Boundary 2-An International Journal of Literature and Culture

(The TQCC of Boundary 2-An International Journal of Literature and Culture is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-07-01 to 2024-07-01.)
Archaeology of a Medium: The (Agri)Cultural Techniques of a Paddy Film Farm9
“Memorable Equinox”9
Belle da Costa Greene and the Undoing of “Medieval” Studies4
The English Department as Imperial Commonwealth, or The Global Past and Global Future of English Studies4
Constantine Cavafy in the Colony: Hellenism at the Margins of Empire3
Another Colonial History: How Cosmopolitan Was Cavafy's Contemporary Alexandria?3
What Is “Postmedieval”? Embedded Reflections3
The Grannies of Shaheen Bagh: Hindutva Power and the Poetics of Dissent in Contemporary India2
Always Thinking in Motion: An Interview with Anthony Bogues2
Suppositionality, Virtuality, and Chinese Cinema2
Against Allegory2
Green Walls: Everyday Ecofascism and the Politics of Proximity2
Making Islam (Coherent): Academic Discourse and the Politics of Language2
New Media, Neo-Media: The Brief Life of Socialist Television in Ghana1
At a Slight Angle to the Empire: Cavafy among the British1
A Source Which Is Also a Translation: Toward an Expanded- Yiddish Poetics, with Special Reference to Charles Bernstein1
George Lamming: Reflections on Writing, Politics, and Caribbean Society1
The Soviet Invention of Postcolonial Studies1
Trad Rights: Making Eurasian Whiteness at the “End of History”1
Editor’s Note1
Accounting for Democracy: Excessive Subjects in a State of Consensus1
A Poetics of Thingification: Dawn Lundy Martin and the Black Took Collective1
Fighting for the Middle: Medieval Studies Programs and Degrees within Higher Education1
Ways of Working with Language1
The Return of the Barbarians and the Colonial Order of the Archive1
To Become What One Is1
A Bridge Too Far? Ludovico Marracci's Translation of the Qurʾan and the Persistence of Medieval Biblicism1
C. P. Cavafy as an Egyptiote1
Race, Medieval Studies, and Disciplinary Boundaries1
De-fencing: Notes on the Cultural Ecosystem of the Commons in the Post-15M Spanish State1
The Roar of the Minotaur1
Cavafy's Levant: Commerce, Culture, and Mimicry in the Early Life of the Poet1
A Note on Cutting0
Henry Thoreau's Perpetual Grief and Unquenchable Life0
The Bildungsroman of an Artist for New China: Fu Lei's Family Letters, 1954–19660
Neoliberal Kosmos and the Cunning of Aesthetic Revolt0
Prisons, Immigration, and the Right to a Livable Life in the Anthropocene: Reading Garrett Hardin and Michel Foucault0
Editor's Note0
Preface to a Collective Pedagogical Document0
Preemptive Impunity: The Constituent Power of Trump's Make America Great Again Movement0
Paul Celan's Counterword: Who Witnesses for the Witness?0
NoOnesRose: An Interview with Pierre Joris0
Sebastian Haffner’s Germanys0
Announcement of Change in Editorship0
The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke: An Unfinished Reading of Jeffrey Stewart's Troubled Biography0
Sending Language into Battle: Interview with Hortense J. Spillers0
Opening Time, Closing Time: A Journey from Hermes and Hesiod to Vico and Joyce0
I Am Become Data: Lytle Shaw's Narrowcast and the Era of Machine Listening0
To Put Afoot a New Black Woman: On Hortense Spillers and the Possibilities of Gender0
Gertrude and Ludwig's Italian Adventure0
Hymn to the Muses: To Greet the Return of the Gods, Part 1 (Lecture 2, Book of Ours)0
Celan in Conversation0
Robert Duncan and Norman O. Brown: Correspondence0
The Deconstruction of Philology0
