Studies in American Jewish Literature

(The TQCC of Studies in American Jewish Literature is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-06-01 to 2024-06-01.)
The Rise of Gitl Podkovnik: Rereading Abraham Cahan’sYeklthrough the Lens of Its Heroine1
The Last Black (Jewish) Unicorn: Tiffany Haddish’s Black Mitzvah and the Reframing of Jewish Female Identity1
Book Review1
Midge: A Women of Her Time, but Also of Our Own?1
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the Fantasy of Becoming1
“Exiled from Exile Itself”: Jewish Privilege and the Feminist Afterlives of Yiddish in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Broad City1
Introduction: Representing the Jewish American Woman in Popular Culture0
Ozick’s Idols0
Front Matter0
Ozick’s Feminism and the Woman Writer0
Going To and Fro and Walking Up and DownMeets “I Do This, I Do That”: Reconnecting Charles Reznikoff and Frank O’Hara0
Yekl to Jake: Reading Cahan with Arendt0
“Don’t Be Hopeless, Kid”: A Literary-Biographical Consideration of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s First Years in New York, 1935–19370
Victoria Aarons and Holli Levitsky, eds. New Directions in Jewish American and Holocaust Literatures: Reading and Teaching.0
Maeera Y. Shreiber. Holy Envy: Writing in the Jewish Christian Borderzone0
Postmemory and Race: Thylias Moss and the African-Americanization of the Holocaust0
“EatMor Dairy”: Ben Katchor’s Genealogy of the Dairy Restaurant0
Rethinking the Stories ofRembrandt’s Hat, by Bernard Malamud0
The Midrashic Impulse0
Estranging Adorno: The Dialectics of Alienation in Leonard Michaels’s “I Would Have Saved Them If I Could”0
Un libro no convencional”: Communities of Response and Finding Jewishness in Alex Appella’s Writing0
Resistance to—and Persistence of—Theory0
Moloch and Monotheism: Ozick’s Aestheticism0
“Love, Alex”: Queering Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated0
Jacques Berlinerblau. The Philip Roth We Don’t Know: Sex, Race, and Autobiography0
Book Review0
Dean Franco. The Border and the Line: Race, Literature and Los Angeles0
Book Review0
Nomadism and Stasis in Transparent0
The Melodrama of Cynthia Ozick’s Imagination0
“My Father’s Face”: Judaism, God, and Ritual Practice in Philip Roth’sEveryman,Indignation, andNemesis0
Jewish Studies and Jewish Ethics0
Shana Rosenblatt Mauer. Mordecai Richler’s Imperfect Search for Moral Values0
Chaim Potok and the Holocaust0
The Warsaw Ghetto in American Art and Culture0
Cynthia Ozick’s “Outcry of Failure”0
Sarah Imhoff. The Lives of Jessie Sampter: Queer, Disabled, Zionist0
A Hundred Acres of America: The Geography of Jewish American Literary History0
Dana Mihãilescu. Eastern European Jewish American Narratives, 1890–1930.0
The Weight of RBG’s Crown: Jewish Feminism and Its Appropriations0
Editors’ Introduction: Cynthia Ozick and the Art of Nonfiction0
“The Dark Path Back”: Investigating Holocaust Memory in Sara Paretsky’s Novel Total Recall0
All the Realities and All the Illusions0
Between Granite and Rainbow: Woolfian Literary Speculation in Ozick’s Nonfiction0
Pre/Occupied Longing: Toward a Definition of Postnostalgia in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated0
Zev Eleff. Authentically Orthodox: A Tradition-Bound Faith in American Life0
How the Other Half Looks: The Lower East Side and the Afterlife of Images0
Front Matter0
Telling Tales of Difference: Portrayals of Immigrant Identity in Cahan’s, Cohen’s, and Yezierska’s “Landscapes” of Otherness and Contrast0
The Limits of Drag: Women, Gender, and the Other in Hayehudim Baim0
Empowering the Literary Essay: Cynthia Ozick and the Search for Authority0
Traumatic Mapping and Generational Topographies in Amy Kurzweil’sFlying Couch0
Victoria Aarons, ed. The New Jewish American Literary Studies. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019.0
“One Day Our Warmest Friend; the Next Our Bitterest Enemy”: Mordecai Manuel Noah and the Black-Jewish Imaginary0
Sasha Senderovich. How the Soviet Jew Was Made0
An “Ambiguously Menacing Predicament”: Reading The Plot Against America in the Age of Donald Trump0
Abraham Cahan’sThe Rise of David LevinskyinMcClure’s Magazine: Race, Capitalism, and Jewish American Identity0
Sheila E. Jelen. Salvage Poetics: Post-Holocaust American Jewish Folk Ethnographies0
Josh Lambert. The Literary Mafia: Jews, Publishing, and Postwar American Literature0
Memory and the Exigencies of Literary Form: Anthony Hecht’s “The Book of Yolek”0
Magical American Jew: The Enigma of Difference in Contemporary Jewish American Short Fiction and Film0
Essay as Novel and Fiction as Art: The Evolution of Two Genres in the Oeuvre of Cynthia Ozick0
The Lord of History in Cynthia Ozick’s “Ruth”0
Either War Is Finished or We Are: Why Herman Wouk’s Duology Deserves a Second Look0
The Destruction of Israel and Other Fantasies in Jewish American Literature0
Sharon Oster. No Place in Time: The Hebraic Myth in Late-Nineteenth-Century American Literature0
Barbara E. Mann. The Object of Jewish Literature: A Material History0