Renaissance Studies

(The TQCC of Renaissance Studies is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-02-01 to 2024-02-01.)
The Diplomacy of Clara Gonzaga, countess of Montpensier‐Bourbon: Gendered perspectives of family duty, honour and female agency2
A visual testament by Luca Riva, a deaf and mute pupil of the Procaccini2
Moral Instruction by Bad Example: The First Latin Translations of Theophrastus’ Characters☆1
The Porter and the Jesuits: Macbeth and the Forgotten History of Equivocation1
Visions in stone: Illusion, animation and the devotional gaze in the art of Northern Italy1
A Donatello for Rome, a Memling for Florence. The maritime transports of the Sermattei of Florence†1
Early modern reader management: begin+infinitive as a discourse marker in P. C. Hooft’s Dutch prose1
Literalising Metaphor in the Poetry of Robert Southwell1
Feathers and the Making of Luxury Experiences at the Sixteenth‐Century Spanish Court1
How Gabriel Harvey read tragedy*1
The evidence of hearsay in criminal proceedings from Late Renaissance France1
‘The Spanish seignor’ or the transnational peregrinations of an anti‐Hispanic Dutch broadsheet1
Female Representation and Violence in the Ceremonial Entries of the Italian Wars1
Re‐reading a quatrain by Mary Queen of Scots1
‘Fair Quiet, have I found thee here?’: The relationship between garden settings and otium–negotium in sixteenth‐century philosophical dialogues1
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Books Received0
Tintoretto’s Hebrew book0
Displaying secrecy in George Gascoigne’s The Adventures of Master F.J.*0
ChristineShaw, Reason and Experience in Renaissance Italy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021. 400 pp. £90.00. ISBN 978110884537 (hb).0
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Shakespeare's Sonnets, before and after0
Aretino Jesuited: an English Translation of the Sette Salmi in Seventeenth‐Century Douai0
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Changing Jerome’s Bible: Biblical quotations in the patristic translations of Lampugnino Birago (1390–1472) and George of Trebizond (1396–1472/3)☆0
Pius II and the Andreis (1462): Textual Circulation, Crusade Promotion and Papal Power0
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Prints as communication of power: Cardinal Carlo Barberini and the synods of his abbeys0
Ass‐troll‐ogical Nashe: Revisiting Two Dangerous Comets and A Wonderful Prognostication0
Cosimo I’s Self‐Made Spy: Information and Misinformation in Sixteenth‐Century Venice and Florence0
Captaining Men's Souls: Richard Hakluyt's Ministerial Works0
The Three Ladies of London (ca. 1581): Re‐Reading Anxieties of Anglo‐Ottoman Exchanges Through Critical Race Theory0
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Books Received0
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Looking up music in two ‘encyclopedias’ printed in 15010
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Sovereign Spaces: Mise‐en‐page and the Politics of English Royal Correspondence in the Sixteenth Century*0
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‘The very wound of this ill news’: Maximilien Morillon and the impact of bad news during the early years of the Dutch Revolt, 1566–740
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A prosopographical study of early modern English schoolmasters, c.1480–c.16500
Cupids of Colour: Gods of African Appearance at Sixteenth‐Century German Courts0
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Issue Information0
Jahangir's China and Other Toys: Mughal Collecting and the Early East India Company0
Sisterhood and the law in Thomas Watson’s Antigone0
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Mere claptrap jumble? Music and Tudor cheap print0
Reading the Religious Diversity of the Later Seventeenth‐Century Ottoman World: An Anglican Traveller's Perspective0
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Titian: Love, Desire, Death (16 March–14 June 2020, prolonged until 17 January 2021). Catalogue edited by Matthias Wivel with essays by Beverly LouiseBrown, JillDunkerton, PaulHills, LeliaPacker, Javi0
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Putting Galileo in his Place: Geographical Origins and the Rhetoric of Scholarly Credibility0
Issue Information0
A New Masaccio—and Other Low‐Life Images—from Anton Francesco Grazzini's Florentine Art History0
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Picturing the Pox in Italian Popular Prints, 1550–1650☆0
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Books Received0
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Hester Pulter's Psalmic Poems0
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Time and memory in Carthage0
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Ethiopian Christians on the margins: Symbolic blackness in Filippino Lippi's Adoration of the Magi and Miracle of St Philip0
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What kind of thing I am0
‘Not as a Poet, but a Pioner’: Fancy and the Colonial Gaze in William Davenant's Madagascar (1638)0
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Advertising grammars and dictionaries in the Venetian printing market: A linguistic analysis of title pages0
And he shall rule over you: Genesis and the sexes in Marguerite de Navarre’s Heptaméron0
Embodying the Voice0
Globalism, Transculturalism, and the Corporate Empire0
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