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(The TQCC of New Scientist is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-05-01 to 2023-05-01.)
UN climate change summit8
History of Violence7
The rise of real eco-fascism5
Global warming will drive extreme wet weather in summer5
Gender pay gap grows5
I have eco-anxiety but that's normal5
Stressed about the climate?4
Two minds are better than one4
Rivers in the sky4
The long reach of race science4
What is consciousness?4
The femtech gold rush4
Climate protest goes global3
Can AI ever be truly creative?3
Your mystery microbiome3
The looming electric car battery waste mountain3
Don't ban fake news3
‘Celebrities have a huge impact on pseudoscience’2
Idai's trail of destruction2
Land of a million craters2
Facebook launches a digital currency2
The psychobiotic revolution2
From the archives2
China, Russia and the US in hypersonic arms race2
Welcome to the age of wood2
The renewables revolution is stalling2
How Earth shaped us2
The space-wide web2
Arctic rescue squad2
Hurting the world you love2
AI needs more energy than five cars2
Light is leaking into vital habitats2
Rise of the fatbergs2
The final frontier2
Mars ship almost ready2
Fracking banned as UK parties compete on green credentials1
Waste brine may harm marine life1
Saving Earth by changing us1
CRISPR babies researcher fired1
Science's fake news problem1
Reviving brains hours after death1
Moss-covered walls installed to clean city air1
Genoa bridge demolished1
HIV resistance shortens life1
Cuttlefish embryos learn to see and fear predators1
Dubbing with deepfakes1
DNA isn't a marketing tool1
The dark psychology behind YouTube's success1
Impaired visions1
The end of species1
Venice sees the beautiful art of data1
Fantastic beasts1
Space rocks reveal surprises galore1
The agony of waiting1
Climate change made heatwave more likely1
Antibiotic resistance killed more than AIDS in 20191
The rise of stalkerware1
Gut bacteria could explain drug side effects1
From the archives1
‘We need to realise that we are ignorant about our ignorance’1
Hidden surveillance1
Banning Huawei from 5G infrastructure1
Protein mania1
Many millions of pigs wiped out as African swine fever spreads1
Life's Dark Ages1
The facts about Facebook's fact-checking1
Sailing through space1
UK knew its photo checker could fail with dark skin1
A real mouthful1
The call of the primes1
From the archives1
Google has made a virtual football pitch for training AIs1
Paradox-free time travel1
Rise Of The Super Magnets1
Blood amber1
African swine fever contributes to rise in food prices1
Climate strikes grow up1
Moving away from the coast1
Against the flow1
How to think about…INFORMATION1
US is developing camouflage that can fool enemy AIs1
Sexuality is complex1
Dawn of the pyrocene1
Is vertical farming the way to a greener life?1
Hidden consciousness1
Crewed missions to the moon1
Google's hate speech AI may be racially biased1
Creative differences1
The truth about ‘ancient grains’1
Drastic geoengineering could help stem rising seas1
The emerging threats from disruptive technologies1
Are there really only 100 harvests left?1
From the archives1
Bringing order to chaos1
The changes could be abrupt and irreversible. We don't know where things may end up1
Whales' brighter future1
Hunting for life in the machine1
Beyond weird1
You can change the size of your pupils just by thinking1
Asking the Earth1
Meet your digital doctor1
Electric fields1
Artificial intelligence is analysing heart scans in dozens of hospitals1
Heart of quantum1
Google reigns supreme1
Beware quantum winter1
The year the world woke up to climate change1
Avoid over-sharenting1
Starlink obscures images of the sky1
Fighting fake news1
Two-child policy in China sees millions more babies born1
Bringing it back home1
Inside the information wars1
Working hypothesis1
Voice assistants may be less likely to understand women1
All bets are off1
All hail the urban jungle1
Sunscreen safety fears1
Teachers snoop on pupils' brains1
Mystery of pointing babies may have finally been solved1
Dirty money?1
Scan here to pay1
We could terraform Mars using a strange silica blanket1
Destination: Mars1
Next CRISPR babies planned1
Global warming is causing oceans to lose oxygen1
Your questions answered1
Let the sun shine1
SpaceX plans to send up 40,000 satellites1
A century of global warming1
Green thinking for a crowded planet1
Experimental Alzheimer's drug1
AI judges make good calls on human rights violations but could be gamed1
Simulating the world1
The beginning that has no end1
Dorian's devastation1
Autonomous killer drones set to be used by Turkey in Syria1
Life is sweet1
Why drones cause airport chaos1
Predicting Brexit-related hate crimes1
Cloud loss may lead to 14°C of warming1
Tree of life1
Fish faeces to fuel submerged drones1
Crashed jets lacked safety upgrades1
UK raises climate goal to net zero carbon by 20501
Flying on empty1
Blood pressure drug may ease PTSD1
Climate change food supply alert1
Small porpoise on brink of extinction0
Our ageing population could make it even harder to limit climate change0
Ethnic minority academics get less money for research0
The animal with an anus that disappears0
The decade's 5 biggest disappointments0
Face shape lets AI spot rare disorders0
Let's fight sexism with data0
Bulldogs' genetic breathing problems0
Too much snow may doom Arctic species0
Your own animal avatar0
Don't miss0
Two-million-year-old toothache0
Gut bacteria may affect who gets allergies0
First ever UK moon rover0
Hourglass figure0
Prepare to dive! Seals take control of ‘automatic’ reflex0
The hard stuff0
Male infertility linked to cancer0
Chlamydia vaccine shown to be safe in first test in people0
DeepMind's medical AI0
Frogs evolved to be more scared thanks to mongooses0
Waking up to anti-science0
Smart PJs tell if all is well as you snooze0
Reaching for the moon once more0
Stork-bot makes airdrops a cinch0
Vanishing Amazon0
The charm of antimatter0
From the archives0
Current Affairs0
Breaking the glass orbit0
Working hypothesis0
A Stone Age barbecue0
Planes to fly close together to cut fuel0
A key question0
Mind-reading implant tells what you hear0
Walking whale conquered America0
Guaranteed uncertainty0
Cobalt could be harvested from the sea for batteries0
The last-mile revolution0
Introducing Scotty: the world's heaviest T. rex0
Prosthesis helps you feel each step0
Gene variants linked to sudden death in athletes0
This week's questions0
Trees from a fantasy scene0
Q & A0
Happy New You0
Fab sprouts0
The power of talking0
AIs that think like children could be better learners0
India's moonshot on hold0
Mystery space signals could come from starquakes0
Pick of the crop0
World leaders worry about climate chaos0
Coil conversion0
Roman air pollution caused cooling across Europe0
Humanity's greatest scourge0
Dropping the C word0
Europe swelters0
From the archives0
Huge meteor explosion unnoticed for months0
Mouse sense of smell fixed by squirt of cells0
Have we seen signs of a volcanic exomoon?0
Tesla's autopilot fooled by stickers0
Hayabusa 2 says sayonara to Ryugu0
Vegetarians have healthier hearts0
Bad memories of former Valentines0
DNA reveals our recent Denisovan ancestry0
Mysterious fellers0
Sea creature regrows entire body0
Odd space signals could unmask dark energy0
Working hypothesis0
China is on track to meet its climate change goals0
The big Q0
Dangerous light0
Revealing why posts are moderated helps us comply with rules0
Playing Elon Musk0
Milky Way's black hole is suddenly mysteriously bright0
Google restricts Huawei's use of Android0
… but an ocean may have made Venus habitable0
China plans world's first deep-sea base0
Vikings probably wiped out Iceland's walruses0
Implausible deniability0
Hijack and kill cancer cells0
Deadly beauty0
Make a living will0
Don't miss0
The lowdown on shutdowns0
News Preview 2019: Ai beats the best At big battle games0
The unknown life forms on your phone0
Don't miss0
Why Earth has so much oxygen0
Working hypothesis0
How to fight the spread of fake news0
Cryptic Crossword #080
The black hole whisperer0
Two cheers for hydrogen0
Pollution linked to miscarriage risk0
Growing up in a warming world0
Stargazing at home Navigate by the stars0
Climate's future written in rocks0
Families turn to Argentina for cystic fibrosis drug0
Making new Oranges0
The day the dinosaurs died0
Feeling the pain0
The element factory0
Schrödinger's scissors0
Explosions made the lakes of Titan0
Genetically modified golden rice is finally set for approval where it is needed, but GM scaremongering continues, argues Michael Le Page0
Mental health sites share user data with ad firms0
Giant power-lifting frogs0
Death and flowers: a rite since 11,000 BC0
DNA-munching life lurks in the ocean0
Crop waste could power jet engines0
Earth's junkyard0
Call AI by a better name0
Quick crossword No290
Measles resurgent in UK0
We are but dust0
There's more of a buzz on the right0
Don't miss0
Jurassic turtle may have been trodden on by giant dinosaur0
People with narcolepsy seem to be more creative0
Your mind is the matter0
Earthquakes hit California0
NHS trials genetic analysis0
How to be a maker 2: Let garden birds tweet online0
Having kids makes you happy… once they move out0
Arctic island is collapsing as a result of climate change0
Goose blood runs cold0
Art hints that ancient Greeks travelled far0
Jupiter-sized black hole seen wandering0
Working hypothesis0
Turtle embryos may change sex by moving in the egg0
Appealing peels0
Heaven scent0
A black hole has been seen eating a neutron star0
Treated mice can regenerate toes0
Robotic tube learns to navigate inside a beating heart0
High cost of UK's ash dieback0
Many more cities at mercy of rising seas0
Ancient Egyptians enjoyed sweet, red watermelons0
