Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Universita di Padova

(The median citation count of Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Universita di Padova is 0. The table below lists those papers that are above that threshold based on CrossRef citation counts [max. 250 papers]. The publications cover those that have been published in the past four years, i.e., from 2020-04-01 to 2024-04-01.)
Erdélyi–Kober fractional integral operators on ball Banach function spaces14
Pseudo-dualizing complexes and pseudo-derived categories6
Test sets for factorization properties of modules3
The flatness of ternary cyclotomic polynomials3
The ideal theory of intersections of prime divisors dominating a normal Noetherian local domain of dimension two2
Ding modules and dimensions over formal triangular matrix rings2
$\mathcal P_1$-covers over commutative rings2
Quasi-variational structure approach to systems with degenerate diffusions2
Integrable derivations in the sense of Hasse–Schmidt for some binomial plane curves2
A criterion for cofiniteness of modules2
On join irreducible $J$-trivial semigroups2
Split objects with respect to a fully invariant short exact sequence in abelian categories2
On the $\mathcal{F}^*$-norm of a finite group2
On Siegel’s problem for $E$-functions2
Degeneration of K3 surfaces with non-symplectic automorphisms1
An explicit self-dual construction of complete cotorsion pairs in the relative context1
Une construction d’extensions faiblement non ramifiées d’un anneau de valuation1
On the modularity property of the lattice of partially composition Fitting classes1
Zero divisors of support size 3 in group algebras and trinomials divided by irreducible polynomials over GF(2)1
Prismatic and $q$-crystalline sites of higher level1
Residual supersingular Iwasawa theory and signed Iwasawa invariants1
Convolution identities of poly-Cauchy numbers with level 21
Algebraic entropies of commuting endomorphisms of torsion abelian groups1
A new approach to de Rham–Witt complexes, after Bhatt, Lurie, and Mathew1
Nonexistence of minimizers for a nonlocal perimeter with a Riesz and a background potential1
Free subgroups with torsion quotients and profinite subgroups with torus quotients1
Algebraic curves admitting non-collinear Galois points1
Sign-changing solutions of boundary value problems for semilinear $\Delta_{\gamma}$-Laplace equations1
Filtration relative, l’idéal de Bernstein et ses pentes1
Huppert’s conjecture and almost simple groups1
A mixed version for a Fuchs’ Lemma1
Height pairings of 1-motives0
Some elementary questions in the calculus of variations0
Linear forms in a playful universe0
Abelian surfaces and the non-Archimedean Hodge-$\mathcal{D}$-conjecture – The semi-stable case0
On log differentials of local fields0
A monodromy criterion for the good reduction of $K3$ surfaces0
Orders of products of elements and nilpotency of terms in the lower central series and the derived series0
Cyclic subgroup transitivity for Abelian groups0
Erratum to “Nonexistence of minimizers for a nonlocal perimeter with a Riesz and a background potential”0
Quasibases for nonseparable $p$-groups0
Néron models of pseudo-Abelian varieties0
Functors for Long dimodules and Yetter–Drinfeld modules in a weak setting0
Analytic general solutions of nonlinear second-order $q$-difference equations with a double characteristic value0
On groups of finite Prüfer rank II0
Galois equivariant functions on Galois orbits in large $p$-adic fields0
Inequalities involving $\pi(x)$0
On log-growth of solutions of $p$-adic differential equations with $p$-adic exponents0
Finite groups with $H_{\mathcal L}$-embedded subgroups0
Extensions of uniserial modules0
On the Moore determinant0
On a complex collar neighbourhood theorem0
A note on the Gauss–Manin connection for abelian schemes0
A generalization of the total mean curvature0
Cyclic forms on DG-Lie algebroids and semiregularity0
$G$-equivariance of formal models of flag varieties0
Classification of $p$-groups via their $2$-nilpotent multipliers0
On $\alpha$-minimizing hypercones0
A notion analogous to the discriminant for transcendental elements in certain extensions of local fields0
Finitely generated mixed modules of Warfield type0
(Co)isotropic triples and poset representations0
Refined Kolmogorov inequalities for the binomial distribution0
Rational motivic path spaces and Kim’s relative unipotent section conjecture0
On a new cotorsion pair0
On graded division rings0
A natural fibration for rings0
Milnor’s alternative for finitely generated relatively free groups that are locally graded0
Galois lines for a canonical curve of genus 4, II: Skew cyclic lines0
A note on the admissibility of smooth simple $RG$-modules0
Markov triples with two Fibonacci components0
Hasse–Witt matrices for polynomials, and applications0
Algebraic theory of formal regular-singular connections with parameters0
Central algebraic geometry and seminormality0
Note on algebraic irregular Riemann–Hilbert correspondence0
Refinement of Gautschi's harmonic mean inequality for the gamma function0
Density of indecomposable locally finite groups0
A local construction of zip period maps of Shimura varieties0
$\aleph_k$-free cogenerators0
Iterated blowups of two-dimensional regular local rings0
From uncountable abelian groups to uncountable nonabelian groups0
A note on Huppert's theorem and Chen's theorem0
A formula for the minimal perimeter of clusters with density0
New hexachordal theorems in metric spaces with a probability measure0
A characterization of finite $\sigma$-soluble $P\sigma T$-groups0
Normalizers of classical groups arising under extension of the base ring0
Special issue dedicated to László Fuchs on the Occasion of his 95th Birthday0
Localizations and completions of stable $\infty$-categories0
Compact connected abelian groups of dimension 10
Divisibility and duo-rings0
On finite groups in which all minimal subgroups are BNA-subgroups0
Solid generators in module categories and applications0
A short proof of a non-vanishing result by Conca, Krattenthaler and Watanabe0
Comparison between rigid and crystalline syntomic cohomology for strictly semistable log schemes with boundary0
A Morse lemma at infinity for nonlinear elliptic fractional equations0
On the rational approximation to Thue–Morse rational numbers0
Galois lines for a canonical curve of genus 4, I: Non-skew cyclic lines0
A note on almost maximal chain rings0
On a generalization of a result of Peskine and Szpiro0
Unusual spectral categories0
Weakly $S$-semipermutable subgroups and $p$-nilpotency of groups0
Monodromy of double elliptic logarithms0
Existence and uniqueness for renormalized solutions to noncoercive nonlinear parabolic equations with unbounded convective term0
Canonical universal locally finite groups0
On the extension of even families of non-congruent numbers0
On the local structure of the Brill–Noether locus of locally free sheaves on a smooth variety0
A version of purity on local abelian groups0
Fibrations in sextic del Pezzo surfaces with mild singularities0
Fibrantly generated weak factorization systems0
Variational Hodge conjecture for complete intersections on hypersurfaces in projective space0
Groups of order $p^3$ are mixed Tate0
Utumi Abelian groups0
Bloch’s theorem for heat mappings0
Torsors under abelian schemes via Picard schemes0
An infinite family of counterexamples to a conjecture on positivity0
Closed ideals in the uniform topology on the ring of real-valued continuous functions on a frame0
A matrix description for torsion free abelian groups of finite rank0
Torsion-free abelian groups revisited0
Composites in semirings of Boolean groups0