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What is a metaverse102
Omicron emerges47
Children with long covid27
An uncommon cold22
Threats from new variants21
Concern coronavirus may trigger post-viral fatigue syndromes21
Delta to dominate world19
Subvariant ‘soup’ may drive wave14
Maintaining mental health in the time of coronavirus13
The problems with contact-tracing apps13
Welcome to the metaverse12
Tongan volcano erupts11
Trials of BCG vaccine will test for covid-19 protection10
Sputnik V vaccine goes global10
How do we leave lockdown?10
The first global energy crisis9
Are booster shots coming?8
Smokers are actually at a higher risk of dying from covid-198
Why are ethnic minorities worse affected?8
New variant gains ground7
Senegal to trial $1 speedy test for covid-197
Covid-19 vaccines for kids7
The science of can and can't6
India at breaking point6
The hidden costs of AI6
The hunt to find the coronavirus pandemic's patient zero6
UK makes moves to build a nuclear fusion power plant6
The biggest logistics challenge in history6
Facebook is now Meta – but why, and what even is the metaverse?5
Vaccine nationalism5
Net zero's dirty secret5
El Salvador revamps bitcoin system5
The fever paradox5
The world's first bitcoin republic5
Will bitcoin help or hinder Ukraine?4
How the coronavirus crisis is affecting your dreams4
The climate fight after coronavirus4
The nature fix4
How to stop vaccine hesitancy4
Children and covid-194
Two years of the coronavirus4
India's pledge on net zero4
Who will get ventilators in a covid-19 crisis?4
Protect the pollinators4
Global vaccine inequality4
AI outguns a human fighter pilot4
Illuminating consciousness4
Air pollution may be behind millions of deaths in China4
Sights set on universal vaccine4
The coronavirus could end up mild like a common cold3
What are the new coronavirus variants?3
Bias in the machines3
New Zealand's success3
Can breathing exercises help protect you from covid-19?3
Covid-19's AI revolution3
Stopping coronavirus variants3
A new quantum leader?3
Should schools ban AI chatbots?3
How climate change hits nature3
First helicopter flight on another planet takes off3
Cold brew3
Drones keep an eye on people failing to social distance3
How accurate is self-testing?3
Tracking down coronavirus3
What covid-19 does to the brain3
Will the IPCC report matter?3
ChatGPT can find and fix the bugs in computer code3
Honeywell claims quantum record3
Most major carbon capture and storage projects haven't met targets3
Children's immunity at risk3
Humanitarian crisis in Ukraine3
The omicron wave3
Puzzle over viral load3
3D-printed steel bridge takes the load in Amsterdam3
Should we be worried by wild animals with covid-19?3
How quickly can you catch covid-19 again?3
Who wants to be an animated gif millionaire?3
Stark inequality in covid-19 deaths3
El Salvador's adoption of bitcoin hits further problems2
Long covid risk with omicron may be half that of delta2
Virtually famous2
Testing confusion2
Herpes virus causes signs of Alzheimer's2
The plastic pandemic2
Some African countries begin to ease coronavirus lockdowns2
How do we solve the problem of ransomware?2
Machine churning2
Covid-19 vaccines and periods2
The wisdom of the woods2
Fusion of minds2
‘Collective behaviour is what gives animals their “sixth sense”’2
Parliaments of the future2
Monkeypox on the rise2
How exciting is the Pfizer vaccine?2
How many have caught coronavirus?2
US Army laser weapon to be most powerful ever2
Waste want not… not?2
Green shipping hoves into view2
The future of medicine unlocked2
Where does quantum weirdness end?2
How has covid-19 impacted STEM?2
Can we trust AI search engines?2
Global food crisis looms2
The heat is on out west2
One million global deaths2
Brewing milk2
Life in the anthropause2
Herd immunity to covid-19 may not be attainable in the UK A high vaccination rate will save many lives, but it probably won't be enough to stop covid-19 becoming a seasonal disease, finds Helen Thomso2
Environmental effects2
Men hit harder by covid-192
The enduring grip of covid-192
Plant that turns CO2 into methanol fuel is largest on Earth2
Why is Twitter becoming X?2
The blue acceleration2
Vaccines vs variants2
The pandemic's new centre2
“With AI, you might unlock some of the secrets about how life works”2
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Fighting food waste2
China's surprising ambition2
Hope or Hype?2
Climate change? Yes, we can.2
Eight billion strong2
Grow (just a bit of) your own2