Without a drop of blood0
Stars full of nuclear ash race through galaxy0
Chimps are losing their culture0
Genome steer for cancer treatment0
How mozzies made us0
Working hypothesis0
DNA home testing worries0
Spring fires in Australia0
News Preview 2019: Climate alarms ring louder0
Biblical Philistines had genetic link to Greeks0
Star quality0
Me and my telescope0
Feeling fly0
Water on Mars too salty for Earth life0
You say tomato0
Milky Way devoured another galaxy0
Your workplace survival guide0
Food fight0
Science stars of YouTube0
Mystery illness found to have genetic cause0
Hurtling star proves Einstein right again0
Babies are less afraid when they can smell their mothers0
It will ‘snow’ on Pluto for a century0
Swim for it0
Ditching Facebook may reduce stress0
Space is us0
China's sci-fi spectacular0
Lab-grown spare blood vessels work0
Strange fat cells in our bones don't act like fat as we know it0
Female trees more likely to die than male ones0
Hunting the future0
Bird supersense may date back to the dinosaur era0
Ant grubs try to eat their way to victory0
Largest ever patch of seaweed seen0
The 10 biggest discoveries of the decade0
Conflict amber0
The new capitalism that remakes minds0
Swim for it0
Satellites check for illegal fishing0
The dirty, biological future of technology0
Best intentions0
Sea otters bounce back – into the jaws of great whites0
Police turn to drones to pinpoint buried bodies0
Going to space changes the heart0
Mind-controlled gadgets0
YouTube is getting a grip on its anti-vax video problem0
Elephants know a bigger snack when they sniff it0
Improved rabies vaccine could save more lives0
Earliest animal ever discovered0
Not Sure What to See at This Year's Show?0
Slimy solution to a medical problem0
End of an era0
The strange lakes of Titan0
Nurse, pass the robot0
Super seers0
Solving an ancient mystery0
Drug cocktail lowers biological age in men0
Working hypothesis0
Hybrid cars will steal the show0
Computer attempts to replicate the dream-like maths of Ramanujan0
Quick crossword #460
Bring me sunshine0
Alpine glaciers littered with microplastics0
Darker by design0
Mystery of the mass of the neutrino could soon be solved0
From the archives0
Life could drift in the clouds of brown dwarfs0
Fetal sharks swim inside their mothers0
Your guide to this week's UN climate summit0
Modified yeast make cannabis plant chemicals0
Gas boiler ban may hit new UK homes0
Steal from black holes to explore the galaxy0
Carbon Paw Print0
UK blood inquiry hears evidence0
Doomed to destruction?0
Seeing the woods0
AI tackles thorny orbits0
… and moves onto quantum computers0
News Preview 2019: DNA Analysis cracks cold cases0
The genetic road ahead0
Future fossils0
Super-sized income0
Air pollution may reduce sperm quality0
Don't miss0
We could just drill for water on Mars0
A critical balance0
Millions of fish die in Australian rivers0
Parasite brings down mosquitoes0
From the archives0
How to nurture your mind0
The case of the missing quarks0
Be certainly uncertain0
Look sharp or you'll miss the gorilla on the court0
Chronic Lyme disease may really be chronic fatigue0
Quick Crossword #420
Putting people in their place0
People conquered extremes long ago0
Finding our voice0
Cold feat0
Breastfed babies get a fungal boost0
Race to find wild relatives of crops to help secure world food supplies0
There is no such thing as a ‘gay gene’0
Prescription for trouble0
Fossil skull hints feathers date back 250 million years0
YouTube's algorithm keeps suggesting extremist content0
The great divide0
The golden afterlife of King Tut0
Baad day? Goats can tell another's lament0
Monthly pill on the horizon0
Dazzle hassle0
Police could throw robot into buildings to help end sieges0
Stargazing at home 2: See the Andromeda galaxy0
Downcast eyes0
Chimps' ingenuity earns them a treat0
Supercooled livers may aid transplants0
“The chemical-physical type of humanity has had its time”0
From the archives0
Time of thundery downpours may shift with climate change0
Hitch-free way to make a liquid knot0
Zombie planet seen orbiting dead star0
Salt intake in China is one of the highest0
Report roasts our love of all things digital0
End of an era0
Christmas & New Year special0
The new economy in orbit0
Don't miss0
The moon Past, present and future0
Stargazing at home: Taurus and the zodiac0
Climate summit failure0
Why I'm on a mission to save humanity's ancient microbiome0
What protesters want0
DeepMind AI learns to do really hard colouring in0
Using land to save the climate0
Russia's ‘troll factory’ has little real impact0
Black holes may guzzle negative energy particles0
Secrets Of The First Light0
Stick-on sensor could help warn of impending asthma attack0
This week's questions0
DNA solves Nazi conspiracy theory0
Denisovan art uncovered?0
Feel the burn0
Don't miss0
Me and my telescope0
Earth's deep, dark secret0
News Preview 2019: Genetic disorders prevented0
Grow IVF embryos in womb, not dish0
Don't miss0
Plastic measures0
Taking on the tech giants0
Cryptic crossword0
World's loudest male bird bellows at nearby females0
This week's questions0
Device converts thoughts to speech0
Set by Richard Smyth0
Ancient kangaroos had crushing bites0
AI makes Chris Hemsworth smile again0
A fox walked from Norway to Canada0
The science skills most in demand0
How to be a maker: From no bot to robot0
AI article writer could help detect fake news0
Whale meat again0
Killer fungi unleashed an apocalypse on biodiversity0
UK targets the wildlife trade0
Astronauts face superbug threat0
Special effects0
Black hole coin for Stephen Hawking0
Our galaxy's central black hole is oddly quiet – now we may know why0
DNA data storage made more reliable with silica coating0
Young sun spun slowly, helping life emerge on Earth0
Sex, secrets and podcasts0
Not past its sell-by date0
Space rock Ryugu is a dustless oddity0
Me and my telescope0
Cute floppy ears cause pain to pets0
Special effects0
A unified theory for two-player games0
NASA finds microscopic life thriving in orbit0
Human traces0
Sitting pretty0
AI that tracks chimps will help reveal their wild lives0
Narwhals doing swimmingly despite a narrow gene pool0
Mars rover named Rosalind Franklin0
AI teaches doctors to spot viruses0
Virgin takes first passenger to space0
Bots defy laws of physics to win at hide-and-seek0
See machines think0
New Year's Day visit to a distant, tiny world0
Healthy living lowers dementia risk regardless of genes0
Nowhere to run Aniara0
The woman who would be Edison0
How the world got wired0
UK flunks climate targets0
Cannibals, runaways and supergiants0
Seals remember, but not for long0
Melting ice in Greenland0
Concerns raised over India's facial recognition plan0
Poetic prediction0
The early bird0
Why parenting matters less than you think0
Working hypothesis0
Quick Crossword #380
Earth may contain interstellar rocks0
Race for useful quantum devices has begun0
The final stand of the Neanderthals0
Making sense of air pollution's killing power0
Quantum teleportation win0
Roll up to the future0
The perfect shot0
Beast from the east0
Don't miss0
Woven from weirdness0
Fruit bonanza fuels kakapo baby boom0
We shouldn't gather the DNA of every UK baby by default Our genomes can contain life-changing information. Getting this data from infants is an ethical minefield, says Clare Wilson0
Black-haired monkeys get a blonde makeover0
Working hypothesis0
Shoot for the moons0
Growing heat set to overload US bridges0
Working hypothesis0
Liquid can form square droplets at a stretch0
Miniature Dumbo0
AI helps rescue trafficked children0
Getting used to it0
Gazing into a black hole0
Security flaws in government sites0
Global warming has no recent parallel0
Weird star dimmed for a few days for unknown reasons0
Mystery of a village with too many twins0
The trouble with dams0
Many insects are facing extinction0
The beat goes on0
Intimate contact0
Your very own Serengeti0
To bee the best with numbers try a stick and carrot method0
How to be a maker: Is your plant happy?0
Can your gut bacteria make you a better runner?0
Me and my telescope0
Verdict date is set0
The secrets of how sperm really swim0
More deadly floods0
AI rakes in poker winnings0
Working hypothesis0
Chemical lawsuit set to hit Australia0
Can Zen explain physics?0
At last, a new way to write the number 30
Details of NHS data deal with Google revealed0
Cool cat0
The living dead0
Worm robot wiggles through the brain0
Scratch used as a stealthy signal by some great apes0
Hidden mutations revealed0
Stargazing at home 2: Watch the transit of Mercury0
Time for some more time off0
First ever picture of a black hole0
The time for talk is over0
A psychedelic turtle embryo0
A note from the editor0
Blue whale's ultra-low heart rate0
Mind fuel0
Transparent battery looks like glass0
Chewing gum tells of Stone Age life0
Net effect0
Stars in the city0
City crows may have high cholesterol thanks to fast food0
Mood boosters0
Cryptic Crossword #120
The right (not) to know0
Trial by medication0
Insect apocalypse may be unfolding in the US too0
Lessons from the deep past0
Has religion been good or bad for humanity?0
NASA is opening up the ISS for business0
Exoskeletons are letting Japan's ageing population keep working0
Human night vision may be possible0
Net effect0
Giant boom collects plastic0
Me and my telescope0
Chinese app TikTok may be leaking users' data But some of the privacy concerns also apply to apps developed in Silicon Valley, finds Chris Stokel-Walker0
UK readying environment watchdog for no deal0
Don't miss0
Mystery orca gathering0
Kids learn risky behaviour at school0
Working hypothesis0
To keep moral disgust at bay, try a little ginger0
High-tech Hancock0
Wolf packs invade military land0
The lightness of being0
