and a new draconian media law4
Open book? In India, where people are forced to download a tracking app to get paid, journalists are worried about it also being used to access their contacts3
Dying for the mother tongue: Why have people in Inner Mongolia recently taken their lives?2
Another explosion for Lebanon: The blast in Beirut made international headlines. Even before that the nation was in turmoil and it has only worsened the mental health crisis2
Royally silenced: As students campaign against lèse-majesté laws, the Thai exile and royal critic with a Facebook group of two million followers considers their fate2
Generation app: How do diff erent generations feel about sharing personal data in order to tackle Covid-19? We ask people in South Korea, Spain and Italy2
Sending a red signal: When a contact tracing app went wrong a journalist was forced to stay in their home in China2
Italy’s bad internet connection: Italians have one of the lowest levels of digital skills in Europe and are struggling to understand implications of the new pandemic world2
Macho, macho man: A toxic form of masculinity has infected politics in Tanzania. Democracy is on the line1
Censoring the net is not the answer, but…1
Down with a disclaimer1
Emotional baggage1
Speaking for my silenced sister1
Long march towards cultural genocide: As news emerges of the present horrors happening in Xinjiang, an expert on the region looks at its recent history1
Democracy versus the people: Mali has seen a government coup following escalating protests. What has caused the unrest?1
Two faces of On Liberty: Liberal institutions are becoming more censorial. Is the philosopher John Stuart Mill to blame?1
Salvini exploits “lack of trust” in Italian media: The reputation of Italian media is poor, which plays straight into the hands of the far-right politician1
Bollywood’s Code Orange1
The clockwork show1
Dirty industry, dirty tactics: Miners in Brazil, Mexico and Peru are going to extremes to stop those who are trying to protest1
Fighting back against the menace of Slapps1
Lies, damned lies and fake news1
Another black day for Poland: The attack on women’s reproductive rights caused mass protests. Duda’s re-election gave it legitimacy1
Amin’s awful story is much more than popcorn for the eyes1
Crown confidential1
A climate of fear1
Silent majority: A culture of fear has taken over Venezuela, where people are facing prison for being critical1
Queer erasure: Internet browsing can be biased against LGBTQ people, new exclusive research shows1
Killed by the truth1
Unhealthy market: As coronavirus affects China’s economy, will a weaker market mean international companies have more power to stand up for freedom of expression?1
Exposing Saudi’s nasty tactics1
Virus masks a different threat: China is using Covid-19 responses and Hong Kong’s new security law to reduce freedoms in the city state1
Life under lockdown: A Kashmiri journalist: A Kashmiri journalist speaks about the difficulties – personal and professional - of living in the state with an internet shutdown during lockdown1
The staged suicide that haunts Brazil1
Chipping away at our privacy: Swedes are having microchips inserted under their skin. What does that mean for their privacy?1
The eyes of the storm: Spies are on the streets of Uganda making sure everyone abides by Covid-19 rules. They’re spying on political opposition too. A dispatch from Kampala1
There’s nothing wrong with being scared: As a journalist from Singapore grows up, her views on those who have self-censored change1
A slap in the face: Meet the Italian journalist who has had to fight over 126 lawsuits all aimed at silencing her1
It’s not easy being green1
How to challenge China: How do we make a global power sit up and take notice? These experts offer advice1
Fishrot, the global stench of scandal1
The double closet1
Fighting for Covid information: Meet the people who are ensuring that even those in the most censored environments receive accurate information on the pandemic1
Inside story: Hungary’s media silence: What’s it like working as a journalist under the new rules introduced by Hungary’s Viktor Orbán? How hard is it to report?1
China’s artful dissident1
Who Speaks for IOWA? The owner of a small-town radio station talks about feeling ignored in the rural USA1
Two letters0
“There’s nobody left to speak”: First they came for the journalists. Then they came for the lawyers and activists. Who can speak out in today’s India?0
Turkey’s zealots still want blood0
Hair apparent0
Welcome to the Kingdom of Impunity0