Web3 is a fantasy, but it can still hurt you2
Climate change hits hard2
Why we went for full elimination2
Taking down covid-192
Researchers on strike2
Tackling two crises at once2
Dream power2
No sign of a machine mind yet2
AI copyright2
Is covid-19 causing diabetes?2
Why planes fly2
Best behaviour2
How many people have died?2
Did covid-19 come from a lab?2
The Power of self-reflection2
Anti-feminism is route to alt-right2
Irrational restrictions2
SpaceX's first crewed flight is a go2
Pre-existing immunity to covid-19 hints at universal coronavirus vaccine2
Flying to the edge of space2
Welcome to the fuzzy-verse2
US Air Force has started using AI to choose targets to strike2
The world is warming, and we know why. We also know how to stop it. To stave off the worst effects, we must wean ourselves off greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuels – and fast, hitting “net zero” carb2
Monkeypox: Key questions answered2
Will the Central African Republic's bitcoin experiment flop?1
Saving forests could help prevent future pandemics1
Quantum clouds in orbit1
Hope of saving rhino from extinction remains alive1
Monkeypox threat could worsen1
Could co-infection cause coronavirus to evolve?1
Messages from the Stone Age1
Making sense of it all1
AI tool could be used to make tests to spot new drugs fast1
New York battles polio1
Give solar the green light1
Breadfruit could be food of the future as climate warms1
Your first line of defence1
Is Amazon going to dominate space?1
Printed chain mail is flexible but strong1
Gut reactions1
Who is space for?1
The real threat from AI1
When will life return to normal?1
Some places are already too hot for humans to live1
“Make or break” is hardly hyperbole for the climate negotiations due to reach their climax in November in Glasgow, UK. At the COP26 meeting, nations will have a last chance to really rev up the stutte1
Conservation in crisis1
Our restless minds1
UK ship hit by GPS spoof1
The race to capture carbon1
Coronavirus in the Amazon1
SpaceX's explosive start1
Monkeypox claims lives1
Price tag rises for UK's planned nuclear waste facility1
A truly stellar legacy1
Vaccine trial begins in US1
On strike against AI1
Climate change: A status report1
Improving even tiny green spaces boosts urban wildlife1
What we know so far1
Microdosing may be all in the mind1
Super sunscreen1
Back from the brink1
Mas rover may be near ancient ocean1
Mind-altering moves1
Ageing upturned1
Heading for a fall?1
New Apple Watch monitors blood oxygen – is that useful?1
Pandemic risks a rise in severe grief1
Europe's AI regulations could lead the way for the world1
Omicron still on the rise1
Borrowing bee brains1
US vaccine benefits1
Retreating from tech1
Quantum perspective1
The climate financier1
Mind the meadows1
Covid-19 vaccines reduce the likelihood of infecting others1
2020 was the joint hottest year on record1
Inside the race for a vaccine1
England ends covid-19 rules1
Attenborough's rallying cry1
Becoming Human1
Rewilding the sky1
Ivermectin buyers clubs1
How to ease global food shock1
Monsters of the seas1
Nearby exoplanet may be ideal for life1
Row over fingerprint scanners1
‘Green’ bitcoin alternative leads to hard disc shortages1
The power of paradoxes1
Huge increase in saiga antelope population1
Can blood type alter covid-19 risk?1
Fire and ice1
ChatGPT's knowledge of copyrighted novels highlights legal uncertainty of AI1
Covid-19 pandemic linked to antibiotic resistance in pneumonia bacterium1
Why have we seen so many heatwaves in 2022?1
Plan to save Greenland glacier1
To boldly go and go Star Trek1
A quantum of consciousness1
A transport revolution1
European Union powers ahead with charger plan1
Exxon predicted climate change1
Crisis in New York City1
More people are going to space, but who will get to fly?1
Walking robots have the potential to be far more efficient1
Proposed anti-trolling law could be used to silence critics of the Australian government1
Good COP, bad COP1
What difference will it make?1
CRISPR babies may still go ahead1
Covid-19 may raise premature birth risk1
How covid-19 affects the brain1
Global internet via satellite takes shape1
Greta Thunberg's year off1
A star is born1
An end to deforestation?1
Racism in close up1
A pandemic like no other1
The Large Hadron Collider1
Scotland could eliminate the coronavirus – if it weren't for England1
The hydrogen games1
Halt the mineral rush1
ChatGPT tells robots what to do1
Boots on the moon1
Data privacy in a war zone1