Rethinking Alzheimer's0
Polar sea ice may be on the brink0
Viral smear tests to begin in the UK0
We have to pay the real cost of food0
Face-mapping tool could spot rare conditions0
Hot rain once pelted Mars0
An American dream0
Is that clear?0
Coated paper can store secret letters0
Closer play with a baby could pave way to a cuddlier future0
A few days in hospital changes your gut bacteria0
Sharks give off a ghostly green glow in deep waters0
Heart on your sleeve0
Sense of smell that seems impossible0
Titan's surface features mapped0
See Venus and Jupiter together0
Don't miss0
When the best is not enough0
The search for life's cradle0
Don't miss0
US Army wants AI missiles that find their own targets0
Brain cells could help recall missing objects0
New for old0
Monkeys show their logical thinking0
Hen harriers go missing on moors0
The stupidity trap0
“I am angered by the fact that we're destroying Earth”0
Living daylight0
Pluto left red-faced by a leak of ammonia0
Exoplanets for life in short supply0
Non-addictive tobacco could help eliminate smoking0
Andromeda had a two-course meal0
Speedy tuna robot thrashes its rivals0
Exploring the solar system0
Predators prompt fish to get big brains0
News coverage link to trauma symptoms0
Working hypothesis0
Confused about cancer?0
Cosmic collision is coming for our galaxy0
Star quality0
Red wine linked to diverse microbiome0
How to be a maker: Birds to the banquet0
Bee tougher0
Beef with tofu0
Wasps are first insect logicians0
Google's AI mathematician0
Hearing aid picks out right voice in a crowd0
The games column0
AI that gambles like people could predict our behaviour0
Magnetism aids search for Mars water0
Bot gives clues on shift to life on land0
The tragic, unnecessary return of measles0
Ads and products get pasted into TV shows0
For all humankind0
No-fly zone0
The earliest storytellers0
Curiosity rover enters possible Mars life zone0
Still waters0
Gel helps tooth enamel to regrow0
Mission to lunar pole takes off0
Gems point to chunk of original Earth rock0
Toast, not toast0
New tactic in war on tropical disease0
Time to kill ‘species’?0
Ancient population uncovered in Siberia0
Humans at the helm of Gaia0
How to organise your day0
Europe once had its own version of a giant ostrich0
Birds introduced to Hawaii evolve in mere decades0
Vaccine may spell end of bovine TB0
Your black hole questions answered0
The largest ever ape0
Bearing the cost0
Bees' hairy tongues help them mop up thick or thin nectar0
Another surprise hint of a fifth force of nature0
Algal coats shield snails from the sun's heat0
Genetic diversity matters0
Tiny folded DNA machines may boost antibacterials0
Compiled by Richard Smyth0
A liquid magnet that keeps its attraction0
Waste of space0
You AI paediatrician will see you soon0
Good consumers0
Ancient parrot was the world's biggest0
AI learns how to predict El Niño0
Don't miss0
Damming of rivers has left precious few in natural state0
Deceptive robot tells lies to regain our trust0
Energy emissions rise0
Space invaders0
Prepare to die0
Powering on0
First glimpse of what a Denisovan could have looked like0
The humane condition0
How to do less and get paid more0
Destructive elephants help forests store carbon0
Breeding less gassy cattle could cut harmful emissions0
Time to get up and move around a bit0
A case of cautious climate optimism0
The trouble with cheese0
Vast stellar blasts mimicked on Earth0
The bot will see you now0
Lighter Earth0
Golden age of the brain0
Prehistoric vessels may have been baby bottles0
Clean limbs0
A bright future0
Static electricity may pull dust together to make planets0
Quick Crossword #130
Humans are putting plant species at risk0
Uniquely you0
Bionic eye helps people who are blind read letters again0
Eagle eyed0
Jet fuel made cheaply from plant waste, not coal0
Do nations need personal therapy?0
Our ancient cousins put fast food on the menu0
Amazon logging may raise local temperatures0
Cold atoms put on a quantum fireworks show0
Cryptic Crossword #070
The future from the past0
HIV cure may be possible0
The trouble with democracy0
Find a wad, give it back0
The future of security0
Common drugs may help resistance spread0
Light relief0
Snowflakes act as a blanket for the Arctic0
Cryptic Crossword No50
Lions' genetic diversity in decline0
Self-powered electronic garments0
Machines see differently0
Zika outbreak was ‘hidden’ in Cuba0
How to be a maker 2: Sparrows in, squirrels out0
Help! I've fallen into a black hole0
The power of common sense0
Machine roots out urban inequalities0
Mighty morphing atomic structures0
The microbiome of C-section babies0
No matter what the statistics say, dementia isn't the UK's biggest killer0
Mole rat is immune to the pain caused by wasabi0
Wormholes could last as long as the universe0
Europe's biggest archaeological dig0
Family of languages may have new origin0
Many ridges to cross0
Monthly skin patch to replace daily pill?0
The final frontier0
Brain zapping tested in prison0
The racist divide in US air pollution0
Me and my telescope0
Core Subject0
Our stomachs put a limit on extreme human endurance0
Cave people used bones as a food store0
Your incredible brain0
Channel vision0
Spot the spots0
Ethiopia's lost city0
Early life on Earth may have existed as droplets of jelly0
Genetic privacy attack0
‘Anti-tubes’ for pumping blood are made of liquid0
LIGO could solve space expansion mystery0
One of these is a power drill0
Formula for calculating your dog's real age0
Hey, big splendour!0
Experimental words0
Speakers made out of heavy metal0
Many pills? One ring can deliver them all0
Make work work for you0
Working hypothesis0
An eruption of good taste0
Martian methane spike in spotlight0
Canine Connection0
Chemists develop greener fertiliser0
Bird brains retuned with the help of fake memories0
Uncertain times0
Meteorite hits moon0
From a small seed, a mighty building0
Right to rebel0
Stargazing at home Week 5: Hop from star to star0
Small wonders0
DNA tweak lets you get by on less sleep0
Weird star system is very wonky0
Solar-powered airship could make freight green0
Hungry hippos move vital silicon into river0
Audio attack blocks Amazon Alexa from hearing you0
Roll of honour0
How to do good0
A grand genome sequencing plan0
The new north0
Getting Ahead0
Trump in the UK0
Trouble brewing?0
Yellow glasses don't improve night vision0
Don't miss0
Open or closed?0
From the archives0
Stargazing at home: Earth's celestial moment0
Europa's hidden ocean may be briny and ripe for life0
AI vs animals in a battle of smarts0
Flying cars could be green0
Root and branch0
The impossible proof0
Tinder may not actually be very good for finding a partner0
Strange domes on Venus are shiny ‘peanut butter’ hills0
Climate change finally makes it to prime time0
Trapped in the multiverse0
AI calculates lifespan of species from DNA0
Beyond words0
Spider venom used to kill pests but not bees0
So long, veganuary0
Don't miss0
Minority children get more noise pollution0
Battery power0
Stargazing at home 2: See Santa's sleigh0
Dinosaurs in all their glory0
The Eagles0
Robot pilot gets its wings and takes to the skies0
Nightjar's migration waxes and wanes with the moon0
Take a bite0
Love conquers all0
Cosmic countdown0
US public not in favour of NASA going back to moon0
Outsmart yourself0
Planetary smash-ups are bad news for alien life0
Hacker tricks to profit from clicks0
AI recommends 'fashionable' outfits to millions of people0
Freezing embryos doesn't increase IVF success rate0
Suspicious organ studies retracted by journals0
Working hypothesis0
Interstellar visitor may be snowflake0
From the archives0
Carbon pawprint0
Chimp signals a bit like human speech0
Bears use mimicry to send a message0
Find yourself0
Resetting the table0
We don't know if fake news elected Trump0
Burning hot0
In the ink0
Your blood reveals your age0
Whales whisper to their calves0
Succeeding to fail0
Ancient Greek way of finding primes gets an upgrade0
Not such a hot topic0
AI thrashes human StarCraft II pros…0
Songwriting machine churns out Beatles hits0
Crabs unleash their inner growl when intimidated0
Quick Crossword #430
Row over tactical voting site0
Desert ants are world's fastest0
The first animals0
Food fatigue0
The ‘drink’ gene that plays cupid0
Alcohol may not increase your risk of breast cancer0
Koala microbiome shift0
Vote hinders action on airline emissions0
Fire clouds0
Brainwaves help take out the trash0
Sneeze blindness0
Forget the AI apocalypse as you know it0
In the ink0
Immune cells help gallstones to grow0
Fragile futures0
Martians would be pretty scarce0
The end of anonymity0
Hiding in plain sight0
Dark matter black holes may lurk within the hearts of dead stars0
How to be a maker: Here comes the rain0
Biggest ever rewrite of a single cell0
What's wrong with me?0
Cells could become computers in body0
Nature's alarm bell rings0
E.coli toxin in gut may lead to cancer0
A question of faith0
Skipping time0
A surfeit of snake oil0
Bee tougher0
Pollution from Australia's bushfires hits South America0
Phoning in the future0
Don't miss0
Gut microbes may help us fight diabetes with exercise0
Quick Crossword #470
Stockpiling lab equipment0
Turn pasture into plantations if you want greener palm oil0
Perfect: the enemy of good0
Dragonfly drone will buzz around Titan looking for life0
Rapid flip of poles looking less likely0
Hormone therapy may improve some symptoms of autism0
A flying vehicle with massive whirly paddles0
Chinese rover unearths moon's deeper secrets0
Toad ‘rediscovered’0
Heatwave blamed on climate change0
Super fly!0
Nature's wonders can be a bit random0
Metal tongue has a taste for whisky0
Working hypothesis0
Something is up with the stars0
This week's questions0
How to settle the galaxy0
The climate tipping point0