People first but not the media0
In Focus0
Permissible weapons0
Perfecting the art of oppression0
Looking back to when we looked forward0
Special Report0
The blasphemy obstacle course0
In the name of liberty…: Our freedoms are being taken before our very eyes0
A call to harm0
Special Report0
Cancel Putin, not culture0
Stage right (and wrong): The playwright David Hare talks to Index about a very 21st century form of censorship on the stage. Plus a poem of Hare’s published for the first time0
The not so secret garden: Better think twice before bathing naked in the backyard. It’s not just your neighbours that might be watching you. Where next for privacy?0
‘Animal can’t dash me human rights’0
America’s coming crucible0
In Focus0
Setting the story straight0
Refereeing rights0
The final chapter? The closing of Beijing’s iconic Bookworm has been met with cries of sadness around the world. Why?0
Is there a (real) doctor in the house?0
Out of the oven, into the fire0
Bordering on media control0
Denialism is not protected speech0
Singapore’s elastic band of a Public Order Act0
Putin’s pushbacks: Russians signed up for prosperity not oppression. Is Putin failing to deliver his side of the deal?0
Crossing red lines0
Tuning in to revolution0
Cancelling Russian culture is today’s moral imperative0
Lines of inquiry0
When the Russians came0
Modi and his angry men: India’s men are responding with violence to Modi’s increasingly nationalist war cry0
God waits in the wings… ominously0
Nonsense and sensibility: An interview with the bestselling author about society’s slide into a total surveillance state0
One step ahead of the game0
When the boot is on the other foot0
Mexico’s truth stares down barrel of a gun0
Not a slur0
The mafia state that is putty in Putin’s hands0
Sound and fury at political ‘bias’0
Making foes out of friends: North Korea’s grave human rights record is off the negotiation table in talks with South Korea. Why?0
Lived experience, to a point0
Royal secrecy has no place in a democracy0
A censored day?0
Stripsearch: Putin, Trump, Bolsonora - macho or… nacho?0
Raising Malaysia’s roof0
The mice hear the words of the night0
“Silence got us nowhere. We need to speak up”: One woman’s anguish and outrage over her sister’s disappearance and the millions of others into the concentration camp network in Xinjiang, China0
Generations apart? We sat down with Turkish and Chinese families to hear whether things really are that different between the generations when it comes to free speech0
An ancient virtue0
This is no joke0
Football’s leaving home0
Classic case of cancel culture0
Conspiracy of silence0
Trying to shut down women: Women are being forced out of politics as a result of abuse. We need to rally behind them, for all our sakes0
The Documentary Bolsonaro doesn’t want made: Brazil’s president has pulled the plug on funding for the TV series Transversais. Why? We speak to the director and publish extracts from its pitch0
No corruption please, we’re British0
The ‘truth’ is in the tea0
Tearing down the ivory tower: Amidst the noise of the pandemic, a thriving Istanbul university was shut down with litle outcry0
Special Report0
Tackling Israel’s thorny politics0
Presiding over bloodshed: The voice of the opposition is increasingly missing in action as Uganda approaches election day0
The rape of Uganda0
Music to Yemen’s ears: Could a new orchestra in Yemen signal the end of oppressive Houthi rule? These women hope so0
Pinochet’s ghost still haunts0
When the old fox walks the tightrope0
Between the gavel and the anvil: A new short story about a Libyan author who starts changing her story to please neighbours0
Russia’s great export: hostility to the free press0
Bosnia on my mind0
Time out: The star of the IT Crowd discusses online dating and introduces her new play, written for Index, that looks at love and deception online0
Up in smoke: A semi-autobiographical story from the son of two of Argentina’s disappeared0
Crowning glory0
The man who blew up America0
This is hate, not debate0
The article that tore Turkey apart0
Much ado about critics0
Uncle is watching0
A truly graphic tale0
The democratic federation stands strong0
France: On the road to illiberalism?0
Restaurants scrub off protest walls: All signs of the city’s recent protest past are being removed in Hong Kong’s restaurants, shops and even libraries following the new security law0
Scope for truth0
Still shouting at 500
Always looking over our shoulders0
