Annals of Pure and Applied Logic

(The TQCC of Annals of Pure and Applied Logic is 6. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-06-01 to 2023-06-01.)
The negation of the singular cardinal hypothesis from o(K)=K++52
Effective moduli from ineffective uniqueness proofs. An unwinding of de La Vallée Poussin's proof for Chebycheff approximation46
Refined program extraction from classical proofs38
Set-theoretic geology34
Chu spaces from the representational viewpoint21
Algorithmic correspondence and canonicity for non-distributive logics21
Topological completeness of the provability logic GLP14
Counterexamples to countable-section Π213
Definable E013
The strength of compactness in Computability Theory and Nonstandard Analysis12
Downward categoricity from a successor inside a good frame12
Strongly uniform bounds from semi-constructive proofs12
Almost structural completeness; an algebraic approach11
A natural prior probability distribution derived from the propositional calculus11
Boolean algebras arising from information systems10
From realizability to induction via dependent intersection9
Reductions between types of numberings9
Categories of models of R-mingle9
Relation algebras from cylindric algebras, II9
Dimension spectra of random subfractals of self-similar fractals9
From the weak to the strong existence property9
Uniform interpolation and the existence of sequent calculi9
From discrete to continuous time8
Finite computable dimension and degrees of categoricity8
Uniform interpolation and coherence8
Superstability from categoricity in abstract elementary classes7
Minimal from classical proofs7
Large cardinals need not be large in HOD7
Authentication schemes from actions on graphs, groups, or rings6
Model theoretic dynamics in Galois fashion6
Fixed point theorems for precomplete numberings6