Destructive power of quake explained0
Man sees world in miniature after having a stroke0
Rampage of the super pest0
Why the US is burning its recycling0
Women as aroused by sexual images0
China confirmed as source of ozone-eating chemicals0
Delicious or disgusting0
Caught before the act0
Say no to Planet McPlanetface0
UK has halved air pollution deaths0
Life size0
Ultimate test kitchen0
Pill full of tiny needles could replace injections0
Record-breaking heat0
Amazing things we learned in 20190
DNA site sold to firm aiding police0
Seeing the trees through the wood0
AI could lower household energy bills0
Can a public health plan stop stabbings?0
Life's greatest puzzles0
First private moon mission launches0
Real aliens0
Welcome to the far side0
Ocean worlds may teem with life0
Water may flow in giant canyon under Greenland ice sheet0
Helical engine could break the laws of nature0
How to manage your boss (and other people)0
The sunken rainforest0
UK's new blood donor rules are safe0
Promising chronic fatigue drug fails trials0
Hackers target German politicians0
Pandas aren't as odd as we thought0
Stressed plants let out ultrasonic squeals0
Body illusion shines new light on autism0
Did 13 Reasons Why increase US suicides?0
Ancient worm had a bit of get up and go0
Potential for misuse0
Charging forward0
No let up in the worrying decline of nature in UK0
Playing god0
Heterosexual husbands happiest when they out-earn their wives0
Anorexia may be a metabolic disorder0
UK spends billions on fossil fuel projects abroad0
Firm uses trees to prospect for gold0
Three-parent baby born amid controversy0
This week's new questions0
Us vs the gadgets0
Young bees inherit disease resistance0
Don't miss0
The benefits of being scared0
Schrödinger's kittens0
Ban on saiga trade?0
Working hypothesis0
Supercomputer simulates key brain centre in real time0
Cryptic Crossword #100
What is dark matter?0
Innovative chimpanzees0
From the archives0
Giant space bubbles found near heart of the Milky Way0
The truth about lie detectors0
The oceans are draining below Earth's crust0
More clues in radio burst mystery0
Tree stump kept alive by nearby trees0
Beef with tofu0
Drug fights flu by acting like antibody0
Collision course0
Women had forgotten role as scribes0
Toe uncurling0
Wiping out Earth's plants0
One issue is dominating the UK general election – but for those who care about the future, it's not the right one, says Jacob Aron0
Tremor on Mars reveals more about planet's inner mysteries0
Are food miles important?0
Fad for stone monuments began in France0
Killers in the sea0
Bacterial signature could identify suspicious stains0
Don't miss0
Tiny holes make panels see-through0
SpaceX capsule failure0
Winter rain melts Greenland's ice0
This week's new questions0
Ancient wee reveals how farming revolution shaped up0
Facebook's data collection may put gay people at risk0
Neanderthals took to life by the water0
The truth on fake news0
What is life?0
Noises in the dark0
AI conquers most players of hit video game in a fair fight0
Bad news as Israeli probe crashes on the moon...0
Don't miss0
Do we see reality?0
Minute nutrient pods could tackle poor diet0
Space reflectors0
Odd forms of plastic pollution turn up in the Mediterranean0
Quick crossword #150
Climate Hits0
Probe closes on sun to study mysteries of the solar wind0
Monkeys see drones…0
AI beats humans at filling in damaged ancient inscriptions0
China's smog is alive with bacteria0
World's largest untapped coal reserve to be mined0
A problem born in the USA0
Time's up for Mars rover Opportunity0
The power to transform0
Hidden in plain sight0
The liver man0
Tiger vs bear0
Nettle effect0
Police algorithm favours easy cases0
News Preview 2019: Seeing a black hole for real0
How young blood boosts brain power0
Don't miss0
Stop the spread0
Battery power0
How to get rich people to donate more0
You say tomato0
How to make a carbon tax popular0
Supermassive honour0
Gene editing gets another upgrade0
Oil-eating bacteria corrode Nazi sub0
Face gene clue to our self-domestication0
Radioactive blast at Russian missile site0
Bees' nest made entirely out of plastic discovered0
Plane crash mystery0
Tectonics may be billions of years old0
How animals began0
Predicting heart disease risk0
Warding off0
Anti-ageing's new hope0
‘AIs are really dumb. They don't even have the intelligence of a 6-month-old’0
American parrot went extinct not once but twice0
Greenland can't go green0
US emissions at lowest since mid-1990s0
… but what actually is a quantum computer?0
Me and my telescope0
How to think about… DARK ENERGY0
Fresh fruit0
Where there is power, there is resistance0
Q & A0
Why do we care?0
This week's new questions0
Giant rogue ocean wave made in a lab0
Working hypothesis0
Altered gut bacteria make it harder to get over old fears0
Sunday snooze won't make up for too many late nights0
Blood test guides cancer treatment0
The idea factory0
Me and my telescope0
Earth's atmosphere could be a giant lens for a space telescope0
Global warming intensifies risk of bad floods in Europe0
What can we do with a quantum computer?0
The challenge of urban living0
How to think about… ALIEN LIFE0
When a beluga fell for a narwhal0
This week's new questions0
Try a light touch0
Honey, we shrunk the accelerator0
Needing focus0
Space explosions are too rare to explain fast radio bursts0
Wood, glorious wood0
The best medicine0
From the archives0
Riddle that looks like a pile of worms is nearly cracked0
Space hounds0
Mutts learn to sniff out the scent of an epileptic attack0
Should MMR be made obligatory?0
Ötzi's attempt to flee his pursuers charted0
Badger cull to avert TB could backfire0
Virus outbreak reaches big city0
Bots can check pipes while water still runs0
Power outages in Venezuela0
Crunch time for climate change0
Secure connection?0
Green sky thinking0
UK hospitals strike deals with Google0
Nothing like a good walk0
News Preview 2019: LIGO spies more space oddities0
The cool truth about the cassowary's odd head gear0
Don't miss0
Renewables fine in a warmer world0
Honey can tell us all about lead pollution0
Toe uncurling0
Robodog trains itself to stand after a fall0
Quick Crossword #300
How to think about… PRIVACY0
Seven litres a day0
Bombs away on asteroid Ryugu0
Soothing smartwatch app improves exam results0
Number crunchers set record for cracking encryption0
Stone Age human was murdered0
Meltwater could raise sea level an extra 7 centimetres0
Psychology's bystander effect may be just a myth0
This week's questions0
Nature has solution to smashed phones0
Winter wonderland0
Arctic on fire0
Future fossils0
When innovation can kill0
How to stay awake and How to avoid the office bugs0
Great balls of fire spotted flying around the sun0
Brexit blame game0
Seedy rat remains point to the date of New Zealand's colonisation0
Huge exoplanets could host water deep underground0
Natural transgenic plants0
Hawkward! ‘Experts’ mix up common birds0
Heated windshield0
How to halt a CRISPR bioweapon0
Bring me sunshine0
US abortion rights under threat0
Another human species discovered in Asia0
Shrinking gravity0
LIGO spies clash of titans: black hole vs neutron star0
Lucky dip: What's the best strategy for winning the lottery?0
Forced organ transplants0
The grape depressions0
A virtual voyage begins0
We finally know the odds of winning a game of solitaire0
Slug superglues its enemies to trees for days0
Has HIV been wiped out in two people?0
Preserved asteroid on moon0
Should we fear an AI super-troll?0
People need forcing to become greener0
Dead before his time0
Pack of bots slither and change shape0
Genital herpes jab is on the horizon0
Beats me0
A toast to tonic0
Net closing on the fake fish problem0
When is a black hole not a black hole?0
Cryptic Crossword #060
Set by Wingding0
Building an asteroid space station0
When smaller matters0
Stargazing at home 2 Week 4: Mercury rising in the east0
From the archives0
Using mosquito nets for fishing is far too effective0
Double cosmic signal is a puzzle0
AI takes on one of maths' hardest problems0
Move over Jupiter, Saturn is moon king0
Ancestors of mammals retained cold blood0
Killer's see-through grin makes it deadly0
Water, water everywhere…0
Smarter than they look0
Moon juice0
The plant sleuth0
Don't miss0
Me and my telescope0
Romeo and Juliet in a brain scanner0
News Preview 2019: Artificial blood to the rescue0
The woman who can smell Parkinson's0
Canine connection0
Out of the ashes0
Worst of all possible worlds0
Coil conversion0
The world desperately needs places like this0
Sledding through water0
Attenborough talks up climate action0
India blows up satellite0
The age of anti-ageing0
Glue to mend a broken heart0
AI creates masterful art in just minutes0
Volcano flows are a load of hot air0
Dawn of the f-word: how farming reshaped the way we talk0
Holes punched in DNA to store Gettysburg Address0
Cryptic crossword #140
AI docs are easily duped into errors0
From the archives0
Save our parasites!0
A global network0
Rodeo ants that ride on the backs of other ants found in Texas0
Mini-brains fire up like the real thing0
Amazon fires are on the rise0
Date glitch delays Cygnus's rendezvous with ISS0
Nectar-loving fly lived before flowers existed0
Me and my telescope0
This material will self-destruct0
Storm warning0
Highly charged cloud may hold clue to atmospheric mystery0
Quit carbon, and quick0
Sneeze blindness0
Fossils show how mammals rose from the dinosaurs' ashes0
Fungi trade with plants like a stock market0
Climate change shrank our chips0
Sperm that endure have an advantage0
Q & A0
Savvy brown bears stay near people to keep their cubs safe0
Mind tricks0
Baseball cap zaps the scalp to reverse male balding0
How to think about… NATURE VS NURTURE0
First woman wins Abel maths prize0