The history man: One of China’s most widely read writers discusses a childhood memory of being punished for singing, alongside his short story, published in English for the first time here0
The Sudanese revolution will be illustrated: A profile of Khalid Albaih, the politcal cartoonist dubbed “an enemy of the state”0
Let’s talk about sex0
The snake sheds its skin0
Holding the rich and powerful to account0
Will the real Xi Jinping please stand up? China’s most powerful leader since Mao wears many hats - some of them draconian0
A race to the bottom0
Are we becoming Hungary-lite?0
An impossible choice0
Left behind and with no voice0
Tapestry of tyranny0
Special Report0
Banking on Russia’s poetic spirit0
Going graphic: Being a journalist in Mexico is often a deadly pursuit. But sometimes the horrors of this reality are only shown in cartoon form, as the journalist and illustrator show0
Better out than in?0
Poet who haunts Ukraine0
Turkish and European courts failed me0
Page turners or slow burners? New books reviewed on the murder of a Honduran activist, stories from a Tibetan town and a semiautobiographical account of an artist in the USA0
The party is your idol0
The Index0
Don’t be afraid to say two plus two is four0
Bylines, deadlines and the firing line0
Why the Taliban wanted my brave mother dead . . .0
How do you find 50 years of censorship?0
All hail those who speak out: It takes great courage to defend what you believe to be right. We must rally around those who do0
Battle cries0
Becoming tongue-tied: China is one country that is forcing people to give up their minority languages. Others have also attempted it0
A new world order0
No country for anxious men0
Change in the pipeline?0
In Focus0
Chaos censorship0
Don’t let them call the tune: A professor debates the moral questions about speaking at events sponsored by an organisation with links to the Chinese government0
Hope in the darkness0
Mexico’s deadliest state: The government’s promise to protect journalists from harm is failing. Just look at the state of Veracruz0
Speech patterns: The Eritrean writer on escaping one of the world’s most censored countries and now living in Trump’s USA. Plus a new short story of his0
Bad seeds0
The stench of white elephants0
The write way to fight0
Turkey changes its tune0
Special Report0
‘Threats will not silence me’0
Abuse not part of journalist’s day job: A reporter in the Netherlands has won a landmark case against her online harassers0
Seven tips for crushing free speech in the 21st century: Hey big guy, we know you’re the boss man, but here are some tips to really rule the roost0
My dramatic tribute to Samuel Beckett and Catastrophe0
The unbeaten0
Back to the future0
I wrote a play then lost my home, my husband and my trust0
Con (census): Turns out national censuses are controversial, especially in the countries where information is most tightly controlled0
Fighting back against vendetta Politics0
Metal shows its mettle0
A moral hazard0
How ‘industrial football’ was used to silence protests0
Windows on the world0
Maya Forstater: Pile-ons and censorship0
Practise what they preach0
Out with the old? Donald Trump’s conduct during and after the election appeared extraordinary, but a look at US history challenges that0
The dissident lives on0
Report first, talk later…0
The Index0
Ganging up against the truth: El Salvador’s government do not want you to hear about a potential deal they’ve made with the country’s biggest gang0
Speaking over the noise: In a year where there has almost been too much news, we reflect on some of the most important stories0
Academically challenged: A Turkish academic who worried about publicly criticising the government hit a tipping point once her name was faked on a petition0
The most dangerous man in Guantanamo0
Extremists use virus to curb opposition: Covid-19 is being used by religious militia as a recruitment tool in Yemen and Iraq. Speaking out as a secular voice is even more challenging0
On reputation laundering0
An unholy war on speech0
Back-up plan: Don’t blindly give away more freedoms than you sign up for in the name of tackling the epidemic. They’re hard to reclaim0
In the name of the father?0
Loose hair in Tehran0
Press under pressure0
Poetic injustice0
“Media must come together”: Interview with the New York Times’ lawyer on why the media needs to rally free speech. Plus Trump vs. former presidents, the ultimate machometer0
In Focus0
‘We’re not scared of these things’0
On not being shot0
Will Paulina ever rest?0
Keeping the faith0
Don’t mention femicide0
Victim of its own success?0
Policing symbolism0
