Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing

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The evaluation of artificial talus implant on ankle joint contact characteristics: a finite element study based on four subjects3
Modeling the mechanics of fibrous-porous scaffolds for skeletal muscle regeneration3
Synthetic OCT data in challenging conditions: three-dimensional OCT and presence of abnormalities3
Deep learning-based dental implant recognition using synthetic X-ray images3
Hierarchal Bayes model with AlexNet for characterization of M-FISH chromosome images3
A combined deformable model and medical transformer algorithm for medical image segmentation3
Cascade marker removal algorithm for thyroid ultrasound images3
Modeling the dynamic brain network representation for autism spectrum disorder diagnosis3
Hybrid machine learning method for a connectivity-based epilepsy diagnosis with resting-state EEG3
The protein-protein interaction network alignment using recurrent neural network3
Prioritizing the glucose-lowering medicines for type 2 diabetes by an extended fuzzy decision-making approach with target-based attributes3
Influence of aortic valve morphology on vortical structures and wall shear stress3
Wearables and their applications for the rehabilitation of elderly people3
Development of a tissue discrimination electrode embedded surgical needle using vibro-tactile feedback derived from electric impedance spectroscopy3
Influence of different postures under vertical impact load on thoracolumbar burst fracture3
Total hip replacement monitoring: numerical models for the acoustic emission technique3
Effects of triceps surae fatigue and weight training level on gait variability and local stability in young adults3
A comprehensive hierarchical classification based on multi-features of breast DCE-MRI for cancer diagnosis3
Automated semi-real-time detection of muscle activity with ultrasound imaging2
A one-round medical image encryption algorithm based on a combined chaotic key generator2
Influence of multi-angle input of intraoperative fluoroscopic images on the spatial positioning accuracy of the C-arm calibration-based algorithm of a CAOS system2
Biomechanical influence of plate configurations on mandible subcondylar fracture fixation: a finite element study2
Development and placement accuracy evaluation of an MR conditional robot for prostate intervention2
Layered mechanical and electrical properties of porcine articular cartilage2
Nonnegative matrix factorization for the identification of pressure ulcer risks from seating interface pressures in people with spinal cord injury2
Computational electrophysiology of the coronary sinus branches based on electro-anatomical mapping for the prediction of the latest activated region2
Neural-Symbolic Ensemble Learning for early-stage prediction of critical state of Covid-19 patients2
Image-based cell subpopulation identification through automated cell tracking, principal component analysis, and partitioning around medoids clustering2
Bayesian inference for fitting cardiac models to experiments: estimating parameter distributions using Hamiltonian Monte Carlo and approximate Bayesian computation2
Ludic Table: a comparative study between playful rehabilitation and kinesiotherapy in restricting upper limb movements in individuals with stroke2
Primitive muscle synergies reflect different modes of coordination in upper limb motions2
A coarse-to-fine registration method for three-dimensional MR images2
Predicting SARS-CoV-2 infection duration at hospital admission:a deep learning solution2
Toward a diagnostic CART model for Ischemic heart disease and idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy based on heart rate total variability2
Investigation of the different parameters contributing to bubble sticking inside physiological bifurcations2
Performance analysis of melanoma classifier using electrical modeling technique2
Classification of orthostatic intolerance through data analytics2
Effects of cervicothoracic postures on the stiffness of trapezius muscles2
Estimating high-order brain functional networks by correlation-preserving embedding2
Nanotechnology and quantum science enabled advances in neurological medical applications: diagnostics and treatments2
Non-invasive diagnostics of blockage growth in the descending aorta-computational approach2
Depression diagnosis using machine intelligence based on spatiospectrotemporal analysis of multi-channel EEG2
The effect of asymmetrical gait induced by unilateral knee brace on the knee flexor and extensor muscles2
Frequency-specific network effective connectivity: ERP analysis of recognition memory process by directed connectivity estimators2
Detection of microsleep states from the EEG: a comparison of feature reduction methods2
High-quality biopotential acquisition without a reference electrode: power-line interference reduction by adaptive impedance balancing in a mixed analog–digital design2
Enhancement and denoising method for low-quality MRI, CT images via the sequence decomposition Retinex model, and haze removal algorithm2
A deep learning approach to median nerve evaluation in ultrasound images of carpal tunnel inlet2
An efficient online peak detection algorithm for synchronized intestinal electrical stimulation and its application for treating diabetes2
Statistical shape analysis of gravid uteri throughout pregnancy by a ray description technique2
Review of microwave imaging algorithms for stroke detection2
Tip estimation approach for concentric tube robots using 2D ultrasound images and kinematic model2
Ensemble classifier fostered detection of arrhythmia using ECG data2