Vulnerability in computer chips can't be fixed0
How to do office Feng Shui0
The White in Whiting0
The trouble with benzos0
Quieter school run halves air pollution0
Quantum supremacy?0
A world without rubber?0
Mind-controlled suit helps man walk again0
Me and my telescope0
The sun may have got its rhythm from the planets0
From the archives0
A hint on the origins of the female orgasm0
Stamping won't kill this cockroach robot0
The backlash against face recognition has begun0
Does air pollution really cause teen psychosis?0
Corals on the brink of death can recover0
A fifth of our genes are still a big mystery0
Quick crossword #360
Wildlife trade is far bigger than thought0
The inside story0
The climate election0
Dreamy looks0
Calories in crisis0
Brain ages differ in men and women0
News Preview 2019: Goodbye, Gluten-Free0
The Nobel prize goes to…0
Working hypothesis0
Ebola going undetected0
Green in tooth and claw0
Gambler's fallacy0
Illusion makes fabric seem to move faster0
Swim for it0
Alternative facts may be real0
Prehistoric puppy0
Here's to guilt-free flying0
The elephant in the garden0
The legacy of a hug0
Chewing gummy bears could be a check-up for kids0
Mouse mouths restored with anti-ageing drug0
India chokes on dirty air0
Mystery methane pinned on fracking0
Antbot gets around without sat nav0
Spray-on CRISPR0
World in triple-star system a good place to check for alien life0
Sea levels look set for even higher rise0
Anti-evolution drug may help treat resistant cancers0
Me and my telescope0
Rainmaker ritual helps date ancient droughts0
Health risks of a Brexit no-deal0
Whales trap prey with their flippers0
The delights and dangers to come0
Don't miss0
Crayfish appear anxious after losing their armour0
A guide to planet-spotting0
Don't miss0
Camera can sense what may be lurking around the corner0
CRISPR tweak makes it better and faster0
Glorious gem0
From the archives0
Driver of disorder0
Ocean plastic found at every depth0
Two ancient ways of brewing beer found by analysing old pots0
Salmonella hijack our immune cells0
Excess brain fluid may cause bad vision in astronauts0
Tumour in a dish can test chemo benefits0
Beware the genetic sting0
How to burst your social media bubble0
Big tips for small talk0
Set by Richard Smyth0
How to think about… INTELLIGENCE0
Heat-releasing implant aids bone healing0
Working hypothesis0
Time for a sea change0
Smart gloves know what you are holding0
Duck Stone0
The biofuel delusion0
US green economy jobs eclipse those in fossil fuel industry0
A key question0
A second giant leap0
Northern sounds0
Let the loser win to keep people happy0
Quick Crossword #320
Is it really addiction?0
Chimps bond after watching movies0
Stem cell patch could repair hearts0
Needing focus0
Exporting sunshine0
Cutting YouTube's carbon footprint0
Writing the rule book on gene-edited humans A year after the birth of the first CRISPR babies, Michael Le Page discovers how geneticists are setting rules for creating more0
Most online pornography sites leak user data0
Green hands0
Morocco's way with water0
The return of the aether0
What if there was no big bang?0
Clearing the air0
DNA testing on the NHS0
Many ridges to cross0
From the archives0
No, teens aren't addicted to smartphones0
An artist in the Anthropocene0
NASA helps some firms avoid satellite collisions – for a fee0
NHS to establish £250 million AI lab0
NASA spies India's lunar wreckage0
Going up?0
Not so smart cities0
Different minds0
Rudolph's real superpowers0
ESA plans mission to lurk in orbit waiting for a distant visitor0
Missing giants of the early universe revealed at last0
How to be a maker Time to get moving0
Recognition for new type of dementia0
Underground ocean stays warm on frosty Pluto0
How to stay focused0
Weighing up stuff a breeze for crows0
Wing commander0
Fish could help us live in space0
End medical gender bias0
Fleece police0
Early life may have had genes made from urine chemical0
Arctic melt may have let killer virus spread0
Cheese meltdown0
Tiny capsules motor around the body0
Depression alters brain structure0
How a high-salt diet can gum up the brain0
UK considers tough internet rules0
The best drinks in this or any universe0
Another shake-up for humanity's ancient family tree?0
Moon craters reveal rise in Earth impacts0
Dream of a new Apollo0
The sound of vinyl0
App spots signs of disease in photos0
App designed to spot winter vomiting bug0
America's first0
Newly discovered frog is a real star0
Sweet answer for safer data storage0
A defining problem0
Pigeons' toes are being amputated by waste human hair0
Don't miss0
Cryptic Crossword No40
How birds got their feathers0
Wooden wonders0
…while drones see aircraft, and try to collide with them0
Perfect exposure0
We need better ways of stopping space pile-ups0
Elephant poaching falls, but not enough0
New Zealand wants to make people happy0
Neanderthals may have prized golden eagle talons0
Riddle of the reef halos0
Ketogenic diet for migraines0
Fixing digital elections0
Women finally get equal access to Hubble0
Playing dirty0
Supergravity takes the prize0
CRISPR could limit male calf births0
Working hypothesis0
Organic matter from space found inside ancient rock0
More Good Reads0
A million-dollar maths problem0
Guidelines for mesh implants0
Bushfires rage on0
The universe is rather dusty0
Sniffing out the ultimate smell0
Uncrewed deep-sea robots will help map the world's oceans0
Battle of the exomoon that may not exist0
Crystal-based fridges are a cool idea0
Sea green0
Timing goes awry on coral reefs0
Koalas spotted in immersive VR0
Free-floating DNA to reveal the health of river and lake ecosystems0
People prefer to lose jobs to robots over humans0
Most new drugs are no better than existing ones0
Fears for the future0
Powered shorts help you to walk and run0
Oil slick? Just peel some pomelos0
The dawn of a new space age0
Hot topic0
Meat in a dish could be bad for planet0
A duty of care0
Don't miss0
We may not have killed off the Neanderthals after all0
How to dodge a very big question0
Fobbed off (cont)0
Moonshot goes wrong0
Packaging-free paradise?0
Me and my telescope0
How you process food is only partially down to your genes0
Goodbye kilo0
Machines tweak your terrible karaoke singing0
Quantum leap lets heat move across a vacuum0
AI can't see things from another view0
Autonomous cars learn from terrible driving0
Signs of hope0
Offsetting on your holidays0
The dream of food self-sufficiency0
Don't miss0
Are millennials that special?0
Transformer flies, drives and squeezes past obstacles0
Still waters0
Zika babies can make a recovery0
Jupiter's weird innards may be due to ancient collision0
Dunny roaming0
Space for everyone0
Digging for dark matter0
Hoopoe headwear0
An insulin nasal spray could help with polycystic ovary syndrome0
Losing paradise?0
Ice melt in world's highest mountain range speeds up0
The age of living younger0
Brain network linked to multiple mental health conditions0
Smart skin for sensitive robots0
Cosmic mystery deepens with new fast radio burst0
An astronomical price0
Look into my eyes0
Sedative may ease harmful memories0
Climate change swings seats0
Playing dirty0
Dogs reveal where Lyme disease is spreading0
Good consumers0
Insect waste tips pollute forest air0
Tiny magnets dissolve away microplastics0
Fish dish0
Almost all of Earth's carbon is locked underground0
Food for thought0
The Arctic is on fire0
This week's new questions0
Tangled roots0
Debate reignited over the placenta's microbiome0
Good news and bad news on gene drives0
DNA mutation lets people thrive on just 4 hours' sleep0
Closing in on secrets of our mental power0
Robofish powered by electronic blood0
Producing bitcoin is becoming costly0
Prisoner brain zap experiment on hold0
Skin pigment may make better bionics0
Closing in on the mystery of how our world got its water0
Why a possible Alzheimer's drug may never be trialled0
Secrets of how vital drugs harm hearing0
Infectious optimism0
Aliens off the shores of the Galapagos0
Keeping cool with wood0
A serving of faeces can be a good thing0
Repurposing cancer drugs0
AI learns to deblur faces0
Clean limbs0
Supercomputer reveals how to make a freak like Uranus0
Friendly bacteria may curb eczema0
Gurgling guts0
Memory may worsen if you are older and watch lots of telly0
Frog has a taste for endangered tadpoles0
Quick Crossword #330
Hidden hotspots0
Behind closed doors0
The internet evangelist0
Tonic taste bad to you? It may be a brain thing0
From the archives0
Prepare to make the jump to light speed*0
Toad that looks like a viper0
NASA traces a meteorite to its distant origins0
Hunting willow seeds in Hundred Acre Wood0
Let's go skiing on the moon0
Chomping carbon0
The best you can be0
Anglerfish may collect their glowing bacteria0
Working hypothesis0
Cybercriminals are cashing in0
Extracting sperm from testicles may help infertility0
First transmission0
You'e been monetized lol0
Smart bacteria halt spread of cancer in mice0
Sitting pretty0
Invisible, but ubiquitous0
Walk lowers blood pressure like a pill0
Vaccine may guard against diabetes0
UK science salaries top £40k for the first time0
Q & A0
Can London show the way to clean dirty air?0
Google to launch video game service0
Early therapy best for babies with HIV0
The truth about screen time0
When moons leave home they may become 'ploonets'0
Twit or true?0
Science's dark secret is out0
Rejection-free transplants0
No cancer risk from night shifts0
Working hypothesis0
Who owns your face?0
Rights of nature0
Me and my telescope0
Mystery space waves0
Taking an Uber may worsen traffic jams0
Dark feathers give birds a lift when they heat up0
Online video has a big carbon footprint0
Vaping better for quitting smoking0
Diet eases bowel disease in mice0