Interview with Meg Havran0
Brown Now: Communion, Mystery, and Public Knowledge0
Angus Fletcher’s Precious Idiosyncrasy0
Shelter from the Storm: Cynicism and the Refuge of Meaning0
Translingualism: A Poetics of Language Mixing and Estrangement0
Introduction: A Decade of Indignation0
Song Time, the Time of Narratives, and the Changing Idea of Nation in Postindependence Cinema0
Pedagogy: An Introduction to the Book of Ours0
Minneapolis, Prince, and the Minneapolis Sound0
The Hitherto Unknown: Toward a Theory of Synthetic Sound0
Undoing Medieval Race Studies0
The Well-Hung & Well-Stretched Language-Tongues of New York0
Gertrude and Ludwig's Bogus Adventure0
In Memoriam: Michael Hays0
Remarks at the Retirement Celebration for Charles Bernstein0
The Epiphany of Language: The Connotation of Zen-Taoism in Charles Bernstein's Echopoetics0
To Greet the Return of the Gods: A Guide for Teachers0
Sebald or Gevalt?0
Song of the Andoumboulou: 3000
If We Don't Tell It, They Will Tell Us: A Short Story about the Ongoing Crisis in Spain0
Pierre Bonnard: Bringing Painting to Life0
Philology from the Point of View of Its Victims0
Charles Bernstein: Against the Idea of Poetry0
The Sebald Case0
Freedom: The Function of Criticism at All Times0
Interview with Alí Calderón0
The Experience of Peril in Secular Criticism0
Pataquericalism: Quantum Coherence between the East and West0
Revenant of the Future0
Words You Burn Down: Toward a Poetics of Umfarshtandlekh Translation0
Apocalyptic Style and Prophetic Diction0
Utopia in a Package? Digital Media Piracy and the Politics of Entertainment in Cuba0
“You Said Independence?” The Case of Scotland's and Catalonia's Nationalisms: A Discussion of J. H. Elliott's Scots and Catalans: Union and Disunion0
The Critique of Cyberlibertarianism0
Experimental Poetry in Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav Literary Spaces: Socialism, War Transition, and Beyond0
Beyond (European) Philosophy: From Leibniz—via Schmalenbach—to Benjamin0
Interior Intersubjectivity: Hortense Spillers's Theory of “the One”0
Editor's Note0
A Populist Experiment in Spanish Political Culture? On the Cultural Politics of Podemos0
Troubling Signs0
Computer Center Sabotage, 1968–1971: Luddism, Black Studies, and the Diversion of Technological Progress0
Bastard Sugar: Hortense Spillers and Paradoxes of Value in New World Thought0
Touch and Voice in Absalom, Absalom!0
Alma Mater0
How to Read the New Histories of Empire0
Spoiled History: Leprosy and the Lessons of Queer Medieval Historiography0
Excerpts from Zamanın Kelimeleri: Yeni Türkiye’nin Siyasî Dili (Words of Our Times: The Political Language of New Turkey)0
Fraternal Forms and Forest Figures: Politics and Metapolitics in the Thought of Norman O. Brown0
Tolerance from Below: Unsettling the Sovereign Subject0
The Double Agent: NOB / RD0
Edmund Burke and Hannah Arendt: Decolonization, Resentment, and the Social Question0
L’état Naissant: On Celan's Microliths They Are, Little Stones: Posthumous Prose0
Auerbach's Hunger: Mimesis as an Anthropology of Violence0
The Making of the Hindu Normative0
Pierre Joris and “The Whole Celan”—a Life's Work0
Introduction to Chinese Anthology of American Poetry (19th–20th c.), ed. Li Zhimin0
The Fate of Philology0
Transfiguration as a World-Making Practice: From Norman O. Brown to Bob Dylan0
Managing Editor's Note0
The Medieval of the Long Now0
Bail Out Poetry0
Witnessing the Past in the Work of W. G. Sebald0
Ten Plus Ways of Reading Charles Bernstein: Improvisations on Aphoristic Cores0