Turkey’s newfound Russophilia0
The war the world forgot0
Tools of the real technos: The current autocrats have technology bent to their every whim. We’re vulnerable and exposed0
Special Report0
Fortress America0
Willingly watched: Chinese people are installing their own video cameras as they believe losing privacy is a price they are willing to pay for enhanced safety0
Monitoring terrorists, gangs - and historians0
The truth is in the telling0
Silent disco0
Stadiums built on suffering0
I can run, but can I hide?0
Metaphors and madness0
Spinning bomb0
Jamaica needs to be a republic – now0
Fake it till you break it0
Poland’s redemption songs0
‘Humpty Dumpty has maybe had the last word…’0
Not my turf: Helen Lewis argues that vitriol around the trans debate means only extreme voices are being heard0
Hong Kong’s valiants with a message for the world0
Bearing witness through poetry0
Palestine: I still have hope0
Standing alone0
Blogger flees Tunisia after arrest: After telling a joke, one Tunisian blogger had to flee her country to avoid prison0
Crossing the line: Cartels trading in cocaine are taking violent action to stop journalists reporting on them0
Censorship is still in the script0
Manuscripts don’t burn0
Why is the world applauding the man who assaulted me?0
Identically bad0
Laughing in Rwanda0
Omission is the same as permission0
Stripsearch: You’ve just signed away your freedom to dream in private0
Nowhere left to hide? Privacy has been eroded in Turkey for many years now. People fear that tackling Covid-19 might take away their last private free space0
Writer’s block0
A question of trust: It’s hazardous to discourage thought, and to undermine trust, especially in a crisis0
In defence of the unreasonable0
It’s foul play in Kashmir0
A bulletin of frustration0
Who will report on Nicaragua? Bianca Jagger tells Index a clampdown on dissent and independent media is reaching new heights0
Dream of saving sacred land dies in the dust0
Think of the children0
Special Report0
Sshh… no speaking out: Historians Tom Holland, Mary Fulbrook, Serhii Plokhy and Daniel Beer discuss the people from the past who were guilty of complicity0
Challenging Orbán’s echo chamber: Against the odds a new mayor from an opposition party has come to power in Budapest. We report on his promises to push back against Orbán0
An arresting start0
‘The light is no longer the light it used to be’0
World loses titans of free speech: A look at the free speech advocates that recently passed away including Sir Harold Evans0
Truth, down under0
Knife-edge politics: An interview with Serbian journalist Ana Lalic, who forced the Serbian government to do a U-Turn0
Past imperfect: The award-winning writer speaks to Rachael Jolley about the inspiration for her new short story, written exclusively for Index, which looks at the idea of ageing, and disappearing memo0
Four more years? Analysis of the upcoming US election looking at the media, plus a new satirical short story in which a dog considers Trump’s re-election hopes0
The Index0
When comics came out0
Weaponising difference0
Autism on screen is gonna be okay0
Putting abuse on the map: The coronavirus crisis has seen a huge rise in media attacks. Index has launched a map to track these0
Hackers paradise: Hackers across Latin America are taking advantage of the current crisis to access people’s personal data. If not protected it could spell disaster0
Can India survive more Modi?0
Winning friends, making enemies, influencing people0
Writing to the challenge: Orna Herr speaks to the Turkish author about his new short story, written exclusively for the magazine, in which Turkish people get obsessed with raccoons0
Secret agenda0
The price of revealing oil’s dirty secrets0
Crimea’s feared dawn chorus0
It’s time to put down the detached watchdog0
Culture vultures: The extent of art censorship in democracies is far greater than initially meets the eye, Index reveals0
No light at the end of the tunnel0
In Iran women’s bodies are the battleground0
Past imperfect0
Will the centre hold? They voted for Trump in 2016 because their voices were not being heard. How does middle America feel today?0
Blessed are the persecuted0
The smile that says a thousand words0
Russia’s Trojan horse moves closer to Europe0
A right royal minefield0
Modi’s singular vision for India0
Dead poets’ society0
War of the airwaves0
Don’t joke about Jesus0
Those we must not leave behind0
The first steps: across Europe with Little Amal0
The road of no return0
Words under fire0
The fatwa made publishers lose their nerve0