Many ancient crocs were vegetarians0
Is it a bird? Is it a fish? No, a leaping waterbot0
Hunt for roots of the oak tree heads south0
Sync your heart with others to work together0
Ancient predator on show0
Urea friendship bracelets may help build drugs0
Once upon a time0
Mega wind farms in the North Sea0
DIY sperm donors0
Car Crash0
Garden on moon's far side0
Working hypothesis0
Animal-cams get an on-board AI director0
Gaze into the abyss0
Camera precaution0
WhatsApp limits slow, but don't stop, spread of fake news0
World's biggest bee found after 40 years0
No way computer0
First all-women spacewalk axed0
Q & A0
Denisovans in Tibet0
Farmers furious after losing licence to kill millions of birds0
From the Archives0
Goblet of fiery purple is two colours at once0
Wetlands in a drying world0
Kids are often led astray on YouTube0
How airborne microbes conquered Mars-like desert0
I'll have greens with a side of poison0
Younger breast cancer screening0
Siblings are among rarest twins on Earth0
Ancient Celt drinks cabinet well stocked0
A sea swim changesyour microbes0
Web sense0
Zero carbon's hard problem0
DNA testing all babies flags hidden illness0
Working hypothesis0
Reason for optimism0
British ‘Pompeii” rose and fell in just a year0
Dunny Roaming0
Cyclone Idai strikes0
Sea route to Spain was truly ancient0
Making celestial mischief0
From the archives0
A treasure trove of science themed seasonal gifts0
Most atheists believe in the supernatural0
Dose of bacteria may prevent food poisoning0
Plan to clear the air in the Med0
This image breaks your brain for 15 milliseconds0
Quick Crossword #400
Epigenetic testing for the masses0
Eyes wide shut0
The neglected nutrient0
Hot topic0
Crabs can navigate a complex maze0
China's new material could create the fastest ever planes0
Heading for zero0
… but success for SpaceX with Falcon Heavy0
Military intelligence0
Sedatives dispensed more in poorer areas0
Speed Limits0
Jogging with straight arms is just as good0
Toast, not toast0
A regular visit to the park is good for you0
EU sued for making global warming worse0
Alien meets 20010
Home of tomorrow0
The Q&A0
Tests at 3 years old could predict brain ageing in later life0
Solar panels in space just got a bit easier0
Eight legs, three hearts and no friends?0
It's all too much0
How to think about… QUANTUM UNCERTAINTY0
Workplace surveillance0
Force often part of first sex experience0
Something from nothing0
Don't miss0
Weirdest stars ever baffle astronomers0
Lightning bulb0
New monkey species already threatened by deforestation0
Reflections of a broken world0
Number games0
Drones could ride on public transport to extend their reach0
Black hole shoots jets all over place0
This week's questions0
Beaver away0
Artificial limb attaches to nerves0
Closing in on the real tale of how the dinosaurs met their end0
Hatched and ready to hunt0
Self-growing gel bulks up like a muscle and gets tougher0
Interview: 120,000-year-old Australians0
Take a deep breath to boost performance0
Lab brains behave like those of early babies0
Plenty more mountains in the sea0
Progesterone boosts birth rate0
Vaping nearly killed UK boy, say doctors0
Ancient killer ruled the waves0
Working hypothesis0
Don't believe your eyes0
Worlds in a dish0
Car crash0
Mapping every microbe0
The live birth of a planet and its moons0
Duck stone0
Favourite Elements0
Amber mining resumes in Myanmar0
Folding phones break when tested0
Giant virtual universe0
Scott Morrison's surprise win is the climate's loss0
Discovery could make CRISPR safer0
There's plenty more uranium in the sea0
Lunar landers line up to launch0
DNA sites propose security plans to prevent attacks0
Cryptic Crossword #090
Plastic hitches a ride with the wind0
Q & A0
Me and my telescope0
Parkinson's treatment0
He ain't weightless, he's my brother0
Penguins may be doomed if global warming isn't slowed0
The Twitter gynaecologist0
Books of 2019: Get even smarter this year0
Rewriting fruit's DNA may be way to halt bananapocalypse0
Me and my telescope0
Beer can trick doesn't really work0
Don't miss0
Radio waves slow roach body clocks0
Earth's new era0
Encoding language is easy on the brain0
Take to the stars0
Australian emergency0
The hidden cause of disease0
Climate monitoring axed0
Gene therapy for sight loss tested0
MMR vaccine does not cause autism0
Ancient European ape may have been first to walk on two legs0
How to be a maker: No more thirsty plants0
How to be a maker: Have a ball0
The nuclear option0
Something stirs in the hidden oceans of icy worlds0
Camera tells you where you put your wallet0
Don't miss0
Older fathers may change child's DNA0
Drones can keep white rhinos safer0
Intimate Contact0
Nothing in my right hand…0
Pure genius… but is it art?0
You'll be cooler in the latest threads0
Hobbyists are saving rare species of fish from extinction0
This week's questions0
Found Worlds0
We might find alien life by searching for its luminous glow0
Ocean couture0
Annual drug overdose deaths have fallen in the US0
Viral treatment for brain cancer0
Brain tries to block thoughts to ease grief0
Horses reigned supreme among Stone Age artists0
Hack could halt all of Manhattan0
Marathon milestone0
Food that gets you hooked0
Australia cuts codeine sales0
Going viral0
Heartbeats could power pacemakers0
The goldilocks planet0
Do women and men have different brains?0
A Denisovan masterpiece0
How to think about… EVOLUTION0
Blind to the truth0
Finding their way0
Exercise targets are a walk in the park for dog owners0
Bees pass their maths exam with flying colours0
Deep secrets and youthful halo of Saturn are revealed0
Inside archaeology's most exciting cave0
Why is pollution linked to schizophrenia and depression?0
Fuzzy thinking (continued)0
Briefing: The EU's copyright controversy0
Emergency landing0
Sleep loss worse than social media0
Working hypothesis0
Angels and demons0
The race to find the lost city of Irisaĝrig0
The original Brexit0
This was 2019 (really)0
Welcome to the dawn of robo-bin0
More Neanderthal DNA found in people0
Centuries-old problem about 33 cracked0
Menthol cold0
Solving the greatest mystery in astronomy0
Quick Crossword #340
DeepMind's AI fails maths exam0
Editor's note0
Tough times for Britain's insects0
New dwarf planet is smallest ever0
Wearable artificial kidney works well in first tests in people0
Europa's ocean may have its own version of Gulf Stream0
Squishy marbles can take on many shapes0
Single head injury can spark decline0
Flying down the track0
Who wants a predictable life?0
Folding phones are no fad0
Getting ahead0
Controversial climate study under investigation0
Live fast, die young problem for forests0
Current affairs0
Neanderthals' art skills queried in dispute over age of paintings0
Cryptic crossword #200
Into Africa0
AI could count how many people are in large crowds0
UN climate warning0
Elephants found to have menopause-like stage of life0
Wearable patch gives sense of touch0
Massive ice sheet in Arctic is melting fast0
The truth about cats and dogs0
Elon Musk's line in the sky0
Mixed-up ancient crustacean0
Large dust storms helped Mars become dry0
Light beam helps bladder control0
Don't miss0
We may sense magnetic fields0
Molar twinge0
Wildfires grip California0
Foam ove0
Song of the wandering whale betrays its origins0
Cryptic crossword #110
Seal pups thrive in Thames0
Getting better at good0
The truth isn't out there0
Grisly insect can control the minds of many other species0
23 million girls are ‘missing’ worldwide0
Bones fire up body's response to danger0
Sheet of glass can recognise numbers0
Vaccine offers hope in fight against dengue fever0
Run the world0
Land grab in the Amazon0
An emergency we can solve0
Species threatened by impact of people0
Stone Age homemakers0
A raft of technologies will soon be monitoring a driver's every move. Is that a good thing, asks Chris Stokel-Walker0
Have we finally discovered the birthplace of modern humanity?0
Coral reefs struggle to bounce back0
Far-flung galaxies give us a date for when cosmos lit up0
Cosmic rays helped form dunes of Titan0
Shooting for the moon0
Yet more doubts over cancer checks0
Working hypothesis0
Glow from snow is brighter than moon0
Enter the Dragon0
Iran steps towards nuclear weapons0
Driving forces0
Autonomous submarines to launch drone swarms0
Half of your career success may be down to luck0
Pigs with monkey cells born in China0
Controlling quantum leaps0
The real fake menace0
Tiny ‘deer’ isn't extinct after all0
CO2-guzzling bacteria made in the lab could help tackle climate change0
Earth warmed more than we thought last century0
Supercharged star charts a course for intergalactic void0
Facebook, hand it over0
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Empathy may worsen political divisions0
A neolithic shrine to a humble home?0
Fat cells are more active in people who stay slim0
Quick Crossword #410
Q & A0
Volcano behind huge eruption that kick-started mini ice age identified0
Scar tissue0
UK buyers club flies to Argentina for cheaper medicines0
Earth's earliest microbes found in rocks0
How to be a maker: Code me random0
Hopes rise for new kind of diabetes drug0
Mathematicians crack 50-year-old problem0
Neanderthals may have been taller than we thought0
Writing wrongs0
The scent of you0
Abortion laws relaxed0
Eco-friendly plastics within our grasp0
Don't miss0
Capture carbon like a scuba diver0
How to take a break0
Greenland lost a record amount of ice in 20190
We can visit comet from alien star0
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Cryptic #21 – the celestial crossword0
Wind economics0
Societal norms can't be seen from books alone0
Quick Crossword #450
AI spots deadlier type of tumour cell0
The kids are alright0
Light pollution helps virus spread0
DNA test could boost IVF success0