The Gray Lovers0
In the Un-American Tree: The L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetries and Their Aftermath, with a Special Reference to Charles Bernstein, Translated0
Editor's Note0
The Poetics of Defeat0
The Cause of the Refugee0
Iconic Intelligence (Or: In Praise of the Sublamental)0
Whaddayou Mean “ςπουδαιογɛλοιον”?: Nabi's Last Laugh0
The Bricolage of Words and Images0
Introduction to Charles Bernstein's Distinguished Wenqin Yao Lectures at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Fall 20190
Charles Bernstein: Avant-Garde Is a Constant Renewal0
Introduction: The Returns of Fascism0
Afterword: In and beyond the Boundaries of Medievalism0
Words, Not Bombs0
The Possibility of Progress: An Interview with Bruce Robbins0
The Gramscian Moment of the Spanish Crisis0
Edward Said and the Western Humanities0
Your Brain on Poetry: The Making of the Poetics Program0
Empson Here and Now?0
Braised Cucumbers, Maps, and Surprises: Materialist Narratology and Political Theology in the Work of Hortense J. Spillers0
The Generative Politics of Presentism in Post-15M Spain0
Law's Numbers0
On the Psychic Work of Reading0
Between Form and Formalization: Angus Fletcher’sThe Topological Imagination0
In Memoriam: David Golumbia0
Something Worth Leaving in Shards: An Interview with Rachel Blau DuPlessis0
The White Minority: Natives and Nativism in Contemporary France0
In the Wake of Disaster: Black Women's Innovative Poetics0
On Thon; or, Thinking Gender in the Interstice0
Fathers and Daughters; or, Social Reproduction in the Anthropocene0
From the Margins: There Must Be More to History than Logic0
When Hortense Spillers and Toni Morrison Meet in the Clearing: The Hieroglyphics of Marking and Unmarking0
No Way to Say0
Performance Typing0
Afterword to Pied bot0
The Stateless Novel0
The Philological Thesis0
NOB's Poetics0
Dispatches to the Dead: Delegation, Consumption, and Mischievous Pleasure (Thinking with Robert Pfaller in the So-called Present)0
Penelope’s Crossword0
“Nothing tires a vision more than sundry attacks / in the manner of enclosure”: An Afterword to Angriff der Schwierigen Gedichte0
Different and Familiar: Les enfances Renier and the Question of Medieval Orientalism0
This Working Title Will Be Replaced: Charles Bernstein's Forever Forthcoming0
North County Jail0
The Documentary Imaginary of Brotherhood and Unity: Nonfiction Film in Yugoslavia, 1945–510
Death from Above0
Fascism at Future's End0
Language Matters0
“They Don't Represent Us!”: From the Crisis of the Organic Intellectuals of 1978 to the Exhumation of Buried Imaginaries0
Processes of Destitution in Spain: Unavowable Communities between the Regime of ’78 and the Total State0
Introduction: Media Archaeology and the Resources of Film Studies0
The World Union of Documentary and the Early Cold War0
Nobby, or Metamorphosis0
The Possibility of Translation0
Identifying Khizr: On the Paths of Goethe and Iqbal0
Gaza and the Limits of Metropolitan Solidarity: Affiliation under Duress0
The Darkness in the Poem, and the Light: Beyond Witness—the Visionary, Non-Soteriological Poetics of Paul Celan0
Adaptation, Appropriation, Translation0
Interview with Natalia Fedorova0
Editor's Note0
Introduction to the Correspondence of Robert Duncan and Norman O. Brown0
Seven Aspects in Search of a Narrative: A Review of The West: A New History by Anthony Grafton and David Bell0
Primed for Suffering: Gender, Subjectivity, and Spectatorship in Spanish Crisis Cinema0
Our Unnamable Present0
Cavafy among the Modernists0