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(The TQCC of Amerasia Journal is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 500 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2019-11-01 to 2023-11-01.)
Pedagogies of Resistance: Why Anti-Muslim Racism Matters14
To Return to St. Louis: Reading the Intimacies of the Heartland of U.S. Empire through “The Dogeater”9
Law and Life: Immigrant and Refugee Acts Amid White Nationalism9
Making Citizenship, Becoming Citizens: How Sikh Punjabis Shaped the Exclusionary Politics of Belonging9
What It Means to Claim Kamala Harris as “One of Us”3
In the Wake of George Floyd: Hmong Americans’ Refusal to Be a U.S. Ally2
Warcare Economies: San Diego, Refugees, and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)2
Navigating the Global Refugee Regime: Law, Myth, Story2
The Insurgency of Mourning: Sewol across the Transpacific2
Afterwards and Other Non-Endings: Palestine, Afghanistan, and the Afterlives of War1
Evolving Activism in an Anti-Immigrant Administration: Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Nonprofit Experiences after the 2016 Elections1
Indescribable: The Construction and Enregisterment of Korean American Ethnolinguistic Identity1
Hoa: On Being and Binding Relations1
Objects of Warfare: Infrastructures of Race and Napalm in the Vietnam War1
A Letter to My Daughter: An Archive of Future Memories1
Introduction: Critical Refugee Studies and Asian American Studies1
Reproducing Asian American Studies: Rethinking Asian Exclusion as Reproductive Exclusion1
Refugee Community Gardens and the Politics of Self-Help1
To Our Readers0
Dis-integration: Miko Revereza’s Video Letters and the Aesthetics of Counter-Assimilation0
Sympathetic Resonance0
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“We Think About Our Children First”: Asian Skilled Professionals, Liberal Multiculturalism and the Borders of Educational Inequality in Fremont, California0
South Asian American Digital Archive0
Reeducation Camps & States of Suspension0
The Great Wall of Chinese America: Counterhegemonic boyhood masculinity and the Boy Scouts in New York’s Chinatown before World War II0
Sacred Men: Law, Torture, and Retribution in Guam0
Queer and Trans Necropolitics in the Afterlife of U.S. Empire0
Transpacific Fascism in John Okada’s No-No Boy0
Rethinking Gendered Citizenship: Intimacy, Sovereignty, and Empire0
Cold War Reformations0
In Memoriam: Lane Ryo Hirabayashi0
Nuclear Normalizing and Kathy Jetn¯il-Kijiner’s “Dome Poem”0
The Crime of Leprosy: The Red Threat and U.S. Hansen’s Disease Policy in Cold War Korea0
Inscrutable Belongings: Queer Asian North American Fiction0
How to Gently Unpack an Empire0
The Labor of Care: Filipina Migrants and Transnational Families in the Digital Age0
Rethinking, Returning, Repossessing0
Cold War, Global Warming, and Transoceanic Feminism: Theorizing the Black Pacific0
To Our Readers0
Cold War Fissures: Burma and China0
His Body of Work, the Work of His Body: The Chronicles of Christopher Lee, and Respect After Death0
To Our Readers0
Voices of the Unredressed: Korean and Nisei A-Bomb Survivors, Structural Legacies of Violence, and Compensatory Justice in the Cold War Pacific0
Bearing Witness: Using Video Ethnography to Map Embodied Geographies of Home0
Notes from Mni Sota Makoce: Native Pacific Feminist Re/search0
Conflict and Care: Vietnamese American Women and the Dynamics of Social Justice Work0
To Our Readers0
49 Days of Mourning for George Floyd: An Asian American Re-awakening in St. Paul0
Ungovernable and Inviolable: Acts of Resistance in and against Immigrant Detention0