The dark side of bingeing0
Fish can judge how far they have gone0
Shut down power plants or face 1.5°C warming0
Notre Dame could be rebuilt in five years0
This week's questions0
Bitcoin's impact may not be so bad0
Suspended animation0
The undiscovered dinosaurs0
Lighter Earth0
Me and my telescope0
It is the 1980s, AI is rising and Alan Turing is alive …0
Exposure to space radiation not a problem so far0
Parking charge0
Star waves point to date of Milky Way's violent feast0
Rise of weeds we can't kill0
Kew's orchids go carnival0
Your microbes mimic your blood group0
Working hypothesis0
Warm batteries key to a very fast charge0
Quick Crossword #440
The truth about vaping0
The miracle that is us0
Mysterious Fellers0
Minuscule reef fish serve up answer to Darwin's paradox0
Demands of caring for young mean bees snooze less too0
Smallest ever black hole spotted0
Recipe to plate, no cooking required0
The truth still matters down under0
It's rational to be outraged by things that are outrageous0
High-fat, low-carb regime helps mice avoid the flu0
Plant growth suffers widely as atmospheric changes bite0
A cleaner outlook for space explorers0
How the brain processes a pleasant touch0
Good gut bacteria may cause illness0
Working hypothesis0
Benefits of dung spread far and wide0
What's the point of CBD?0
Clean limbs0
We don't know if the universe is spherical or flat0
Cryptic Crossword #180
The forgotten patients0
Fertility add-ons lack evidence0
Will rising food prices in the UK lead to deaths?0
From the archives0
One lump or 11 billion? Teabags that release plastic0
Moving holograms that you can touch0
AI can somehow tell if you'll die soon0
Interstellar dust found locked in Antarctic snow0
China drives into the future0
Blasting lead with lasers makes it really strong0
This week's questions0
Banned toxins still threaten dolphins0
Chiller bees0
Women less likely to receive CPR0
A worm laid bare0
A world gone bad0
News Preview 2019: Teeth shed light on evolution0
Jurassic animals enjoyed cruises around the world0
HPV vaccine seems to be working0
Sucking carbon from air0
Don't miss0
A snowball fight is raging between Saturn's moons0
Town or country?0
Deeper water wells are unsustainable0
A climate of change0
Demonic dino0
Welcome to the mirror world0
AI to keep an eye on traffic0
Secrets of the koala hospital0
Ice belt on Saturn's moon Titan is a massive mystery0
How to be a maker: Your robot butler0
Cryptic crossword #170
Last but not least0
The black hole wow factor0
Cancer drug takes aim at mutation0
Fresh fruit0
Hermit crabs perish in plastic pollution0
Why it may be time to tell soft shoes to take a hike0
The brain's waste disposal system for flushing out toxins0
Me and my telescope0
Extinct date palms sprout again thanks to ancient seeds0
Black holes are colliding across the universe0
The last dodo0
Google breaks quantum chemistry simulation record0
Eating vegetables could give you a superbug0
Quick Crossword #370
Microbe mix may prevent asthma0
The secret life of truffles0
Don't miss0
Folic acid may help fathers-to-be have healthier babies0
DNA-testing customers able to deny the FBI0
From the archives0
Proof of parallel universes?0
The ‘I’ in reality0
Wild polio virus eradicated in Nigeria, but battle isn't over yet0
AI learns how to imagine itself in another's shoes0
Crabs found with stomachs full of discarded plastic0
Your single-celled relative0
The long and deadly shadow of measles0
Working with the enemy pays off0
Seven litres a day0
Formula generates 50 prime numbers0
Bizarre pentaquark is a subatomic ‘molecule’0
Clucking dinosaurs0
Robot welder controlled by thought0
Bolsonaro hits out over Amazon data0
Don't miss0
Set by Sparticle0
How to take a break0
Roving on a Martian moon0
Bad sense of smell linked to death in next decade0
Blow to peanut allergy treatments0
Have mice been cured of HIV using gene editing?0
T. rex was an accidental gardener0
How mammals got to be good listeners0
Microbiome link to infant food allergies0
High-tech plans for the NHS0
Archaeology could dig up the ancient history of animals too0
Making new oranges0
The Q & A0
Forgetting past wildlife0
Clones are not us0
Food fatigue0
Consensus of care0
Mixed outlook for weather forecasts0
News Preview 2019: Here come the electric cars0
Quake-resistant paint could let buildings flex0
Don't miss0
Pathogens worse in pumped breast milk0
Neutron lighthouse in the sky0
Don't miss0
Maths reveals how to avoid a crummy crêpe0
Time to think0
Martian rivers came in extra wide sizes0
Microbiome could affect depression0
Unveiling the obvious0
Shedding light on the mind0
Zero-gravity drone could clean the ISS0
Money influences our view of luck0
The truth behind your thin friend who lives on pies and crisps0
People few and far between in early Europe0
Run the world0
Humans helped to wipe out cave bears0
Scary monsters0
Do protests work?0
Hourglass figure0
Concern over vaping deaths0
70 is the new 65 for health and life expectancy in the UK0
CRISPR could fix one form of male infertility0
Light therapy may help relieve symptoms of perinatal depression0
Ancient DNA reveals Bronze Age slaves0
Cervix test predicts a baby's birth date0
Sweat test could help spot PTSD early0
Pain, but without the ouch feeling0
Gene screening for disease risk0
Working hypothesis0
Ordinary camera made to see around corners0
Rocket tests in Alaska go awry0
Shrinking gravity0
Bananas' boost from climate change will end as it heats up0
Avoiding red meat doesn't seem to give any health benefits0
Back story0
Alzheimer's disease breakthrough0
No hiding place for polluting farmyards0
How to be a maker: You hum it, I'll play it0
Inglorious mud0
Purple fairy wrasse discovered on 'twilight zone' reef0
The Past: Fly me to the moon0
The great lunar party0
What's wrong with the north pole?0
Recipe for disaster0
The minds of others0
Popular teenagers take more risks0
Humans are great at smelling cheese0
To have and to hold quite firmly0
How to build your own world0
Ready payer one0
Push to curb China's urban smog may be backfiring0
Congratulations: you are (a bit) smarter than average0
Low-energy nanotube chip says ‘hello world’0
Yellow-eyed penguin crowned bird of the year0
The inside story of China's internet0
Bygone era's family secrets revealed0
Quarter of North American birds lost in recent decades0
This week's questions0
In the shadow of Einstein0
‘Harmless’ invader may cause havoc0
Time is up, space station germs0
Arachnid appetite0
Looking for another charge0
The evolution of puppy dog eyes0
When anything can happen The Outer Worlds shows how video games are moving towards matching the imagination and flexibility of tabletop role-playing games. But a true AI would be much more fun, says J0
Desert birds really feeling the heat0
Rays of hope0
Big tech's inevitable fall from grace0
Don't miss0
Deepwater Horizon oil spill still hitting sea life0
Take a bite0
Inside the mind's eye0
Q & A0
Is there anybody out there?0
Downsized future for life on Earth0
All languages get info over at the same rate0
Strange asteroid may be spinning itself to destruction0
Eat your way to happiness0
Vanishing glaciers0
No laughing matter0
Facing the resistance0
The key to a long life may be genes that protect against stress0
Tiny insect-like flying bot a big leap forward0
We've seen methane rain gleaming on the icy plains of Titan0
Air pollution linked to hospital visits0
ET's expiry date0
Suicidal behaviour linked to two brain networks0
The time delusion0
AI takes on Bach0
Web sense0
Life may have come to Mars early0
The selling of happiness0
Don't miss0
Don't miss0
How to be a maker: Switch to hot buttered toast0
Amazon gets in on the quantum computer revolution0
Bad medicine?0
Delayed explosion0
Me and my telescope0
The tree lions0
A robot is using irony and now people like it more0
Circular argument0
The magnetism of the universe is very, very weak0
Turkey gets a military drone with a gun0
Big emissions from US video gaming0
Stay eagle-eyed to deter thieving gulls0
Hack immune cells to beat viruses0
Telescope protests0
Two new species of electric eel found0
A new way to multiply numbers0
Different minds0
Hack allows us to probe Mars mystery0
A treasure map of the Arctic0
Resetting offsetting0
See the spectacular aurorae0
Pesticides could be partly to blame for bird decline0
Super seers0
This week's questions0
Did hominins evolve in Europe?0
Secrets and spies0
A simple experiment could help find alien life on Europa0
From the archives0
Twisted fridges could save energy0
The other cutting room0
Mutant super-mosquitoes0
On the plus side0
Are consumers to blame for the Amazon fires? The production of beef for export has been linked to deforestation and fires in the rainforest, says Adam Vaughan0
Elusive mystery of the number 42 solved0
Cold feat0
Words to the wise0
Has Google accidentally broken the internet?0
Don't miss0
How to think about… THE BIG BANG0
Further, faster, earlier0
With regret, we must leave0
Climate is an emergency0
Underwater treasure trove0
Evolution's biggest mistake gets fixed0
Bird feeders are a recipe for success0
How to be a maker 2: Sizzling in the sunshine0
Paralysed hands work again after nerve ops0
World's smartest dog has died0
Supernovae go rogue0
Cease the IVF racket0
UK Lyme disease cases are rising0
Giant virus has its own kind of CRISPR to destroy invaders0
An interstellar rock could have hit Earth in 20140
Can we make our plastics from captured carbon?0
A dinosaur's dinner0
Older nightingales keep up to date with the latest songs0
How to think about… THE SELF0
A burden lifted0
‘Grazing fireball’ skimmed Earth's atmosphere0
Schrödinger's scissors0
Some astronauts' blood flows the wrong way0
Serious, sublime and… skin0
Crossword #310