Stripsearch: Ping! Don’t forget we’re watching you… everywhere0
The Index0
New tactics to close down speech: The news editor at Rappler speaks to Index about legal threats against the media outlet’s CEO, Maria Ressa, plus a report on Index’s recent work0
A century of silencing dissent0
Poland’s papal problem0
The West is frightened of confronting the bully0
Seeing what’s around the corner: Facial recognition technology may be used to create immunity “passports” and other ways of tracking our health status. Are we watching?0
The people’s melody0
The big deal: French journalists past and present have felt pressure to conform to the view of the tribe in their reporting0
Silence is not golden0
Secrets, lies and a costly legal battle0
Culture in the cross hairs0
Speaking up for the Uyghurs0
Nothing in life is free: An investigation into how much information and privacy we are giving away on our phones0
The Qatar conundrum0
The silent minority0
A most unlikely ally0
Keep calm and let Confucius Institutes carry on0
Dissidents, spies and the lies that came in from the cold0
Where silence is the greatest fear0
Why journalists need emergency safe havens0
Nollywood gets naked0
‘The Satanic Verses is the rude contrary of the authoritarian lie’0
Joining Ukraine’s battle for freedom0
The unknown quantity: The Italian government is making efforts to cover up who and how many are trying to cross the Mediterranean0
Shadowing the golden age of Soviet censorship: The Turkmen author discusses those who got in bed with the old regime, and what’s happening now0
Moving the goalposts0
Europe’s new Orban: Janez Janša, Slovenia’s new prime minister, is mirroring the extreme policies of his Hungarian counterpart0
Fear and loathing in Belarus0
Xi’s real China dream0
Plays, protests and the censor’s pencil0
Less than social media: El Salvador’s new leader takes a leaf out of the Trump playbook to use Twitter to crush freedoms0
First they came for the female journalists0
Taking on the lion: With an aggressive former army captain as president, Brazilian journalists are having to employ bodyguards to stay safe. But they’re fighting back0
For the love of God?0
Worth a gamble0
Out of sight, but never out of mind: Our interview with the director of a new documentary about the disappeared in Syria0
Sounds against silence: Far from a bad rap here as Turkey’s leading musicians use music to criticise the government0
Ticking the boxes: Voter turnout has never felt more important and has led to many new organisations setting out to encourage this. But they face many obstacles0
A Cassandra worth heeding0
Tracing Turkey’s disappeared: A centre looks into the forced disappearances of Kurds in Turkey. Will they find answers or obstacles?0
King David he is not0
Away from the satanic0
How to ruin a good dinner party: We’re told not to discuss sex, politics and religion at the dinner table, but what happens to our free speech when we give in to that rule?0
Special Report0
The Index0
Reaching for an emotional flak jacket0
Politically corrected?0
Controlling the Covid message0
In Focus0
The nurse and the poet0
Special Report0
Faithful foot soldiers0
Poetry’s peacebuilding tentacles0
Elephant that should be in Nobel room0
We academics must fight the mob – now0
Russia’s exiled author writes back0
The Theatre of Resistance0
Bodies of evidence0
Of course it’s not appropriate – it’s satire0
Demand points of view: A new Index initiative has allowed people to debate about all of the issues we’re otherwise avoiding0
Would the media lie to you?0
A dissident hero0
Mind matters0
Masking the truth: The writer of The Vagina Monologues (formerly known as Eve Ensler) speaks to Index about attacks on the truth. Plus a new version of her play about living in a nuclear wasteland0
We don’t like it – no one cares0
Fifty years of Pride and prejudice0
Driven towards the exit: As Bulgarian media is bought up by those with ties to the government, journalists are being forced out of the industry0
Britain’s Holocaust island0
The soul of Sudan0
The enemies of those people0
The thorn in Vietnam’s civil society side0
Life in action: The Lebanese director talks to Index about how police brutality has increased in his country and how that informed the story of his new play, published here for the first time0
What is a woman?0
Nigeria’s crucible0
No winners in Israel’s ice cream war0
A light in the dark0
The real game is politics0
Remembering Rex Cornelio: Months on from the murder of Philippines radio host Rex Cornelio we speak to those who knew him about his bravery and his awful death0
