Milton Studies

(The TQCC of Milton Studies is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-07-01 to 2024-07-01.)
Shakespeare’s and Milton’s Impact on Chinese Literature and Culture: A Preliminary Comparison1
Comus in Canaan: Milton's Masque and the Rape of Dinah1
Milton's Genderqueer Christianity1
Nationalism's Double-Bind: Individualism and the Global Implications of Milton's Nationalism1
“Fittest to Choose”: Milton Against Celebrity1
Was Milton White?1
Getting “Uppity” with Milton; or Because My Mom Politely Asked: “Was Milton Racist?”1
Killing the Tyrant Against the Environment1
Milton, Lucretius, and the “Womb of Nature”1
Reconsidering the Curse of Ham in Milton’s Paradise Lost: Canaan, “Vitious Race,” and Renaissance Biblical Commentary0
Learning and Loving in Paradise Lost0
William Empson and C. S. Lewis: The Atonement0
Milton's Timeless Music0
“Wanting a Supplement”: Milton and the Partial Reformation of His First Folio0
Milton’s Shakespeare: Gentle Will, Spare John, and Plump Jack0
Satanic Ingratitude and Psychological Determinism in Paradise Lost0
Milton’s Belly Talk0
Front Matter0
Milton, Marvell, and the Amorous Theology of Vegetables0
Milton and the Literary Workhouse0
Constructing Miltonic Interiority: Adam, Satan, and Conscience in Paradise Lost0
Bird of Paradise: The Evolving Song of Milton’s Nightingale0
London’s First Public Library: Books and Readers at Sion College, ca. 1630–600
Milton's Satan in China0
Reading Milton Today: Delight, Instruction, Admonition0
Milton after Auschwitz0
Researching Milton in Egypt: Politics, Portraiture, and Pasta0
Schooling Milton: Materialism and Social Ontology in Milton’s Educational Prose0
Learning to Stand: Paradise Regained Today0
Milton and the Uses of Stupidity0
Preface: Milton TodaySpecial Issues of Milton Studies 62.2 and 63.10
Milton’s Hamlet: The Tragedy of Adam Unparadized0
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Milton’s Second Marriage, the Burials of a Wife and Daughter, and Records from Two Parish Chests0
Milton, Shakespeare, and the English Grammar of Possibility0
Milton in Science Fiction and Fantasy0
Education, Political Theology, and Anti-Trinitarianism in Paradise Lost0
God Talk: Seeing and Hearing the Dialogue in Heaven in Paradise Lost0
Paradise Lost in a Chaotic Century0
On First Looking into Milton’s Shakespeare0
“Domestick Adam” versus “Adventrous Eve”: Arguments about Gardening in Milton's Eden0
Shakespeares Workes, and such Prelaticall trash”: Milton’s Shakespeare from the Philadelphia First Folio to the Political Prose0
“A Meet and Happy Conversation”: Milton and Divorce in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre0
Unsexing Eden0
Media, Mediation, and Milton's Eve0
Milton and the Search for Meaning0
The Pleasure of Milton0
“To All Baptized”: The Watery Dissent of Paradise Regained0
“Facile Gates:” Walls and Identity Across Paradise Lost and Along the US-Mexico Border0
Longinus and Milton: “’Tis the hupsos I looke after”0
Infernal Rhetoric: Counseling and Listening among the Fallen Angels in Paradise Lost0
Preface: Shakespeare and Milton0
“Through a Glass, Darkly”: Paradise Lost and Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians0
Milton in an Age of Stupidity0
Death the Devourer: The Sound and Sight of Ate and Eat in Paradise Lost0
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Like Alcestis: Milton’s Twenty-Third Sonnet and Lyric Personhood0
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Preface: Milton TodaySpecial Issues of Milton Studies 62.2 and 63.10
The Etymological Demon in Love0
Front Matter0