US suicide rate at its worst level for 75 years0
Jellyfish sperm with stingers that fire inside females0
Cryptic Crossword #190
How to think about… EXTINCTION0
Deadly eruption0
Internet cables can sense earthquakes0
Hackers may be able to get into cameras and steal images0
Who owns life?0
We may have spotted alien water on comet Borisov0
Brain-inspired chip could transform AI0
We must travel less to stop climate change0
Why sex is especially memorable for flies0
Free energy even when the sun sets0
Cosmic cacophony0
Meet Hippocamp, the moon with 9 lives0
A new golden space age0
Lightning bulb0
Young blood tested on Parkinson's0
Solution to snack waste is in the bag0
Don't miss0
Call for human gene-editing rules0
Skull from one of our early ancestors found at last0
Don't miss0
Around and about0
To the moon with love0
Trash-talking robot curbs performance0
Don't cheer a fall in the UK's electricity use0
Goodbye kilo0
Have we seen gravitational waves? Some still doubt it0
Planets could be orbiting black holes0
Child abuse brain link to depression0
How Skippy got a spring in her stride0
Wasps may be shrinking due to climate change0
Who will pay?0
Invasion of little nippers0
The new normal0
Ghostly X-rays could lower radiation risk0
Come clean0
Water from air0
Beer before wine? Ignore the rhyme0
How firms get rich by hijacking brains0
Ready to launch0
Signs of solidifying stars spotted at last0
Dinosaurs rule!0
Welcome to space0
Can you shop with your DNA?0
Finding the real El Dorado0
How to make cities pedestrian friendly and reduce car use0
London's public spaces rife with drug-resistant bacteria0
Float like a butterfly0
Size matters for some crustaceans0
Meditation linked to anxiety and fear0
Me and my telescope0
How to sit and How to arrange your desk0
Dark depths look full of colour to fish eyes0
Watery alien world best bet yet for life0
Origins of the Vikings0
We finally know what screams sound like0
Me and my telescope0
Moon water lurks under thin dust layer0
Special effects0
Closing in on true size of protons0
Land of the giants0
Working hypothesis0
Strange illusion makes people lose track of their teeth0
Cleaner air rapidly brings major health benefits0
Kicking the habit0
Dark secrets0
Don't dismiss ‘anti-vax’0
A primer on protests0
Break up of huge ice shelves may have much older roots0
Extreme weather reports0
Earth's tipping points may be closer than we thought0
The sound of a black hole0
Important gene variants in African people being missed0
Polar warming may make smog pollution worse0
Prosecco hills may be washing away0
Videotopian dreaming0
Cute clean-up0
How to think about… ALTRUISM0
Tornado spike in the US0
How to be a maker: Intruder alert0
Don't miss0
Blood pressure linked to brain size0
The world may sing in harmony after all0
Infectious idea0
Quick Crossword #350
Alarm over sex selection0
Q & A0
Scientists train rats to drive tiny cars around an arena0
Guarding the guardians0
Life's universal ancestor may not have liked it hot0
Doctors do surgery over 5G internet0
Mouse embryos made without sperm or eggs0
The lost islands of the Galapagos0
What is it like to be conscious?0
Microbes rule us0
Science under the hammer0
Most primitive cosmic compound seen0
Clean air is a basic right0
A world of pain0
Chimps really do care0
New type of blood vessel found in bones0
Einstein's web0
Quantum X-ray machine takes super-sharp snaps0
Our changing planet0
The call of the moon0
The most beautiful table0
Now that's fruitloopery0
Rise in colon cancer seen in under-50s0
Roman shipwreck full of 2000-year-old jugs discovered0
Vital ocean current monitoring system saved – for now0
Blasts from the past0
Our guiding light0
Kitty knows name but shows disdain0
Inside Intel's quantum quest0
People were getting high on pot at least 2500 years ago0
Jupiter's Great Red Spot is healthier than it looks0
Going fully organic would increase farm emissions0
Kidney-for-liver swap0
AI could decide to snitch on you0
The internet @500
Smartphone app could spot signs of schizophrenia0
Ebola treatment hope0
Next to godliness0
Cracked it0
Medieval coin switch revealed in Alps ice0
A mystery of the cosmos0
Nuclear argument0
Weird illusion makes you think objects are lighter than nothing0
We may share a basic language with chimps0
Spots or stripes0
Dead star hosts vast world0
Skull rewrites our history0
After the flood0
Monkeys seem to turn to each other for solace after trauma0
From the archives0
Man got drunk on beer brewed in his gut0
Jaws: The never-ending story0
How to be a maker: Communicating with plants0
Footballers are working harder on the pitch0
One giant step for women0
Building worlds0
Light rays create stunning visuals0
Slice of wood makes saltwater drinkable0
Sorry, sex won't start labour0
Hard baked0
Flexible battery works even when stretched0
Ingredients for life arrived with a bang0
Galactic traveller0
Step on it0
US police use gun that binds a suspect's limbs0
Back for good0
The animal-testing paradox0
Stranger things0
How to be a maker: Let there be electric light0
Modified probiotics could treat disease0
Sticky liquid can be sprayed on grass verges to stop fires0
The surrealist art of Twitter bots0
The truth about sugar isn't so sour0
The world's first GM reptiles0
Galaxies seem to be caught in cosmic web0
Itchy and scratchy0
Lure of the afterlife0
Asteroid dust in the bag0
Star spotting science0
Me and my telescope0
Virus designed to attack eye cancer0
Could fracking yet resume in England?0
Don't miss0
Secrets of shark speed revealed0
LIGO returns to probe black holes0
How to be a maker: Make your own traffic light0
Huge dinosaur may have stood on its tiptoes0
Bubbling over0
Seeing around corners0
The choice engine0
How to be a maker Week 1: Do try this at home0
How to be a maker 2: How's the weather?0
Dingoes may keep Australia's feral cats down0
Power dress with some smart socks0
Drug may ease fatty liver disease0
This week's new questions0
Magma splash on Earth made the moon0
The reality paradox0
Puddle puzzle0
How free is free will?0
Don't miss0
How to utilise the vacuum of space0
Our next big adventure0
The end?0
3D-printed replica heads give cancer therapies a trial run0
Leading robo student scrapes a C+ in English0
This week's questions0
Hawaii telescope row0
Prehistoric climate change revealed0
Our long split from Neanderthals0
Eating out can bring a side serving of suspect chemicals0
Dead but undying0
A bed that rocks may help you sleep like a baby0
Firms must explain AI decision-making0
Guide to the underworld is earliest illustrated book0
Most rigorous test of basic income yet0
Hidden structure of the cosmos spotted0
The pattern of reality0
The robots are here0
The debate over greener cars0
Videos of massacre proliferate online0
Second planet may orbit next-door star0
Time for a green revolution0
Don't miss0
Your pet's ecological footprint0
How fish make leap from female to male0
Diversity internship programme0
Fracking with CO2 unlikely to be green0
Writing the future0
Diet may explain why whales have such big brains0
Toxic goo gun culls feral cats0
First alien moon may not be what it seems0
Let's clean up our act0
The US could end HIV infections by 20300
Return of hypnosis0
AI gamer is a great team player0
Gigantic planet orbiting tiny star0
Our genomic future0
Speed limits0
A battle of words0
It's a great yarn: knitted creations that can move0
More protections for wildlife0
Exploding star shoots pulsar into space like a cannonball0
Radioactive material has weird magnetic powers0
Time's up on testosterone myths0
Space reflectors0
Are hackers making money with your PC?0
Quick crossword #390
How to think about… SPECIES0
Partition mentality0
Clue to fall of ancient society in vast halls0
Milky Way may be devouring a ghostly galaxy0
Lunar litter0
A second interstellar tourist?0
NHS plans for the next decade0
The robots won't steal your jobs, it will be worse than that0
Early humans may have developed tool use several times0
Ancient pollen reveals the high origins of cannabis0
Watch that tail0
Comet 67P's cliffs march towards the sun0
Getting used to it0
Discovering rainforest secrets high above the trees0
Robocar drives fast, furious and safely0
Don't miss0
Dogs have a keen ear for language0
Core subject0
A strange twist to how crystals form0
A whale of a tale0
Antarctica's sea ice is vanishing and we don't know why0
Set by Sparticle0
Earth's past and future ice0
Sounds good: a phone app to pick up an ear infection0
AI-guided submarines0
Planets spin the right way when made from pebbles0
Exoskeleton for skiers helps fight fatigue0
Tourists taking selfies risk giving gorillas deadly diseases0
Are we just making things up?0
North American settlers were unlucky scientists0
This week's new questions0
Tower is made of self-shaping wood0
Ancient sexual encounters0
Feeling Fly0
Cockatoo learns a dance move or two0
What next for quantum computers?0
Working hypothesis0
Me and my telescope0
Missed measles vaccinations0
Beware evolutionary just-so stories0
Don't move…0
Pieces of brilliance0
CBD capsules may treat cannabis addiction0
Storytelling robot helps children learn language0
People quickly abandon mental health apps0
Wrecking the planet could worsen outbreaks0
Bizarre galaxies can't be explained by standard physics0
Time and tide0
Sowing innovation0
Spectacular ice balls0
Salamander-eating plants0
Watch a meteor shower0
I want to break the cycle, not indoctrinate0
Genomic selection begins0
Having a blast at New Scientist Live 20190
AI knows how to bust drug patents0
Turtles work out as they slumber0
No porn please, we're British0
Dreamy looks0
Eight wonders of the human brain0
Time and tide0
How slime allows time for a getaway0
Once upon a time0
A monstrous performance0
Teens defy their parents over vaccinations0