Tributes to Janice Mirikitani0
“Yankee, Why Does a Big Man like You Fear My Baby?”: The Politics of the Anti-Japanese Movement, 1908-19240
Unsustainable Empire: Alternative Histories of Hawai‘i Statehood0
Federal Immigration Laws and U.S. Empire: Tracing Immigration Lawmaking in the Mariana Islands0
On Breathlessness, Afro-Asian Relationalities, and Black Liberation0
Eileen Chang, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the Politics of Cold War Translation0
The Nexus of Asian Indigeneity, Refugee Status, and Asian Settler Colonialism in the Case of Indigenous Cham Muslim Refugees0
To Our Readers0
Race, Politics, and Community in the Global Pandemic0
“A Ubiquity Made Visible”: Non-Sovereign Visuality, Plastic Flowers, and Labor in Cold War Hong Kong0
Martial Law Histories from a Critical Filipina/x/o American Perspective0
An Ambivalent Magic: Undocumented Asian Immigrants and Racialized “Illegality” in the U.S. Imperial Project0
He Pūʻao ke Kai, He Kai ka Pūʻao (Ocean as Womb, Womb as Ocean): Mana Wahine Aloha ʻĀina Activism as Return, Revival, and Remembrance0
Refugee Worlding: M.I.A. and the Jumping of Global Borders0
Calf Folder0
Alfred & Min U: A Cold War Family Story0
Lifeways of Intimacy under Duress0
Looking Back, Moving Forward: Amplifying Voices in the AAPI Communities During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic0
In Memoriam: James Tong0
To Our Readers0
Locating Palestinians at the Intersections: Indigeneity, Critical Refugee Studies, and Decolonization0
The Red Sun Will Rise Over Madison0
Pandemic Pedagogy: Lessons Learned Teaching Asian American Studies in Spring 20200
Ocean Feminisms0
Listening to a Photograph0
The Criminalization of Ancestral Duty0
Grandmother Vaimoana, Tauhi Va, and Healing the Broken Intimacies0
From Bandung to Little Rock: Dalip Singh Saund and the Limits of Racial Liberalism0
Cases from Exclusion: Marital Choices, Motherhood, and Belonging0
Introduction: Conservatisms and Fascisms in Asian America0
#SEASolidarity: Student Organizing in the Anti-Deportation Movement0
To Our Readers0
In Memoriam: Judy Yung0
On Becoming Tender: Conversations with My Father0
“Low Fences”: Reflections on Intimacy across Scales0
Saltwater Archives: Transoceanic Feminist Mediations on Embodied Memories and Repertoires of Knowledge0
A Self-Defining Series: A Forum on the PBS’s Asian Americans0
BurmAmerican Foodscapes: Refugee Re-settlement and Resilience0
United by Fear: The Rise of Trumpism Among First Generation Chinese Christian Immigrants0
In Memoriam: Janice Mirikitani0
The Militarized Imagined Family: How Children of Refugees Negotiate Cold War Politics in Community Arts Organizing0
Opening the Gates to Asia: A Transpacific History of How America Repealed Asian Exclusion0
Grand Blue Mother0
Birthing Educational Pathways: Pacific Feminisms and the Ethics of Kuleana and Kinship0
Girl with the Sak Yon Tattoo0
Persian/American Exceptionalism: Post-9/11 Strategies of Belonging in the Iranian Diaspora through Cultural Production0
Reflections on 20200
Recovery, Waikīkī A Poem for Haunani0
Reflections on 2020: Challenging Stereotypes in Asian American Politics0
Cluster Bombs and War Metals: Reforming U.S. Cold War Debris in Laos0
Thinking with Suzanne Ounei0
Between Caregiving and Soldiering: Filipina Non-Citizens and Settler Militarisms in Israel0
To Our Readers0
Navigating Home: Relations of Oceania Feminist Solidarity0
Pulse in the Atlas: Liberation Embodied in Pacific Islander Movement0
A Night at the Consulate: Projection Activism and Competing Nationalisms0
Model Minority or Myth? Reexamining the Politics of S.I. Hayakawa0