Social Studies of Science

(The TQCC of Social Studies of Science is 29. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-06-01 to 2023-06-01.)
Objectivity and the Escape from Perspective318
From ‘Ivory Tower Traditionalists’ to ‘Entrepreneurial Scientists’?186
The Rise of Membrane Technology148
Research Note: From co-location to co-presence: Shifts in the use of ethnography for the study of knowledge134
Postscript to the Special Issue: Governing Life by Standards133
Simplification in Scientific Work: An Example from Neuroscience Research122
The perils and promises of microbial abundance: Novel natures and model ecosystems, from artisanal cheese to alien seas110
Author Judgements about Works They Cite: Three Studies from Psychology Journals109
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Comparing the Sciences: Citation Context Analysis of Papers from Neuropharmacology and the Sociology of Science85
From Field to Fantasy71
Differences in Impact of Scientific Publications: Some Indices Derived from a Citation Analysis62
Genetic ancestry testing among white nationalists: From identity repair to citizen science52
Between Fact and Fiction49
Data as promise: Reconfiguring Danish public health through personalized medicine49
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From Discovery to Invention: The Writing and Rewriting of Two Patents44
From hydroimperialism to hydrocapitalism: ‘French’ hydraulics in France, North Africa, and beyond42
Strong Constructivism — from a Sociologist's Point of View: A Personal Addendum to Sismondo's Paper41
From Truth to Disinterestedness in the Seventeenth Century41
Trust in standards: Transitioning clinical exome sequencing from bench to bedside38
From Eugenics to Scientometrics34
Rethinking gaming: The ethical work of optimization in web search engines33
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Political airs: From monitoring to attuned sensing air pollution31
What can science and technology studies learn from art and design? Reflections on ‘Synthetic Aesthetics’31
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Revolutionary dreams: Future essentialism and the sociotechnical imaginary of the fourth industrial revolution in Denmark30
The Expulsion of the Neanderthals from Human Ancestry: Marcellin Boule and the Social Context of Scientific Research29
Datafication and accountability in public health: Introduction to a special issue29
Research from the Boundary Layer29
The missing, the martyred and the disappeared: Global networks, technical intensification and the end of human rights genetics29