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(The TQCC of Oxford Literary Review is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01.)
‘Something One Does Not Know One's Way about in’3
‘We Ourselves Speak a Language that is Foreign’: One Hundred Years of Freud's Uncanny3
Psychoanalysis Itself2
Freud's Uncanny in the Posthuman Valley2
The Uncanny Indian2
Uncanny Cast2
Chinese Versions of the Uncanny2
Getting Unscrewed: A Brief, Unhinged Reading of E. T. A. Hoffmann and Sigmund Freud1
Both Realities Occurring at Once1
Life as Metaphor in Derrida and Fink1
Metaphor in Biosemiotics and Deconstruction1
Hosting and Ghosting Freud: Derrida as Uncanny Philosopher1
Negotiating Meaning: The Case of ‘The Uncanny’ and ‘Ajīb-o Gharīb1
What Is Uncanny, This Is Uncanny: Beckett's Foreign Language1
Uncanny Allegory and the Return of the Repressed Garfield Phone1
When Death Turns to Self0
The Retrait of Rhetoric0
Front matter0
‘We once believed … Now we no longer believe’0
The Question of Metaphoricity: French Epistemology in Deconstruction0
A Conversation with Jacques Derrida about Heidegger0
Editorial Note0
Specters of Translation: Jacques Derrida, Safaa Fathy, and Nom à la mer0
When Humour Has the Last Word: Freud and the Magnanimous, Playful, Not Cruel, Very Benign Superego0
Back matter0
De-posing the Uncanny0
The Pregnant Uncanny0
The Uncanny: A Step-by-Step Guide0
Glas Struggles0
Tout contre Heidegger0
Fanon's Uncanny0
Reading against the Forces of Boredom: Environmental Literary Culture in ‘the Age of Amazon’0
Back matter0
The Riot of the Literal0
Editor’s Preface0
Lapses: When Friends Clock Out0
Francesco Vitale, Biodeconstruction: Jacques Derrida and the Life Sciences0
Re-Membering – A Plea for Togetherness0
Writing (Away) Anguish: Évelyne Grossman's The Anguish of Thought0
Even the Plague Journal: Everything Is Happening Extracts (1)0
Luminous Snails, or ‘Something More Besides’0
Deconstruction as Repetitive Crossing Out and the Movement of Appearing: On Derrida's 1964/65 Heidegger Reading0
Front matter0
Back matter0
Abstracts and Keywords0
Abstracts and Keywords0
Carnophallogocentrism and Eco-Deconstruction0
Editorial Note0
Hermaphrodite, Rosalba0
Front matter0
Front matter0
A Flair for Theory: Freud, Derrida, Kafka, and Kant0
An ‘Inhumanist’ School?0
Back matter0
Death Sentences: Peggy Kamuf's Literature and the Remains of the Death Penalty0
You Put a Spell on Me0
Editors’ Preface0
Heidegger at Heart0
The Hidden Law of Selfhood: Reading Heidegger's Ipseity after Derrida's Hospitality0
A Ghost Environmental Politics0
Three Timely Untimelies: Heidegger and Derrida on Nietzsche's Second Untimely Meditation0
Freud's Roids0
Introduction: What Might Eco-Deconstruction Be?0
Another Uncanny with Wilfred Bion0
Hypochondriacal Reading: Phantom Illness and Literature0
Mourning Alone Together0
Eco-Deconstructive ‘Misreadings’: Textuality and Materiality in Derrida and Christian Bök0
Reading Pieces0
Back matter0
Wandering Comparisons—Between Derrida and Zhuangzi0
On Menwith Hill0
When Nature Calls: Uncanny Teletechnologies from Aristotle to Heidegger and Derrida0
Back matter0
Phantom Threads0
Salut to Jean-Luc Nancy0
Whose Language is it Anyway?0
The House That Jacques Built (Goes up in Flames); or, Mal d’Écologie0
Uncanny Kennings: Provocation and Fugue on the Anasemic Unheimliche0
Yes, And Yes0
One Hundred Years of Freud's Uncanny: Year One0
Commemoration and Autobiography: In Memory of Laura Marcus0
‘The Haunted World below Our Waking Consciousness’: May Sinclair's Uncanny Modernism0
Elizabeth Bowen’s The Hotel: An ABC of Reading0
Front matter0
Uncanny Animal Writing0
Front matter0
Commemorations: From Dusk to Dawn0
Reading and Its Discontents0
Postcolonial Remainders: Revisiting the Trace from the Standpoint of the Anthropocene0
Freud's Uncanny and Speculative Elegy0
Differing the Ecological Event: Interpretive Mutations between Bio- and Eco-Deconstruction0
Beckett's Ghosts: Estrangement as Literary Strategy0
‘A Mad Image, Chafed by Reality’: Kubrick, the Uncanny and the 4th of July 1921 Photograph in The Shining0
Analogies or Ontologies? On the Unreasonable Effectiveness of ‘Code’ in the Life Sciences0
The Second Body: Uncanny Doubles and the Anthropocene0
Introduction: First Words on Last Words0
Mère-enfant, à-contresens: preserving scenes of ‘terrible splendour’ in Cixous's Homère est morte…0
Resisting Ex-Appropriation: Artistic Remains at Times of Environmental Instability0
Back matter0
The Gestell from Hell: Philosophy Sets Up ‘America’0
Front matter0
Auto-memoration, Con-memoration: A ‘Self’/Reflection0
Second Nature0
Exoheliotrope: Metaphor in the Texts of Astrobiology and Deconstruction0
Essex Colloquium Discussion0
No Reading Aloud! Sound and Silence in Plato’s Socrates and Derrida’s Plato0
Happy Reading!0
Editor's Preface0
Michael Naas, Plato and the Invention of Life0
Vadivel's Body0
‘To be or not to be’ of Eco-Deconstruction0
Front matter0
A ‘Shabby-looking School Master’ and ‘A Retired School Teacher in Galoshes’: Footnotes on Sigmund Freud and Charles Simic0
Narcissism and the Aesthetics of ‘The Uncanny’0
Review of Jacques Derrida, Theory and Practice0
Uncanny Genet?0
Born to Mourn0
Back matter0
Saving the Lost Ones0