Letters from Lukashenka’s prisoners0
Testament to the power of theatre as rebellion0
The Russians risking it all0
So who is judging YouTube?0
Women journalists caught in middle of a nightmare0
How much distance from Mao?0
Why Index has never been needed more: The world is witnessing an acceleration of illiberalism. We all need to be vigilant0
They like it best when you say nothing at all: Whether from lack of options or an unwillingness to be inconvenienced, some of our life choices are curtailing our freedoms0
Hey, big brother – we’re watching you: We will fight louder and harder for those whose governments have taken away their freedoms0
We are all dissidents0
Global leaders smear their critics: Dissenters beware - these made-up charges are being used across borders to distract and destroy0
Women defy gunmen in fight for justice0
Un-mentionables: The truths these world leaders really can’t handle0
My autism is not a lie0
Cigar smoke and mirrors0
Truth in seduction0
When silence is not enough: The philosopher ponders the dilemma of when you have to speak out and when it is OK not to0
Storytime is dragged into the guns row0
Why should music be censorable?0
Treat tragedies of the Ukraine war with dignity0
Special Report0
Challenge the gatekeepers0
From hijacker to media mogul0
Maltese double cross0
Respect for tradition0
The other half0
A papal precaution0
Obscenely familiar0
A marriage made in transgression0
Bars can’t stop a bestseller0
Heart and sole0
Playing the joker: The award-winning writer tells Rachael Jolley about the power of subversive jokes. Plus an exclusive short story set in a Syrian prison0
Ukraine’s media battleground0
Beijing’s fearless foe with God on his side0
“Apple poisoned me: physically, mentally, spiritually”0
India’s meaty issue0
Losing battle for truth in Russian lecture halls0
Statues within a plinth of their life0
We should not be put up for sale0
Governments seek to control reports: Journalists are facing threats from all angles, including new terrorist legislation0
Ecce homo sovieticus: Decades after the end of the Soviet Union, Russians are still plagued by totalitarianism. It’s getting worse0
‘Crimea has turned into a concentration camp’0
Spain’s Lonely Voices: We trace the demise of many minority Spanish languages and look at whether others will survive0
The Human Face and the Boot0
Bulldozing freedom0
A royal reckoning0
My three years of hell in an Uyghur ‘re-education’ camp0
What has the government got to hide? The new Irish government has to decide whether to block access to historic child abuse records0
India’s Great Firewall0
50 tech milestones of the past 50 years0
Banning those who ban: Jemimah Steinfeld talks to the Kuwaiti author about a landmark case in the country that saw a ban on books overturned. Plus an exclusive extract from al-Essa’s book Guardian of 0
Bad blood0
Burning through censorship0
Censorship? Hardly0
Worshippers of power0
Fighting Turkey’s culture war0
To better days0
Special Report0
Government hits activists’ online profiles: Journalists and activists are finding their social media profiles hacked and sometimes deleted in a clear harassment campaign in Azerbaijan0
Suffering in silence0
“Your limitless grief is a tale with no ending”: We publish the poetry of three Uighur poets – Abuqadir Jüme Tunyuquq, Idris Nurillah and Shahip Abdusalam Nurbeg – who have disappeared in China0
Special Report0
Protest works: Two activists on how their protest movements led to real political change in Hungary and Romania0
The martial art of free speech0
Handmaid’s Tale in Holy Land0
Fighting the propaganda tsars: The Russian writer speaks to Index about why his books are sold wrapped in plastic and shares an extract from The Gospel According To0
The Index0
Fighting information termination0
We walk a very thin line when we report ‘us and them’0
Hong Kong writes: A Hong Kong poet talks to Index from the frontline of the protests about how her writing keeps her and others going. Also one of her poems published here0
The Index0
Politics or passion?0
UK law risks criminalising the innocent0
Beware the ‘civilisation’ battle0
“The state won’t protect you”: The death of Robert Mugabe brought so much hope, but improvements to daily life have not come for Zimbabweans. Far from it0
We could all disappear: The Bangladesh novelist on why his next book is about a famous writer who disappeared in the 1970s0
America’s coolest members club0
Divided by age and a TV screen0
Special Report0
Cultural amnesia in Cairo0