Dynamic brain effective connectivity analysis based on low-rank canonical polyadic decomposition: application to epilepsy2
Classification of ischemic and non-ischemic cardiac events in Holter recordings based on the continuous wavelet transform2
Discriminative dictionary learning algorithm with pairwise local constraints for histopathological image classification2
Development of a tracking error prediction system for the CyberKnife Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System with use of support vector regression2
Evaluation of computational fluid dynamics models for predicting pediatric upper airway airflow characteristics2
Modeling global and local label correlation with graph convolutional networks for multi-label chest X-ray image classification2
Detailed 3D micro-modeling of rat aqueous drainage channels based on two-photon imaging: simulating aqueous humor through trabecular meshwork and Schlemm’s canal by two-way fluid structure interaction2
Design of ear-contactless stethoscope and improvement in the performance of deep learning based on CNN to classify the heart sound2
Concomitant evaluation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular controls via Geweke spectral causality to assess the propensity to postural syncope2
Learning multi-frequency features in convolutional network for mammography classification2
Velocity tracking of cardiac vector loops to identify signs of stress-induced ischaemia2
NO-HYPE: a novel hydrodynamic phantom for the evaluation of MRI flow measurements2
Dual encoder network with transformer-CNN for multi-organ segmentation2
Airway performance in infants with congenital tracheal stenosis associated with unilateral pulmonary agenesis: effect of tracheal shape on energy flux2
The past, present, and prospective on UV–VIS–NIR skin photonics and spectroscopy—a wavelength guide2
Neurocognitive functions of prosocial and unsocial incongruency information during language comprehension: evidence from time–frequency analysis of EEG signals2
Closed-loop sacral neuromodulation for bladder function using dorsal root ganglia sensory feedback in an anesthetized feline model2
Convolutional neural network-based automatic classification for incomplete antibody reaction intensity in solid phase anti-human globulin test image2
Colon tissue image segmentation with MWSI-NET2
DMs-MAFM+EfficientNet: a hybrid model for predicting dysthyroid optic neuropathy2
Bilateral upper extremity trunk model for cross-country sit-skiing double poling propulsion: model development and validation2
Augmented sequence features and subcellular localization for functional characterization of unknown protein sequences2
Quantitative analysis of regional specific pelvic symmetry2
Deep reinforcement learning coupled with musculoskeletal modelling for a better understanding of elderly falls2
Quantifying neonatal patient effort using non-invasive model-based methods2
Fast soft-tissue deformations coupled with mixed reality toward the next-generation childbirth training simulator2
Functional calibration does not improve the concurrent validity of magneto-inertial wearable sensor-based thorax and lumbar angle measurements when compared with retro-reflective motion capture2
Deep learning approach for bubble segmentation from hysteroscopic images2
Validity and reliability of innovative field measurements of tibial accelerations and spinal kinematics during cricket fast bowling2
Does conduction heterogeneity determine the supervulnerable period after atrial fibrillation?2
Computational assessment of growth of connective tissues around textured hip stem subjected to daily activities after THA2
Comparative analysis of classification algorithms on the breast cancer recurrence using machine learning2
A novel approach for detection of dyslexia using convolutional neural network with EOG signals2
Complex carotid artery segmentation in multi-contrast MR sequences by improved optimal surface graph cuts based on flow line learning2
Automated labeling of the airway tree in terms of lobes based on deep learning of bifurcation point detection2
Development of new descriptor for melanoma detection on dermoscopic images2
Pulmonary nodule detection based on IR-UNet +  +2
Egocentric spatial orientation differences between Alzheimer’s disease at early stages and mild cognitive impairment: a diagnostic aid2
Effects of long-term fasting and confinement on the cardiovascular activity2
Effect of triangular electrode schemes on Broca’s cortical stimulation: conventional and HD-tDCS study2
A new conditional region growing approach for microcalcification delineation in mammograms2
Spectrum-sine interpolation framework for DTI processing2
Comparison of two-dimensional synthesized mammograms versus original digital mammograms: a quantitative assessment2
Biomechanical investigation of intra-articular cage and cantilever technique in the treatment of congenital basilar invagination combined with atlantoaxial dislocation: a finite element analysis2
Developing the computer-based auditory training program for adults with hearing impairment2
MsRAN: a multi-scale residual attention network for multi-model image fusion2
Using convolutional neural network to analyze brain MRI images for predicting functional outcomes of stroke2
A pilot randomised control trial of the efficacy of stability-based training with visualisation for people with chronic ankle instability2
Comparison of two-dimensional and three-dimensional U-Net architectures for segmentation of adipose tissue in cardiac magnetic resonance images2
Dominant parameter of galvanic vestibular stimulation for the non-associative learning processes2
Segmentation of MRI brain scans using spatial constraints and 3D features2